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    Balloon sound getting substantially worse?

    Vin 1708 here. I get above about 27 MPH. I can only Hear it with the radio off.
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    "Other...Updates" (to the Model S, aside from 'D')

    Perhaps they changed some of the sill parts along with the seats? One of the biggest complaints I get is the rear door opening.
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    Tesla Certified Preowned program coming

    Are people eligible for the tax credit/rebates again? I bought my s85 in 2012 and I'm in CA. Trying to see how feasible it is to upgrade. The service center should be calling me shortly with a price.
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    Is standard suspension spongier than the air? Can the suspension be tweaked?

    Performance models have stiffer suspension. My 85 with air does not handle as well as a P85 with air
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    Fox news business reporter claims Model S only has 16 miles of range.

    Lol. That's all you can say.
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    PG&E E9-A versus EV-A calculator using PG&E downloaded data

    When i type in "./parse.js" it gives me the error, "." is not recognized. I'm doing something obviously stupidly wrong aren't i?
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    Model S: Clever Vanity Plates

    I finally got my letter saying my plate "FU C02" was rejected. Need to think of something else now...
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    Tesla Sweet Spot: Most Cost Effective Model Choice

    You won't have Internet connectivity much longer, so using google maps in the browser isn't going to work...
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    center console concept

    I'm in Mountain View... Interested...
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    Fog Lights Gone?

    I thought the cornering lights were in the actual head light. Above the turn signal?
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    Had an Accident.... (Collision work for Model S)

    Anyone have a an estimate for a new rear bumper? I don't want to talk about how it happened... :(
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    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    Does anyone hear a weird beep when you reach 25 MPH the first time after starting a drive?
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    Things you may not have discovered about your Model S?!

    Yeah pushing park will always extend the handles. It's a great feature!
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    Model S: Clever Vanity Plates

    I ordered plates in the middle of December and my card was charged. I haven't gotten a confirmation email or anything in the mail... I'm half expecting for the plates to get denied. Anyone have any ideas? What number can I call?
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    Charging error: "cycle wall power"

    Did you try unplugging and plugging in the power from the wall? That works for me, it does happen ever once in a while. Also try wringling the power cable back JUST a tinge.
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    New Jalopnik hit piece? Fair and balanced?

    Maybe I should just copy pasta that rant. Hahaha
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    New Jalopnik hit piece? Fair and balanced?

    I really want to comment on the article, but I'd get way too angry to be coherent. It's just such a pile of garbage. My favorite part is how they claim how many deliveries there have been. Be transparent! Explain why Tesla didn't give you a car to test, or invite you to various press events...
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    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    Anyone worried about getting their stickers stolen? My dad has his stolen apparently on his Prius
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    Rookies guide to auto detailing

    Thanks for all the advice. I'm considering treating one part of the car, and attempting to get rid of the swirling marks. Then get it car washed to see if they are scratching my paint!
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    What exactly is Paint Armor?

    Tesla has a local installer in San Carlos who called the paint armor "Star Shield"
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    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    This happened to me with 4.1. Do you have 4.2?
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    Rookies guide to auto detailing

    My blue Model S is totally gorgeous. I love it. But as my first expensive car I have no idea how to take car of its paint job. I have been taking it to the car wash which Tesla suggests in my area (waterless Eco Green Auto Clean). But I still want to learn more! How do i get rid of the...
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    Have you met the 'i hate all things ev' guy yet?

    I take two approaches: 1: If they are just being ignorant, but respectful. I tell them that I hope they enjoy their gas car, im going to enjoy not spending money on it 2: If they are being a douche, totally unreasonable, and not listening to what you're saying. Suggest to them that we should...
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    Also, don't forget to clean the inside of the windows! That new car smell will cause fogging!
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    Random Model S sightings

    Yes s#2 That's what I figured. Still really cool!
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    Try switching the climate control to defog instead of blowing it at your feet
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    Model S: Clever Vanity Plates

    Anyone know how long it takes for CA vanity plates to be approved/denied?
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    Random Model S sightings

    Went to the sharks game today. Pulled in right behind this beautiful sig red S. Vin# 2! I thought Elon had vin 2?
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    Alas, new problem: Windshield Stress Fracture. Anyone else?

    That picture is both glorious and terrifying (if all those cars need work)
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    Phone App: Android Beta Version introduced!

    That's a negative ghost rider
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    Model S Software/Firmware Updates

    I just left the door open
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    Model S Software/Firmware Updates

    Yup! .42 interesting. Also I highly suggest people stay in their cars during an update. It's soooo weird!
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    Model S Software/Firmware Updates

    I just got the Alarm clock! I'm on V4.2 (1.19.41) Installing now
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    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    Got my stickers in the mail today (1/30) Delivery was on 12/5
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    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    Tesla took HOV paperwork for me. I'm not a Sig...
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    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    Took delivery on December 5th. No stickers yet... Getting worried now
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    Random Model S sightings

    As a stock holder I am incredibly happy that I'm seeing AT LEAST 4-5 per day in "Tesla Valley" I'd really increase my post count if I posted every time I saw one. If you want to see one in the wild, go check out Eco green car wash on middlefield. They are frequently washing them! I'm going...
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    Things you may not have discovered about your Model S?!

    Or you know, hold your cups... Anyone else surprised by the secondary headlights that turn on when making a turn in the direction you're turning? The physical lights are actually underneath the turn signals. It was a welcome addition, when turning they do make a difference!
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    Just got verbally abused by an EV basher

    Also different battery chemistries have different impacts on the environment. Lithium is FAR better than some other battery chemistries.
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    TMC Book of Records for the Model S...

    Isn't it actually a very HOT place. Sorry, low hanging fruit.
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    Firmware 4.2

    I'm excited to see if they fixed the double pressing for the roof and the windshield calibration wipe.
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    Firmware 4.2

    Can't wait to see the release notes. LIVE BLOG THE SOFTWARE UPDATE!
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    Anyone receive a car with textile interior yet?

    No pouch. I will take pictures. Any requests? After 2000 miles, the seats are great. No way I would get leather. Just not my style.
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    Consumer Reports takes delivery of their Model S

    Looks like their car has 19" wheels. The air suspension preview looked like they were on 21" wheels. Not sure if this was stock footage or not. Interested in their feedback. My review is simple: The Tesla Model S is the best car on the road. Period.

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