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    Seat Fix

    The only difference between the two is the colored piping.
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    Seat Fix

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    My Tesla: nickname your Model S

    The nickname for your Tesla is "Tomorrow"?, that's interesting....what's the back story?
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    Seat Fix

    Mine is going in at 11 am on Friday so I will report back Friday night. Very excited about this.
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    New Tires/Wheels

    That is a great deal if shipping is included, good luck with the sale!
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    P85+ - What can I sell my car for?

    I hope the $900 thing isn't true because I am on the hunt for an inventory car as well. I was not told this by the person searching for a car for me. If so I will just buy a POS to drive until the plant is back up.
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    Charging at Portland International Raceway or hotels nearby?

    No worries, I have safe and secure place for you to charge if needed.
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    Charging at Portland International Raceway or hotels nearby?

    I have no idea about hotels in that area but if you come into NW Portland you can use my charger. Just send me a PM if you do.
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    2014 Model S 85k "Gorgeous Look" 2600 miles - SOLD

    It's my understanding that once the car is registered to the first owner that is the only person that can apply for the Federal Credit, so it doesn't matter if he hasn't done it yet it matters if he has registered the car. Correct me if I am wrong.
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    Factory tour height requirement

    Is there a height requirement?...
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    How many have had the "7 O'clock Stalker"?

    I have one and I do it, we all do.:wink: :redface:
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    Random Model S sightings

    True that :wink:
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    TMC logo

    +1 It's a toss up. I like 124 and 108.
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    TMC logo

    #124 is my fav.
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    Still sourcing parts??

    Yep, love my car but I want a little bit more power.
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    Still sourcing parts??

    Just wait until you make the fist couple of payments.....it's painful.
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    Two bent rims and nail in tire

    I would agree with that and I wish they would catch lower damage causing items but I don't think that is what they are meant for lol.
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    Two bent rims and nail in tire

    My car came with the sensors and I love them, they sometimes pick up the low concrete barriers but it's better and reading higher curbs.
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    Active safety features?

    I would imagine that in the next redesign they will add features like BLIS, Pedestrian Detection and ACC. My 2013 Volvo S60 T6 had all those features and I miss them. - - - Updated - - - Volvo's automatic braking (pedestrian detection, City Safety and Adaptive Cruise Control ) is...
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    Vendor Nano Glass Coating - real-time performance

    +1 I tired this stuff a few years ago and it was awful. Wipers skipped like a little girl on recess.
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    2013 TESLA MODEL S 60 kWh / TECH / PANO ROOF / SUBZERO / PARKING SENSORS - No Longer Available

    2013 TESLA MODEL S 60 kWh / TECH / PANO ROOF / SUBZERO / PARKING SENSORS FEATURES INCLUDE: * Supercharger enabled * Subzero package * Tech Package * Pano roof * Parking sensors * Single charger * 21" Tesla wheels * Textile seats (black) ** Add $500 if you want the All Weather Mats **...
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    Who's Expecting Delivery Soon???

    So excited for you!....love the energy used pic!
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    Random Model S sightings

    True on the pothole issue, but I have had no issue with wear...I have 4K miles on mine and they are still going strong. The standard 19s just look boring TO ME on such a sexy car.
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    two grey single wheels - SOLD

    They are the standard but from what he told me he has both. There's also a staggard set on ebay.
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    Woo hoo - in production

    Sweet, congrats!
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    Random Model S sightings

    What's your issue with 21s?
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    Who's Expecting Delivery Soon???

    Tomorrow, i bet you are super excited!
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    How long after finalize...to adjust an option?

    What color did you first pick? Black is nice but after awhile if you don't maintain it it looks like crap.
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    Random Model S sightings

    I'd stop too, it's an amazing site that never gets old!
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    Random Model S sightings

    omg ^^^^^^
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    Seat Fix

    The seat fix is easy, 3 hour job. All they do is take a few of the middle springs out of the middle of the seat so you sit a little lower. This is done if asked.
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    2013 Model S 60 - No Longer Available

    When listed through Panjo and closed you cannot edit a title.
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    WTB: WTB Tesla Model S 85kWh or P85 or P85+

    Not a bad price but I'd rather spend aother 10-15K and get the options I want.
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    WTB: WTB Tesla Model S 85kWh or P85 or P85+

    I know silly and its going to be at least a year before you will find a Tesla in your range. I pretty much screwed myself, selling my S60 (pending her getting financing). I cannot find an P85 I can afford LOL.
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    WTB: WTB Tesla Model S 85kWh or P85 or P85+

    Not at all, I have been looking for an S85 or P85 under $80K for months and have not found 1....so I am just curious on where he found it.
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    Motor Trend's Head 2 Head Ep. 54: 2014 Tesla Model S vs 2014 Mercedes-Benz S550!

    I would never buy an S Class but I like the way it looks.
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    Glove box latch failure

    Mine wouldn't stay closed a few months back so they replaced it.
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    And the day was going so well...

    Are you going to file a diminished value claim? - - - Updated - - - LMAO
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    Warped brake rotors with aftermarket rims installed

    I came from Volvo's, 2005 up to 2013 S60 R's with Brembo calipers and I never had a caliper warp and I tracked several of those R's. Seems odd.
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    Happy mother's day!

    Hope all the mothers (and non mother's) out there have a nice relaxing day!
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    Used P85 pricing

    And you have to pay the car off before they will buy it back. Unless they changed that rule.
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    Just saying hello! New 60 on order. Late Jun 2014 delivery

    The all weather mats are awesome, I would recommend getting them for the entire car if you can afford it. As for the carpet mats they are cheap and flimsy. The service center had the all weather mats so I did not have to wait. I think you can pre-order them so you will have them when your car...
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    Used P85 pricing

    Apparently the only thread in this section the mods pay attention to is mine....so doubtful it will be merged or deleted as it should be.
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    Tesla love

    Detail shops don't normally have high end loaners.
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    Tesla love

    LMAO One of the best songs ever.
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    WTB Tesla Model S 85kWh or P85 or P85+

    Exactly, I would love to pick up a P85 for $70k......I've been looking for months.

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