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  1. AltLogic

    My Car is on a Diet.

    I would replace the glass roof with carbon fiber so fast as my first light weight mod. But that money goes into my gutted, caged race car.
  2. AltLogic

    Issue with keyless entry with iPhone 12s and iPhone 12 minis?

    Intermittent problems with 12 pro. I now just hold the door handle for a few seconds. If it doesn’t unlock I pull my phone out and it usually unlocks after I wake up the phone with the side button. My iPhone 8 worked great for over six months. I then upgraded to an XS and it worked great for...
  3. AltLogic

    NEMA 6-30 Adapter

    I’m not sure about the electrical code for this and hopefully an expert can help. Maybe you can ask your electrician. I believe the Tesla EVSE doesn’t use neutral except when using a 10-30 adapter which doesn’t have a ground. Hopefully you can replace the socket with a 14-30 without the...
  4. AltLogic

    Unnecessary acceleration ticket

    The judge will alway side with the police officer. They are an expert witness and you are not. Plus if the judge rules against the officer, the next time the judge is caught speeding the officer will not let them off with a warning.
  5. AltLogic

    Total braking system failure?

    Thanks for sharing. Did you have a locked brake pedal or loss of boost assist? Did you apply the emergency brake to stop or rely on regenerative braking?
  6. AltLogic

    Total braking system failure?

    forces the shoes outward against the drum. If I remember correctly. Also, I think that only works in a forward direction. At least that is what it felt like in the drum brakes I drove.
  7. AltLogic

    Total braking system failure?

    And this is why my insurance rates are too high. One has what they think is total brake system failure and continues to drive home after discovering the problem. Everyone should know the emergency braking procedure before driving a car. Please rename this thread to “Brake pedal seemed to fail”...
  8. AltLogic

    Charging Issue Level 2 at Home

    I haven’t received any alerts about charging but I happened to check Notifications under the Service menu on the car’s screen and saw numerous messages about charging. High Temperature Detected by Mobile Connector was the repeated message. The connector (and car) are 2.5 years old and it never...
  9. AltLogic

    Charging Issue Level 2 at Home

    It looks to me like your voltage is dropping quite a bit under load. You should watch your screen when it first starts charging. I usually start at 247v at 0 amps and then drop to 243v at 32 amps. It also could be related to other household power consumption or your utility not running...
  10. AltLogic

    Autopilot and backup camera suddenly not working

    The problem with my car ended up being that the radar wasn’t being held firmly. Had a problem with autopilot/safety features intermittently for over two years before I took the time to get it fixed. They seemed to be able to know based on the data they had that the radar was the problem.
  11. AltLogic

    Your Max Distance Since Last Charge

    RWD w/ aero wheels and covers
  12. AltLogic

    Error message: “Autopilot Safety/Convenience Features Unavailable”

    Problem resolved! The radar sensor was causing the problem. It was able to move around and that is why it was intermittent.
  13. AltLogic

    Taillights not working (software) in Auto

    Driving home early this morning and two cars passed me then slowed down to get behind me then passed me. I double checked that my lights were in auto mode and the in car display (screen) had them illuminated. I thought about this post and backed into my garage to check my tail lights. I backed...
  14. AltLogic

    Six weeks into Jaguar i-pace ownership - maybe lemon-law candidate

    I know someone that traded in the X they had for 3.5 years for the Ipace. Things to think about to temper your expectations unless Tesla changed these: 1 The falcon wing doors (FWD) will rub and expose bare aluminum where the door meets the C pillar at the pointed part and it can’t be fixed...
  15. AltLogic

    Traction control activating on interchange ramps and cloverleafs. Alignment or software?

    Glad to hear the problem is not with a bad suspension part. Sad to hear you still have the problem. Does in happen in both directions? I read the other thread where you had a problem with bumps in a straight line. Do you still have that problem in a straight line? I recall someone posting about...
  16. AltLogic

    Traction control activating on interchange ramps and cloverleafs. Alignment or software?

    In case you missed my past suggestion, check to make sure you don’t have a bad wheel bearing, bushing or control arm using the following method: Jack up one wheel at a time and check for movement of the wheel. Grab the top and bottom of the tire and try to twist it and make sure the camber is...
  17. AltLogic

    Track camber: arms vs coilovers

    Glad to read the issue is resolved! And, the track with differential for the performance model is confirmed by @dsgerbc
  18. AltLogic

    Bumper falls off in rain

    I zoomed in and it might just be wet.
  19. AltLogic

    Bumper falls off in rain

    I’m guessing that the bumper cover was removed to paint the diffuser gloss black. It was subsequently reinstalled poorly.
  20. AltLogic

    Track camber: arms vs coilovers

    I checked my RWD car and I get the following to the nearest 1/32”: The rear track is 3/16” less than the front. I have the OEM non-performance brakes, tires and wheels that came with my car. I think you would need someone with a performance model to compare track width, but at least my car and...
  21. AltLogic

    Track camber: arms vs coilovers

    I’ll measure my track width later today with my toe plates. I believe I have read that the rear performance brake rotors could cause the rear track to be 6mm less than the non performance rotors. If you have the performance rotors that would explain the 17/64”. I don’t have them so it might be...
  22. AltLogic

    Track camber: arms vs coilovers

    So, OEM the car behaved. I would check the suspension by jacking up the car safely one corner at a time and try to twist the tire in the toe direction and the camber direction. It is best if the steering wheel is held steady when checking the front. I drove a car that always kept its alignment...
  23. AltLogic

    Tesla removed auto-dimming for side mirrors with June 2020 cars.

    For vehicles in adjacent lanes I simply slow down till the headlights are not in my eyes then resume my previous speed. In my experience a bend in the road has not caused me problems. I may momentarily get a reflection but a simple acceleration or deceleration solves the problem.
  24. AltLogic

    Tesla removed auto-dimming for side mirrors with June 2020 cars.

    Headlights won’t reflect in your side mirrors if a vehicle is directly behind you and your side mirrors are set correctly. Search the internet to find out what you have been doing wrong.
  25. AltLogic

    Model 3 TPMS tire pressure system - no warning until it's too late

    How do you know that the nail was in the tire before you drove off? Maybe you picked it up a couple of minutes into your drive. The last nail I picked up seemed to set the TPMS off 5 miles after I drove past a house under construction with a bunch of trucks in front of if.
  26. AltLogic

    Pulled the trigger on Jaguar i-pace as second EV

    The I-Pace has radar cruise (also called TACC or Dynamic cruise) and Autosteer optional. Different people have different priorities. I am very happy for people that pick the Model Y. I am ecstatic that we have so many EV options. Nitro EV, Chevy Bolt , etc. Saving $15,000+ compared to a Y was...
  27. AltLogic

    Pulled the trigger on Jaguar i-pace as second EV

    In case the pics request was for me
  28. AltLogic

    Pulled the trigger on Jaguar i-pace as second EV

    $5,000 down, $725 per month, $30,000 residual for a 3 year/36,000 mile lease for an $82,000 MSRP I-pace. And they offered $9,000 more for traded in Model X than Tesla. Worth losing the $100 order fee for a Model Y.
  29. AltLogic

    Supercharger - Pismo Beach, CA (LIVE 8 Jun 2020, 12 V3 stalls)

    PlugShare seems to wait until Tesla puts the supercharger on their website. I just checked and and it isn’t on Tesla’s website. The Goleta one didn’t show up on PlugShare till about the same time I found it on Tesla’s website.
  30. AltLogic

    Error message: “Autopilot Safety/Convenience Features Unavailable”

    It seems like for me that it will stop working for 2-3 days. I will make the decision to do a bug report and schedule an appointment the following day. Before I have a chance to do those two things an update becomes available and everything works great for 4-6 weeks after the update is...
  31. AltLogic

    Legit video of M3 crash?

    Not if you land hard enough;)
  32. AltLogic

    2017 Model X 75D w/ PUP 45K Miles for 45K

    There are two possible scenarios that could explain that the X has autopilot and not EAP. If someone ordered the vehicle before October of 2016 (before AP2 was announced) they could order Autopilot. You could end up with an AP2 X but the features are limited to TACC and Autosteer. Also, at one...
  33. AltLogic

    Scammed by fake Tesla email

    This may be an example of spear fishing. Easy to do when people post all of the information here or on social media like expected delivery date, configuration, etc.
  34. AltLogic

    Sweet Solvent/Chemical Smell from AC (NOT mold/mildew related)

    This happens to me for about the first month after I wax my car.
  35. AltLogic

    Receiving FM radio with HW 3.0 in Drive-in Theatre

    Maybe the OP is referring to AM radio or has an X or S MCU 1 and is referring to MCU 2 upgrade which looses FM maybe.
  36. AltLogic

    Supercharging on way home from buying Tesla out of state

    Tesla wants to make sure the car is yours. Otherwise anybody could walk up to a Tesla in a parking lot, call Tesla with the VIN and say it is theirs, get access to it and drive it off.
  37. AltLogic

    Supercharging on way home from buying Tesla out of state

    Chademo adapter.
  38. AltLogic

    Budget Track Package for a Daily Driver (Under $4k)

    MasterC17 has a great list. Now I have to revise my $4,000 budget. Brake Fluid Tires Front stock size rotors with curved vanes Brake pads all around Camber arms
  39. AltLogic

    Budget Track Package for a Daily Driver (Under $4k)

    If you gave me a $4,000 budget to improve my car I would spend it in the following way: Tires Upgraded stock sized rotors Upgraded bake pads all 4 corners Sway bars
  40. AltLogic

    New to tesla

    Enjoy your delivery tomorrow! Seems like you have a good plan to educate yourself about the car. I am not sure about where you are but the US Tesla website has the manual and some videos to explain everything you need to know. This forum and YouTube can help you learn nice to know extras.
  41. AltLogic

    Anyone tracked stock rotors with XT970 or other track pads?

    In my experience speed doesn’t make a difference in overheating brakes. The problem is where the braking zones are located. I have a car that has run at Autoclub speedway, Buttonwillow, Willowsprings, streets of willow and all of the Arizona tracks except bondurant. I can run on all of those...
  42. AltLogic

    Model 3 with 5 bikes

    I fit a 29er and a 27.5” in my Model 3 and only remove the front wheels. Both are hard tail Mountain bikes with 120mm and 100mm travel front forks. I leave the seat posts in their riding positions. How: First the helmets and gear goes in the lower part of the trunk. Second goes in the 29er back...
  43. AltLogic

    How to fairly compare EV to ICE motorsport capability?

    I believe that the only way to allow all cars to compete with each other is to name a mandatory compliance sensor on all Time Trial cars. For example, NASA names a specific model that they will use for compliance along with what settings they will use. Unfortunately the settings will have to be...
  44. AltLogic

    Tow Hitch now available on configurator

    On the Model X 2” bosal adapter (or “hitch”) there is a table with tire size and weight limits. In my logic, the “hitch” is rated for 5000 pounds but the vehicle is limited to 3500 pounds and a lower tongue weight with 22” tires. I can see how others would disagree with my logic or think of it...
  45. AltLogic

    Tow Hitch now available on configurator

    Model X with 22” wheels has a 3500 pound tow limit and still has a class III 2” hitch. When towing one always references the lowest number to determine towing capacity. There are so many things that can limit towing capacity for so many different situations. The responsibility falls on the...
  46. AltLogic

    Front mounted 2" reciever?

    I buy most of my trailer stuff from etrailer so here is a link. You can hook up a cordless drill if you need it motorized. https://www.etrailer.com/Trailer-Dolly/Trailer-Valet/TVXL25.html
  47. AltLogic

    Front mounted 2" reciever?

    For only 30 feet I would look into a trailer valet. They are $750 for one rated at 10,000 pounds GTW.
  48. AltLogic

    Unplugged Performance to upgrade performance

    I haven’t purchased anything from UP, T sport, EVT, MPP, etc. I am only basing my info from what I have seen posted on TMC. I have been following most of the threads about performances parts on this site. It seems to me that they are a good company to work with. I would only buy parts from...

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