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    Tesla, please enable pay-per-use supercharging for original 40/60kWh cars

    A while back a 40kWh with Supercharging was for sale here on the forums. He did say it was enabled by Tesla. It would be a nice gesture if Tesla did allow it on the 40kWh cars. It would be in their best interest to try and recoup the loss on the 40kWh, I can't imagine too many still around. As...
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    Borrow a Chademo adapter in New Jersey area?

    What map are looking at that list routes with the colors?
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    WANTED: MS 2016 Front Grill

    Just curious, what all parts are needed to do a Pre facelift to a Post?
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    Tesla in South Carolina

    From what I know sales tax is capped at $300 in SC. Then you pay property tax which depends on where you live. AFAIK no tax credits in SC for new purchases.
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    Good grief, racking up miles on 70D at rate of 40,000 per year - yikes

    I put about 30-40k (can't fully remember now) miles in 11 months on my S60. Pretty much stayed 100% charged the whole time. I knew I would rack up miles so I had twin chargers and supercharging. Happy I have an S85 now.
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    Warning: Rainbow easter egg on charge port may be harmful to your EVSE

    I did it just to see if my car had the easter egg. It didn't sound healthy so it was the first and last time I did it. From my previous S60 and now S85 my HPWC has about 40K miles worth of charging.
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    Slacker radio not working.

    Interesting. I have been having problems too. Mine just said connection error.
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    Is there access to the wires INSIDE the center console?

    You might be able to gain access using this guide. Not sure though. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0196/5170/files/PARZ_instructions_final.pdf?1899
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    WIW (Whats it Worth) - 2013 S40

    Looks like it has tech. If you want SuperCharger access count on around 12-13k on top of the price, that would unlock the extra capacity and give you supercharger. I saw a post somewhere where Tesla unlocked the extra capacity for around 8k if I remember right (thats what they said I can't prove...
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    Recovery from wet fob situation?

    Any water proofing ideas?
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    WIW (Whats it Worth) - 2013 S40

    I would say around 46-49k. It's nice you can still opt-in for the extended warranty. I think the 2013's are a little harder to price since many changes were happening, like parking sensors and folding mirrors on mid and late models that casual buyers may not realize but informed buyers know the...
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    Model S Fob Dissection

    I want to slim down my Model S key fob to attach to my KeySmart. Before I venture in to do it I wanted to see some pictures of the internals but can't seem to find any. Does anyone have a link or some pictures?
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    Have you paid out-of-warranty repair costs?

    Good question. What is the warranty time on some of these repairs?
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    Pack Swap on 70D to 90kWh HP?

    If I'm reading this right it's nothing like coding a BMW. The BMW's firmware has all the info for the different configurations, to a degree. Coding is just turning on and off the settings you want. The Tesla firmware is unique for each trim level. S85, P85, etc use different firmware even if its...
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    WIW (Whats it Worth) - 2013 S40

    That doesn't seem like a bad price. I think nav could be added as a retro fix or just use separate GPS. Don't CPO come with a warranty? I was looking to buy. Just got a S85 the other day.
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    WIW (Whats it Worth) - 2013 S40

    I think the S40 would be more valuable if you could pay $2500 to get SC access without having to unlock the other 20kWh.
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    WIW (Whats it Worth) - 2013 S40

    Thanks! I think this worked for what I was looking for. The dealer seems to think 56K is reasonable. I just tried to educate them but they might be way upside at this point to sell it.
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    WIW (Whats it Worth) - 2013 S40

    @arron0k that is interesting I was thinking low 40's as well at first but then realized it had no tech package. That really lowers the value in my book and most buyers as well. Tesla may have wanted to flip your car since enabling the extra 20kWh and SC is free for them, recouping some of the...
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    WIW (Whats it Worth) - 2013 S40

    Asking is 56K which I feel is high since. No Tech, no SC unless you drop $12K for the battery and SC unlock. I don't know what battery pack it has. I was under the impression that all Model S can supercharge just the S40 had to be a upgraded to the 60 before they would allow it to be enabled...
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    WIW (Whats it Worth) - 2013 S40

    As a previous owner looking to get another Model S I have been looking around. As usual prices are all over and some dealers don't know what they have, good or bad. So I figured I would make a options list and basic car info in a semi-concise format so others could do the same if they wanted...
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    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    Yes photos only. Looking to get back into a Model S but since the software change I didn't know how to tell looking at photos besides the power lift hatch.
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    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    Thanks! Didn't know about chrome trim.
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    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    Does anyone know of a way to tell if an older MS has Nav? I remember in the older software you could look under the red arrow and see "Nav" or "Maps". It seems the new software removed the text.
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    Model 3 Supercharging Capable Discussion

    If its pay per use just buy a Bolt...or LEAF...or i3 Part of the Tesla experience it literally backing into a SC spot, grabbing the SC handle hitting the button while watching in amazement your charge port open, plug-in and walk away to enjoy your day then coming back to be greeted by other...
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    Is 30 amps enough for charging? (Condo Owner)

    With my LEAF and now my i3 REX I charge using 110 standard outlet. With my Model S I had dual chargers for 80 amp charging and thats what I needed. At the time I was doing 300 miles daily. If the Model 3 has the dual charger option and you pay for that option then why not use the 80 amp. You...
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    2013 Pearl White Model S60 - Excellent Condition - SOLD

    does anyone know the sell price or remember the asking price?
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    2014 Tesla Model S (60 kWh)

    What was the mileage?
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    Wanted : Model S - No Longer Available

    Wanted : Model S Looking for a Model S around 68k options don't matter would love Tech Package, dual charger, super charger access. Depending on the configuration I'm flexible upward a little. PM me what you have. List Date: 4/26/2014 Location: SC, United States For more info, click...
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    Tesla Model S 85 versus Nissan Leaf SL

    Yeah the LEAF wheels look great. What are they? I loved my 2012 LEAF just needed more range. Hopefully V2 will have faster charging and more range.
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    Organize your UMC: Controller Wall Bracket - SOLD

    Do you mind sharing your .STL?
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    2013 Model S 60kWh - No Longer Available

    The LEAF is a great car for the money. When I had mine I just wanted more range. Once you experience dual chargers you cant go back. LOL
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    2013 Model S 60kWh - No Longer Available

    Thanks! The Multi Coat Red is very stunning in person.
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    Organize your UMC: Controller Wall Bracket - SOLD

    This looks nice. Good to see ideas for more "permanent" Installs for the UMC.
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    Getting the 60D versus the 85D

    I have a 60 and only needed the 85 range once, and that was only because the Supercharger wasn't (and still isn't) done. And that is only going off of Supercharger network. A 60D with dual chargers and supercharging would be nice. 85 to me only offers the warranty but most people won't need it...
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    2013 Model S 60kWh - No Longer Available

    2013 Model S 60kWh 2013 Model S 60 kWh Muilt Coat Red Supercharger Enabled Dual Chargers Tech Package Tan leather interior Piano Black Trim 3rd Row Parking Sensors Pano Roof Parcel Shelf 26,xxx Miles. This will go up. I can give exact if interested. Full Spare Tire with a curb rash but...
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    Firmware 6.0

    I agree that it should be longer, I was thinking 5 blinks.
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    Firmware 6.0

    6.0+ Just got a message about an update but I already have 6.0. I set it to update around 10am. If I get done sooner I'll move the timing. UPDATE: looks to be the same release notes as 6.0. My version now is 6.0(1.65.15) didn't look after I updated to 6.0 so I'm not sure what it was before...
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    New Charlotte Service Center / Showroom

    Not sure of the surrounding area but could be the supercharger spot as well as the service center?
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    Inaccurate mileage in Charger > Places > superchargers

    I noticed this as well and assumed it was straight line, but once you actually route to it it'll update. Even then I wait a few seconds for it to fully route.
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    Bought a used Tesla S. Need parts

    even if the EU manual was released its a North American car. It wouldn't be totally different but could be missing some info that is needed. I would say ebay, US salvage yards and North American owners would be where to go.
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    Complicated (?) commute question(s)

    If the outlets in the parking garage are 5-20 that would be very nice for you. In my Model S 60kWh I charge to about 90-92% and drive one way 144 miles ending with about 30 miles left then I Charge at a public level 2 charger at around 18mph gaining about 140 miles of range back then drive the...
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    Bad Master Charger

    It would be nice if Tesla could reprogram the 2nd unit remotely and have it be the master,without having to physically uninstall and reinstall the units. As a quick fix. Some charge is better than no charge.
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    How many miles will you put on your Tesla in 8 years? To infinity... and beyond!

    I do around 300 miles per week day. So 300x5 then I took that times 50 weeks per year to give some leeway. But that doesn't include weekends or trips. But its very hard to say 8 years from now. Most of last week and the weekend I didn't use my MS. But I do plan to take some trips to the mid west...
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    How many miles will you put on your Tesla in 8 years? To infinity... and beyond!

    600k miles at my current rate. My warranty will be over as I have a 60kWh. I doubt the battery would last that long honestly. But I hope it does.
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    Tesla warranty now has 8 year/infinite mile battery & drive unit warranty retroactive

    I think this should apply to the 40s and 60s. They are most likely driven less and not driven as hard.
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    Glare from passenger side mirror?

    I get it from the driver's and passenger's mirror. I was either going to wrap them or plasti dip both
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    Tesla P85 or 2013 Civic SI with forced induction?

    What are you looking for? It sounds like you already made your mind up on the P85. Space for friends/stuff. Biking and other activities. Needs 4 doors and back seats. Needs performance. And good mpg. Its hard for any car to meet all of those. A major difference in spending 10k for upgrades...
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    Tesla P85 or 2013 Civic SI with forced induction?

    Its very hard to compare these. Both of these cars were built with very different goals in mind. Even the Civic with turbo won't compare to the Model S. If its cheaper formance your looking for go with a older Vette, STi, Evo or even better GTR or Atom or a classic like the Grand National or a...
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    Just how much buffer is there? (resolve this > 10 kWh discrepancy)

    As the firmware updates roll out I would hope a more accurate reading with a small buffer of 5-10 miles. One would think to keep a buffer in case you forget to check or as humans do take a chance on only needing a few more miles to the next charger. But this also depends on terrain...
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    Supercharger Situation in 3-5 Years?

    I think the superchargers should be about 50 miles apart. Right now if you get to a supercharger and its totally down or ICED then your probably stuck. At 50 miles this helps for situations like that as well as degradation of the battery. And future Tesla vehicles such like Model 3 or...

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