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  1. gmontem

    First Road Trip in my 2022 Model S

    The take away I got from the OP is we all need to tweet Elon to add an option to prioritize Superchargers with nice restrooms, which is not a bad idea if you ask me.
  2. gmontem

    Supercharger - San Bruno, CA - El Camino Real (LIVE 29 Jan 2022, 28 stalls)

    Wondering what's going to happen to this Supercharger spot now that Tanforan mall was sold to a new developer. https://abc7news.com/the-shops-at-tanforan-mall-closing-news-san-bruno/11554272/ I grew up going to this mall. Feeling a little sad to see it go.
  3. gmontem

    How do we navigate to multiple stops?

    I probably won't see this feature pushed to my "classic" Model S with MCU1 for another year or two, if ever. It's still in version 2020.48.37.8!
  4. gmontem

    How do we navigate to multiple stops?

    Can you cite the tweet that he "just tweeted" ? I just wasted my time looking at his tweets and couldn't find the tweet you were referencing. His tweets since the last 24 hours were related to SpaceX. His last Tesla tweet was on September 16 which is outside the "just tweeted" timeframe. That...
  5. gmontem

    How do we navigate to multiple stops?

    I thought perhaps Mapbox didn't support waypoints. After a quick search, I think it's more sad Tesla cannot spend the time to add support for the 20+ waypoints supported in Mapbox. https://docs.mapbox.com/help/getting-started/directions/#mapbox-directions-api
  6. gmontem

    Falcon Wing Door hit parking garage roof - normal?

    I guess these ultra sonic sensors still aren't up to the task.
  7. gmontem

    Model S refresh concerns about what it will bring to CT interior

    Not including Jay Leno, can you link videos of those people who took the Cybertruck out for a test drive and gave their opinions how the steering yolk felt in a truck? I've only seen videos of test rides.
  8. gmontem

    NHTSA asks Tesla to recall 158,000 [now 135,000] vehicles for eMMC failure. Voluntary Recall issued

    I'm under the impression some people believe the car is still drivable despite having a dead center console. Allow me to share my experience last 2018. I noticed my touch screen froze when I left my house for work. No problem... reboot the screen. The screen went black and never restarted...
  9. gmontem

    FWD Glass Replacement

    Sorry for derailing the thread. Put me in that group who loves the look and "utility" of the FWD, despite being not owning a Model X. I wished many times that my S had FWD whenever it rained and I had to deal with putting my baby in the car!
  10. gmontem

    FWD Glass Replacement

    I'm a potential Model X customer and this doesn't inspire confidence. It sounds like I will always need to be the first to get out of the Model X and manually open one FWD at a time to make sure it doesn't hit anything? Am I expected to leave the child locks on to prevent anyone from opening the...
  11. gmontem

    DIY MS Door Handle Repair

    I finally fixed my driver side door handle with parts purchased from evtuning. No more bungee cord workaround for me! I'm a happy camper. I really hate how the car sometimes doesn't want to open/close the windows. I nearly "guillotined" the wires that provide power to the door handle when I...
  12. gmontem

    Cybrtrk RN #

    RN1128822xx a few minutes ago. Put me among the many who laughed at the looks last night and opened up to it the next day.
  13. gmontem

    Tesla firmware 2019.32.12.4 includes power increase, one-pedal driving mode and departure charging s

    Probably not. My classic S-85 doesn't even have "Chill mode".
  14. gmontem

    DIY MS Door Handle Repair

    Thank you for the door latch hint. I'll search this forum to see how easy it is to remove and order a replacement part. Something tells me Tesla will make it difficult to order said part. I can wait for the 2nd gen of micro switches. For now, I will continue to use this workaround.
  15. gmontem

    DIY MS Door Handle Repair

    When I pull on the rear door handle, I see the window roll down for about half a second and then roll back up. All of this happens before I release the door handle. By the way, I placed an order from you yesterday for the driver side door that won't present itself.
  16. gmontem

    DIY MS Door Handle Repair

    The door handles of my 2012 Model S were replaced around 2015. Are those 2nd gen handles? Has anyone went ahead and also replace their door handle motor gear? (https://evtuning.com/collections/door-handle/products/replacement-door-handle-motor-gear) For several months the right rear door...
  17. gmontem

    Door handle stuck

    I apologize for bringing up an old thread, but just this morning the driver side door handle of my 2012 S won't retract. This was already replaced a few years ago while under warranty. Trying to get a hold of a service center rep over the phone seems impossible now. I either need to use an app...
  18. gmontem

    S85 Battery Degradation

    As of last Friday night, my 2012 S-85 with 88,560 miles had 216 rated miles at 90% SOC. Is that normal?
  19. gmontem

    MCU replacement new or old?

    The CPU is undefined. I guess the MCU2 has that declared in the user agent string.
  20. gmontem

    MCU replacement new or old?

    What user agent string website should I browse from the MCU? This one website I visited does not report the processor, or is not reporting the processor in the user agent string indicative of the Tegra 3 processor?
  21. gmontem

    MCU replacement new or old?

    My new MCU feels the same as my original unit.
  22. gmontem

    MCU replacement new or old?

    My MCU1 died on June 19. It wouldn't power on no matter what. I couldn't even charge because the car was stuck in Scheduled charging mode. Not even the Supercharger bypassed it. It took about 10 days to get my car back because as usual, the part wasn't available. My car was out of warranty so I...
  23. gmontem

    model 3 still not transferred to our account after 2 months

    I am still waiting for my dad's Model 3 to transfer from my account to his. Been waiting since Sunday Feb 17. I have already tried escalating the problem.
  24. gmontem

    Firmware Update 2018.12

    I'm using official firmware from Asus for my RT-AC88U. So I took a look at my Model S this morning and no new maps! It must have "dozed off" seeing it was no longer connected to my Wi-Fi. However after it was "caught sleeping" it reconnected and started to download again. Reminds me of an...
  25. gmontem

    Firmware Update 2018.12

    My 2012 S85 received the 2018.12 update two days ago. Today the car downloaded about 11 GB of data. I hope these are the map updates.
  26. gmontem

    S85 Battery Degradation

    2012 Model S 85, 80k miles, ~222 miles rated @ 90% state of charge. I am not sure if this is a coincidence: I noticed more reported miles at 90% SOC during the times I happened to charge my car when the HVAC was in range mode.
  27. gmontem

    Windows Phone Tesla App - Please vote "me too" here if you are a WP user

    I've been using Tesla Control Centre (link) for almost a year and have been pretty happy with it.
  28. gmontem

    Tesla Companion App

    Not to derail this thread, but lately I have been using Tesla Control Centre more than the Tesla Companion app. It's missing calendar support, and Summon support is UK only for now according to the app listing (not that I can do that with my classic S85). Other than those two, this app is pretty...
  29. gmontem

    P85 modded to be a P85 w/Ludicrous

    I would be interested in seeing the results of this. I wonder how much an inverter replacement would cost. My car is a 2012 S85 and my only regret with this car is I wish it was a P85 instead.
  30. gmontem

    P100D for Sale Now

    It looks like only the P100D configuration gives summer tires for 19" and 21" wheels. I also see no 19" summer tires offered at the online Tesla store. Anyone happen to have asked Tesla what brand and name are the 19" summer ties? Michelin PS3s?
  31. gmontem

    So how many actually want 100% autonomy (poll)

    Full autonomy at the Superchargers would be great.
  32. gmontem

    Why is the 90D range not 50% larger than the 60D?

    You may want to factor in the weight of the batteries in the 90D vs the 60D. I don't have the answer to that myself, but that may be one reason why the range is not 50% larger
  33. gmontem

    Windows Phone Tesla App - Please vote "me too" here if you are a WP user

    Has anyone tried this unofficial app for Microsoft Band? I only got to playing around with it for a couple of minutes. The convenience of not having to pull out of my phone to turn on the air conditioner is pretty nice. Band for Tesla link
  34. gmontem

    Next best option vs. a 14-50 outlet?

    Yeah I wouldn't trust the car remembering the setting correctly. I noticed even on my S that the Dolby 7.1 setting would reset once in a while. If it can't get that one right....
  35. gmontem

    DIY 3M cabin air filter

    Do you have a part number for this 3M Filtrete? I am having trouble trying to find it online. Thanks. :)
  36. gmontem

    Third row access: Are the Falcon Doors really justified with six seats configuration?

    Had you ended up with two newborns you would have had to deal with the pressures of having to decide which one among the two was your favorite, leaving the other to sit on the side seats. ;)
  37. gmontem

    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    I am convinced my 2012 S-85 did not receive the RWD performance improvement after driving a 2014 P85+ loaner yesterday that had the v7 firmware. That car's release notes mentions the performance improvements whereas mine did not. Edit: 2014, not 2015
  38. gmontem

    Firmware 7.0

    I went to the garage to check if my Classic S-85 received the update, but I found the car asleep despite energy saving mode off and always connected setting checked. When it woke up the car had to reconnect to my Wi-Fi network. What gives?!
  39. gmontem

    Factory Tour 12-23 oct - a Tesla Owner needed

    When I called last May to schedule a Factory tour, I was told only party groups of 4 were allowed.
  40. gmontem

    Autopilot and v7 coming this Thursday! (15-10-15)

    Elon also said Version 7 software *with* Autopilot. So either classic Model S cars won't receive an update, or the update will inflate the driver's air bag into a driving buddy like in the Airplane movie.
  41. gmontem

    Car Seat Recommendations? Second Row, Front Facing.

    I have two red Diono Radian RXT car seats, so make that a +2 for Dino. My 4-year old daughter has been sitting on hers since she was 1.
  42. gmontem

    Valet Mode Races

    What is that little circular "80" shown in the speedometer? Is that an "over the speed limit" indicator? I would not mind seeing that in my Classic S, even if it's from GPS map data.
  43. gmontem

    Firmware 6.2

    Have any of the classic 85 owners noticed any speed improvements with .153?
  44. gmontem

    Firmware 6.2

    The "auto" in auto-valet mode means the car automatically switches to the Valet Mode driver profile a few seconds after the car doors have been locked with no driver detected on the seat. Sure some will find it inconvenient to re-enter their valet pin, but the auto mode should be an optional...
  45. gmontem

    Firmware 6.2

    I haven't tried valet mode yet, but does valet mode also further reduce top speed the farther you drive from the starting point where valet mode was enabled? I'm thinking this might be a nice feature to have if we can also have an "enable auto-valet mode" setting. That way if a thief robs...
  46. gmontem

    What's left to improve on the Model S?

    Full-sized windshield HUD. I want rectangles drawn on every car in front of me and include their info like their current speed, hit points, power level, threat level, etc. :)
  47. gmontem

    Tesla App on Android

    Unless Tesla is charging for their iOS and Android apps, how is app purchase numbers relevant? And yes, a poll has been done before.
  48. gmontem

    What category of car did your Tesla replace?

    My 2012 S-85 replaced a 1999 6 cylinder Toyota Camry.
  49. gmontem

    Picked up my P85D today

    I seem to be more interested in your garage floor than your two cars. :) Is it 2 pieces of carpet, or some brand of floor tiles?
  50. gmontem

    Is Regen suddenly weaker / delayed?

    Did you take that screen shot and how were you able to retrieve the image? This thread mentions how to take it but is missing info to access it.

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