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  1. GLM3

    Wipers activating unexpectedly, even on a bright sunny day.

    No, but the automatic setting was on because I had previously used cruise control/autopilot. This is new behavior and appeared when it started getting cold around here. Haven't proven it yet, but I think there may be some frost developing on the windshield when driving in cold weather. It is...
  2. GLM3

    Wipers activating unexpectedly, even on a bright sunny day.

    Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see how your comment helps explain why my wipers start operating when the windshield is completely dry.
  3. GLM3

    Wipers activating unexpectedly, even on a bright sunny day.

    Except they get reset each time I engage Navigate on Autopilot. Pain in the arse.
  4. GLM3

    Wipers activating unexpectedly, even on a bright sunny day.

    The last couple of times I went for a drive, the wipers started in completely dry conditions. The first time I thought maybe there was some dew on the windshield, but today, in broad sunlight and completely dry they came on at the highest speed for about 15 seconds. Car was recently updated to...
  5. GLM3

    Why is my battery pre-conditioning for Supercharging 90 miles from the charger?

    It was in the 50s, raining, windy, and I was about 30+ miles into my trip when I got the Pre-conditioning notification and saw my bat % dropping quicker than expected. I knew on a normal day I would be at less than 10-15% charge when I arrived at the supercharger but with the conditions, I knew...
  6. GLM3

    Blacking out the chrome

    I used Plasti-Dip Luxury Metal Black Sapphire and their Glossifier a little over two years ago. It went on easily but made sure I taped everything off and put a cover over the top of the car. It wasn't a big mess and now that I'm two years in I'll have to redo the trim along the driver-side...
  7. GLM3

    2021.36 Missing FSD beta button on Autopilot page

    It won't appear until you are invited and yes many of us are patiently waiting for an FSD beta invitation. The latest hurdle is to have a Safety Score of 99 or 100. What's your Safety Score?
  8. GLM3

    Golf Pushcart Storage

    You have to lay them at an angle, but they will fit.
  9. GLM3

    Model 3: Fan running while parked

    Do you have a scheduled departure set with preconditioning? I had forgotten I had that set and saw the same behavior.
  10. GLM3

    Any Model 3 Performance Package Owners Switch from 20" Wheels to 19"?

    Sorry, I have no idea if they will fit.
  11. GLM3

    M3P hesitates with new rims in 1/4 mile run

    The wheels shouldn't make any difference assuming correct bore size and offset doesn't result in tires/wheels rubbing against anything. I've only experienced t hesitation in my M3P in non-ideal conditions and traction control made a real-time adjustment. Is it possible the track had some...
  12. GLM3

    Why the obsession with deleting chrome?

    Mostly because my other car has enough chrome for both. :)
  13. GLM3

    Range decreases when I charge at home vs other locations

    I typically charge it to 90% and then use it to run errands around town until it gets below 30% unless I have plans requiring more charge. I park it in a garage that is heated to approximately 50 degrees in the winter. I don't cool the garage in the summer so it can see temps in the 70's and...
  14. GLM3

    Range decreases when I charge at home vs other locations

    I don't rely on TeslaFi and usually, just monitor in the car, but this is a reasonable graph of what I have been seeing as available miles since last spring. I pretty regularly charged my car to 90%. When I first got the car I would regularly see a 270 mile reported range and it was slowly...
  15. GLM3

    Range decreases when I charge at home vs other locations

    What triggers BMS re-calibration? My car sleeps about 22 hours per day.
  16. GLM3

    Range decreases when I charge at home vs other locations

    Here's an update. Any thoughts about this sudden change? I thought it might be a fluke, but have I've charged at home a few times since the sudden jump and it is still close to my original range.
  17. GLM3

    What’s everyone’s winter 100% showing ?

    270 for me. Just rolled over 12,000 miles. Lower than I would like.
  18. GLM3

    What are the best mud flaps for the M3?

    I installed the ones from RPM Tesla Model 3 Mud Flaps Gen. 2 Screwless Type (Set of 4- from $32). Easy to install, fit perfectly, and match the pearl white color pretty well. They are rigid and they have popped loose a number of times, but not popped completely off yet. If and when they do, the...
  19. GLM3

    Sleeping in the car for 2 weeks?

    I bought the Exped Duo from Campsaver and it is on sale now https://www.campsaver.com/exped-deepsleep-mat-duo-7-5-m.html. Works great and it rolls up small enough to fit in the cargo area in the rear trunk with enough space left over to store charging equipment and adapters. Having something to...
  20. GLM3

    Range decreases when I charge at home vs other locations

    I'm not worried so much about range loss, but the fact that it seems to happen when I charge at home vs a superchargers or destination chargers. Seems weird that I see an immediate drop in range when I charge from home. My car usually sits for 3+ hours before I charge from home and 6+ hours...
  21. GLM3

    Range decreases when I charge at home vs other locations

    Took delivery of my car almost exactly a year ago and had a Tesla Wall charger installed before I took delivery. Over the last six+ months it seems when I charge at home my range decreases, but if I travel and use superchargers my range is higher. Originally I was charging at 32 AMPS at home and...
  22. GLM3

    Any Model 3 Performance Package Owners Switch from 20" Wheels to 19"?

    I live in Wisconsin and have a different set of Wheels/Tires for winter driving (the TSportline Falcons and Pirelli Sottozero). I believe this is a link to them Tesla Model 3 Wheels-19" TS5 Flow Forged Tesla Wheel and Winter Tire Package - T Sportline - Tesla Model S, 3, X & Y Accessories . I...
  23. GLM3

    License plate bolts; size, thread pitch, and length?

    The search feature with the phrase "License plate bolt" or "License plate screw" would have taken you to a thread which indicates "The officially correct part (BOLT,PN,PZ,M5-0.8x6,[88],G1009, Rear License Plate Screw, 1453796-00-A) is only 6mm long, but I shouldn't think 8mm would be any issue."
  24. GLM3

    Any Model 3 Performance Package Owners Switch from 20" Wheels to 19"?

    I have 19" T Sportline Falcon wheels with winter tires which I am about ready to put on again. I think they look better than the 20" and am thinking of using them in the summer and getting either another set of 19" or maybe 18" for my winter tires. The first time I bend/break one of the 20's I'm...
  25. GLM3

    235/45 18" Michelin PS A/S 4 same dimensions as 245/45 18"?

    No, that's wrong. Somebody didn't do a good job proofing their specifications. 235/45-18's are 26.3" in diameter, and 245's are 26.7". Tire Size Calculator
  26. GLM3

    Consumers disdain for “Self Driving”

    and probably lower if you are willing to watch advertisements during the ride. I can imagine an advertisement popping up each time you passed specific businesses.
  27. GLM3

    Consumers disdain for “Self Driving”

    People don't like change and things they don't understand. Eventually the technology will be commonplace and on every vehicle and people will wonder how they lived without it.
  28. GLM3

    Steel Wheels for Model 3 winter driving

    18" steel wheels are going to weigh 35-40 lbs (16-18 kg), quite a bit heavier than alloy wheels. Other than that I don't see the downside of using them for the winter.
  29. GLM3

    Cars,faster than a model3 or performace

    I own a 1965 Impala SS 409 425 HP 4 speed which is dog slow compared to the Model 3 Performance. Takes around 6 seconds to get to 60 and the top end is lower because of its rear gearing. The old Impala is definitely noisier, but its performance doesn't come anywhere near the Model 3. Since it...
  30. GLM3

    putting on 19 inch wheels

    Yes, 19" and 20" wheels will fit on a Model 3 and all those sizes are factory available options for the M3. If you switch to 19" or 20" you want to get tires with approximately the same diameter as your original tires. You can use this calculator (Tire Size Calculator) to see tire size options...
  31. GLM3

    Topping off Tire Pressure - Valve Stem Blow Back

    It is called a Shrade valve and the valve cores are available at any parts store along with the tool to replace them. I keep extras around because it not unusual for them to leak. The OP may want to get the tool and check the valves are tight, or even loosen and retighten to blow out any dust...
  32. GLM3

    Topping off Tire Pressure - Valve Stem Blow Back

    I just added air to all four tires today and didn't experience what you are describing at all.
  33. GLM3

    Fan continually running

    Thanks. I was just coming to the forum to ask the same question!
  34. GLM3

    Behaviour of TACC with AEB disabled.

    My car doesn't brake hard, it changes the set speed because it believes the speed limit has changed (when it hasn't) and I am just experiencing the car slowing via regeneration to 45 mph or less. I can see on the monitor that it has changed the max speed to a much lower number. The one time I...
  35. GLM3

    Change the charge limit slider to numbers.

    My fat old fingers have a hard time getting the slider to the right spot. I use TeslaFi to set the number I want most of the time since it supports up/down arrows or just typing in a number.
  36. GLM3

    Vehicle not going to sleep after 2020.32.3 update

    Mine did the same thing. I would get in the car and it seemed like it took minutes for the screen to wake up. Before the 2020.32 update, the screen would light up by the time I got in the car and got the seatbelt on. The slow wake-up seems to have disappeared with the 2020.36 update.
  37. GLM3

    Good looking Body kit

    Material: Hig quality Fiber glass (FRP) +Real full carbon fiber(CF) Total weight is 20 kg (44 lbs), which seems light for the whole kit (item in kit : FRP front bumper +CF front lip + CF side skirts+ FRP rear bumper +CF rear diffuser+ CF rear spoiler +CF front trunk hood)
  38. GLM3

    Paying for public charging?

    I use Tesla destination chargers at Malls and Hotels whenever I can. Looks like there are quite a few in the Vegas area. Why not use those instead of ChargePoint?
  39. GLM3

    What is a good lateral G reading for stock M3P ?

    I've autocrossed many different cars with a BMW M3 generating the highest Gs with good autocross tires and never got over about 1.2 Gs if I remember correctly. I would be surprised if the Michelin Pilot street tires could handle much more than 1 G before letting go.
  40. GLM3

    Increasing range by going with skinny tires?

    I will admit my initial response should have been "not necessarily" than with just a "nope". Even though the contact patch size will remain the same the braking distance may be different because of tread pattern, tire material, tire structure, and how it deforms under hard braking, and of course...
  41. GLM3

    Increasing range by going with skinny tires?

    If you change to a skinnier tier, but the same diameter, you only change the shape of the contact patch, not the size.
  42. GLM3

    Increasing range by going with skinny tires?

    Nope. You might mess with maximum cornering, but if anything it should improve braking. Going with skinnier tires changes the contact patch to favoring braking and acceleration at the expense of cornering.
  43. GLM3

    Why get larger wheels?

    Agreed. I got 19s for my winter tires and would have bought 18s at the time if I could have found some I like. I'm thinking of getting some lightweight 18s that I use for summer camping trips. Quieter, softer ride, and more efficient. Save the 20s for autocrossing and other events, at least...
  44. GLM3

    Why get larger wheels?

    Yes. Wider tire changes the contract patch shape for more cornering grip and a narrow tire changes for straight-line acceleration and braking grip. That's why both drag tires and winter tires are typically narrower.
  45. GLM3

    Why get larger wheels?

    It offers a different contact patch which performs better with lateral forces.
  46. GLM3

    TESLA saved my friends life.

    ... or a Volvo. I was in two different accidents while in a Volvo. Both times the Volvo was driven home after the accident, but the other cars had to get towed away. Lots of pictures on the web of post-accident Volvos and the other cars involved. Those things are like tanks.
  47. GLM3

    Alignment before or after new tires?

    I believe the alignment guy wanted to see how the tires were wearing to give him an idea where he should be looking for suspension problems.
  48. GLM3

    Seeking input from Midwest and Northeast M3 19’ AWD Winter Drivers

    Wisconsin driver here. I have an M3P so I put 19" with recommended Pirelli winter tires (and they were fabulous). I have a friend with an AWD M3 and he runs all seasons and said they worked for him for winter driving. They were basically new last fall, so not sure how they will hold up the...

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