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  1. docrice

    Tips for Cleaning Interior Glass of Rear Hatch?

    I do a first pass with Optimum No Rinse at normal dilution (I generally avoid Windex, but any glass cleaner should do) followed by a squeegee swipe. I then do a second pass with a light spritz of rubbing alcohol and a low-pile microfiber towel (a waffle weave style or the types marketed for...
  2. docrice

    Black lug nut covers for older generations (enclosed) lug nuts

    The older style lug nuts: They're soft-ish and these are examples where the socket was a bit loose while removing them. As of a couple of years ago I think Tesla was proactively replacing these with the newer open-style ones as they saw cars come in for work at the Service Centers.
  3. docrice

    Tesla Factory PPF

    I believe the option was called Paint Armor and was a partial-hood or partial-front coverage. PPF is typically replaced around the 5 - 7 year mark per my understanding since these aren't meant for permanency (I think it gets more brittle and difficult to remove as it ages), so it doesn't sound...
  4. docrice

    Solution for rusty brake rotor hats

    A small update: during a swap out to my summer wheel/tire set today, I decided to reapply the SBS treatment with the original can. However, I was only able to re-coat the front rotor set. In essence, one can's worth (get it? Worth? Würth?) probably equals to about one set of rotors if you apply...
  5. docrice

    Was the 5 double spoke wheel ever finished like this????

    I don't think he was talking about different wheel designs, but rather the factory finish on the original standard double-spoke version.
  6. docrice

    Was the 5 double spoke wheel ever finished like this????

    To my knowledge, Tesla's never deviated from their original silver finish for these. It looks like this Amazon vendor has added some of their own custom bling to them.
  7. docrice

    Wheel cleaning

    If the brake dust has baked into the clear coat, a professional detailer might start relying on acid-based wheel cleaners. That said, when you tried your wheel cleaner did you agitate with a brush? Something like the wheel woolies...
  8. docrice

    Is this a factory 19" model S wheel?

    My 1-star review didn't get posted (yet), but someone else's did and now the product is listed as "Currently unavailable."
  9. docrice

    Is this a factory 19" model S wheel?

    Definitely not OEM. "Direct replacement, will match your existing wheels in every way" This is outright false based on the Amazon picture. I might have to leave a review. Another easy giveaway is the hole for the valve stem. On the real OEMs, it's located between a pair of spokes. I submitted...
  10. docrice

    Door handle not presenting after vinyl wrap

    The tech that repaired mine didn't bother removing the window and removed the window sweep on the inside (as well as the brightwork/chrome trim on the outside) to get better access to that last bolt near the top of the door. When I attempted the repair myself, that was the one thing that eluded me.
  11. docrice

    Door handle not presenting after vinyl wrap

    I doubt the vinyl wrap has much to do with any interference (although hard to tell without seeing your wrap install) and I'd guess the paddle just failed. Tesla has a new variant, but you can also get them at EV Tuning: Tesla Model S Stainless Steel "Paddle Gear" Replacement for 1042845-00-A I...
  12. docrice

    DEF CON 27, Broken-In Model 3, Car Hacking Village

    I'm surprised no one's recently mentioned DEF CON and Tesla-related items. Last week I drove to Vegas to attend the con and along the way stopped by some relatively-new Superchargers, including the new V3 setup in the middle of Vegas (next to High Roller). There was a Car Hacking Village where...
  13. docrice

    5000-mile US Road Trip (2014 S85)

    I didn't reset a trip odometer when I started the trip so I don't have the exact numbers, but I was going through a variety of terrains and climates. If I had to guess my average Wh/mile it's probably around 300 - 325. This is greatly influenced by the higher speed limits that I encountered (85...
  14. docrice

    Purchased Used P85, Not Free Supercharging?

    I agree that a 2014 P85 should have lifetime free Supercharging. The only case where you didn't get free Supercharging for life was if you bought a car with a 60 kWh battery (although you could pay $2000 for it with that battery size). Something's not right here and it's as if Tesla is trying...
  15. docrice

    5000-mile US Road Trip (2014 S85)

    On my trip I never encountered a Supercharger location which was completely full, although Quartzsite in AZ was nearly so and had those temporary SC stalls (due to Memorial Day Weekend, presumably). Also the Grand Junction, CO site had 3 non-functioning stalls out of 6, and when I was there all...
  16. docrice

    5000-mile US Road Trip (2014 S85)

    I recently completed a 2-week, 4,982-mile trip starting from California and on through Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and back to California with my 2014 S85. Started with over 102k on the clock. I've never attempted a trip like this in my life but I...
  17. docrice

    Paint Protection/Scratch Resistance

    Tesla's paint has clear coat just like anyone else's, but my understanding based on conversations with some high-end detailers is that Tesla paint is of a "lesser quality" and likely due to from laws requiring lower levels of VOC (at least in California). I had PPF applied pretty much the...
  18. docrice

    FS: 21" grey turbines

    This thread probably better longs on the Parts for Sale sub-forum: Tesla Parts for Sale
  19. docrice

    Interesting how tire pressure monitor works.. (Story about a flat tire)

    This doesn't sound right. I've never had a TPMS battery die on me yet and I've had my car for almost 5 years, although perhaps it's possible when the car was in for service they replaced them. It doesn't seem like something they'd do though and I'm not aware of that happening based on the...
  20. docrice

    What's state of the art for washing a Model S at home and making it shine?

    Here's my wash regimen: 2018.09.03: The Fine Details I don't consider this state-of-the-art, but it's more hardcore than what many would be willing to put up with. It's all about your expectations and the kind of results you actually want to achieve. DIY detailing is a deep rabbit hole and you...
  21. docrice

    Cost(or benefit) of converting from 21" to 19"

    I just swapped back to my original 19" wheels today (they have Michelin Primacy). I keep two sets of Turbines for the months when I feel like driving around a more beautiful car. As a reference, I purchased both of my 21" sets from local TMC members - $2500 for the gray (square setup) with older...
  22. docrice

    Rolling Exterior Shots....

    Hot. I like the blackout of the chrome trim around the nose cone (thinking of doing that myself). Those calipers look like candy red. Very nice,
  23. docrice

    The 100,000 Mile Club: beyond the 100K barrier in your Model S

    I hit 100k today, right next to a Lucid Motors building. A full capacity charge does somewhere around 248 still. Planning a 3000-mile road trip in the coming months. 2019.03.23: 6-Figure Mileage Here's to another 100k miles...
  24. docrice

    Michelin PSS staggered tire set

    I actually need a set. If you're up in the SF Bay Area, let me know. Otherwise I think Gary has dibs.
  25. docrice

    Detailing MS - Paint Protection Film Treatment?

    For those who have PPF installed, after how many years did you get a new one put on? I assume PPF's lifespan depends on a number of environmental factors as well as individual product durability, but I'm nearing 4.5 years (mostly in the SF Bay Area but have had quite a few road trips) and...
  26. docrice

    Which wheels are these? They almost look like 18 inch?

    T Sportline maintains a list of factory (and non-factory) wheels: The Tesla Model S Wheel Guide
  27. docrice

    Compatible lug nut?

    I'm pretty sure the ones you have are #8s (referring to the second and fourth lug nuts when counting from the left). Those are the ones I have on my car now. The part number from the parts catalog matches what's on my receipt.
  28. docrice

    Water in tail light

    I still have this problem and never got around to fixing it. I'm planning on doing this myself soon and last year when I asked someone at the Service Center about the part they mentioned it'd be around $300 for the light assembly, plus another $100 for the appliqué piece as a potential option...
  29. docrice

    Compatible lug nut?

    Those #7 lug nuts are being phased out with the newer #8s since the older ones tended to deform a bit after a number of removals. One of the techs at a Service Center told me they've been swapping old ones out with the new version as Model S/Xs roll through. These #8s are designed to have a...
  30. docrice

    Solution for rusty brake rotor hats

    I took a couple of photos this afternoon. The rotor hats currently don't look all that pristine (remember I also don't really make an effort to clean this area down either) but it's better than without the treatment. You can tell that at the edge where it meets the braking surface that there's a...
  31. docrice

    Solution for rusty brake rotor hats

    I bought one can to cover all 4 corners ... and likely still have enough to do one or more entire refreshes. I spray relatively conservatively though. When I clean the wheels with something like Sonax Full Effect, the reddish bleeding effect from the iron deposits make its way onto the textured...
  32. docrice

    Solution for rusty brake rotor hats

    I posted the link to where I got mine a few hours ago.
  33. docrice

    Solution for rusty brake rotor hats

    Cosmetically it holds up relatively well around the hub. I'd recommend freshening it up annually as Lloyd mentioned since the outer edges (where it meets the rotor surface) gets a bit tarnished by the rust as it bleeds onto the SBSed section whenever wheel cleaning is done via spray bottle. The...
  34. docrice

    Solution for rusty brake rotor hats

    I got mine here: Wurth SBS Brake Treatment II - 189311069
  35. docrice

    Second hand S85

    A big consideration is when it was built - starting mid-September 2014, the factory starting including Autopilot hardware. The VIN might be (very roughly) indicative of when it was put together, but since this is a European-spec I'm guessing this is likely pre-AP.
  36. docrice

    10 hour paint correction complete

    The clear coat is part of the paint system - it's the transparent paint that layers on top of the color layer (which sits on top of the primer). Once the clear gets too thin, the possibility of clear coat failure increases and may eventually get to the point where it starts flaking (like how the...
  37. docrice

    10 hour paint correction complete

    5-6 passes seems like quite a lot. Which polisher are you using? Maybe a bit more downward pressure is needed or slow the surface-passing speed? Or try polishes from another brand? In the distant past when I was more into this I was relying on Meg's, Menzerna, and Optimum. Different pad/polish...
  38. docrice

    What is the fix so stop moisture from entering taillights?

    Thanks for posting the link to the teslazoom.com write-up. I had one of my tail lights replaced under warranty for this issue and the other has been experiencing this as well for over a year now ... and I'm way out of warranty.
  39. docrice

    Unused wire connectors in rear doors

    Oh, so wiring harnesses do exist for rear door puddle lights! I knew it! This is the underside of my rear doors: I have extra LEDs from Abstract Ocean for which I did the replacements elsewhere. Sweet. I'll need to cut those openings out. It's probably just like the option for the LED...
  40. docrice

    Relentless. Does your dash also creak?

    I had a creaking/rattling sound in my dash that was solved with a dash cover replacement a couple of years ago. I had one of the original dash cover versions and by the time the SC looked into it they didn't have that original version anymore so they swapped in the newer one that's less textured...
  41. docrice

    10 hour paint correction complete

    Doing your own correction can be an exhausting but highly-gratifying experience. That's what I call ownership pride. I still have my old Porter Cable 7424 (non-XP) that I got a decade ago when I first started getting into detailing. Also still have my Makita rotary than I'd need to use on my...
  42. docrice

    Wheel coatings - any tricks to keep them looking clean?

    You can ceramic coat any wheel that's painted or powder coated. Wheels are relatively easy to do as DIY. I used Gloss Coat for mine: 2018.08.12: Concept Car Styling It's important to make sure that the wheel surface is squeaky clean chemically so you get maximum longevity of the coating...
  43. docrice

    After 4 years of ownership do you plan to keep your tesla ?

    I'll add that Model S is my third car. My previous car I drove for 14 years (and still have it). And before that I had a junker that I pretty much drove into the ground. I hope to still have my S85 well into 300k, which assuming at my rate of miles consumption would be another 8 years. Bragging...
  44. docrice

    After 4 years of ownership do you plan to keep your tesla ?

    I passed the 4-year mark a few months ago and currently at over 96k miles. Didn't get the Extended Service Agreement given how many miles I've been putting on and how quickly the extension would've ran out (maybe 2 years). Mostly a reliable vehicle for me, but I did have a battery and screen...
  45. docrice

    New "Deep Blue Metallic"?

    When the newer blue came out a while ago, I also thought "deep" would mean a darker shade. The newer, lighter blue is growing on me and I was tempted to trade up when I drove the loaner during the fourth annual service visit. You can see the difference in one of the pics in my write-up...
  46. docrice

    Enterprise Service Loaners:

    I just got a 75D loaner at the Fremont SC today in Deep Blue Metallic. It allows me to compare directly with my old S85 with the darker blue finish. I'm happy I actually got a Tesla loaner this time as loaners for me in the last few years have been ICE cars from either Enterprise or Hertz (I...
  47. docrice

    New "Deep Blue Metallic"?

    My S85 is the original blue (referred to simply as "Blue Metallic" back in the day). I'm currently on a loaner which is the confusingly-named Deep Blue Metallic. The original blue looks like this (see the gallery): 2015 Tesla Model S RWD 85 kWh Battery Sedan
  48. docrice

    The 100,000 Mile Club: beyond the 100K barrier in your Model S

    Mine's a 2014 S85 (built late Q3) with 94.5k miles. A few issues here and there but in regards to ongoing maintenance I've paid very little so far (except for tires). Blew through the bumper-to-bumper warranty, didn't opt for the Extended Service Agreement given how quickly I'd run out with the...
  49. docrice

    21" or 19"

    I've been driving on the 21s after several years on the 19s. The cornering is noticeably better on the 21s and much easier to, uh, test the curved freeway onramps. The tire noise is getting a bit annoying though and my interior is starting to rattle a bit extra. That said, I plan to switch back...

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