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    Model 3 for business. 'Salvage value' or depreciation schedule for taxes?

    While you can sometimes get a larger amount of depreciation by using the standard and especially bonus (18,000) in the first year consider the after tax implications of regular mileage based deductions. You’ll have to pay tax on the depreciated price - sales price as taxable income except if you...
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    Most requested features/options/improvements for the Model 3?

    Less wind noise from front windshield. Current level is acceptable but on par with my Honda Fit and nowhere close to my prior BMW/Mercedes experiences. Road noise seems much improved on more recent Model 3 builds. Include change lanes with turn signal with basic Autopilot. So many more button...
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    Impressions after a week with my Model 3

    I generally agree. Amazing car and unparalleled performance and driving experience. Maps are ok and I like the ability to plan charging with integrated navigation but find that avoiding traffic isn’t great and navigation UI isn’t up to snuff with google/Apple Maps and CarPlay. iPhone integration...
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    Does the P3D - still exist?

    I ended up putting in an order for regular Model 3 LWD with 19inch wheels. My sales rep said he would regularly check his calendar daily to see if he could find one that pops up. Until then it’s a 5-9 week wait right now for new orders and even a regular long range would be good enough so might...
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    Does the P3D - still exist?

    I am looking at buying a new Model 3, ideally with the "stealth performance" spec and the 19" sport tires. Seems like the best blends of power, fun to drive, efficiency and overall value/cost. The sales rep I talked to at the local Tesla store said that their inventory of this is almost non...
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    Model X IRS 100% Deduction “Hummer Loophole” - 2018 Edition

    Is the full 179 deduction still active for 2019? I have been hearing guidance from some peers whose accountants have suggested a max of 25k plus regular depreciation for this year. Looking to make a purchase between X and 3 in the next few weeks and this could make a big difference. Limits for...
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    Electricity too expensive with PGE for EVs

    It’s still a wash in terms of total gas vs electric cost so the fun factor of the Tesla still wins the day. But I’m worried that the change to EV rate plan moves the low cost charging from 12am to 3pm which is easy to charge but then you get credits from solar at the low rate during that time...
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    Electricity too expensive with PGE for EVs

    I'm about to purchase a Model 3 this next month after my lease expires but have hit a roadblock with some research into the electric rate plans offered by PG&E in California. We live in a rural area with most of our heating etc on electric so have a high overall consumption but also a fairly...
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    Trading in 2018 X75D for Raven Perf X - Compare/Contrast

    Any updates on efficiency now that OP has more miles?
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    Anyone received delivery of 2019 'Raven' Refresh?

    So at delays. Perhaps a model X refresh in the works?
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    Trading in 2018 X75D for Raven Perf X - Compare/Contrast

    I’m interested in your experiences. In particular real world range, build quality/reliability.
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    Is Model X a good high mileage car?

    Any insight on how to best navigate a model x 179 when it come time to upgrade with regards to depreciation recapture?
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    Would you like to see fsd as a subscription option?

    I think that FSD is overpriced now. Would be a fun rare convenience feature that I would pay 2k for or so, but not this ever escalating price based on the Tesla taxi service. I would never let the American public into my car especially unobserved. Would make more sense for Tesla to break down...
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    Is Model X a good high mileage car?

    This was my initial thought until reading some of the reliability trends. I will also be working in a low income area where I happen to be doing very well and having an expensive car can come off as a bit pretentious. The 179 deduction the first year makes a lot of sense but I’m not sure how the...
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    Is Model X a good high mileage car?

    I’m a partner and our group has a new business site I have to set up next year so this should be deductible. I have been deducting a lease successfully as well as other business expenses for years but have not done a 179 deduction for a vehicle.
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    Is Model X a good high mileage car?

    I will be starting a new job with a round trip commute about 140 miles 3x per week at least and anticipate driving 20k+ miles per year. I will be able to deduct vehicle purchase costs making the model X and 179 deduction quite attractive. I would also enjoy the size and comfort and alternative...
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    Model X IRS 100% Deduction “Hummer Loophole” - 2018 Edition

    Any idea how this deduction might work with a combination of driving between a sole proprietorship but the majority of driving (as well as income) through a K1 partnership? Can I do a 179 deduction as unreimbursed partnership expenses?

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