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  1. ddenboer

    Family of 5: 6 Seats or 7 Seats

    The 7 seater in 2015/16 was great because it had captains chairs in the middle row that moved. Then they went to the fold flat ones and it was horrible. The back row lost a ton of leg room and the middle row did too. Folding the middle row to enter/exit is difficult at best, and if the driver or...
  2. ddenboer

    FYI: Rapid Turn Signal blinking

    Mine just started doing this since my last service (just got back on Friday), but only intermittently.
  3. ddenboer

    Front window not closing properly

    Happens to mine regularly. SC has reset the window a few times. The worst part is it will get worse. Mine refuses to auto-up or down, and will sometimes go all the way down when exiting the car, requiring a trip back in the car.
  4. ddenboer

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    I have been idle on these forums for quite some time, but am having major issues with my X that keep getting ignored by my SC. Glad to see that I am not the only one complaining about double vision/ghosting on my windshield.
  5. ddenboer

    What will you name your Model X?

    Rogue 1 We were thinking about Millennium Falcar, and X Wing...
  6. ddenboer

    2012 Signature Red P85

    I get a full charge of around 240-245 miles (it varies and I haven't had to do it in some months).
  7. ddenboer

    2012 Signature Red P85

    This is Sig 00776. Wholesale value is closer to 42k, and I have a wholesale offer of $42k from a reputable company already. Was obviously hoping to get more seeing as the car was $118k new and just got full annual inspection and brand new tires.
  8. ddenboer

    2012 Signature Red P85

    2012 Tesla Model S Signature Red Performance, 85kW battery, 7 seats, Panoramic roof This is a well-sorted car with all recent service performed by Tesla Sunnyvale. Car was delivered in November 2012 at the factory, and has been driven 80,300 miles since then (lots of trips to Disneyland from...
  9. ddenboer

    Random Model X sightings

    I saw a Sig red one at my kids school last Friday doing drop off (Morgan Hill CA)
  10. ddenboer

    How many miles on your Model S?

    I have just over 70k miles. In the first nine months with the car it spent ~9 weeks in service, so I should have many more miles. Worst for me was after they installed the titanium shield, they didn't tighten a bolt properly, and while getting on the highway a few months later a bracket came...
  11. ddenboer

    Model X Launch invites have gone out

    I got my RSVP and am going with my wife (maybe). We are having trouble with a babysitter (5 kids), so I might have a +1 available. I will let the +1 thread know closer to the date.
  12. ddenboer

    What's your 6.0+ car name (if you are willing to share?)

    Our Signature Red is called Ziggy.
  13. ddenboer

    Decreasing rated range.

    I charge to 90% every two days (drive 90 miles a day with 45k miles on my car but about 15k miles on this second A pack). I have been seeing decreasing miles for the last year, with my old pack and my refurb A. On my service center advice, I did a full charge on the weekend and got 242 miles...
  14. ddenboer

    The Oatmeal's Description and Review of his Magical Space Car

    I met him about 18 months ago, the day I got my Model S. He was driving a friend's Roadster and I was driving my S. We did drag racing in the parking lot of a prominent animation studio. It was fun!
  15. ddenboer

    I am a test case for our power company

    I think you have the California rates wrong. It is around $0.32/kWh if you are in the higher tier of electricity usage (which anyone with an EV will be without solar). That's 7x what you pay.
  16. ddenboer

    Drive unit/inverter replacement which battery??

    Mine was replaced last week at 35k miles. It made a sound above 20mph that sounded like a hockey/baseball card in the spokes of a bicycle. People at the golf course gave me nasty looks every time I drove by. Tesla service as usual in the last year was great!
  17. ddenboer

    Model S Pinewood Derby Car

    We did a "Model S" like vehicle for my son's pinewood derby earlier this year. He still loves the car, but I wish it had turned out better (like said above, a wider piece of wood would have been better). We did it all with chisel and dremel work, and put a slab of weight in the bottom where the...
  18. ddenboer

    Anybody driving 100 miles plus a day??

    I put 2000 miles per month on my P85. I got it in November 2012 and have 36k miles on it now (it had around a month of no use last year). I am on my third set of 21" tires, and these have 6k miles on them. At this point, part of me wishes I had opted for the 19" rims (and I have seen some sweet...
  19. ddenboer

    Clarification: 5.9 ride height setting: "Always"

    Yes, I have 5.9. The Controls>Driving is not updating, and when I force lower it, I can feel the difference. I will bring this up when I go in for service next week (motor is noisy as heck making a clicky noise) and get my tires rotated.
  20. ddenboer

    Clarification: 5.9 ride height setting: "Always"

    I have mine set to go to Low at 55, and it never lowers. I restarted the screen twice, but no go. I can manually lower it, but then it does not raise up again at lower speeds. Anyone else, or any advice?
  21. ddenboer

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    Sig 00776. Performance 85 with 21" Continental tires. 34970.7 miles Average lifetime = 340 Wh/mi
  22. ddenboer

    Rated range on your car

    I have a P85 and get 247-251 with a 100% (ish) full charge. On my second battery, but it is a refurb rev A. And I have almost 33k miles.
  23. ddenboer

    Does 300Wh/mi equate to rated range?

    I could have sworn rated range was 305 or 307 Wh/mi. In the summer, I was constantly doing better than rated range at around 300 (as long as I remembered to remove that lead from my foot before hand)
  24. ddenboer

    Pack Replacement Thread

    Like many others, I had my pack replaced last month, and got a Rev A pack (with serial number 000077). 90% charge was around 230 before, now it is 220 or 221 on a good day. We did a trip to Disneyland two weeks ago and got 251 for 100% charge. When I took delivery, I got 272 with 100% charge. I...
  25. ddenboer

    Tesla Stands by its Battery Pack Warranty

    Exact same thing happened to my sig two weeks ago -- was in another building for a meeting and when I got back to my car it was dead. They managed to start it again by hitting that relay with a rubber mallet and drove it to the service center, which was a good thing seeing as the tow truck could...
  26. ddenboer

    Official word from Tesla (GeorgeB) on the vanity mirror light and rear reading lights

    Next time I am in, I will inquire -- these are still on my due bill
  27. ddenboer

    Is ambient light buzzing resolved?

    Damn, I'll have to remind my SC again next time my car is in. It was in this week for a new battery (car died on Monday and needed battery to fix). Every other time I have been in I remind them about ambient lights, but this time I did not!
  28. ddenboer

    Disney's current position regarding electric chargers

    My Autopia car is 100% EV :-) - - - Updated - - - And to add to the Disneyland charging discussion, we were there last week, and ended up at our hotel (Hyatt OC) with 117 miles to spare after a good charge at Tejon Ranch (and some awesome downhill 250 Wh/mi usage for the entire trip from...
  29. ddenboer

    [POLL] Does your Service Center wash your car? Do they do a good job?

    I've never seen mine go to a car wash, but there have been a few bad washes, some missed washes, and some great washes. Hit or miss. What is ALWAYS miss though is the interior of the windshield. It always comes out worse than when it went in -- I keep it clean every day and can't abide by...
  30. ddenboer

    How many miles on your Model S?

    27k miles and only one road trip, and that was less than 700 miles. My Tesla is my daily driver for me and at least two of five kids. We love it, and have had some minor issues (mostly related to being an early car) but would not change a thing!
  31. ddenboer

    Firmware 5.8

    Every loaner car I have had has worked properly WRT ambient lights. Mine does not, but Tesla denies the problem repeatedly during my service visits. It stinks not being able to use that feature.
  32. ddenboer

    Took an Andretti for a ride in my Model S tonight

    Job well done! I believe I have sold 5 or 6 so far, including a boss. Life is good with our cars!
  33. ddenboer

    Service Center - Sunnyvale, CA

    I have an appointment there on Wednesday, and have a long list of service bulletins to get fixed on my Sig. When I found out they have no loaner cars, I told them it will have to be done on two separate days and that I needed my car back each day. Kind of a bummer that no loaners yet. Thought...
  34. ddenboer

    Rear View Mirror... anyone else have this?

    Same problem with mine -- I thought I was just seeing things, but I totally see my mirror in your picture. My annual will happen as soon as they open the new Sunnyvale SC (the Fremont one can't see me for 6 weeks).
  35. ddenboer

    A Proud Tesla Employee

    I had a couple guys wave at me and give me thumbs up, showing me their badges while driving down 101 south of San Jose. Love it!
  36. ddenboer

    Are there orphan Model S at Freemont factory for sale?

    It might be worth it. I got a loaner P85+ last week for a day (nice car), and it was throttled at 80 mph. If that is common practice, then at least you have one thing less to worry about. I have had a few loaner cars since April, and have treated every single one of them the same as my own...
  37. ddenboer

    Carbon Fiber 'Interior Decor'' -- Anyone Order??

    $850??? What a steal. I paid $10k for my CF interior (the main reason to get performance on my Sig).
  38. ddenboer

    pete8314's Key Fob Cover

    I'd like two please.
  39. ddenboer

    Strange noise coming from behind 17" screen

    I got 4.5 last night, and yes, it fixed the issue 100%. I am so happy now -- only one more noise issue left (think I need a wheel balance).
  40. ddenboer

    Strange noise coming from behind 17" screen

    They fixed my driver's seat (it rocked). And some other minor issues. Should have taken a day tops, considering the things that did not get fixed.
  41. ddenboer

    Strange noise coming from behind 17" screen

    I have had this issue since the beginning of April. I took the car in for service because of this, and was without the car for 12 days. When I picked the car up, the fan noise started again within minutes, and it runs 24x7 whether I am in the car or not. Apparently it is fixed in a future...
  42. ddenboer

    Regen single failure?

    This happened to me about 5 months ago. I wrote about it here on the board, and haven't thought about it much since, as it only happened once. The ideas around it being caused by a bump might be likely, but in my case, I was on a relatively smooth section of hwy 101 when it happened. My advice...
  43. ddenboer

    Hardware changes

    Apparently the original ones were hand-made in a small batch, and the new ones are molded plastic. The original ones were susceptible to expansion under extreme temps.
  44. ddenboer

    Is anyone only charging for free at a supercharger?

    I met a guy at Gilroy who stops there to top up every day on the way home to Los Banos from San Jose.
  45. ddenboer

    Major accident for me tonight (5/26) (New P85 arrives 7/8)

    I saw (what I think is) your car today at Fremont service. They had the front bumper off (or it came off).
  46. ddenboer

    Song title missing on center screen

    It will go out again, but strangely, if you display songs in the dash, it will always show the right thing. Software bug with the 17"
  47. ddenboer

    Service Experience

    I picked up my car on Saturday afternoon after almost two weeks of service (I did get a Model S loaner or I would have been more demanding on quick service). My list of things to fix was mostly minor, dating back to delivery of the car in November, except for a window regulator issue, and the...
  48. ddenboer

    Managed to use up a set of rear tires in 5400 miles...

    So my car is currently in for service, and they want $900 for new rears at 13k miles. I haven't seen the tires to check wear, but I am not paying that when I can save 300-400 having it done elsewhere (heck, Sears will do all four tires for $896).
  49. ddenboer

    Holy Hot Handles, Batman!

    The loaner car I have is VIN 10286. I actually burned my right hand on it the other day after being parked in the sun at work all day. At 5:30pm it had very direct sun on the handle which must have made it very, very hot. My hand was red there for 30+ minutes.
  50. ddenboer

    Firmware 4.5

    My loaner car (yes, I still have it and have almost 900 miles on it) updated tonight from 4.5 (1.33.38) to 4.5 (1.33.43) No noticeable difference. Hoping when I pick up my Sig tomorrow that it has 4.5 installed.

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