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  1. nrcooled

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    5mm is a tiny spacer. In addition, the hub of the wheel is really pretty thin compared to other wheels that I have had which gives a lot of thread on the lugs. Needless to say there is a ton of thread on the studs for the lug nuts to grab on to. I'm personally not worried. Now to just get...
  2. nrcooled

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    I finally got my wheels from Mod Bargains in CA. BC Forged wheels in Gloss Brushed Grey 20x9.0 +28 front and 20x10.5 +38 rear. Tires are 245/40/20 front and 285/35/20 rear Casey was great to work with and he assisted in the sizing to make sure the fit was perfect for me. I will have to say...
  3. nrcooled

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Dude, this looks amazing! Very nice setup. It's somewhat like my sizing with 19s
  4. nrcooled

    National Harbor Superchargers Closed

    I wish I would have seen this post earlier. I showed up there with 11 miles of range left in 10 degree weather and discovered it was gone. Life was not easy after that.
  5. nrcooled

    Phone Key Review

    We have had the car since Thursday (1/25) and the phone key has been the most aggravating part of the ownership experience thus far. Our DS didn't inform us that the pairing that was done during delivery was only temporary. This led to my wife trying to get into the car and failing due to the...
  6. nrcooled

    East Coast timing

    The blue one may have been mine. Just picked up today and we love it. Great car.
  7. nrcooled

    East Coast timing

    Everything is finalized with the DS and our M3 will be delivered this Thursday (25th Jan) in Tyson's Corner, VA
  8. nrcooled

    East Coast timing

    My DS called today to let me know that my model 3 is on a truck with delivery scheduled for end of this month.
  9. nrcooled

    East Coast timing

    Just got my invite. Model S owner since Jan '13 and reserved online on day one. 4 week estimate to Virginia.
  10. nrcooled

    Touchscreen: Mositure/Leak?

    Had the same issue on my touch screen and it was taken care of under warranty.
  11. nrcooled

    What if your phone gets stolen?

    Put a password on your phone. Same applies if you do any banking through an app.
  12. nrcooled

    Torklift Central Eco Hitch Installed - Pictures

    Use the thread below. Wycolo saved me tons of time on the wiring. Fair warning: TM has changed the color of the wires so YMMV. Help: Wiring a harness for a trailer
  13. nrcooled

    OOPS should have used TWACC

    Autopilot...backseat driver. Tomato...tomahto. ;)
  14. nrcooled

    Opinions Desired on tires for 19 inch wheels

    I have the Noble 2 on my car right now and I will say they are hands down better then the OEM tires (Primacy and old RS-A2). I cannot compare them to the others tires you mentioned though. I put these guys on and we promptly got a snow storm here in VA (~4 inches) and the tires perfromed quite...
  15. nrcooled

    Lowered my car this morning with adjustable links: Key steps that ensure precision

    Not a thing. One guy at the service center did say he really liked the look of it lowered.
  16. nrcooled

    2½ times around the globe in 365 days club

    I believe I have met the gentleman you are speaking of at the Deleware SpC and he had about 120k when we spoke if I remember correctly (this was about 6 months ago so it probably much higher now)
  17. nrcooled

    Lowered my car this morning with adjustable links: Key steps that ensure precision

    I got my lowering links from iamsohi on the forums about a year or so ago and I couldn't be happier. I also had the issue where the driver's side seemed to sit lower then the passenger side so I was able to "level" it off. I think I went a bit lower then artsci but with the suspension auto...
  18. nrcooled

    Concerns about buying: 48000 miles 2013 MS 85kwh with ALL options except for AWD

    I have a 2012 with 38k and it is in great condition. My max charge is now at 256 (down from the original max charge of 267) but other then that the car has been flawless. All engineering changes are applied and I am waivering on buying the extended warranty since the car has been so reliable...
  19. nrcooled

    Premium Sound - Weak Rear Sound

    I'm an early adopter (#3225) and, at that time, for $990 the premium sound is well worth the upgrade. For $2500...I'm on the fence. I will say that I do enjoy the sound of my music in the car and find that the levels are pretty decent. With that said, the volume levels of my USB music seems...
  20. nrcooled

    What happens when car is on lift, supported on jack pads, and jack mode is disabled?

    I forget to put the car in jack mode a lot when doing routine maintenance stuff and it has never done anything to bring about death. I wouldn't recommend it but nothing has happened.
  21. nrcooled

    Insane launches & Tesla App

    A couple of cars that I am familiar with come to mind: Nissan GTR Mitsubishi Evolution Subaru STi The early GTR specifically voided warranties if launch mode was used. The Evolution VIII and IX would eat clutches and front diffs if launched repeatedly (and would not be covered under warranty...
  22. nrcooled

    Found under my car...

    True since the Tesla has a "D" On topic: I wonder if this is one of the steering "clunk" issues. I know that the backing out of a bolt is one of the causes that leads to the clunk. I've had my clunk fixed three times and it seems to have gone away finally.
  23. nrcooled

    Avant Garde M359 wheels on my Model S

    What offset are you running on the wheels? Wheels look good BTW
  24. nrcooled

    Not paying extra $20.000 for decent seats in a $100k car.

    You should not buy a Tesla then
  25. nrcooled

    Supercharger - Newark, DE

    Intersting. I have used the DE supercharger quite a bit mostly on very peak travel times and I have never seen more then three other Teslas there. I do appreciate the proactive nature of Tesla but this one really isn't necessary. I hope it isn't too high a priority on the SC install list.
  26. nrcooled

    2 teslas as only cars in household? good idea or bad

    This^^^ I just had a conversation with the wife about the Model III and she is all for it. We can then dump her Infinity and get the Model III and be all electric. We use the Model S as the road trip car in our house so nothing will change.
  27. nrcooled

    Loaded 85D or skinny P85D?

    I opted for a loaded S85 vice a stripped P85 and I am very happy with my decision. With that said, the P85D is just a beast and would make that decision even harder now versus when I made my choice in August 2012. Having driven a few Ps as loaners, the only difference in acceleration was when...
  28. nrcooled

    Supercharger - Grove City, OH

    I was born and raised in Columbus, OH along with being a Ohio State U grad. I agree!
  29. nrcooled

    Model S on The Price Is Right

    I had the same reaction as her when my car showed up on the delivery truck :) I was thinking this exact same thing. The taxes are going to kill her and she will more then likely sell the car immediately. Thinking more on it. She could "re-finance" the car for the amount of the taxes and...
  30. nrcooled

    About time to unveil the D and something else

    Done! Personally, my money is on the deluxe AWD but I heavilly lean towards the D = Disappoinment
  31. nrcooled

    Red Blocks on Centre Console Screen

    I've had it happen to me.
  32. nrcooled

    I weighed my MS today....

    What scale did you go to for your weights? I am in Virginia and I can (assuming it is near NoVA) swing by and get my early VIN S85 built in Dec 2012 weighed. Mine is #3225 I do have aftermarket wheels that are roughly ~7lbs lighter then the stock 19s
  33. nrcooled

    Drive unit problems explanation by Elon

    You still have to pay for any service involved on a TSB out of warranty but the TSB makes troubleshooting and fixing easy. Typically, they will have the associated hours of work to execute the TSB and pricing will be based upon that plus parts. Tesla may ultimately do it differently but this...
  34. nrcooled

    Music shuffle, folders and Recently played

    I just want to add that that lack of playlist support kills me too. I want...correction: need to have shuffle and playlist support. The lack of playlist support, for me, renders the USB unusable since I have such a large collection of music that I would like to have a way to organize in the...
  35. nrcooled

    Current status of Firmware 6.0 ?

    Well you should eat them of course...with hotsauce.
  36. nrcooled

    Steering "Click" at stop and low speed--normal or not

    Mine has been in three (?) different times to get fixed (may be four times). Everytime it goes away for about a week then comes back. It starts off as a quiet click then it progressively gets louder. Definietly annoying but I inquired if I didn't bring it back if it would do damage and the...
  37. nrcooled

    Trunk Opens By Itself?

    The funny thing is as soon as I saw the title to this thread I thought to myself "I wonder if he has a FOB pocket?" I will also add that I have accidently pressed the button in my pocket with my leather FOB carrier. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the look of it and I have gotten complements on it quite a...
  38. nrcooled

    What advantage does the tech package offer?

    I can't say for certain if/when they were updated but there was a highway interchange that was opened a few months back. Initially the nav was confused about where I was and what I was doing but now it routes me properly through the interchange. My .02 As for the tech package, I opted...
  39. nrcooled

    Supercharger - South Hill, VA

    This is exactly what I was thinking! This will make towing the motorcycle to VIR that much easier in the Model S
  40. nrcooled

    Tesla Model S Coupe Rendering

    I love this and I would have bought it over the sedan...because I love wagons but live on the wrong side of the pond to get a nice one :(
  41. nrcooled

    Tire/Rim Track Day Suggestions

    If you hear rubbing on track at full lock in reverse you are doing it wrong...very wrong ;)
  42. nrcooled

    Spy Photos: Saleen's Model S on the Race Track

    Exactly! I was hoping for just a sliver of more information. So many words and they said exactly nothing.
  43. nrcooled

    Tire/Rim Track Day Suggestions

    I have to concur with everything that tga stated. I have spent a lot of time on track with cars and motorcycles and getting people to come out and try the track. Invariably, everyone always feels like they need to create a racecar prior to coming out for a trackday. The MOST important thing...
  44. nrcooled

    How many have had the "7 O'clock Stalker"?

    It happens all the time since Teslas are not very prevalent in my neck of the woods. Driving on the highway, surface streets, neighborhoods...doesn't matter at LEAST twice a week someone asks me what it is while driving or at a light. Now that folks are more familiar with Tesla the most...
  45. nrcooled

    Taking an on-ramp turn too fast?

    There are a LOT of factors that could cause loss of traction around a corner. With that being said, since you were under steady-state acceleration the most likely culprit (my best guess) would have been understeer. From my experience the Model S stability control does not correct for...
  46. nrcooled

    Towing a trailer

    Agreed^^^ I have towed my track bike and trailer a couple times now and the total weight of bike AND trailer is ~750lbs. I don't speficifically know what the tongue weight is but I can lift the trailer with bike attached with one hand (I'm pretty strong but not that strong :P) so I know that...
  47. nrcooled

    Towing a trailer

    Jerjozwik - The limitation for you towing your car to the track is that there isn't a currently available hitch for the Model S that is rated for that kind of towing capacity.
  48. nrcooled

    East Coast Supercharging network

    I live 3 miles from the Woodbridge SpC and it has come in handy a couple of times. First was coming home from a long trip and I had errands to run when I got home. I just popped over to the SpC to get some quick juice and keep on going. The other time was after towing my motorcycle and I had a...
  49. nrcooled

    Buzzing at low speed

    Yes. After extended periods of time at 70+ the drone would start.

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