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  1. golfpilot

    Ingenext ghost for long range dual motor

    Other than tires lasting about 5k miles less per set (which could just be a tire brand difference) and the know that there is a third party wifi module and can tap into to adjust things, if I wanted to, its exactly like having just the boost but the boost is boosted. I'd be curious why someone...
  2. golfpilot

    Tesla promoting self-driving video was staged

    If they sold the EAP to FSD upgrade today for $2k I would still wouldn't bite. My car has 80k miles on it now, how is warranty going to work on something like that? Now if it was $15k for a transferrable FSD license on my account, but I handled the hardware upgrade, I'd likely bite. The account...
  3. golfpilot

    Ohmmu battery [question about ohmmu battery for Model 3LR]

    isn't that the purpose of the blutooth bms system and ohmmu app?
  4. golfpilot

    Ohmmu battery [question about ohmmu battery for Model 3LR]

    I have inquired with Ingenext on possibly getting a setting that will ignore 12v alerts. With the ohmmu app and the blutooth enabled bms, I don't see why this would cause any issues.
  5. golfpilot

    Sudden decrease in displayed range M3P

    Super late reply, put here it is. Battery showed 262 miles on departure
  6. golfpilot

    Being charged a diagnostic fee?

    My car was in for warranty work and I asked if they could re-torque the suspension while in there. They put nothing for a price on the estimate. When I got the bill it had a $210 diagnostic fee and $84 for work done. Am I wrong to request the diagnostic fee is removed? Nothing was wrong, I just...
  7. golfpilot

    No more Uber Credits or loaners after warranty expiration

    Their new policies are pretty stupid. Just 3 months ago when I had a windshield replaced, they gave me uber credits. That was an out of warranty repair, so this no credits thing is real new. They destroyed the headliner during that install and I went to get it fixed, they only wanted to issue...
  8. golfpilot

    2013 Rav4 EV $14500

  9. golfpilot

    How happy are you with your Martian wheels?

    Anybody go from aero rims to martians? Pirep?
  10. golfpilot

    Replacement Battery Model 3 long range with 22K miles.

    If this were my car, and that is what broke, I would take the insurance money and fix the coolant line myself. What I'm most excited about is they are only charging 13k for a replacement battery.
  11. golfpilot

    Sudden decrease in displayed range M3P

    Really wouldn't worry much about what the car says for range. If you are noticing loss of range in actual driving, then look at it closer. My car 2018 LR model 3 with 70k miles only full charges to "262 miles" which would equate to 16% degradation. But just last week I used 68.5kwh on a single...
  12. golfpilot


    I updated to 20.7 a couple days ago. did a couple local drives, then blasted off on a 900 miles roadtrip. The first leg the estimated arrival percentage was wildly inaccurate. like 20% off on a 200 mile leg. After that leg the estimate was 1% or better the rest of the trip! I don't know what...
  13. golfpilot

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    I'm on 20.7 with ghost and no issues. Drove 910 miles yesterday. First drive with 20.7 the estimated usage was wildly inaccurate. More than 20% off.... After that first 220 miles though it was accurate within 1% the rest of the drive. Nice update!
  14. golfpilot

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    The jump from standard to boost feels about the same as from boost to ghost
  15. golfpilot

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    It got delivered and UPS sent a bill later
  16. golfpilot

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    I just got 16.3 yesterday. Its already listed on the ingenext website as safe. I suggest you turn off "advanced updates" and just check here when you get a new one. @misdemeanor Its worth it, even if you already had the boost
  17. golfpilot

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    I'm running 2022.16.2 without any issues.
  18. golfpilot

    EAP Return to US

    I have had EAP for 4 years now. When I inquired about upgrading to FSD they said the hardware was included in the price. If I just wanted HW3 hardware, it is a $1000 upgrade. If they port the FSD freeway level stuff to EAP, but require HW3, I'll pay for that upgrade. 70k miles and 4 years...
  19. golfpilot

    Car damaged at service center. Help!

    I just got back from the SC getting a windshield replaced. The top headliner looks like they dragged it across the floor. The side pillar has wires hanging out and no longer sits flush, and there is some white staining on the right speaker. I can't get removed completely. I made a service...
  20. golfpilot

    Ingenext Bonus Module

    Tesla hasn't come out with a defense for these modules in quite some time. It is pretty apparent their defense to this was putting different hardware in newer cars. Your LR will be limited to the 50HP and Bonus Module features. Basically you are trading convenience and for sure warranty coverage...
  21. golfpilot

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    Mine is an august build. Like you, no dual motor badge. October should still be a tent car. Very high probability you have a 980 motor
  22. golfpilot

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    I was able to pull off the aero cover, stick my phone up in there and take a picture with the flash
  23. golfpilot

    First EV Road Trip 700+ Miles Roundtrip - Some Observations

    The goal is the drive as fast as you are comfortably willing to drive and arrive at the next, reasonable, charger with as little extra energy as you are willing to go. Stopping for 20 minutes every 160 miles going 80mph is going to beat stopping for 45 mins every 240 miles going 65. I will only...
  24. golfpilot

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    I took my car to the sonoma drag strip with the stock acceleration boost. That place seems to run a little slow. Breaking 12 seconds was a big deal. With ghost it runs 11.7's consistently (I forgot to let air out of my tires, running 11.7's with 48-50psi...). There is one super modded out model...
  25. golfpilot

    Thoughts on the BMW i4 M50?

    There are a bunch of videos but here are 2. the second one, the LR walks away from the performance at high speeds
  26. golfpilot

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    Then install the ghost module!
  27. golfpilot

    Thoughts on the BMW i4 M50?

    Not only that but a boosted long range is actually faster than a performance 3 past about the first 60ft. Giving the Performance 3 the same output as the Performance Y, would solve the problem. Asking Tesla to update the performance to beat the boosted model 3 after 60ft isn't a big ask
  28. golfpilot

    How to access seat sensor?

    My seat sensor requires me to bounce around the seat for it to sense I'm seated down. This results in a bunch of "prevent rollaway" parking brake engagements and annoying UI continuously locking to the charging screen while charging. I think it just needs to be adjusted or maybe a piece of foam...
  29. golfpilot

    Supercharger - Red Bluff, CA - South Main Street (LIVE 2 Jul 2022. 12 V3 stalls)

    Nice spot! This is a fantastic spot. The Red Bluff seems to be filled up often
  30. golfpilot

    Thoughts on the BMW i4 M50?

    If I needed to replace my car today, I would likely replace the P3D with the M50. My local dealer has one available NOW. A model 3 takes months. My biggest concern is will my local BMW service center be able to work on it. The lack of fast charging is also pretty bad. If you don't road trip that...
  31. golfpilot

    The "savings" from giving up your Tesla (under Loan) for a Cheap, old car, paid off

    My monthly expenses on my model 3 is like $15 in cleaning supplies, $18 in electricity, $33 in tires ($800/24), $1 for windshield wipers maybe?, insurance ($60), and CA registration (~$50 a month). I dunno, its dirt cheap. My buddy has a gas car that is just a quick as my car and he is...
  32. golfpilot

    Thoughts on the BMW i4 M50?

    Quicker than the Performance Model 3. In the US, fast charging anything other than a Tesla is a lesser experience though. Curious if the P3D will get a small update to increase the top end speed to match or beat this car on a drag strip. 3.5 seconds 0-60 then 8 to 120mph. If they can get...
  33. golfpilot

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    oh I thought you had the ghost and was thinking how lucky you were to have a 22 with the 980.
  34. golfpilot

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    I'm curious what the odds are of getting a '22 LR with a 980 motor?
  35. golfpilot

    EV Spotting Thread

    I have a Rav4 EV, didn’t even make your list. Probably belongs on the Rarely seem list
  36. golfpilot

    Model 3 Drag Racing?

    I ran my P3D- last night and couldn't get my 60ft times under 1.8. It was killing my 1/4 mile time. I beat a P3D, due to reaction time, but he was solid in the 1.7's every time. His quarter mile was consistently two hundredths of a second faster than mine. Which got him the win on the second...
  37. golfpilot

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    It’s literally just track mode with a less pretty UI
  38. golfpilot

    Supercharger - Kettleman City, CA - Bernard Dr. (LIVE, 56 V3 stalls)

    There is another supercharger literally a 1 minute drive away. Other than holiday, when there is a wait for one of the 40 other chargers, this isn't an inconvenience at all.
  39. golfpilot

    Possible to swap inverter on 990?

    I'd give QC Charge - Home a call. They are in San Diego. They 100% COULD do it. I don't know if they are willing to
  40. golfpilot

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    Some people got lucky and got Dual Motor cars with the 980 motor. The earlier your car was built, the more likely you got it. Very early Dual Motors were built in the same assembly line and they did not decide to make it dual motor or performance until they matched the car to a reservation...
  41. golfpilot

    Possible to swap inverter on 990?

    I'm sure someone would do it. Probably any EV garage would take it on. Would need the parts. Where on Earth are you located, someone could point you at a shop
  42. golfpilot

    How many believe that the FTC will find Tesla did use deceptive marketing practices?

    I've also bought my last Tesla. Don't get me wrong. I love the car, and I have no intention of selling it. But in 3.5 years, the service has gone from actually pretty good to abysmal. I was a cheapskate and bought enhanced Autopilot, and I am happy with what I got for the price I got it. But...
  43. golfpilot

    2013 Rav4 EV $14500

    this is still available. Its still an airport vehicle. Still has 69,xxx miles... Actually drove it today about 300 yards!
  44. golfpilot

    Internal camera timing for FSD safety

    It’s supposed to on ramp to off ramp the same. The Comma 3 uses face recognition for our Prius. you’d think EAP, which is twice the price, would be able to do that too
  45. golfpilot

    Internal camera timing for FSD safety

    I received 2021.32.21 and using the internal camera to monitor attentiveness is not included with my EAP 2.5HW car
  46. golfpilot

    2013 Rav4 EV $14500

    Thanks! A36TC and B36TC would love to have an old V-Tail!
  47. golfpilot

    2013 Rav4 EV $14500

    I’ve been using my Rav4 as an airport golf cart the last two years or so and it is heavily underutilized. It’s time to let it go Paint is ok. It’s not like new, has some scratches. No major dents, no accident history. Interior is clean. No tears rips or permanent stains Motor runs pretty quiet...
  48. golfpilot

    Gaming the system - push LR into 2022?

    If your delivery is December to January I wouldn't expect or accept anything other than a refreshed model
  49. golfpilot

    When will my car get updates? Its been AGES already!

    I got mine August 2018... 58 software updates 18 day average between updates Longest also 45 days

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