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    Unable to delete streaming channels

    No, you are not the only one who would like to cleanup the steaming screen. Don't have an answer but also would like to know if it's possible.
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    Update 2022.24.5 No music streaming

    It can be done. MIne is back too. It's an over the air fix. The mothership has t approve your slacker credentials upon a request from your service center.
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    Update 2022.24.5 No music streaming

    Just got an update from my service center. "I'm reviewing your slacker credential issue. I have sent a remote request to reactivate your slacker account. Slacker account requests are sent in every Monday and Thursday, and accounts are activated the following Wednesday and Saturday...
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    Update 2022.24.5 No music streaming

    My 2016 MS with new MCU two months ago works fine with Slacker. My 2016 MX with new MCU two week ago does NOT work with Slacker or Spotify. Can only get music on Bluetooth through my phone. No voice commands. Had to do a factory reset after the new MCU to get connectivity to work to work with...
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    Update 2022.24.5 No music streaming

    I have the same problem. After new ecu upgrade and on 2022.24.5, I had to do a factory reset to get connectivity to work. Now premium connectivity works but no Slacker. I get the login screen but can't login in with Tesla credentials. I'll keep working on it over the weekend. I'll try Tidal...
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    Supercharger - Greenfield, WI

    Permit issued!! Let's see how long it takes.....
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    Opinions Wanted: Upgrade to MCU2

    What is the cost? I thought it was $1,500.00. Got "update" estimate for $1,750.00.
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    Supercharger - Oak Creek, WI

    Thanks for the update. Noticed the construction today and was hoping it was a Supercharger upgrade. oh well....maybe instead of an upgrade Tesla could build one or two more in the Metro area.
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    Looking to sell my 2016 Model S90D

    thats my son. Sell it to him. I have a 2016.5 and love it. Like father, like Son/
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    Looking to sell my 2016 Model S90D

    Clicking on your thread posts it seems like you have quite a few issues with your MS. Did you get most of them rectified? I have the same late 2016 and just love it. Looking to add another one.
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    2015 Blue 85D 7-Seater MCU2 Feeler thread

    Thank you, money well invested.
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    2015 Blue 85D 7-Seater MCU2 Feeler thread

    A real beauty. Do you have a breakout cost of the updated fascia?
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    Refresh model S cargo dimensions

    Can I get a bump on this? I need to know the distance from the back of the cargo area to the back of the front seats with the back seats down. I'm here but my S isn't. i need 62" Thanks
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    2016 P100D, 49k mi with FSD - $60k

    I thought Tesla was stripping off free supercharging on the used cars they sell. Or just some models?
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    Used model x scratches

    As is. But the good news.....When I bought mine last year I saw the pictures of the scratches and was concerned that the car had been abused. After delivery of the car, i searched for the scratches. There was one under the fascia on the drives side that was not visible unless you were on your...
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    supercharger stations are still up - even w/ everyone hunkering down?

    Thanks for the info and timely post. I was (still am) slightly concerned about supercharger shutdowns in case of a real lockdown. Making the trip from Florida to Wisconsin Sunday. Stopping only for bathroom breaks and supercharging. Bringing along a supply of sanitizer wipes, food and...
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    Anyone make the drive from Metro Detroit, MI to Metro Chicago, IL?

    I make the Milwaukee - Northville trip a couple of times a year with my MS75. If my wife can make it without a p stop, we stop in Marshall. Panneras, Five Guys, Mo's Mexican and a Yogurt shop.. The charge finishes up about the same time we are done eating. I've never waited for a...
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    Getting 20 miles per day phantom drain

    Mine has been sitting for 7+ days in 70 degree temps. Left it at 84%, currently 81%. Everything is off. Another 5 days to go. Looks like my "phantom drain" anxiety wasn't worth the worrying.
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    2016 Tesla S - have to pay for premium connectivity?

    Same message in my Tesla account. I purchased my 2016 MS directly from Tesla in March of 2019. Will wait and see.
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    Took delivery of my PO 2014 Model S yesterday - wow, just wow.

    Congrats on the purchase!!! I share your joy. I just drove through Atlanta for the third time since April with each trip 1,300+ miles and I too, LOVE THIS CAR. I really llke the new Supercharger in Acworth as it allows me to not have to stop in downtown Atlanta.
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    Supercharger - Manchester, TN

    I stopped there twice on cross country trips. I didn't notice any reduced charging. It's a nice on-off location. Behind DD and across from a McD. Only had one other car charging and was able to park in the shade. Great for a quick nap.
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    Tesla Supercharger - Acworth GA

    YESSSSS, now I won't have to stop in Chattanooga OR Atlanta!!!!!
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    Wrong Way Driving?

    With sign recognition does (or will) Tesla recognize Wrong Way signs? If so, can they prevent a car from entering a Wrong Way expressway ramp. There seems to be an crease of incidents of wrong way driving and they usually don't end well.
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    Luck of the Draw!

    6000 miles in 3 months on my new-to-me 2016.5 MS. Still loving the dream. Car is perfect. I keep pinching myself to make sure it's not a dream.
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    Condo Garage - any concern about fires

    Just pray that there no BMWs in the garages next to you. As mysterious BMW fires continue, calls for investigation into possible causes grow
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    Tesla Used Inventory Down 30%?

    OK, I'll jump in with an opinion. And opinions are like, well you know like ........ So take this with a grain of salt. Tesla stock is down from $380 to $230 in the past four months. What does Wall Street and their "experts" care about? Profits, now and potential profits in the future...
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    Front bumper needs a paint job

    When you get your estimates, please pass them on. Always good to know.
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    CPO Title Question - For anyone who's bought a CPO

    I bought my used Tesla from Tesla with no financing. The car was a lease return. I got the signed title four weeks after the car was delivered. I had no issues with the entire buying process from pushing the buy button to receiving title. The car is a 2016 with 33,000 miles and it has...
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    Holding acceleration constant without cruise set

    Yep, I'm in the "My wife is a choppy driver" camp. It literally make me sick when she drives. My stomach gets whiplash. I agree with Mr Vader, TACC has greatly smoothed out her driving. She likes it. I love it.
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    Florida Sun Pass Transponder?

    My SunPass has been limited to occasional usage over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. I bought the portable transponder for my 2016 Model S. I held the transponder out the window for awhile and that worked only 50% of the time. Now I just lay it on my dash and store it in the center counsel after...
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    Vacuum Interior....

    Dyson Motorhead Stick Vaccum. Various models V6 to V10. Sale sites have refurbed units. Ours was $179.00 for the V7. Could be cheaper now. It's cordless and the wife loves it for our tile floors Works for my car interiors. No garage, just a carport. Nothing to lug around or plug in.
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    Watch Tesla Enhanced Summon In Action: Video

    Benefits? I live in Florida and park under a car port. The car port is at least 150' from our porte-cochere. When it rains in Florida, it doesn't rain, it pours down. I don't have the update and not even sure I would use SUMMONS, but I sure can dream. No one here would complain about the...
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    Sales Tax On Pre-Owned Purchased Out of State?

    Outstanding. Pushed the buy button March 5. Tesla communication was prompt. Car was ready for pickup march 13. I picked it up March 14 and the car exceeded my expectations. Kudos to the Chicago Delivery Center. Started a 1300 mile plus solo road trip two days later and arrived refreshed...
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    Sales Tax On Pre-Owned Purchased Out of State?

    I just purchased a used Tesla through their website and no license fees nor registrations fees were included. They provided a temporary plate and told me the title and closing paperwork would be mailed. At the time of registration at my ocal DMV I expect to pay the sales tax.
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    Model 3 Windshield Replacement

    Took my M3D to Safelite Sarasota. I have a small chip with 1/2" crack. They couldn't do a resin repair because they said the chip had already been repaired. Only suggestion was to replace windshield and they won't replace it because of prior ordering issues and communication issues they have...
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    CPO experience from the CHICAGO location

    Only pickup is in Westmont. I'll know on Thursday if there are any problems. So far, so good. Pushed the buy button Tuesday, car ready next Wednesday (eight days).
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    2016 S75D, AP2.0, EAP, USED/CPO from Tesla $59.9k

    Yep, sure did. And thanks to Spano1 for posting the price drop link. I was watching this car for the past few days and the price was dropping, but I couldn't see the "big" drop from $59.9 to $56.8. Refreshing my browser continuously still showed 59.9. Using the link Spano provided, I was...
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    2016 S75D, AP2.0, EAP, USED/CPO from Tesla $59.9k

    Worked great, thanks.
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    2016 S75D, AP2.0, EAP, USED/CPO from Tesla $59.9k

    How do I see the $56,800.00?
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    1995 F-150

    Cool truck!! Good for you and the buyer.
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    Could Sentry Mode have saved me from this Tesla-hate crime?

    Man, that hurts to look at. Even if it gets repaired perfectly, it will live in your head forever.
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    Any advise on purchasing a used Tesla from the experts;-)

    Thanks Jvlgato for your experience buying CPO from Tesla. After reading horror stories, I almost took CPO off my list. I still have a BIG problem buying a used car that I have not seen. Not sure I can overcome that obstacle. but..........
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    Missed in the $35k Model 3 announcement... There is now a "standard range" Model S

    Interesting price chart in this article. Vertical Group: Tonight’s Move Is Proof-Positive TSLA Has A Serious Demand Problem Don't shoot the messenger for the message.
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    2017 model S 75d $64985 fullself driving

    I'm not familiar with the 3M film. The car will be in a sunny, hot, and humid climate.. My google search didn't give much information about those effects on the film. Are there discoloration or peeling concerns?
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    Any advise on purchasing a used Tesla from the experts;-)

    Great info in this thread for another guy buying a used Tesla. Thanks to all.
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    Here comes another Tesla crash ...

    Followup to the Flamingo Road crash. Tesla Slams Into Tree In Florida, Bursting Into Flames And Killing Driver Before Reigniting in Tow Yard Car burst into flames again in storage lot.
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    New member saying thanks

    I'm new but have been browsing the forum for a while learning about Teslas so I can make an educated purchase. I've leaned a lot, but obviously have a long way to go. Thanks to all the members for their sharing.

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