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  1. Hurricane4911

    2023 Model Y Best Color with Gemini Wheels?

    Buying a $60k and spray painting parts to save a few bucks is not for me. While I'm at it, the OP (which you're not), might also want to "waste" money on ppf. Or maybe he can spray that on too.
  2. Hurricane4911

    2023 Model Y Best Color with Gemini Wheels?

    Black. Lose the Gemini wheel covers and replace with Rimetrix, or something like that. Go with Xpel UV window tint & PPF if in budget My grandson named mine "Vader".
  3. Hurricane4911

    Totaled or repairable?

    Job #1... Get it towed to a repair shop of YOUR choice for an estimate. Take ownership and drive the process. I have similar damage to my front end. Waiting for All-State who is dragging its feet. My damage from shop in Tampa Bay... Hood Front fascia Bumper 2 fenders 1 head light Radiator and...
  4. Hurricane4911

    PCS_a023 Unable to Charge ... Out of Nowhere

    Yes, The ECU Charge port controller was replaced. Mine was Gen 4 part # NA(1537264-00-B) A bit of research showed there was a rash of ECU replacements earlier in 2022. No cost.
  5. Hurricane4911

    Florida Waiting Room

    Tesla #2 on Order... Just ordered #2 at the exact same price of my 2021. Plus $7,500 rebate to boot.
  6. Hurricane4911

    3rd Party Collision Centers - Tampa Bay

    A tree ambushed my 2021 MYLR placing a notable "V" into the the bumper. The frunk? It just folded. Radiator damage and coolant leak. 😎 Anyhow, I'm asking if anyone can speak to high-quality collisions centers in the Tampa Bay area. One's that put the car back in spec. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hurricane4911

    Buying in CA, registering in FL

    Hey Sweetness, If you cannot produce a FL bill of sale, The FL DMV will add $500 to your initial registration for bringing in an out-of-state car. Period.
  8. Hurricane4911

    Buying in CA, registering in FL

    Remember also that to register an-out-of-state car in FL will cost you $500 additional.
  9. Hurricane4911

    Wipers turn on while on Autopilot

    Been there, had that.
  10. Hurricane4911

    Corded Mobile Connector Button Not Opening Charge Port Door

    Yep, I did, The Charging ECU was bad. 4 days down with a loaner. Fully covered.
  11. Hurricane4911

    28.2. Wipers Gone Wild!

    Auto-wipers always been set to on. I've seen this pop on the 28.2 release in Europe. Software was and always has been a black-hole where good intentions go to die.
  12. Hurricane4911

    28.2. Wipers Gone Wild!

    Yes, and negative on the result. My son went to U.M. '00-'04. The "Good Years" 😎 Ken Dorsey needs some anger management 😀
  13. Hurricane4911

    28.2. Wipers Gone Wild!

    I've read reports, but after 1 yr of ownership, I'm seeing it for the first time. They'll get around to fixing it.
  14. Hurricane4911

    28.2. Wipers Gone Wild!

    My Tesla now believes It's always raining when when Autopilot/Autosteer is engaged. Voice Command...Nope Manual via pop-up....Ain't happening Windshield is squeaky clean. Just putting it out there to see if anyone else is enjoying unpaid beta testing 😎
  15. Hurricane4911

    Recent software updates MY

    You too, eh? Happening to me also in the U.S. Ever since version "28" was installed.
  16. Hurricane4911

    Storage Bag for MY aero hubcaps

    I have the Rimetrix and I stored my original covers in a holiday wreath storage container each original cover in the Rimetrix shipping cover. Works perfectly
  17. Hurricane4911

    2022.24.6 stuck at 50% for over 12 hours

    I've had trouble with downloads stuck at various percentages. My Tesla's WiFi is connected to a range extender near my garage. Unplug/Plug of the extender always fixes the issue.
  18. Hurricane4911

    Final Payment in GA

    I will also add my experience. Yes, I did inspect the vehicle before I paid with a cashiers check. I would have done an electronic transfer but their system was down. No problems.
  19. Hurricane4911

    2018 Model S design flaw?

    You can choose a custom color to match the mud.
  20. Hurricane4911

    Is clear ceramic tint effective at keeping out heat? And is it worth adding clear tint to the roof for UV/sun protection?

    Hi, Congrats on your M3... Yes, it will. What I did was have my installer choose the tint percentage that would keep me legal. Rear passenger glass and Hatch in a lighter. The front glass darker to match, and clear on my windshield. Nothing on the roof glass. I used Xpel Prime.
  21. Hurricane4911

    Florida Waiting Room

    @voxel Here i am... Still living the dream Retired 2 grandkids Driving Vader up and down the east coast Samir got a Model S? The dirty dog. He was waiting on an M3 last I heard. The big discussion then was delaying orders until 1/22 waiting on the 2021 EV tax cred extension. Ha! Hope your...
  22. Hurricane4911

    Anyone care to share their Trade-in Experience?

    I can help here... I traded in my 2012 Hyundai Sonata. You will get an offer from Tesla to accept. The offer is good for 30 days. After 30 days or so, you will get an updated 30 day offer to accept. At delivery you just bring your title and your done. In my case from July 2021 (order) to...
  23. Hurricane4911

    Charging Port

    Do you have any error codes Such as "Unable to Charge"? Have Tesla check out the charging ECU. I had a similar problem recently. Not a major fix.
  24. Hurricane4911

    Siemens new home-charging solution

    IDK about this... Is "panel upgrade" a whole new panel w/upgraded service or a 50 Amp breaker? If my panel is suspect due to age/etc...I'd rather bring the whole service intake up to spec.
  25. Hurricane4911

    Update downloaded without WIFI 2022.20.7

    I had 2022.20.6/7 download back-to-back. 20.7 is listed as bug fixes on Not-a-Tesla. Most likely a push.
  26. Hurricane4911

    Prediction, in Which Year Will New Electric Vehicle Sales Exceed 50% in the United States "Poll"

    "Good Luck with That" "Its a fantasy" What the hell? It's only a poll.
  27. Hurricane4911

    Tesla to increase cost of FSD beta software beyond its $12,000 price tag

    Price increase on FSD is a pre-cursor to one on EAP. There has been talk of a $99 monthly subscription to EAP. If I'm doing a 2k road trip, that's a no-brainer just for the convenience. Just my guess. If they do raise the price of FSD, let's observe what happens to EAP.
  28. Hurricane4911

    Someone scratched my side mirror, how can i repair it?

    No, the entire assembly snaps together. It's quite easy. A Tesla replacement "Skull Cap" via mobile service is about $150. $750 for the whole mirror. That, does not include the horizontal support attached to the car.
  29. Hurricane4911

    Is anyone interested in an Enhanced Autopilot Subscription?

    I'm retired and do a couple of road trips per year. I would certainly pony up $99 on a 2k mile road trip just for the convenience.
  30. Hurricane4911

    Tesla adds self-diagnostics to mobile app when scheduling service

    I'm on 4.10.1. I put in for service about 3 days ago for a cracked passenger mirror. Some wheels turned on the screen and set me up for mobile service. Not certain if this is a new feature. I've only used service once prior and that was for a tire rotation. I've since canceled as some...
  31. Hurricane4911

    PCS_a023 Unable to Charge ... Out of Nowhere

    Thanks for the video... My symptoms are somewhat different. I get just 2 messages. Charge door does not open. Plugging in yields no light at the connector. No other issues. I've tried a suite of reset techniques Scroll wheel Change tire config Pulled 12v cables. Interesting that after the...
  32. Hurricane4911

    PCS_a023 Unable to Charge ... Out of Nowhere

    Thanks, My bad, I described it incorrectly. Plugs in, but will not charge. New clue... 5 minutes later I got the update msg for software 16.3 (on 16.2). Update failed 🤔
  33. Hurricane4911

    PCS_a023 Unable to Charge ... Out of Nowhere

    Today, out of nowhere, an unable to charge message hit my screen. Manually opened door and charge cable won't plug in. Hard 2 button reset has no effect. Anyone have this problem?
  34. Hurricane4911

    2022.16.2 update - has the self driving visualisation improved?

    16.2 now recognizes my garage sheving as a dangerously close Semi rig. 👍
  35. Hurricane4911

    2022.16.2 update - has the self driving visualisation improved?

    The visualization has finer detail in 16.2. They look like cars, not grey smudges
  36. Hurricane4911

    Inconsistent Model Y Build Quality

    Yep, Inconsistent it is. Of course, Fremont is what Fremont is. Berlin & Austin robots know nothing of Friday happy hour or Monday hangovers.
  37. Hurricane4911

    Software versioning - is it the same across all models?

    Dang, I did consultanting work in the financial sector. Citibank, Brown Brothers, Kidder, Merril. The old IBM 3270 monitor was a freaking metal jacketed behemoth. Wrecked my back carrying that thing.
  38. Hurricane4911

    Software versioning - is it the same across all models?

    Funny... I got one... In 1999, A Y2K consultant worked so hard she made millions. So she retired, and had her body frozen hoping to wake up after Y2K. Something went wrong with the Y2K code on the machine and she woke up in the year 9999. Dazed, she looked up and asked "Did we pass Y2K?"...
  39. Hurricane4911

    Software versioning - is it the same across all models?

    Model # FSD Non FSD Language, GUI, etc, can be handled outside the code base. Tesla-Fi identifies the FSD vs Non-FSD version numbers. The reintroduction of Enhanced Autopilot can be parsed out on either software base (FSD vs Non FSD) through updates. Looking at Tesla-Fi, and the software...
  40. Hurricane4911

    Inconsistent Model Y Build Quality

    Something I've Observed... By the time I placed my order for my MYLR in July of 2021, I as all of you, really looked at Tesla build quality. It was hit or miss at that time with lots of comments, leaning to the negative side. Aside from the slight bump every MY has at the rear door, mine was...
  41. Hurricane4911

    Is it worth it to get PPF and/or ceramic coating? What is a fair price?

    Optimum, No Rinse Aka: ONR Check out Amazon.
  42. Hurricane4911

    Is it worth it to get PPF and/or ceramic coating? What is a fair price?

    Auto Paint Guard on Florida Ave. They have a couple of videos on YT. Could not be happier. Autopaintguard.com
  43. Hurricane4911

    Is it worth it to get PPF and/or ceramic coating? What is a fair price?

    Congrats! Those are OK prices, but shop and material are most important. I used the Xpel line for both tint and PPF. GTechnique for ceramic. Total cost for me was $7k in Tampa FL. Entire process took one week and I am immensely pleased. My decision has nothing to do with car value, but...
  44. Hurricane4911

    Has the progress bar been hiding here all along?

    V11 is a visual mess. And since 12/2021, they have been incrementally trying to fix it. Initially, I applauded the arrival of the turn signal video "card". Then removed it after a single use. Zero thought went into integrating that feature into the GUI.
  45. Hurricane4911

    Has the progress bar been hiding here all along?

    This is what happens when software GUI is designed by us tech folk and not business analysts. Been there. Regenerative bar is now 2x wider in 2022.16.2. May Tesla have an epiphany and apply it to the audio progress bar.
  46. Hurricane4911

    When is structural battery pack & 4680 cells coming & Why are you not waiting until then?

    Stumbled across this aged thread I commented on back in the day. I think the answer to the OP is now, self evident. 😎
  47. Hurricane4911

    PPF - Rear Fenders

    Since 1972, I like my cars looking nice. PPF makes it easy for a 69 yr old motorhead. You be you dude.
  48. Hurricane4911

    HELP: Key Card and App not unlocking Model Y

    Thanks for your response... First thing, you should always check the 12v. I live in FL, lead acid batteries die quick. Lithium ion is the choice for replacement. I'm trying to help the OP, But, You be you.
  49. Hurricane4911

    HELP: Key Card and App not unlocking Model Y

    It's the 12v battery. Follow android04 instructions. Easy The same battery is used in motorcycles and generators. My generator 12v lasted one season. They do not hold up like the larger formats. I'm switching to Lithium Ion as soon as mine won't hold a charge.

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