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    Tesla LightShow: How difficult is it to hack/malware a Tesla once physical access to USB is gained?

    Many thanks to TeslaBC and all the Tesla LightShow contributors for the fun new feature of customizing light shows. Maybe it was all the JWBs I drank on New Years Eve but I woke up in a cold sweat dreaming of my autopilot (TACC) failing on my M3P and crashing me into a tree, by disabling my...

    Looking to buy used M3P, advice?

    Another check and a feature I value is my M3P stealth also has track mode. It's in the menu system and I don't believe anyone has been able to fake this for non-performance cars.

    Canadian Insurance Options?

    I've had good luck switching from group policy (Ontario Engineers) with The Personal to CAA insurance. Of course you need a clean record with no recent claims to have CAA be valuable. The rate change for two vehicles (Jeep and Tesla) went from $3400/yr to $2200/yr in GTA. This may vary...


    Canadian 2019 M3 Performance w/FSD pack here and just got 2021.32.10 coming from 2021.24.4. Haven't taken car out for a drive yet but release notes introduced new immersive audio feature (3 levels plus automatic) as well 2021.32 notes mention new language and cabin camera will now be used for...

    Another 3rd Party Boost Box being released

    Thanks for confirming the battery power change (watts is power), I stopped looking at newer specs after I bought my m3p in 2019 to keep myself sane. But going from 74kWh to 82kwh makes even more sense how manhart is able to make newer P cars faster. Looks like Tesla kept the m3 performance...

    Performance Model 3 vs BMW M3 vs Audi RS4

    The site also mentions a 82Kwh battery. That's one way of adding more power by adding more battery. Don't think it's a "cheap" plug-in upgrade.


    Just got 2021.12.25.7 today on my 2019 M3P with FSD. Beside new game and languages I also got the note stating that in cabin camera is turned on and I have option to opt out of sending Tesla the data. Sorry if I missed it but did anyone else get in cabin camera turned on?

    New tesla system [question about firmware]

    Just got 2021.12.25.7 on M3P located in GTA, Canada today. It's a bit of random luck but I have gotten a few updates about a week after the US counterparts. The update includes new game, additional languages and in-cabin camera turned on.

    The Tesla Wave!

    I don't wave to other Teslas. My arm would be tired in my daily commute as I pass several dozen each day. But I'm grumpy and I've also stopped waving in my Jeep Wrangler as well, unless the other one is modded, lifted or has a cute girl driving.
  10. 1FASTROD

    Tesla Update

    Absolutely best way to think about it. There is no guarantee that new versions or features will come out for your car. But... when they do it's like Christmas each time and I jump for joy on the "value add" I'm being delivered. Since getting my M3P I've been surprised with, 2x5% power...
  11. 1FASTROD

    Autopilot not usable after 2021.4.18.2 update

    Not sure if the cabin camera "safety" feature has been enabled in this feature but also double check your cabin camera (above rear view mirror) has an unobstructed view of the driver.
  12. 1FASTROD

    Highlighter Green wrap - Yes or No?

    Last week I drove by a mall and saw a BMW (3 series) wrapped in bright green color. Highlighter green. At a quick glance it made me think that may be an interesting color for a Tesla Model 3. Well low and behold what I drove by yesterday? Highlighter Green Tesla Model 3 Performance. Is this...
  13. 1FASTROD

    Seriously Porsche!? Tempted to jump ship, new Taycan Turismo

    Yes, I think I'll do some more soul searching on this one. I'm going to want something newer and flashier next year and then the year after.
  14. 1FASTROD

    Seriously Porsche!? Tempted to jump ship, new Taycan Turismo

    Well, I should of known this day would come. After 2 years with my Model 3 Performance, Porsche is tempting me to shift from Tesla to a Taycan Turismo (wagon). Is showing up on my local Porsche Dealer configuration for $120K CDN (~$90K USD). Tesla friends help me resist the temptation: Pros...
  15. 1FASTROD

    Canadians! Show me your Vanity Plates!

    Sure, sure, keep rubbing it in that you thought of a cool, short, Tesla related plate! :) See you on the streets fellow Tesla brother/sister.
  16. 1FASTROD

    Anybody have a Front Lip spoiler?

    Correction lip. Although my OEM carbon wing is also holding up well :)
  17. 1FASTROD

    Anybody have a Front Lip spoiler?

    I did end up install it permanently. It's been holding up well and still looks like the day I installed. It screwed into the black undertray without having to drill into my bumper. So far I've done a couple 100+MPH passes with it and also scraped a little on a steep driveway without issue...
  18. 1FASTROD

    2021.4.10 installing in Toronto, Canada

    Minor fixes (bugs) for my 2019 M3P stealth. No new features listed. I was on 2021.4.6 previous.
  19. 1FASTROD

    2021.4.10 installing in Toronto, Canada

    Just got the notification this afternoon and now installing. Will share any notes I see after the update. Located in Toronto, Canada
  20. 1FASTROD

    Best racetrack in Ontario for Tesla model 3?

    Ah, "Miley's", bringing back a lot of memories. Funny that my M3P would slaughter a lot of street cars from there if I had a time machine.
  21. 1FASTROD

    Need help deciding between P3D or new Model S

    P.S. You do get use to the minimalistic dash and screen of the Model 3. I wouldn't go back to the older styled clusters (I.e. MS) and find them too distracting. But I have installed an aftermarket (dash mount) HUD in my M3 for when I want to go fast.
  22. 1FASTROD

    Need help deciding between P3D or new Model S

    I own a Model 3 Performance (stealth) and also test drove and considered buying the Model S. Including my thoughts. At the time (Aug.2019) the Model 3P made more sense. It was cheaper, faster, agile and had more modern tech (including faster charging) than the Model S. My wife loves the Model...
  23. 1FASTROD

    Heads up display

    I believe HUD has value for some buyers but not a lot of them. With the Tesla model of having standard hardware in all cars, and turning on features via software, it may not make money sense to install the hardware for only a few buyers. However, I'd buy if it was a factory option on the...
  24. 1FASTROD

    Does It Seem Like Everyone Wants To Race You?

    No! No one wants to race me and it makes me sad :(
  25. 1FASTROD

    Uses for the Frunk

    Now you're just rubbing it in how much we get ripped off in Canada, they keep shrinking the sizes. I can fit a pair of large or even extra-large pizza's in my M3 frunk.
  26. 1FASTROD

    Uses for the Frunk

    Yup, same here. I love pizza but can't stand the smell of pizza in the box. I also use it for other smelly take-out as putting it in the trunk very quickly overwhelms the interior.
  27. 1FASTROD

    Ontario - Insurance Increase for Model S?

    Yes, I had a significant increase for my Model 3 insurance. Went up 30% ($1800 --> $2400/yr). From what I read it's due to the cost of repairing the cars if they are damaged. My insurer says this is just normal increases in GTA (I'm in Markham).
  28. 1FASTROD

    Performance 3 really needs basic differentiating features (dash, console, etc.)

    Isn't their a 3rd school of thought? "I want a faster car because i enjoy the exhilaration of driving a performance car and want others to know so they'll line up at the traffic lights!" P.S. I haven't had one Mustang, Camaro, Charger pull up to a light with me in the past year of ownership. I...
  29. 1FASTROD

    All batteries dead, can’t unlock car.

    Once a 12v battery goes completely dead it will not work well even if it charges back up (I.e. damaged plates). I suggest you replace the 12v battery even if the rest of the car appears okay. It'll save you grief in the near future.
  30. 1FASTROD

    GTA drivers, when are you switching to winter tire this year?

    Switching to the winter beater next week (Nov 1st). It can snow in GTA anytime after Halloween.
  31. 1FASTROD

    Cars,faster than a model3 or performace

    So far my M3P- has been beaten by a Mclaren P720S and Lambo Huracan (I believe it was a new AWD version as it launched hard, but I have beaten an older Huracan). Nothing else on in my local keeps up.
  32. 1FASTROD

    Glitch Allows Nag to be Turned Off

    Please don't bypass the nag/safety feature. Get into the practice of keeping one hand loosely on the wheel to feel what the car is doing. I use AP for 80% of my 100km (~60mile) daily drive and keep one hand on it. I have to intervene at least once a day (sometimes more) to prevent the car...
  33. 1FASTROD

    Performance 3 really needs basic differentiating features (dash, console, etc.)

    I was really hoping for an Apostrophe (or 3) at the end of Dual Motor! (!!!)
  34. 1FASTROD

    Premium Connectivity in Canada

    Thanks for sharing. Sounds like if anyone sells the car, unlimited connectivity will go away.
  35. 1FASTROD

    Complaints about Model 3 pricing

    Or do what I do once I buy a shiny new piece of electronic (I.e. big screen TV, laptop or computer), stopped looking at the prices once I bought it and the return policy has expired! It will only give you heartache, and new technology goes down in price.
  36. 1FASTROD

    Performance 3 really needs basic differentiating features (dash, console, etc.)

    Yes, I agree. But would say more fender flares (widebody), vents or something to give an aggressive stance.
  37. 1FASTROD

    The Tesla Wave

    I have a Jeep and hate waving. I refuse to do it in my Tesla but that's because my arm would get tired as I usually pass one every 10 second in our area.
  38. 1FASTROD

    Premium Connectivity in Canada

    Looks like it's more than me, Hurray! Free Premium Connectivity is back?
  39. 1FASTROD

    Free Premium Connectivity is back?

    Just got it today on my car (had expired previously). 2019 Model 3 Performance Stealth. Was originally listed as a part of Premium connectivity without an expiry date. Hope this sticks as I missed it. P.S. I'm in Canada.
  40. 1FASTROD

    Premium Connectivity in Canada

    Surprise update today. I haven't renewed my premium connectivity after it expired a couple months ago. This morning I awoke to a pleasant surprise (I also updated to 2020.40.4), premium connectivity was working and I also have it listed in my settings. I have a 2019 M3 Performance stealth and...
  41. 1FASTROD

    Model S Price Update

    I've got fingers crossed we see this here as well. It may seal the case for me trading in the M3P for a 2021 MS or MSP.
  42. 1FASTROD

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Very nice. I don't know if the light is playing ticks on me but is there a front lip and side skirts on that car? Looks perfectly blended if there is.
  43. 1FASTROD

    Which is faster, new Model S Performance or Model 3 Performance?

    I'm trying to cover the Performance difference with my secret divorce fund, going to a Plaid model will definitely get flagged by the wife. LOL.
  44. 1FASTROD

    Which is faster, new Model S Performance or Model 3 Performance?

    Thanks for the feedback, but are you saying that Ludicrous mode can be left on all the time without having to heat the battery or do anything before a launch? I'm assuming a real-world Model 3P will 0-60 in 3.2s and 1/4 mile in mid 11's.
  45. 1FASTROD

    Which is faster, new Model S Performance or Model 3 Performance?

    Okay made you look, but I'm contemplating trading in my Tesla Model 3 Performance for a new ('21) Model S Performance and wondering which car is faster. I know the Model SP is faster in a perfect situation but how about on the real world streets, traffic light run? I.e. Without engaging...
  46. 1FASTROD

    White seat painting

    True story, when I sold my previous home my young son decided to permanent marker the white carpets just before closing. In a panic I posted online and was advised to use "Spot Shot" cleaner, from Walmart. Supposedly it doesn't remove the stain but turns it clear/transparent so you don't see it...
  47. 1FASTROD

    Ringtones: is it really that hard?

    I suspect that Tesla developers keep a running list of features requests with this being one on the list. Problem is the list probably has 15,000 items on it (and growing). They'll most likely prioritize under Critical/Medium/Low priority or other groupings like a "Wow, that'll make our owners...
  48. 1FASTROD

    Is it time to get rid of my Model 3 Performance Stealth?

    Thanks all. I think best action is to wait for Sept 22 and see what's announced. Maybe a new Model S design, I'd hate to order one and find out a week later that I got the last of older tech. New Model S January 2021
  49. 1FASTROD

    Is it time to get rid of my Model 3 Performance Stealth?

    Yes, also have FSD, and 19" rims.

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