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    Using KET dummy connector on DCDC or jumper HVIL to regain drivability?

    Works fine on Android 😅
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    Battery Imbalance after 8 years

    Interesting though that this pack is operating without errors but your failed one had good numbers and still failed... Sure hope it'll last. Let us know how it does as time goes.
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    2016 Model X in 2023? A few questions before I pass the event horizon.

    Dang... Gotta love my 8.16c cost in WA 😅
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    Model X 90kWh battery pack degradation

    does anyone know what zero is in terms of Voltage? is it 3.2? Reason i ask: i saw 3.38V at 9%, is it really gonna go down to 2.85 before car shuts off? i was thinking to watch SMT to see how low i can actually go based on Voltage but i need to know when it will shut off
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    Can you watch movies in the tesla with no internet?

    Its a shame that such a techie car with huge media screen can't have such a simple option. We're not asking for much, just to have a native player for those times u charge n stay in the car. Pretty sure every Linux distro comes with native support. Tesla just decided to remove it probably...
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    Considering to purchase 2016 Model S 90D

    2016.5 confused me... That usually referred to as a month, 5=May Should be great car!
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    Considering to purchase 2016 Model S 90D

    Go for it, but pretty sure its AP1, can't have updated AP HW. Unles u meant something else by 2016.5 I have 2016 MX 90D, with 84k mi rn, so far so good. Have a look here: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/used-2016-90d-what-to-look-for.237067/
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    Can you watch movies in the tesla with no internet?

    I'd like to know this too. I tried plugging in USB drive with movies n all of them show up on the list but only some have time (others just dashes) but any time i clicked on any it just freezes the player... i'm on MCU1 tho Maybe someone could try on MCU2 n report...
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    Model X 90kWh battery pack degradation

    What about drops after parked? So yesterday i had a full day of errands n decided to drain the car down as much as i can Came home with 14% (showed 3.38V) Then about 1hr later i looked at my app n was surprised with 9% only ?? Went back to the car, indeed it was but still 3.38V.. what gives...
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    Vehicle range analysis in app under Service menu

    Yeah i didn't see any analysis i can do in the car. 2016 MX. Plus im on older software till Tesla starts re-enabling SC for salvage X :)
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    Vehicle range analysis in app under Service menu

    Seems it takes 24hrs before u can run analysis again
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    Tesla Model X Key fob remote

    Making multiple threads is decreasing ur trustworthiness...
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    Vehicle range analysis in app under Service menu

    Didn't know either till someone mentioned it in other thread, but i didn't find a specific thread about it so i made one :) Its under Service > Vehicle range
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    Model X 90kWh battery pack degradation

    Time to call a friend with a generator 😅
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    Vehicle range analysis in app under Service menu

    While its nice to check how you compare to EPA, does anyone know how to reset it? I did analysis after i drove to work on 21st, it finished (see below) I tried on 22nd, it did its thing n showed same results for the same trip (even though i had longer trip there)... Now its 23rd, same results...
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    Model X 90kWh battery pack degradation

    Agree. Sometimes u have no choice like cars sitting at auctions or in airports when ur on vacation... Correct. It was like 4th time for me. Thanks, thats what i was wondering about. So Tesla did cover this with a warning. Agree as well :)
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    Model X 90kWh battery pack degradation

    So in that case I don't think going to 0% is as dangerous as to 100% If Tesla thought so they would put a warning same as when u constantly go above 90%
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    Model X 90kWh battery pack degradation

    Duh.. i knew about that one 😅 I meant if u go very low few times, will it warn u about "letting the car reach low SOC decreases battery life... bla bla..." something like at the top.?
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    Model X 90kWh battery pack degradation

    yeah i read some horror stories here that ppl either didn't have the buffer or car died with few % showing so im hesitant to try, but i might somewhere around the known place to charge... maybe for non-balanced pack but for good pack i disagree. my car was wrecked n came fully dead. it sat for...
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    CCS Adapter for North America

    So, its still an adapter, just stays locked either to cable or station depending on the car?
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    Are we now seeing the true value of Tesla’s ? Read:

    gotta watch him in 2x 😂
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    2014 Tesla Model S 85 - Build Thread

    Ahh yes, i forget i have X. must be more room 😅
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    I’m looking for a good video that shows what a failing model S drive unit sounds like

    well for bearing noise, maybe this? at 01:00 but most of them have coolant leaks so u won't hear that, just need to check behind speed sensor
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    Easy on those tires 71,835 mi on 2nd set. 127,596 Mi odometer

    thats some good #'s what was the 1st set? still good at 55k... also, do u happen to know threadwear rating number?
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    2014 MS 85 Battery Died - need advise

    or Car Wash > Supercharger :) I wish they would separate Wax and washing under the car I want Wax but don't care for under In my hood, these go together in "ultimate" option on Kaady car washes...
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    Model X 90kWh battery pack degradation

    Thanks! Not yet, im scared 😅 Lowest i got so far is 14%, and haven't got to 100% either...
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    Car was hit by someone on the freeway. How much to repair guesses…

    Front is easy n cheap, new wheel/fender, bumper can be fixed/repainted. Rear... quarter panel will have to be replaced i think n thats gonna be a lot... i hate rear panel damages personally :) I'll guess $20k since we making bets 😂
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    Discussion: Large price reduction Across Tesla vehicle family 1.12.2023

    Nice i like it haha Now if only Tesla would follow Android n let us have Root :)
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    2014 Tesla Model S 85 - Build Thread

    By any chance was it the same side as the previously loose toe bolt? That could be correlated, maybe slight slack was bumping that mount on potholes more than it should... Simple solution to this (what i do) is remove the wheel n jack up the suspension (not the car) to normal riding height...
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    Two rebuilt salvage model Ys for sale

    Someone gonna get a sweet deal :)
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    Model X 90kWh battery pack degradation

    i had a trip a bit ago so charged few times to 95% i've noticed same route to work (25mi) takes less % now sure enough the capacity went up... 5k mi ago: current:
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    2019 Model X Long Range Raven - HV battery replacement

    was it actually new? or reman but just new to you n the car...
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    Heat pump: cabin vs. battery warming?

    slight tweaks sure but in general at least same generation packs should be in the ballpark regen decreases with temps drop for all of them, im just curious how heat pump affects that.
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    2014 MS 85 Battery Died - need advise

    Hmm i wonder if its safer to NOT do Premium car wash (the one that supposedly washes underneath the car)...
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    Heat pump: cabin vs. battery warming?

    im curious if there's a way to see which mode the car is in, like with SMT or diag thermal screen like on legacy... would be nice to know how diff modes correlate to weather conditions n such my legacy x regen is about 20kWh at 50F, wonder whats it like for heat pump cars? ie is limited really...
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    Model X: Average Wh/mile Tracker

    i believe its 70% degradation for warranty...
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    2014 MS 85 Battery Died - need advise

    Couldn't resist 😂
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    The full System shut down while driving and HV replacement experience

    This is probably scarier than incident itself 😂
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    Deer has an intimate encounter with MYLR

    This one must have skipped a class or two 😂
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    Tired of the terrible range

    I have access to Dev/Diag modes, in there it says Rated is 324 Wh/mi, i don't think we'll ever get that in real life... But try driving w/o AC n see what u get. Pretty sure it sucks a lot of juice if ur cabin fan is on high... For ref i get 380 rn in the winter on 20s... Didn't drive a lot in...
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    New Model X key fobs

    eBay is ur best bet
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    Totaled or repairable?

    I believe 3/Y are metal so i consider them normal cars :) S/X aluminum body is another level...
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    New Model X key fobs

    You'd have to ask someone who can program them I was told by LayZ that for legacy it's like few hundred for new key+programming... Not sure if Tesla will program one if u bring ur own... Someone here should know...
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    I'm shocked, catastrophic failure of left rear wheel

    FYI, there's cases on opposite end... If it makes anyone feel better, my MX had bent rear top arm (spun out n hit the curb most likely..) I replaced just that arm n already put 5k miles on it, no trouble...
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    New Model X key fobs

    Hmm... I'd buy one if i new how to make it work for my 2016...
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    Deer has an intimate encounter with MYLR

    i think u found a loophole 😂
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    Out of Warranty Drive Unit Replacement and Cost

    "ASY,DRIVE,UNIT,3.0- 150,REAR SMALL, REMAN(1056855-00-G)" Thats a small Drive unit, which non-P awd cars have... Its rare this goes bad... Thanks for a data point!
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    OH: 2018 Tesla Model S P100DL

    maybe still high for current market?...
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    Deer has an intimate encounter with MYLR

    sorry... how's the deer? :)
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    Totaled or repairable?

    Airbags? Hard to say without taking few things off Probably fixable but it'll be a lot since rail got damaged...

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