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  1. AKinDC

    2019 Model 3 AWD Long Range - worth, range?

    Very little supercharging, and I charge it to 80 most of the time.
  2. AKinDC

    2019 Model 3 AWD Long Range - worth, range?

    Mine dropped by almost exactly that in three years, from 325 to about 275. I know that's towards the edges of the bell curve, but just keep in mind that Tesla considers this normal.
  3. AKinDC

    The M3 as a space heater [climate control running while parked]

    Right. There should be no heat or battery management running all the time. When you use the app to set the climate, the battery begins to condition as well, but the car should not be doing this on its own. If you check the app and the climate control is off, and it's still doing this, it's time...
  4. AKinDC

    The M3 as a space heater [climate control running while parked]

    Well, this is certainly one of the more original posts I've seen on here! The simple answer is no...if the car is actually radiating enough heat to warm the garage, there's something very, very wrong going on.
  5. AKinDC

    Navigation going bonkers

    Good to know it's not just me. Thanks for the replies, folks.
  6. AKinDC

    Navigation going bonkers

    I've always loved the navigation on my Tesla, but it suddenly started behaving oddly. Traveling on the highway with no traffic, the navigation kept advising me to get off at an exit, drive parallel to a highway for as short a distance as possible, and get back on the highway. It's done this...
  7. AKinDC

    Safety Restraint System Fault (RCM2_a529)

    Weird. I’m in your area, and mobile came out and fixed it for me for free under warranty.
  8. AKinDC

    Has Tesla Build quality improved on new Model 3s in 2022?

    I've got a Model 3 and a Prius Prime. I've been lucky with the 3...no real issues in almost three years, and I absolutely love driving it. The Prime is a pretty great car for what it is. I get 32 miles of electric before it goes back to gas, and it performs far better with the electric engine...
  9. AKinDC

    Can't Adjust Navigation Volume

    Update...I tried all the things you all suggested, and nothing worked. Then a few days ago, it just started randomly working again. No new update installed, no more hard or soft resets, just randomly started working again one morning.
  10. AKinDC

    Driving through water tore off my rear bumper, AC system now hot until I start driving

    The advice is, if you already had it looked at, wait for them to fix it. Don't risk messing around and screwing something else up. And I certainly believe that all happened from three inches of water....assuming those three inches of water were in a massive pothole. ;)
  11. AKinDC

    Safety Restraint System Fault (RCM2_a529)

    I just had the same thing. Mobile service came out and fixed it in 20 minutes…needed to replace a wire junction box under the front passenger seat.
  12. AKinDC

    Can't Adjust Navigation Volume

    The title pretty much covers the bases...I have no control over the volume of the navigation. I can visually adjust them, either from the control panel or the steering wheel inputs, but it doesn't actually affect the volume at all. Any ideas? I've tried hard and soft resets.
  13. AKinDC

    Supercharger - Stafford, VA

    That’s becoming a problem everywhere. They’re selling cars faster than they can build/expand charging stations.
  14. AKinDC

    Carry an extra tire for roadtrip?

    Have all the same here. I've never used them, but I feel better knowing they're there.
  15. AKinDC

    2022 Prius Prime or another Model 3?

    I have one of each as well. As much as I love my Model 3, I also love the much greater range of the Prius when I have a long trip to make.
  16. AKinDC

    Fast Charging!

    Around 7 or 8, but I only needed to add about 100 miles, so that's pretty much all I needed.
  17. AKinDC

    Supercharger - Stafford, VA

    Got this yesterday at the Stafford supercharger. Plenty of time to precondition, and was down to about 10% charge. Best I've ever done by far.
  18. AKinDC

    Fast Charging!

    My previous record was a little over 600. This was glorious.
  19. AKinDC

    Will a Tesla work for me?

    Don't buy one without a 220V. I started out trickle charging, and found that it gave me severe range anxiety...I'd be asking myself if I really wanted to drive 30 miles knowing that I'd have to charge for 6 hours to make up for it. Drove me crazy. I'm sure others have dealt with it with no...
  20. AKinDC

    2018 Climate Control Efficiency

    I've always loved auto on my 2019, until the V.11 update...now it's all over the place. Sometimes too hot, sometimes too cold, sometimes blowing chilly air when it should be warm. Really frustrating. I had it set to 68 since I bought the car, and never moved it until the recent update.
  21. AKinDC

    Should I test drive before delivery?

    I'd go with a "yes, but..." answer. I loved what I heard about Tesla when the M3 came out, but I decided to test drive first. There were a lot of things I loved, but the regenerative breaking and having everything on the tablet screen threw me a bit, and I decided not to buy. A friend later...
  22. AKinDC

    V.11 Specific Range Loss?

    I know, I know...enjoy the car, set the range to a percentage, don't fixate on it, etc. etc. I've rolled with the punches as my range has slipped in the 2.5 years since I bought my LR RWD, from 325/293 to a pretty consistent 295/270 or so. Not bad...I've heard far worse. But immediately...
  23. AKinDC

    How Long Would Battery Last? [hypothetical - sitting in gridlock]

    I was reading about horrible Highway gridlock in Virginia during a big snow storm…drivers were stuck for hours and hours not moving, people were running out of gas and abandoning cars. Let’s say you got into the gridlock with 250 miles of range…how long do you think the car would last without...
  24. AKinDC

    V.11 Sentry Mode?

    In what way? It’s still on the top of the main screen, plus in V.11 I get a more specific “open/close garage” prompt in the lower left.
  25. AKinDC

    V.11 Sentry Mode?

    I know…I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to get that back to the main screen.
  26. AKinDC

    V.11 Sentry Mode?

    There’s a lot I like about the new V.11 interface, but I can’t find a way to turn on Sentry mode from the main screen like you used to be able to do. Doesn’t appear in the customizable icon list. Any ideas?
  27. AKinDC

    10 Day Report: Thoughts

    Standard, and no special settings.
  28. AKinDC

    10 Day Report: Thoughts

    "4 - Got stuck in traffic leaving my daughter's graduation - basically at a stand still for 30 minutes. Played backgammon, and I'm pretty sure the car cheats to get perfect rolls at need." I've said it before and I'll say it again...far and away the best use of the autopilot is in heavy...
  29. AKinDC

    MASTER THREAD: FSD Subscription Available 16 Jul 2021

    Sorry if this has been discussed...don't want to go back and reach 31 pages...but I'm surprised they're not offering a free month to try and draw people in.
  30. AKinDC

    Maryland Excise Tax Rebate

    Bought in mid-May of 2019, got my title and sent in the application a few weeks later in the beginning of June.
  31. AKinDC

    Maryland Excise Tax Rebate

    I got my check today!!! Two years and two months after my purchase. Small envelope, easy to overlook. Keep an eye out.
  32. AKinDC

    Maryland Excise Tax Rebate

    Anyone hear anything yet?
  33. AKinDC

    Maryland Excise Tax Rebate

    The legislation tracker also shows the effective date as July 1, 2021. Don't know if that affects when the checks will be sent.
  34. AKinDC

    Maryland Excise Tax Rebate

    Wonderful news, and I'll believe it when I get the check in the mail. ;)
  35. AKinDC

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Short answer, without knowing any details, is it sounds fine. Going 75 will eat your battery quickly...the estimates are based more around driving 65. What kind of WH/m are you getting?
  36. AKinDC

    USB Storage Full Question

    I didn't realize until today that you can re-format it right from the car now. Don't know when they added that feature...I imagine everyone else already knew, but I figured I'd post just in case anyone was in the same boat I was. I think it was in the settings under Safety and Security, then...
  37. AKinDC

    USB Storage Full Question

    So I just got a message that my thumb drive is almost full, and that I should delete some files. What happens if I don't? Will it automatically write over older files, or stop recording completely? thanks
  38. AKinDC

    If you could change one thing about the Model 3...

    Better stock tires. Worst tires I’ve ever driven on. And I’d like a consistent range that doesn’t steadily deteriorate, but I’m being realistic here. :)
  39. AKinDC

    Good Cold Weather Wiper Fluid?

    Since I'm too lazy to go to a gas station and buy the generic blue stuff, I was just going to get something on amazon. Anyone use this Prestone one...
  40. AKinDC

    Autopilot blinded, disengaged by sun on interstate

    Yup...when the sun is low in the sky I lose AP pretty often.
  41. AKinDC

    Charger at Princeton Service Station?

    A little confusion over at Plugshare about whether there's a public use charger at the Tesla service station in Princeton or not. Anyone have first hand knowledge? thanks
  42. AKinDC

    Tesla homelink

    The batteries in my old remote always used to die when it was raining really hard out. Never having to worry about the batteries, and the auto-opening option, makes it more than worth it for me.
  43. AKinDC

    what is needed for garage after Tesla install homelink to model3?

    Nope, it’ll be fine. When you set up Homelink, it’ll walk you through how to pair your opener to your car.
  44. AKinDC

    Was worried about MSM color choice

    One of the things I love about my MSM is that it looks totally different in different kinds of light. I like the variety!
  45. AKinDC

    12v battery issue, Tesla unsatisfactory response

    Maybe I missed this somewhere in the thread, but why does a car that’s essentially a battery on wheels need an additional 12v battery?
  46. AKinDC

    Maryland Excise Tax Rebate

    Read comments above. COVID stopped the approval process. Hopefully they’ll take it up again at some point.
  47. AKinDC

    Model 3 Customer cannon fodder & the right to full refund Dekra Report

    To sum up.... 1) Yes, Tesla has had some QC problems. 2) It’s getting better. 3) Inspect your car on pickup, and don’t accept delivery if you’re unhappy with anything.
  48. AKinDC

    New Tires with Higher Efficiency?

    I think that's being very generous. These are some of the worst tires I've ever had when it comes to rain.
  49. AKinDC

    Do people understand the door handles?

    The internal button is a much bigger problem for my passengers. They always figure out the exterior door handle with a bit of fiddling, but if I forget to tell them, they always use the emergency release to get out.
  50. AKinDC

    Did you guys shop around before deciding on the Model 3?

    I was planning on getting a Hyundai Kona EV, but after driving them both I realized that the M3 was massively better in every way, and less expensive.

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