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    Has Autopilot gotten worse recently?

    I guess a better statement on my part would have been "Is Autopilot acting dramatically different lately for others?" The way the things happened today was a lot different than I had experienced over the past 2.5 years. It might have been 100% on me, but the behavior was unexpected.
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    Has Autopilot gotten worse recently?

    Has Autopilot gotten worse in highway driving recently? I drove a stretch of highway I don't use often (narrow lanes), and it felt like the car was trying to kill me three times in 10 miles. I have a 2020 Y and haven't activated FSD Beta yet specifically to avoid some of the erratic behavior...
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    Backing up an On-Demand / Tankless (electric) water heater with Powerwall(s)

    Hands-down the best approach. Does the boiler run ok with tempered inlet water? Somewhat curious why you don't run the heat pump water heater to utilization temperatures and just disable resistance heat, using the boiler downstream to bump up temperature if/when needed.
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    IRS weighs in on tax rebate, mostly bad news for Model Y

    All legal outlines I am familiar with would require (2) to be a subset of (1)ii for your interpretation to be correct; both (1) AND (2) need to be satisfied.
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    Fremont Delivery Experience 12/11 and 12/12

    To me the enhanced autopilot is worth the $6k. FSD not so much. It helps reduce the number of times you need to disengage to do something significantly.
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    Gen3 Wall Connector API?

    Boy I wish there was an easy way to set amperage via the API. I'm going to have to get an OpenEVSE and use the Tesla cord if something doesn't change. I don't believe in using cloud tools for things that can be abused, but I need to be able to manage charging so that when the dryer is running...
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    Lane changes in autopilot

    Have FSD on my Y (no Beta), and renting a Tesla without the prompted lane change is really a huge disappointment. It makes "Autopilot" almost completely worthless in my book.
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    Looking for, the stupid thing that can allow me to remove the Eaton 200A breaker on a TEG2

    Isn't there a specific code section that states that-- exempting series equally-rated (or inversely rated) breakers? I might be thinking of a California OSHPD thing though. The main argument though should be that it isn't a panelboard.
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    CPUC Nem 3.0 discussion as it relates to Energy Products

    Hawaii just has a minimum bill if you have solar-- $26. That is really a pretty fair way of doing it IMO, and the price is reasonable.
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    CPUC Nem 3.0 discussion as it relates to Energy Products

    You are looking at it wrong; you need to compare the total system cost of energy-- utility cost per day vs PV/Battery cost per day, and then repeat that for every day of the year. Battery ends up eating a portion of the PV payback, but that doesn't make the battery negative payback. Reality is...
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    Upgrading to 400 Amp service after Solar already installed

    Wow... looks like your house could use an energy audit! (Or it is over 12,000 square feet.)
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    Supercharger - Aiea, HI (6 stalls)

    The situation is pretty stupid; they need a supercharger in Waikiki with about 10 stalls and another 10 stalls at Ala Moana Center. That said, are you looking at Plugshare? I haven't used that many public chargers in the past year, but there are a lot of L2 chargers out there that are not...
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    Possibly adding a 3rd Powerwall. Good idea?

    Much cheaper to add an island system with an LFP server rack battery. 2x5kWh systems can be had for about $3,000, plus a small inverter to support things like your fridge or other fairly constant loads. Rules vary, but if it is not coupled to the utility it does not require utility approval. You...
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    CPUC Nem 3.0 discussion as it relates to Energy Products

    Worse! The Grid itself is Socialist!! Which, when you actually get down to the need for solutions is why eminant domain and local energy cooperatives are really the only realistic solution for Rural and ExUrban California. Do community/neighborhood level microgrids with solar and and...
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    Tesla Solar vs ....[third party competitors]

    It is just a binning issue; some of the panels end up with fewer defects and get a higher rating, and some end up with a few more defects and get a lower rating. It shouldn't impact life or any other issues.
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    Tesla Solar vs ....[third party competitors]

    Personally, I was thrilled working with Tesla on my order and initial site visit: professional, helpful, and communicative. Their price was about 30% lower than competitors, all sourced from direct contacts and not lead generators. Unfortunately, Tesla cancelled because they won't install on a...
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    $12K for FSD is insane

    My Y can barely stay in the middle of her lane. She gets way too close to oncoming traffic, especially in curves… independent of speed. She does not react to other cars not being in the center of their lanes, nor does she seem to understand pedestrians very well— just stopping ~20’ after she...
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    Discussion: Tesla Energy / Auto Customer Service

    In Florida, not having surge suppression on your incoming line is asking for trouble. As for Tesla's gateway being fragile, it is hard to design a inverter that will deal with a surge gracefully, especially when efficiency is critical. Surge suppression helps, but only to a degree.
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    Powerwall install location

    Technically, since it is UL listed for stacking it is a single unit in the eyes of the code. Agree most AHJs consider all electrical equipment to require access while energized. Transformers used to be an exception 10-20 years ago, but not today in most places.
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    Enphase Solar and Powerwall integration

    Sorry, how do you figure? My peak daily usage is about 32kWh (without charging the car) and minimum daily production is 4kWh. My real issue is trying to figure out if I should do a) 2xPW + 4kW additional PV; b) 1xPW + small genset; or c) Just a genset. I have a 250-gallon propane tank...
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    Enphase Solar and Powerwall integration

    Thanks; do you know if the same is true for the M215’s? (edit) Apparently only IQ-Series microinverters work this way, M- and S- series just have a over-frequency trip setting, and will have a re-connect delay. My concern is when I have a train of clouds, I’ll cycle from 2kW production up to...
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    Enphase Solar and Powerwall integration

    Maybe off topic here, but how well does the integration work when you are in island mode? Specifically, I am curious how well the system reacts to changing load and production. I am debating between getting a backup generator that can support the whole house, or a small inverter generator...
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    'whole home backup' confusion

    Just for my understanding, can’t you get a 200A sub-feed lug kit for Homeline panels? Since you have the main isn’t that all you would need?
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    Tesla's Gigafactory Tents

    For what it is worth, they are a great solution for many things. What they don’t necessarily excel at is things like hanging loads from the ceiling or placing things on the roof. Things like an exhaust system would all need to be ground-mounted. I believe you would need fire protection inside...
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    New Battery - Tesla or Enphase?

    Debating between getting a new Enphase battery/transfer switch or a Tesla Powerwall in Hawaii. The quote for Enphase is 50% higher than Tesla, and I added 4kW of solar in the Tesla quote. But, I am worried about the timing of when I could actually get a system installed if I ordered today with...
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    How many powerwalls?

    Very good point; once you hit a reasonable capacity for the Powerwalls your primary need shifts to generation on your worst day. You just need to figure out what the reasonable battery capacity is first…
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    How many powerwalls?

    Without better data, it is just a WAG, but I would likely go for 4 units. 16kW/4PW = maximum 4kW charging each, which seems reasonable. What I did was install an IoTaWatt meter on my main and sub-panels to get the information I wanted. What that made me realize was that my PV had a lot of...
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    Wrapping a White Model Y

    I’ll have to check on the front tow cover; I think they wrapped the cover separately. Since it is also needed for disconnecting the 12V battery, it really should be clear… although if you use it I am sure you would end up needing to re-wrap it. The ”slop” on mine is mainly on the side...
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    Gateway waiting time to reconnect to grid

    The “right” way to do it is to require 20 seconds of stable voltage and frequency, not just voltage within acceptable range. You end up with hysteresis problems. One minute is better than 20 seconds, but there might be a regulatory issue that forces it.
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    Years to breakeven..? PA Solar worth it?

    FWIW, and for purposes of accuracy, the system could have a negative value in 20 years (or earlier) if you need to re-roof. It doesn’t change the fact that it is a good investment, but it is $200/panel for removal and disposal in my area.
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    Wrapping a White Model Y

    They improved the hatch, but the bottom line is that the gaps are far from consistent. From what I have heard, it is likely a function not of panel alignment but frame alignment, so making it perfect is near impossible. It stands out in certain lighting conditions and from some angles mostly…...
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    Wrapping a White Model Y

    I have a white Y with orange wrap built in the “ramp” phase with bad panel gaps. You can see white in places if you know where to look. I wish the company that did my wrap had used longer “returns” in places, but nobody really notices that.
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    After competent installation of two systems, nightmare scenario with Tesla Energy in FL – Other customers with similar experiences? Class action?

    FWIW, a burnt trace on a board is definitive proof of lightning damage. The insurance company can validate that there was in fact lightning strikes in the area, and process the claim even if you don’t have a smoking gun though. They also might require an electrical inspection to make sure...
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    Powerblaster - How to clamp CTs to 4 main lines?

    Just install one red and one black, and have the values set to be scaled 2x. Anything else requires the utility to come out while you have an electrician modify the wiring.
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    Best Ways to String Panels Together

    Might want to invest in moving some vent pipes to see if that gives you a better layout. But, at just 15 degrees slope it isn’t the end of the world. I wouldn’t put the north facing panels on a south facing string; you will kill your winter production.
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    Wall Connector Install - 50 v 40 amp

    Personally, with only a 125A supply I would only do 30A. I rarely charge over 10-12A myself, as the car is almost always parked long enough to add the range I need, and I can use more of my own solar this way. If you were to charge at 40A, you would likely see pretty significant voltage drop...
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    Best Ways to String Panels Together

    Need to establish what your roof pitch is first.
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    Adding a circuit to back up load center post-install

    Traditionally the verbiage on “emergency” systems was something like “Load shall not be added without engineer of record review and approval.” The engineer of record can essentially be any licensed electrical engineer, they just need to do a load calculation. You should be fine for the hot...
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    Supercharger - Aiea, HI (6 stalls)

    They don’t need to be 250kW Superchargers necessarily, but 48A is not enough to efficiently use the space. You need at least 60 miles/hour IMO for it to work out, as many people will want to charge up ~200 miles, and the average duration really needs to be under 1.5 hours.
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    Supercharger - Aiea, HI (6 stalls)

    I have to agree. It is a great location for the island in general, but looking at the number of new Tesla’s on the road today they absolutely need something in town. Many of the older condo buildings simply cannot support chargers, and those that can it is still quite expensive to do the...
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    6-Disconnect Meter/Main - Upgrade before Solar?

    I have a 200A meter/main that uses the 6 disconnect rule, and I am contemplating converting it to a 200A main, and moving the distribution to a new panel downstream before adding additional solar and powerwalls. My meter/main existing solar knife switch are both outside, and the new panel would...
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    Need advice on PW storage vs NEM use

    My advice... get someone to do an energy audit or install a few IoTaWatt’s to give you a better idea of what is actually using energy rather than just living with it. I had mine installed on Thursday and have already figured out how to reduce loads by ~2-3kWh per day with a quick analysis. I...
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    Fresh new batch of Teslas on Island?

    Only one thing you can do... move to Hawaii.
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    You gotta be kidding me. Electricians won't add a Tesla wall connector on the backup side of ESS

    The lack of solid load management options from the power wall keeps me from ordering one plus an additional 8kW of solar. It is bad enough that there is no API for managing car charging current from the wall connector, but the Powerwall situation seems worse.
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    Fresh new batch of Teslas on Island?

    It is at Ilikai Marina, so halfway between the two stores I guess. Looks like there might be an opportunity for a good deal on an X before the refresh...
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    Wall of 10 Tesla Powerwall 2 units

    . I had a white paper somewhere that I will try to find, but here is a quick link: Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations - Fine Homebuilding While convection heat losses are significant, conductive losses through the slab can be quite substantial once your roof is properly insulated and your...
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    Fresh new batch of Teslas on Island?

    Spotted this yesterday...
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    Best areas for photographs

    I’m partial to Ka’ena point and the YWCA camp.
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    Wall of 10 Tesla Powerwall 2 units

    Just curious, but have you looked into the Scandanavian style foundation insulation? It is just done on the exterior perimeter, out horizontally from the edge of the house, so fairly easy to retrofit and huge energy savings if your slab was not insulated. It also helps use the ground below the...
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    Energy Monitors? IotaWatt? TED? GEM? Sense? Other?

    Purchased an IoTaWatt, and looking forward to see how it performs. It seems like a good little platform and very cost effective.

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