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    Tesla model X 22 rear wheels available and affordable

    How much and are you willing to ship?
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    Model Y Performance Uberturbine Square Box Set Up Review

    Do you have any rubbing issues with the front?
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    22 MYP Drivers front suspension clunk

    My 2021 did this when we first got it and they replaced parts in the suspension. It was not a strut issue.
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    MYP vs M3P: Handling

    I agree with the nigh/day difference. As far as acceleration...it's hard to tell the difference in .5 seconds. The M3P to me was more of a driver's car and I will always miss it. It was always fun to drive and from a stop really quick, or so I thought, until then the wife got her X Plaid...
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    Model Y 2021 Complete Battery Failure at 18k Miles

    Is yours still under warranty? Why are they putting in a refurbished battery. Mine was replaced with a new one at 12k because it was under warranty. The service center told me it's new under warranty and refurbished if out of pocket. Originally they told me a week, then a month and I got the...
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    Need to vent about my 2022 MYP service

    Yes, California. BTW don't be surprised if it takes longer than they told you to get the battery. Keep checking the service part of the app to see if they update the fix date. I was originally told it would be a week and then checked the app to find the 25th date. On the bright side you will...
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    Need to vent about my 2022 MYP service

    I understand the frustration, especially with you having to go back and forth for nothing. My MYP is currently in the shop for the HV Battery and I won't be getting it back until August 25th. They had to order the battery from CA. I guess I'm fortunate they put me in a S loaner. I have...
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    TEXAS FOLK: Taxes and refinancing question

    The tax office will look at all the paperwork and only charge you the applicable taxes. Where you may run into problems is the paperwork for the new lienholder being made right That is why I recommended waiting, especially if you are still in the 30 day window. There are a lot of moving parts...
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    Poor initial experience with my Tesla Model Y Performance

    I know this may offend some people, but shut up. You are buying a performance model and want a compliant ride.? It has 21 inch 35 profile (probably summer) tires. I get sick of people complaining about it. I have owned the 3P and still have our YP so if you don't want a sports car ride buy...
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    MY Matte Black PPF - Austin, TX

    Check with both Authentic Details and Austin Detailing. Authentic details is an Xpel dealer if you are looking for that specifically and if you are a TMC member they will give a discount. I think Austin Detailing uses Premium Shield.
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    TEXAS FOLK: Taxes and refinancing question

    I don't know about it taxing the total amount of the car but I would advise paying the taxes and making the first. Are you refinancing with the same institution of a different one?
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    Getting a New Battery Pack on 8/22

    Mine is in the shop now getting one. The Tesla advisor told me if it's under warranty you get a new pack, if it's out of pocket it will most likely be refurbished.
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    In the face of a recession, should I buy a Y now or wait?

    I would also have to say don't do it. When I look at the sticker of our 2021 Y, I can't believe the price of the new ones. The wife had FSD (subscription) for a month and cancelled it, so from our experience drop that. You really have to trust the car for it to be worth it. EAP is a much...
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    New Battery for 2021 MYP

    So I got an interesting notification on my screen this past Friday about my Y not being able to charge and power had been reduced. It stopped my regen braking which was interesting driving it with 2 pedals (you can really feel the weight of the car). Anyhow I turned in a service ticket to...
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    Model X 2022 Windshield Tint

    I think they cut around it but can't confirm that until tomorrow when we pick it up.
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    PPF over matte CF

    I am having warranty work done on my Y next week by a different installer in a different city. He didn’t have a problem telling me what was and wasn’t covered.
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    PPF over matte CF

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    Model X 2022 Windshield Tint

    We are having ours tinted in XPEL XR (I think the heat rejection is 88% on it and 99 on the plus)the shop said it takes almost a full day just to do the windshield. They also didn't carry Prime Plus in a roll big enough for the X because of the "waste" that is caused by the size and cuts that...
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    From y performance to x plaid for less bumpy ride

    We just got our XPlaid about a week ago. We switched configurations from our original and Tesla had a new one built earlier this year available. The wife loves it. Check the website and see if they have one available in your configuration. The only thing ours doesn't have is the tilting...
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    2022 MYP range estimate with 19” Martian wheels?

    If you are coming from the M3P, you will appreciate the MYP. Be aware there are definitely driving dynamic differences between the two. I really miss the 3 but have to keep the wife happy and we were fortunate enough to be able to step up to the X.
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    RAM Rebel 1500 or MY Performance

    Coming from a Ram Rebel then to an F350 to the MYP, I personally love it. Like mentioned you will lose some space and the utility but at least you won't have to jump down from it. I know they are outrageously expensive but my wife just got the X and the ride quality is really unbelievable.
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    2022 Model Y Performance - Dallas to Austin Roadtrip*

    We have made that trip many times. Just trust the car and you won't have to worry. I hope your trip went well.
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    Tax, Title, Fees, in Texas

    In a way it is a manufacturer sale to the customer. That is why the check always goes to the funding team in CA. Deliveries are done at the Service Centers but they do not except any form of payment.
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    How well does a new 2022 MYP ride?

    I want to do the same when the current tires need replacing. Do you have any rubbing issues?
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    Car names…

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    Another Model Y or go with a Model 3?

    As the owner of both the MYP and M3P, I would say go based on your current needs and look to the future. I just got my 3 and love it. Both are fast but as mentioned earlier the driving dynamics are very different. The wife loves the Y but has now put an X on order since its bigger and we need...
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    Trading within a year

    Thank you, now if you can help me get the wife off the order site right now that would be nice
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    Trading within a year

    Has anyone traded a MP3 within a year of ownership? My wife has a MYP (2021) but wants a X. We can get the X this year and would keep the Y so the 3 would be traded. Does all that make sense? We are just trying to see if there is a restriction from Tesla on trading a car within a year.? Thanks
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    Tax, Title, Fees, in Texas

    I paid all the TTL at the tax office immediately. They are going to mail my tags. Any other specialized plates (like colleges, etc). can be ordered after you receive the ones they give you
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    Tax, Title, Fees, in Texas

    They will give them to you at the tax office if you don’t get specialized plates
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    Tax, Title, Fees, in Texas

    Just gave Travis county my $41+hundred dollars for TTL. Fortunately due to my veteran status, my tag cost $3. If you do live in Austin there are 3 locations that accept walk-ins. Be prepared to wait. It's faster to scan the code at the entrance and register that way. There is no option for...
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    Any reason to upgrade 2018 M3 for 2022 M3P?

    Lanzer, do you have inside information? There is currently no plan to put the 4680 structural pack in the 3. Tesla can only make so many of them at the moment and they are all going in the Y's. It may be two years before we see the change in the 3.
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    Tax, Title, Fees, in Texas

    Tax, Title, License
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    Black Model 3s. Tint or no tint? Anybody have pics?

    Air 80 windshield 30% (ceramic) on the rest including the roof. The heat difference is amazing.
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    Tax, Title, Fees, in Texas

    It may say that on the order page but I am looking at my purchase agreement and they are not listed. If they had dealers in TX then you would be able to do the taxes like a normal car but I can assure you that is not the case.
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    Tax, Title, Fees, in Texas

    I can't answer that for you because I don't remember what ours were. Sorry I can't help.
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    Tax, Title, Fees, in Texas

    In TX you will be responsible for TTL. You can estimate it by 6.25% x the price of your car. It's not fun to write a check that big. We have done it twice. If it gets close to the 30 days make sure to reach out to Tesla for your paperwork. If you file late there will be a late fee. The...
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    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Picked it up today. Only had one issue that they fixed before I left. I am soooo excited.

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