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  1. Kokukenji

    First time EV owner's 2022 MYLR impressions

    Cleaned the MY today. We have put around 1600 miles on it since purchasing it and already have about 5 chips on the windshield...my Mazda 2014 has around 140,000+ miles and one chip. Drives to the same places and if anything I take the Mazda from Norcal to Socal often. Pretty sure it's not the...
  2. Kokukenji

    First time EV owner's 2022 MYLR impressions

    Regarding windshield, is it me or is the Tesla windshield pretty sensitive? I swear if there's something that grazes it when driving, it'll chip!
  3. Kokukenji

    How's life without Premium Connectivity?

    About a couple of months without Prem connectivity and so far there are definitely some things that I thing I'm missing out on, like direct connect to sentry when parking at sketchy places and this feeling that when I use the map, it's not getting the latest update so it would tell me to take...
  4. Kokukenji

    Cargo cover not as good as expected

    I wonder if this was intended or if we're re-engineering their engineering, lol. I do the same too. Showed my wife and she looked at me funny. She used to drive a Lexus RX350 with the retractable cover.
  5. Kokukenji

    Tesla OEM All Weather Mats vs Weathertech Mats for 2023 MY

    Been using the Tesla mats for about a week and really like them. Like them a lot more than the 3D Maxpider mats that I had. That one felt too thin. I do have the 3D Maxpider for the cargo area.
  6. Kokukenji

    JC Sportline Dry Carbon Fiber Kit

    That is packaged really well! Can't wait for the final reveal!
  7. Kokukenji

    New tires at 21,000 miles

    That's actually not too bad, right? Expecting tires to last 20-25K depending on how one drive.
  8. Kokukenji

    fast food in a model 3

    Yah, this is a good tip since wet wipes are pretty portable, comes in different sizes too.
  9. Kokukenji

    fast food in a model 3

    It's a car, have fun with it. There's no way you can go on a road trip and not eat in the car. Just have a microfiber towel and an interior and/or leather cleaner at home or bring it with you if you're going on a trip.
  10. Kokukenji

    how it works?

    Wouldn't they need to wait for the pink slip? Not sure what the backlog is with DMV with getting that over. Might just be easier to use KBB Instant Offer or something like that if OP wants the "Trade in" experience (Not finding a private buyer) then give the cash to the son. Not sure of tax...
  11. Kokukenji

    Front and Rear End parking assist

    California, Nov delivery, can confirm that I didn't get this notice nor were notified during pickup. I was just active on the forum and had to physically check if there were sensors on the car...
  12. Kokukenji

    Why do people always park next to me?

    "VIP" curtains or sketchy curtains? lol
  13. Kokukenji

    Model Y Financing with Bank/Credit Union

    This. Normally, they will ask for the agreement which shows the total balance with the down payment (Some CU require a certain down payment) and there's instructions on where to pay.
  14. Kokukenji

    Why do people always park next to me?

    haha. I dodge trucks because there's no way they can hop off a big truck without having to swing the door all the way open. With vans because might be a whole circus inside, even if the door slides back, it'll likely come packed with strollers and bunch of randos. Then again, anything can...
  15. Kokukenji

    Is AWD worth it?

    Subjective BUT in a car where it's usually buy once, cry once (At least until you trade up, lol) get the trim that future you might want. If you're already debating it, that means some part of you is interested in the AWD feature. Given the price cut and money is NOT an issue, I would buy the...
  16. Kokukenji

    Why do people always park next to me?

    I've always been choosey when it comes down to what car I park next to. I avoid trucks and vans, lol.
  17. Kokukenji

    Tesla screwed us

    LOL, I see what you did there.
  18. Kokukenji

    The recent price drop

    Here's a good way to settle on your Tesla after purchasing. Simply don't get into another EV or higher end luxury car so you won't be able to compare. Do that for at least a year until the "newness" of the car wears off.
  19. Kokukenji

    Condensation in tail lights verdict??

    Got my rear right tailight replaced via mobile service. It wasn't just condensation, looking like it was somewhat chipped internally. Weird and they never saw it. First SA said it was within spec and keep an eye on it. When I had a mobile repair guy at the house for another issue, I had him...
  20. Kokukenji

    Tesla screwed us

    Sorry, unfortunately due to supply constraints, we can only send you the bill of the cap. The cap itself is coming soon.
  21. Kokukenji

    Clear Coat on RPMTesla Spoiler Flaking After 15 Months?

    I didn't even know they do install and removal. Personally, I would save the money and remove it myself. Watch some videos on how to. It should be pretty straightforward. Since you'll be stuck with the used spoiler, maybe you can post it on your local marketplace and see if someone wants to buy...
  22. Kokukenji

    Navigation volume keeps resetting?

    Sounds like overthinking from the development team, lol. I noticed the same and had to keep myself from changing volume when its happening as I'll forget on the next go.
  23. Kokukenji

    The only thing keeping me from upgrading to a newer Tesla is that we can't transfer FSD, anyone else?

    Maybe the answer is somewhere in the middle. Make FSD an account wide feature/license (Per car), so if you have 2 Tesla, you need at least 2 FSD licenses but what Tesla is not liable for is the hardware requirement. So you can have an FSD license but if you don't have a car that is compatible...
  24. Kokukenji

    which accessories to buy at order time vs after delivery?

    All weather floor mats for sure. Screen protector because you never know. I like the anti glare matte ones. Mud flaps. Storage container for glovebox since it's just a big void without them.
  25. Kokukenji

    How accurate is trade in value?

    What What number do you even call to talk to someone? Have you tried talking to them via the number that text you regarding your order information? Sometimes I get lucky and get a response rather quickly.
  26. Kokukenji

    Upset that Tesla screwed customers who took delivery in the last few months

    I don't know if I would blanket it that way. Those folks lost $. I'm on the boat for already came to terms, lol. Not even factoring depreciation because you are right, that's a factor if you are to trade in or sell your car. Just in cash (if you pay all cash) or the amount of money borrowed via...
  27. Kokukenji

    Buy Model 3 Now or Wait?

    I don't know that's a universal statements. Depending on the individual's circumstances, it might actually be a good time for them to buy simply because of the price point. Of course if one does not have the means and are in the red on everything else, an expensive new car should not be high on...
  28. Kokukenji

    Any happy camper here with the price cut?

    I got you, just keeping options open and depends on what comes out with the refresh Model 3. Also not going to put that much weight on what Elon has to say. He's smarter than me, for sure but not trying to play the jump, how high game with a billionaire, lol. Him and I have different problems...
  29. Kokukenji

    Annoyed? Just lower your "DCA" investment by buying another Tesla

    I think OP is just coping. I'm coping too, got the itches and all that currently.
  30. Kokukenji

    Clear Coat on RPMTesla Spoiler Flaking After 15 Months?

    I added some ceramic coating onto my aftermarket spoiler, we will see if it'll last, lol
  31. Kokukenji

    Upset that Tesla screwed customers who took delivery in the last few months

    I think you missed the point, lol.
  32. Kokukenji

    Discussion: Large price reduction Across Tesla vehicle family 1.12.2023

    Although I get your analogy, it's different. The way Tesla sells their cars (Direct) is unique. The way the pricing is advertised for all to see is also unique for a car company. Unfortunately there's nothing that it really compares to 1 to 1 until we see other auto manufacturer doing the same...
  33. Kokukenji

    Just received my new car without ultrasonic sensors

    I think that something will eventually happen to replace it. In terms of when and what, that's true, nobody knows unless you are working on it for Tesla. Even then, they might scrap whatever it is that's planned for something else. I mean, that's the gotcha with Tesla as a brand. They move...
  34. Kokukenji

    Any happy camper here with the price cut?

    This actually looks really nice. Thinking about picking this up as the daily driver (for work). I think the Prius Prime is going to cap out at $37K. Still not a Model 3 but it looks like it has a lot of nice features. Curious to see how it stacks up to the "updated" Model 3 that Tesla is working on.
  35. Kokukenji

    The recent price drop

    I think we can chalk up all of these posts to the following: THE price drop is good for new buyers and EV community as a whole (Makes other manu think twice before pricing their cars). THE price drop is not good for those that own a Tesla or have recently purchased one. The severity on how bad...
  36. Kokukenji

    Clear Coat on RPMTesla Spoiler Flaking After 15 Months?

    Have you tried reaching out to RPMTesla to see what they recommend and anything they can do to help solve the issue? They might not have warranty but they might have good insights.
  37. Kokukenji

    Upset that Tesla screwed customers who took delivery in the last few months

    Potentially offset with software upgrades, SC miles, upgrade options, etc. Lots of ways if they want to get creative but like most folks said, it's a business. It's just that Tesla's selling/business model is transparent for good/bad. Not a big issue with standard dealerships because we never...
  38. Kokukenji

    Brake pedal arm covers available? (not pedals)

    OOOO, we need to start dipping Teslas versus wrapping them.
  39. Kokukenji

    Poll: Who paid the highest MY

    I don't think you get to be a part of this cool, exclusive club of "Who paid the highest MY" with those incentives, lol.
  40. Kokukenji

    Poll: Who paid the highest MY

    This is like the biggest loser all over again. PASS!!!!!!!!!!! lol
  41. Kokukenji

    Upset that Tesla screwed customers who took delivery in the last few months

    I don't think so but someone else can chime in. Maybe tweeting Elon? lol. I'm sure the sales advisor are getting bombarded with hate mail (If I had to guess).
  42. Kokukenji

    Upset that Tesla screwed customers who took delivery in the last few months

    Lots of folks already aired their feedback. Some are okay, some are not. Not much can be done unfortunately. On the bright side, early December deliveries got a little bit of $ back.
  43. Kokukenji

    IRS weighs in on tax rebate, mostly bad news for Model Y

    Yeah, I see the same issue. Tesla has 4 models. Ford has a lot more and majority are still ICE vehicles. You can't scale one without descaling the other. Are they ready to do that? Same question as before and with their existing infrastructure, I don't think so, not yet. Toyota came out and...
  44. Kokukenji

    IRS weighs in on tax rebate, mostly bad news for Model Y

    Because Ford dealerships sells other cars. Dealerships are also not Ford direct so whatever Ford is doing is not always in sync with what their dealerships are doing. They can hide the couple of Mach E they have and sell to the highest offer by fabricating supply issue. It's not that out of...
  45. Kokukenji

    IRS weighs in on tax rebate, mostly bad news for Model Y

    For sure but that's if everything is perfect, which nothing is. It's great that you're able to move swiftly within the market but general pop is not as good as you.
  46. Kokukenji

    Discussion: Model 3 and Y price drop Jan 2023, Pricing Speculation etc

    I am not even going to self hurt anymore today, haha. I already went into the Tesla MY config this morning and see that I can get a whole ass MYP and still have money in the bank for other random goodies for my other hobbies.
  47. Kokukenji

    Discussion: Model 3 and Y price drop Jan 2023, Pricing Speculation etc

    That's another topic, haha. With the flooding here in CA. I can see insurance company increasing their rates due to whatever claims. If there's a business model that needs more pricing transparency, the insurance business should be it.

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