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  1. ERP

    DIY Standard Audio Speaker Upgrade and Enlarging the Fronts to 8"

    I've published the 3D model on GrabCAD, STL format. GrabCAD - CAD library The 8" speaker model is; Dayton Audio RS225P-4 8" Reference Paper Woofer 4 Ohm.
  2. ERP

    EM on Twitter: Easter egg to uncork full performance on P100DL?

    Gotta have more cowbell
  3. ERP

    Standard sound system - my only disappointment

    I also agree that the base system lacks quality in the mid and low range. I just upgraded my speakers and i'm much happier with the mid quality, but I feel a powered subwoofer is still needed. Upgrading the speakers is a DIY project, and not very difficulty. It just requires some literal cut and...
  4. ERP

    New Electric Vehicle to Complenent Your Tesla - Revolt on Kickstarter

    I stumbled across this amazingly fun looking electric vehicle the other day. If you have an electric car and an electric lawnmower, an electric paraglider is the next logical step. I'm hoping this campaign can reach its goal. REVOLT - Your revolutionary and affordable aircraft.
  5. ERP

    DIY Standard Audio Speaker Upgrade and Enlarging the Fronts to 8"

    The standard audio package on the Tesla isn't bad, but it is definitely not a high quality system. The sound is muddy, especially at higher volumes, and is lacking a low frequency punch. My goal was to see what type of improvement I could make by only upgrading the door speakers and leaving them...
  6. ERP

    Howto Access Tesla Diagnostic Port behind Infotainment

    Hint, it's from a movie
  7. ERP

    Bad behavior. Remember, we are Ambassadors.

    Shame on that driver, he needs to wash that car.
  8. ERP

    750 hp Model S on Pikes Peak

    You need to learn that in a race car with a 6 point harness and the driver wearing a Hans device, that the airbags add no protection. Because the driver isn't going to move far enough to contact them. Airbags are needed when the driver and passengers aren't fully restrained. The roll cage is...
  9. ERP

    750 hp Model S on Pikes Peak

    It just finished the race with a time of 11:48 with an average speed of 61 mph over the 12 mile coarse. That's a good time and it looks like the weather held up for the run. I wonder how much battery overheating affected the cars performance, it was hinted at in the video. Modified electrics are...
  10. ERP

    750 hp Model S on Pikes Peak

    The race is today and weather is currently fantastic. I hope it does well.
  11. ERP

    Newer P90DL makes 662 hp at the battery!!!

    A low density altitude is what's required to maximize ICE performance. But for our electrics you want a high density altitude. At Bandimere outside Denver, I've seen conditions put the number over 10k ft.
  12. ERP

    Battery Cooling

    Another small factor is that during braking on an ICE, the injectors shut off when the throttle closes. This stops new heat from being put into the engine for a short time. But on the Tesla, the motors become generators and convert mechanical energy back into electrical energy. Some heat is...
  13. ERP

    No brake llights above 136 kph (85 mph) while using regen braking

    The brake lights should not come one with regen at all. As a life long manual car driver I dislike this feature. I have always used engine braking to slow my cars, I don't need the brake lights when I bleed off some speed. I only need them for hard braking. The Tesla regen brake lights make the...
  14. ERP

    Firmware 7.1

    The problem is most pronounced on highway 24 climbing out of Colorado Springs to Woodland Park. It's a divided highway with two lanes in each direction. There are several miles of curvy canyon roads, but no switchbacks. The speed limit drops from 55 to 45 through this section. Autopilot does not...
  15. ERP

    Firmware 7.1

    I can't stand this feature of TACC. The car slows significantly more than necessary for curves (I personally would prefer no slowing at all). Driving at a 45 mph speed limit, the car will slow to 30 mph for a tight curve, causing a line of cars to bunch up behind me. The Tesla and the cars...
  16. ERP

    Ludicrous Upgrade Scheduling?

    Got the call yesterday from the Denver SC. They wanted to know if I could bring it in that afternoon, but I couldn't make that happen. Dropped it of this morning and got an 85 loaner. They expect it to be completed tomorrow afternoon, along with the 4G upgrade. They said they've done half a...
  17. ERP

    Would a D Model S make it up this hill?

    I remember that day too, one of my co-workers was stuck in that pile-up mess. Studded snow tires are the only thing that would work on that ice. I run Blizzaks on all my cars during the winter, and during those conditions I avoid hills. Those types of conditions are not uncommon in Colorado...
  18. ERP

    self made aero wheels

    Made a set of aero wheels last night while driving around my neighborhood. I was packing down the 18" of snow we got to make the street more passable. This car is an absolute boss in the snow with Blizzak tires.
  19. ERP

    Breckenridge advice

    Top up at the new supercharger in Colorado Springs, then drive up to Breck the back way. Highway 24 to 9 and over Hoosier pass into Breck from the South, it's a much prettier and quieter drive then taking 70. Also, try to exercise a bit before coming to the high 9,800 ft altitude. Drink lots of...
  20. ERP

    Auto sock traction study/test

    They sound completely dangerous on dry pavement. "Handling of the Sock vehicle was almost problem-free, but only within the range ofreasonable speeds..." "If the steering angle was built up fast and if high lateralacceleration was involved, the considerable differences in the friction values...
  21. ERP

    70D and Winter Performance/Range

    P85D, drove it from Colorado Springs to Breckenridge the back way, route 24 to 9. I drive this once or twice a month. There is some significant elevation gain. But during the summer I can make it round trip without charging in Breckenridge. This was the first cold weather trip up and the energy...
  22. ERP

    ICEing at SCs and how to handle it

    A good solution to ICEing is the Vulcan 812 Intruder II. Tesla should modify a small fleet of model S's and incorporate this lifting system onto the back of them. Then cruise the country clearing out ICE'd superchargers.
  23. ERP

    Carbon Fiber Rims

    This company has been advertising Tesla brake upgrades for some time. http://www.racingbrake.com/ Although it appears their carbon kit is still pre-order only. The stock rotors are very heavy, here are the numbers. Stock Rotors: 29.5 lbs front, 28 lbs rear, 115 lbs total Two Piece Rotors...
  24. ERP

    Carbon Fiber Rims

    Wiztecy - I've had the opposite experience with titanium wheel studs/nuts on my Elise. I have been using them for 3-4 years now, they have been very easy to work with and there has been no sticking issues, and I do not use anti-seize. But to be clear, I am using titanium studs and nuts, so the...
  25. ERP

    7.0 (2.7.77) to 7.0 (2.9.40)

    I hope the divide restriction is not required outside metropolitan areas. I regularly drive through Park County CO, the speed limit on this road is 65 mph. AP currently works great here.
  26. ERP

    P90D owners - anyone upset yet at the 10.9 and 20% faster to 155mph claims?

    Well, if the 1/4 mile test was done at 3600 ft; the correction factor for time is .9562 and for speed 1.0456. (source http://www.greatlakesdragaway.com/correctionfactors.html ) That makes 11.4 * 0.9562 = 10.9 and 117.2 * 1.0456 = 122.7 At least this 5% 'correction' is better than the 20%...
  27. ERP

    P90D owners - anyone upset yet at the 10.9 and 20% faster to 155mph claims?

    Actually there is, Tesla and Motor Trend are using a little known and obscure standard which allows for a 10 ft rollout. :rolleyes:
  28. ERP

    Performance of P85D with Ludicrous upgrade review

    First, I want to say thanks to everyone who is collecting and analyzing this data. But there is something about the OP's data set that bugs me. The improvement between P85D and P85D for 0-100 mph is a solid 1.0 seconds, 8.8 vs 7.8 (with warmed battery) But the 1/8 mile improvement is only 0.2...
  29. ERP

    Handling performance characteristics beyond acceleration. Whatagility

    The P85D understeers significantly when pushed. The power cut when the wheels are tuned is frustrating. But it hides its weight very well, it feels lighter than my 3800 lb AWD Saab Turbo X when thrown into a turn or going over rough roads. Great performance for a daily driver, but I would not...
  30. ERP

    Stop the Press! Tesla announces REAL HP numbers for P85D and P90L

    Hundreds of pages and months of posts have not been able to get an agreement on this question. The recent discussion, that 691 motor power matters when only 463 hp is available, is incorrect. Look at it from the other side, if the front motor was upgraded to the 470 motor, giving the car a...
  31. ERP

    Stop the Press! Tesla announces REAL HP numbers for P85D and P90L

    Go drive your P85D and you'll know, because that is what it has.
  32. ERP

    Stop the Press! Tesla announces REAL HP numbers for P85D and P90L

    Wow, this is completely wrong. Maybe you meant to put in an asterisk with the limitations that the car must have four doors and weight over 4500 lbs. You don't need 500 hp to beat a P85D in the 1/4 mile. A 410 hp Lotus Elise (361 whp) can do it; 11.47 sec at 123 mph, http://darksol.com/ Thus...
  33. ERP

    Extreme Winter Poll: Which tires are you using this winter?

    Blizzak LM-32 245/45/19 I've been using Blizzaks for years in Colorado as my winter tires on all my cars. I love them. I would never use studded tires unless I was ice racing. The roads are clear and dry more than they are snow covered in the winter, even in the mountains.
  34. ERP

    Detroit Electric

    I'm actually quite excited about this. While my P85D is significantly faster than my Elise in a straight line, the Elise is much more fun drive and a big part of that is learning to master the manual transmission. Even electric motors lose torque as rpm increases, a transmission will give better...
  35. ERP

    Sacramento Raceway, Wednesday 28 October, Let's TEST the newest software update

    Tesla actually dropped the price to $5,000 a few days ago. Its being discussed here: http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/56435-Did-Tesla-Change-this-Again-%28P85D-Ludicrous-Offer%29
  36. ERP

    Dragtimes P90D Ludicrous 0-60mph and 0-100mph video

    I believe MT recorded the data from testing a P90D. The driver in the photos looks like the author, who's bio is linked at the top of the article. The figure eight test data is not something you can copy and paste from another source. Its a MT test and I trust they ran it to collect the data...
  37. ERP

    Tires and wear... a little frustrated about it

    lol at the "extreme negative camber" comments. I've run -3 degrees on the rear of my Elise for years and never had tire wear like the OP. A few degrees of negative camber will increase inner wear slightly over outer wear, but it wont destroy the inside and leave thousands of miles of outside...
  38. ERP

    Tesla Model S P90DL confuses Audi Sydney's dyno machine

    These cars are dangerous on the dyno with regen. It's like hitting the brakes, which you never want to do since it makes the car try and launch off the dyno. You shouldn't take your foot completely of the accelerator at the end of the run. It needs just enough pedal to stay out of regen.
  39. ERP

    Dragtimes P90D Ludicrous 0-60mph and 0-100mph video

    I ran my P85D at Bandimere in Colorado. The track elevation is 5,800 ft, but the temperature and pressure that day put the altitude density at 8,500 ft. My times were inline with other P85Ds. The altitude did not appear to affect my 1/4 mile time or speed. I ran a 11.599 at 115.34 mph...
  40. ERP

    P90D Ludicrous 0-100 mph x 3 runs

    This statement seems obvious, but I fear there is more going on behind the scenes in the software. After my experience at the drag strip, I am speculating that the software is programmed to target a certain level of acceleration, not a specific power output. In most cases, power is the limiting...
  41. ERP

    Breckenridge advice

    There is a level 2 charger in front of the town hall in Breckenridge, but I've only used it once. Its faster to drive to the Silverthorne superchargers and charge there. I regularly drive my Tesla to our ski condo in Breck and charge off the outside 110v line, after ~24 hours I have enough...
  42. ERP

    Why The Car Industry Needs To Rethink The Dashboard User Interface Design

    Saab had this system for many years with their Night Panel button. It was designed to reduce interior light at night, all gauges would turn off and go dark unless the information was need. The speedometer was the only gauge that would always stay on. If the rpms approached redline the tach would...
  43. ERP

    P85D motor hp controversy starts also to show in U.S. media

    The S2 Elise only has 190 hp stock, and even less torque. Its the supercharged versions which produce mid 200's at the crank. And despite the car's decent handling, that low horsepower is very apparent on any track with a few long straight sections. If it is not a tight track, a 400+ hp cow can...
  44. ERP

    Fake Exhausts for an EV

    That is cheap Chinese car part spam, its all over ebay. They list every car model they can think of so it shows up in the searches. It is not a fake exhaust for an EV. You used to get around it by limiting the search to US market only. I am willing to bet that the part location is not...
  45. ERP

    Dragtimes P90D Ludicrous 0-60mph and 0-100mph video

    I don't believe we can make these standard assumptions about improving the PD drag strip times. I think the software has a lot more control over the cars performance than we understand. I base this on my recent trip to the drag strip with my P85D. I went to Bandimere in Denver Colorado, which is...
  46. ERP

    Carbon fiber Roadster side air vents

    +1 CarbonOne(John) also made a mess on the Lotus forum. I was fortunate enough to get one of his last parts before he disappeared.
  47. ERP

    P85D Ludicrous Pre-Order Upgrade Available 9/25/15

    The only thing in your post is a link back to the top of the thread. ??????
  48. ERP

    Synthetic vs. Conventional Motor Oil

    The one exception is when breaking in a freshly built engine. You want to use conventional dino oil for that. You need the rings to wear and bed in. And the second exception is when the car is leaking or burning oil. The conventional oil is cheaper for constant replacement. Don't ask how I...

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