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  1. X-pilot

    How to reset tire pressure after new tire

    I've changed the tire size and then back. That caused a message that the TPMS had been reset. You might try it. Good luck 🤞
  2. X-pilot

    Refresh X not showing option to open doors on phone app

    Mine (MX) looks like your top pic without the door arrows.
  3. X-pilot

    I need y’all’s help please

    So, here's a solution set for the ear problem. WWII German Stuka pilots intentionally ruptured their eardrums during WW2 to prevent air pressure issues. The Bajau people of the Pacific rupture their eardrums to facilitate diving and hunting at sea. Just kidding of course.
  4. X-pilot

    California DMV complaint over Tesla Autopilot/FSD

    To be meaningful, the data needs to be normalized. EG, crashes per 100K miles. Otherwise, the entity with the most cars the highest number
  5. X-pilot

    Steering vibration when changing lanes...

    May I assume you have turned off: Autopilot>Lane Departure Avoidance?
  6. X-pilot

    Thoughts on Yoke from Plaid owner

    I too was a USAF & commercial airline APD (airplane driver). Some stick time and most with a yoke. NOTE: I haven't driven a Tesla yoke. I never noticed using a yoke to be as uncomfortable as you believe it to be. Back in the old days they used to teach 10 & 2 o'clock positions for driving autos...
  7. X-pilot

    Discussion: Tesla Energy / Auto Customer Service

    1. I have not had issues getting my deposit money back in the past. 2. They removed the equipment in two days I have a somewhat similar Tesla experience. Equipment delivered Friday before installation on Tuesday. Crews (a PV crew & a Powewall crew) did show on time. PW crew started in garage...
  8. X-pilot

    Voice command "No connectivity"

    I had a similar issue. Tesla Service cleared a cache from the touchscreen and sent a gateway reset over the air that fixed my issue.
  9. X-pilot

    NHTSA Close to forcing recall of FSD after more crashes

    My question would be, "Where was the driver during the seconds before impact?"
  10. X-pilot

    Any solutions for refreshed X curb rash yet?

    There are plenty of videos of folks smoothing/filing the wheel & painting.
  11. X-pilot

    Any solutions for refreshed X curb rash yet?

    Try YouTube videos. There are rash guard kits & DIY solutions. I use AlloyGator, but there are others.
  12. X-pilot

    How much weight can the frunk support?

    Never load more than 300 lbs (136 kg) in the front trunk. Doing so can cause damage. This is a caution note from the Tesla MX manual.
  13. X-pilot

    Help please! Model X Glove box can't open

    Probably won't work but try the voice command something like "glove box open" & also check that you didn't set a pin for the glove box or valet mode.
  14. X-pilot

    12Volt battery, warranty or consumable?

    They replaced my 2019 MX battery about a year ago at no charge.
  15. X-pilot

    Tesla Model Y - Things You Should Know!

    Like most things, there is a video/app/formula for that. The formula is based around the tire pressure and the speed of the vehicle. Tire grooves & road grooves (like on some bridges/roads) help to move the water away. Please see:
  16. X-pilot

    FL Registration Question

    True. In my case I walked in with a plate and drove out with that plate on the car. Tesla processed the paperwork, and a corrected paperwork copy came in the mail from FL DMV. In my case I had renewed the plate prior to selling the "old" car, so slightly different from the original question...
  17. X-pilot

    504 Error

    Had the same problem. Cleared it by changing tire size & then changing back to original size.
  18. X-pilot

    FL Registration Question

    Just a thought, but you might try renewing it online.
  19. X-pilot


    Love the life jackets prose.
  20. X-pilot

    SolarEdge HD Wave SE10000H Failure - Tesla Repair Time Estimate

    I have one of each SE. The installer (Tesla) pointed at the one with the display and stated he'd be back in a year or two to replace it. So, one+ year down, still watching/waiting.
  21. X-pilot

    2018 Model X Key Fobs won't work

    Check the manual. Tells you where to place the fobs to enter & where to place the fobs to drive the car. You can download the manual online, in case you don't know or remember locations.
  22. X-pilot

    Writing a letter to my Representatives (USA)

    As noted above. State what you want them to do up front, explain the case/need/resolution they need to take, then restate the beginning action again in the closeout. Finish out with a thank you and looking forward to their response. Keep it simple and short so they understand. IMHO, they...
  23. X-pilot

    How much does Tesla service charge for a 12V Lithium battery?

    I'd say ask them. They replaced mine a couple of months ago under warranty and it was a standard battery, but I didn't ask about Lithium one.
  24. X-pilot

    New Battery - Tesla or Enphase?

    That is the current info I got from Tesla about 2 weeks ago.
  25. X-pilot

    New Battery - Tesla or Enphase?

    FYI, FYI, I have a Generac backup generator with my Tesla panels & PowerWalls.
  26. X-pilot

    2021.24.4 Issue

    Just downloaded last night. Did not have that issue or any other that I noticed on driving today.
  27. X-pilot

    Model X won't lock because it says FWD is open

    I think there is a FWD recalibration process in the manual. Perhaps it might solve the issue.
  28. X-pilot

    2500 miles in and now my tire has a puncture. Local Tire shop won’t touch it.

    Excellent rundown. I will add a caution due to a recent experience I had with plugging the tire myself. All prior plugs I have installed over many years have lasted the life of the tire. However, the one (on my MX) did not get a good seal (slower leak, but still leaked). So, what I found out is...
  29. X-pilot

    Shudder @ 90mph: Alignment already?

    I'm pretty sure he exceeded the flap speed limits. :cool:
  30. X-pilot

    Front windows roll up speed?

    Just an off the wall thought, but possibly it is safer for closing to be slower. Less crushed fingers, etc.???
  31. X-pilot

    Hacker daylight robbery from my Tesla account - beware!

    Get with your credit card folks to stop the charge.
  32. X-pilot

    Turning in car. How do I remove my information?

    RTFM. See latest MX version of manual. Erasing Personal Data You can erase all personal data (saved addresses, music favorites, HomeLink programming, etc.) and restore all customized settings to their factory defaults. This is useful when transferring ownership of Model X. Touch Controls >...
  33. X-pilot

    Am I not understanding the app?

    At the bottom of the screen shot you should see a "TO GRID" and the value of kWh for the month. It runs by calendar month & won't address your TOU issues. Also, some utilities have a monthly minimum charge. For example, I have a midmonth billing and a flat rate cost (no TOU). However, I have a...
  34. X-pilot

    FSD at stoplights

    Yes. The "nag" clock keeps running. Seems stupid to me, since you aren't moving, but... Perhaps one day they will stop the timer while sitting still.
  35. X-pilot

    automatic headlights, model X

    Yep! It is really more like an "auto-dim" feature, as you select hi-beam and it dims for oncoming traffic and then returns to hi. However, bright isn't enough for my eyes.
  36. X-pilot

    Wiki Selling TSLA Options - Be the House

    There is a little support around 652. Appears the probability of price being below 650 (ITM) is 20.26% with a delta of about -0.18. I might play one contract at 650, but would hold the other one off to see what happens. Just my opine.
  37. X-pilot

    My Tesla mudflap fell off. Where can I get additional pushpins?

    Amazon has a lot of options.
  38. X-pilot

    &^%$% Owner's Manual!

    Another option is to go on the web & download a PDF copy. View on any other type display/phone/pad/etc.
  39. X-pilot


    Summer is coming! :cool:
  40. X-pilot

    Florida solar utility liability insurance requirements

    Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I had $300K personal liability, so it was raised to $1 million. My homeowner insurance is bundled with autos, but is on a separate policy. Also, I have heard that some folks cancel the insurance option after turn on.
  41. X-pilot

    Refreshed Model X - No Air Suspension?

    MagLev suspension.
  42. X-pilot

    Late to the Party - Last Minute Retirement Planning

    2020 Instruction 1040 TAX AND EARNED INCOME CREDIT TABLES (irs.gov). Check page 15 (ln 16 on form) will take you to tax calculations greater than $518,400. Hope you need that level, as I don't. :-)
  43. X-pilot

    MX Key Fob Battery - 2354 or 2032??

    I have a MX 2019 & I used CR2354 as a replacement. Latest owner manual doesn't mention CR2032 or at least I can't find it. Got my replacement from Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003IDMLV2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  44. X-pilot

    Late to the Party - Last Minute Retirement Planning

    I'm confused about some of statements regarding the years (i.e. 2019 or 2020) The IRS 2020 tax tables are out. See 2020 Instruction 1040 TAX AND EARNED INCOME CREDIT TABLES (irs.gov) Also, when you get into the next higher tax rate, it ONLY apples to the marginal amount of money above the...
  45. X-pilot

    Full Self Driving Capability

    The single blue line is for FSD NOA (navigate on autopilot) feature. See if you have that choice in your autopilot section of the infotainment screen. Only functional on interstate highways at the current time.
  46. X-pilot

    Red Light Automatic Stopping... Which modes?

    Might I suggest reading the manual for a start? Search for traffic-aware cruise control or TACC.
  47. X-pilot

    2021 Model X Tire Pressure Display?

    RTFM. Can be displayed on either side (left/right) To choose what displays on the left side of the instrument panel, hold the scroll button briefly until the available options are displayed. Roll the scroll button to choose Empty, Car Status, Clock, Media, Energy, Trips, etc. When the option...
  48. X-pilot

    2021 Model X Tire Pressure Display?

    You also have to drive a short distance (~1 mi.) for the pressure reading to show. Not sure of the exact distance.

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