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  1. Nvbob

    FSD Beta 10.69

    And don't forget "Birds Aren't Real!"
  2. Nvbob

    How to remove passenger seat?

    We were having the same issue until my wife suggested we use a long spade drill bit with a hex end on it. I think it was a 1/2 or 3/8 inch long drill bit. The hex end fit the bolt exactly and we used pliers or a vise grip to turn the bit. Worked like a charm.
  3. Nvbob

    will paint chip on front sensor disable autosteer, cruise control, and auto emerg brake feature?

    We're on FSDb and for the past two or three weeks have had similar issues. While on FSD, we get a random red steering wheel "panic" and then the AEB/CC become disabled. They stay disabled even after a reboot. They re-enable after the car "rests" for a short period. We set up a SC visit and was...
  4. Nvbob

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    iPhone - Settings, Open Vehicles. Change it from "car chooses" to "Celsius".
  5. Nvbob

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    Wouldn't we use the command "cell setstate PoweredOff" instead of "Power cellular off" to turn the modem off? And use "cell setstate PoweredOn" to turn it on? The commands "PoweredOff" and "PoweredOn" are case sensitive, I believe.
  6. Nvbob

    Cooling cycle non-stop?

    Check your HVAC coolant to make sure it doesn't have a leak. I had the same problem (twice) where the coolant pump would continuously run preventing the car from "sleeping". The SC checked it and found leaks (both times) at the TVX valves (there are four I think - two at the battery box and two...
  7. Nvbob

    Ugh. Tesla Service takes another notch downhill.

    We have a little over 59k on our Roadie and we had her in last year for it's 10 year service. This is what they did and it took about a week: - Transmission (Gearbox) Fluid R/R - Vented Transmission Plug replace - Wiper Blade (as usual annually) - PEM & Motor Fans Clean - ESS Bleed Test...
  8. Nvbob

    Funniest Tesla Question Thread

    Remember the old "Drive Electric" PSAs?
  9. Nvbob

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    It took a couple of weeks for my 4G modem board to clear customs. Once it cleared it only took a day or so to get to me in Nevada.
  10. Nvbob

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    Part 2, OVMS 4 G Install, . . . Here's a photo of the OVMS main board, the 3G modem, and the 4G modem. Attach the 4G modem board noting the orientation of both the connector pins and the white corner (it lines up with the white triangle on the main board). Be careful not to bend any pins...
  11. Nvbob

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    I got the 4G modem from Fastech after about three and a half weeks (two and one half weeks in customs). Before starting installation, note the IMEI on the 4G chip to update the cell provider. Here's the tools I used. Connect to your OVMS module via your browser or through the app and...
  12. Nvbob

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    I do not believe the SIM determines 3G or 4G (please correct me if I am incorrect). I believe it's the modem in the OVMS module. I would suggest contacting Carl Medlock (@CM_007) to see if he has any in stock. I have purchased one from Fastech in China and it's on the way to me (probably stuck...
  13. Nvbob

    Average age of Model 3 owners?

    70's. Been there and done that, got the Tesla t-shirts, ball caps, jackets, and Roadster. Yee-Ha! Hey you kids, get offa my lawn!!
  14. Nvbob

    Reno Members

    We are just an hour south.
  15. Nvbob

    New Car Wash Mode Not Working

    Tried out CWM on my M3 yesterday. As per the updated manual, I added the required water, wash cloth, car "shampoo", grease from my elbows, and buckets. After about an hour, my car magically went from nasty to spotless!
  16. Nvbob

    Odometer screen fades in sunlight

    Yes, this is normal.
  17. Nvbob

    Old gen 1 wall charger

    We have a gen 1 wall charger that we use for our 3 and we have had no issues at all.
  18. Nvbob

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    I am on OVMS V2 - With the car plugged in, in OVMS messages, I type (without the quotes) "charge cooldown".
  19. Nvbob

    OVMS v3.1 install

    With the car plugged in, in OVMS messages, I type (without the quotes) "charge cooldown".
  20. Nvbob

    Mattel announces a Hot Wheels-branded remote-controlled Tesla Cybertruck

    We got our CyberTrucks this past week!
  21. Nvbob

    2020 M3 LR AWD (priced to sell)

    Links do not work. Caution advised?
  22. Nvbob


    I apologize for the "disagree", click was inadvertently done. Darn fat fingers!
  23. Nvbob

    Longest Tesla Parade

    Only one Roadster?
  24. Nvbob

    HPWC 1st Generation

    There are other differences between Gen 1 & 2 HPWCs. I have a Gen 1 for our ☰ and a Gen 2 for our Roadie. Both work flawlessly on 50A breakers. The Gen 1 charging amperage is set with DIP switches and the Gen 2 is set with a hexadecimal dial and two DIP switches (switch 2 in the down position is...
  25. Nvbob

    M3 Dimensions for garage layout?

    Model 3 Owners manual Page 186
  26. Nvbob

    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    Waypoints would probably do the same but, what I am inquiring about is somehow changing the car's preferred route to one I would rather follow. For an example, we have this one restaurant and when we enter it in as a destination (we are on 44.15) the navigation routes us through a very busy and...
  27. Nvbob

    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    One question I have for those with the FSD beta (and I did not go through all 21 pages of this thread so I apologize if it's been asked previously). If I set a destination but I want a different route than what the car choses, can the route be changed to my preferred one? Thanks for any response!
  28. Nvbob

    Request for desires

    Phasers or at least short range photon torpedos
  29. Nvbob

    direction indicator sound

    @DerbyDave - this is a Roadster forum. We don't have no "Joe Mode".
  30. Nvbob


    Yup, HW3.
  31. Nvbob


    Just got this update. We haven't had chance to test it.
  32. Nvbob

    Roadster 2.x TPMS Tool

    I'm glad @markwj is picking this up. Let's see what you both find. Dumb question - could your JdeMo modification have any effect on this TPMS issue?
  33. Nvbob

    Roadster 2.x TPMS Tool

    ok, my thoughts 1. Car can read temps from sensors. - yes 2. OVMS reads temps from sensors - yes 3. OVMS TPMS "read" command does NOT return sensor id's (ignition on) - yes Possible solution (?) - go to tire shop and have them use their TPMS scan tool to read the sensor id's and enter them...
  34. Nvbob

    Roadster 2.x TPMS Tool

    It depends on how much you will use it and how much you want to spend. Fluke are real nice but if it's going to sit in the toolbox after being used once, . . . I picked up an inexpensive one at Harbor Freight or Walmart and it works just fine. It sounds a tone on continuity.
  35. Nvbob

    Model 3 long range vs other premium sports sedans

    PM Sent! bob
  36. Nvbob

    Roadster 2.x TPMS Tool

    @Roadster Your soldering looks ok to me but I would do continuity checks from the db9 pin#1 to the da26 pin#21, 20, & 22 just to make sure that nothing got crossed. Also, what's the mfg date on your OVMS (before or after July 2018 - before requires the jumper)? Are the switches set - SW1 set to...
  37. Nvbob

    Roadster 2.x TPMS Tool

    Turn the key to the "on" position (so the instrument panel lights are on) and then try your read command. If it comes back with the same result, . . . @markwj would need to assist. I get the same Error when I do a "tpms read" with the key in the "off" position. With it "on" the read command...
  38. Nvbob

    Roadster 2.x TPMS Tool

    Before soldering I noticed the surface of the OVMS module was "shiny" due to the clear surface applied to it. I took a very small piece of 330 grit sandpaper and removed the clear coating on the connectors. I then referred to @Roadster's link to soldering to make sure there were no issues. I...
  39. Nvbob

    Roadster 2.x TPMS Tool

    @markwj - We received the TPMS board last week and installed/configured it today. Our OVMS did require a jumper. Installation was fairly straight forward with your instructions. We verified it's operation with the "TPMS read" command. Everything works! Thanks again!!
  40. Nvbob

    Error codes: 104 1144 922 923

    @nicky _cwt are there any other Roadster owners in Hong Kong that can assist you with replacing the connectors or the harness? The last time you had your car serviced for it's annual PEM cleaning, did the tech check the connectors for issues? If there was no evidence of burnt pins then you...
  41. Nvbob

    Error codes: 104 1144 922 923

    @nicky _cwt, I continued to have issues with the fan side connectors so I just rebuilt the entire harness from the PEM to the fan connector. Luckily, I have skinny arms and was able to reach the PEM side connector without removing the PEM. I would suggest reading the thread (the entire thing)...
  42. Nvbob

    Roadster 2.x TPMS Tool

    Thanks Mark! It's up on Fasttech already. Looking forward to using this!! Thanks again to all who made this happen!!
  43. Nvbob

    Speedometer LCD fault

    the LCD will "fade" when left in the direct sunlight or heat but will return a little later. At least mine does.
  44. Nvbob

    Roadster 2.x TPMS Tool

    Count us in & also let us know what the "donation" will be.
  45. Nvbob

    Trip from SF to NY

    Last March (2019), we drove our 3 from Carson City, Nv. to Vero Beach, Fl and back (~6500 miles). We used evtripplanner, plugshare, and the car's navigation. We took our time, stayed at hotels with free charging or proximal to superchargers. We had no "range anxiety" and had no issues. My one...
  46. Nvbob

    How Many Roadsters are Left?

    Our little Roadie is alive & well! Just got back from her annual checkup. #1256
  47. Nvbob

    Caution - Annual Service - Car power-down - GPS issue

    Steve - PM sent. From the service invoice: "Concern: The customer authorized diagnostic for date and time reset/malfunction Confirmed the concern. Date and time are wrong due to GPS roll over in April 2019. This was a global impact and should be addressed through an update in the future. No...
  48. Nvbob

    Bad Guy Locked in M3. BS?

    They needed the Magnavolt theft deterrent system!
  49. Nvbob

    Caution - Annual Service - Car power-down - GPS issue

    The tech did not mention any cost so my "assumption" would be there is a cost (especially on a ten or more year old car).

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