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  1. lg_golfs

    More Model 3 changes and leasing now available

    I used this same idea when I got my S. Part of what goes into the calculation is obviously an enjoyment factor, etc. I would also suggest you keep in mind electricity costs. I have noticed a sharp, obvious drop in my bills since leaving EV. My gas costs is minimal right now. I simply do not...
  2. lg_golfs

    More Model 3 changes and leasing now available

    While the Tesla website showed $4150 down and $699 a month when I called Tesla and added my zip code and talked to a human it became about $6K down $780 a month. Three year lease LR 12K Miles a year on a 51K car. We all have our personal mental limits and while that is something I can pull the...
  3. lg_golfs

    More Model 3 changes and leasing now available

    I hope everyone has been well! It looks like my day might be happily whacked. Will plead guilty to not reading a single post in this thread (yet) and simply showing up to say woo hoo. The majority of my posts before this one was lamenting about the lack of a Model 3 Lease but understanding...
  4. lg_golfs

    Tesla Now Accepts 3rd Party Leasing on Model 3??

    Sorry if this has already been posted. I dug around and could not find it. I called Tesla today out of curiosity to see if there was any new Model 3 leasing news. I was informed that as of two weeks ago Tesla is accepting 3rd party leasing on the Model 3. This is completely different than...
  5. lg_golfs

    Elon says AWD and Perf orders start at end of next week!

    Got my AWD drive invite Wednesday. Will wait a few months to see if any more information released about when they might start leasing the 3. With my currently extended lease expiring late November I might be caught in a few month gap.
  6. lg_golfs

    Updated autopilot sucks!

    Usually, I side and find myself with the majority here and will place on a flak jacket now. I consider myself a cautious driver. I usually only use AP when on the way to my moms which is a Freeway drive I know well. I also use it sometimes in stop and go freeway traffic. When I do use AP...
  7. lg_golfs

    Model S - Insurance rates?

    My S just turned 3 and its insurance rates went up 30% this year. My insurance blamed the California fires this year which I do believe is not legal. You can always call your insurance before you get the car. Most of them are able to give you base quotes before you purchase the car.
  8. lg_golfs

    So who actually has configured their P or AWD?

    Owner Registered Online 12/26/17 when I heard there was a 300+ range battery Toggled that I am waiting on AWD and Lease. earliestInviteDate":"2018-06-20T00:00:00 They will still not have leases available, so, I will stay low maintenance grumpy for a bit and hope they change their mind before...
  9. lg_golfs

    Has ANYONE been able to complete a M3Dual order?

    Apologies if this has been answered already. I am still on page 3 of the thread. I was able to without issue extend my lease by 6 months with USBank. Had to fill out something and fax it. Oddly, my monthly is now a bit smaller and I was told I can turn in the car anytime within the next 6...
  10. lg_golfs

    Did Tesla just kill the Model S 75D?

    Also let's not currently forget how long it will take for some people to be able to order the P3 where is the 75 is available now.
  11. lg_golfs

    Did Tesla just kill the Model S 75D?

    No lease on the 3 for now. The 75D will be my go to if there is no announced change in those plans when my 70D lease is up in November. It's almost the same monthly cost and makes more sense for me business wise.
  12. lg_golfs

    Theres no other 70d on ev-cpo other than the 1 i ordered.. why?

    My 70D is just about to turn 3 on May 22nd. I was one of the first ones to order one, so, there simply might not be as many getting out of a lease, etc. Now, if you can wait until November 22 (I extended the lease 6 months) and my fortune continue with the car I will post it here online for...
  13. lg_golfs

    Elon says AWD and Perf orders start at end of next week!

    Watching this thread tonight should be much more entertaining than working on a presentation. Than, again, almost anything is :)
  14. lg_golfs

    Elon says AWD and Perf orders start at end of next week!

    I am in the boat that I think I will be "forced" to keep in an S. I wanted the lower price point and I was really looking forward to a smaller car. Want the D Want a Lease. I am simply too needy for this car :) My 70D turns 3 next week. I extended the lease for 6 months in hopes leasing...
  15. lg_golfs

    Financing through USAA

    I just got my USAA auto insurance renewal and it went up a crazy 30%. They blamed the wildfires. It's still cheaper than others, but, ouch. Yep. I know it's a thread drift. Apologies.
  16. lg_golfs

    Elon says AWD and Perf orders start at end of next week!

    Exciting news and looking forward to watching things unfold. Congratulations to all of the soon to be order-ers My S lease is up next week. Its woefully under miles and wanting a 3 I extended my lease 6 months waiting for the D. Then just read Tesla is not planning to lease out the 3 in 2018...
  17. lg_golfs

    Model 3 on display in various SoCal starting today

    Saw one parked last night at the Performing Arts Center in OC and wanted to scamper to it but did not want to look like "that person". I live close to the 909 border and have seen half a dozen or so of different colors during my errands, etc. vs my time in OC, LA, etc. Now, if I could see an...
  18. lg_golfs

    Here it is the new Tesla Maps ( coming this weekend? )

    I have not been on the boards as much (darn life stuff) My car was updated Thursday. On WiFi. It basically listed the only change as being able to open the trunk from within the car or something along that. Not enough for me to really pay attention. Then I was at my mom's house on Saturday...
  19. lg_golfs

    Wait for AWD?

    So Cal. Holding out on AWD. Hit sideways flowing water on a quick fast hard rain on the 15 on a curve once and watched all the cars around me except for a Benz spin and crash. Such a small amount of water but caused so much damage. I was spooked for a week and while I am not sure my hunch is...
  20. lg_golfs

    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    No leasing right now. Another reason why a defer is an easy choice for me right now.
  21. lg_golfs

    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    Yeah. I was in a situation on the way to Vegas where my AWD saved me from something bad. Also, I would like to lease. I also extended my current Tesla lease 6 months, so, I can wait it out a bit. But, agree wish we could get more content.
  22. lg_golfs

    Wiki Model 3 delivery estimator

    Reserved 12/26/17 Invited to configure today Southern California Owner. Holding off on AWD which yesterday was listed as late 2018 and is now listed as mid 2018
  23. lg_golfs

    Tesla owner configurations begin

    Reserved 12/26/17 Southern California Tesla Owner. Invited today to configure. Holding off for AWD (which has moved from late 2018 to Mid 2018) and a lease option.
  24. lg_golfs

    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    I reserved mine on a whim Dec 26th 2017. Was invited to order mine today with a 3-6 week delivery window. Holding out for AWD. Planning to get all of the available options as well and extended battery. On the AWD front, I went from Late 2018 to Mid 2018.
  25. lg_golfs

    The All-Important Golf Clubs Question ... Answered

    THANK YOU! And, hot damn! Now if I can handle no dash I will be a happy kid.
  26. lg_golfs

    The All-Important Golf Clubs Question ... Answered

    Pics please! Granted I am a year out, but, would love to know my Titleist carry bag can fit across the trunk of a 3. Thanks!
  27. lg_golfs

    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    Am I missing a spot to mention if your preference is AWD or not? That might be an interesting search variable to add. That and the performance model. But! What do I know. I just showed up again a few days ago after a long break from here :)
  28. lg_golfs

    Estimated delivery for Model 3 -- current X owner CA resident

    All three options show late 2018. I will let you know if it moves up. I will be checking the dates for sure. However. I am waiting on the AW. I am brand new to this. I had no plans of putting my name down for a 3. I thought my lease would be up way before I could get a 3. Then my CA Tesla...
  29. lg_golfs

    Estimated delivery for Model 3 -- current X owner CA resident

    Not an X owner here, but, an S owner. Put my reservation in today (12/27) and it shows late 2018. I am in Southern California.
  30. lg_golfs

    Supercharger - Calabasas, CA - Commons Way (LIVE 12 May 2022, 20 V3 stalls)

    Just going on the record and saying when I get all giddy about my local supercharger its because once a month or so like a dork I forget to plug in my car. Sometimes it's the day of my 75 mile drive to my mom. Any local charging will be done early in the morning and with regret :) Said charger...
  31. lg_golfs

    Supercharger - Palm Desert (permit not found, exact location not known)

    Impatiently waiting for this Supercharger. Would allow me to get to PS golf, charge and come home without Cabazon. Right now Cabazon is horrible with holiday shopping traffic.
  32. lg_golfs

    Superchargers in Southern California (location speculation)

    Ha! Nope. But I used to hear them all of the time when I lived in Arcadia.
  33. lg_golfs

    Superchargers in Southern California (location speculation)

    A little birdie (not saying it was correct but it seems quite educated) told me that the San Dimas Supercharger will be going into the Costco Center which is right on the San Dimas / Glendora border. Lots of food, etc. However parking can sometimes be a little packed there. Will be curious to...
  34. lg_golfs

    Supercharger - Yermo, CA (LIVE 21 Nov 2017, 18 V2 Stalls)

    I think it is interesting that these two stops (Baker / Yermo) will be shared with gas stations. I think there will be a lot of window shopping, questions, education, etc. The weather was not on my side when I made the trip up to Vegas last week. However. Eddie's World is right next to the...
  35. lg_golfs

    Supercharger - Yermo, CA (LIVE 21 Nov 2017, 18 V2 Stalls)

    Yermo is now completely fenced off. Got a kick out of the fact they were literally putting the cherry on top of the giant ice cream soda when I was driving by.
  36. lg_golfs

    Supercharger - Baker, CA (40 V2 stalls)

    Hello from the Barstow Supercharger. Apologies for the quality of the photos from Baker. Stopped by today on my way home from Vegas. More than happy to try to explain things more once I get home. Large square to the side of the DQ and then some trenching across a first road behind the DQ...
  37. lg_golfs

    Superchargers in Southern California (location speculation)

    Wow! Had to chuckle when I saw San Dimas pop up. I am sadly still living in a San Dimas hotel since my house flooded in June. Wonder if it is indeed the hotel that said Tesla approached him last year to possibly use the back of his parking lot. Charging has been a pain living in a hotel. I...
  38. lg_golfs

    Superchargers in Southern California (location speculation)

    While a dated story I found it interesting. My house flooded 6 weeks ago and since that time I have been staying at a hotel in San Dimas. I so wish we had local charging. I have to plan and head out to RC. There are some standard chargers about a miles walk from the hotel, but, do not like...
  39. lg_golfs

    Another Insurance Query specific to Southern California folks

    I was with AAA for ages. Always good rates, but, it spiked big time when I requested a quote for my Tesla. Someone suggested USAA. Glad they did. Not sure if you qualify, but, I now pay less than I did and also have twice the coverage I had with my Audi and after a year of their customer...
  40. lg_golfs

    Memorial Day and heading back from Palm Springs. Done it?

    Dandy! I was the only car in the Cabazon Supercharger at 6:15 am so I took the opportunity to charge to 100% I then left Rancho Mirage at 2:30 pm and there was a bad accident on the 10. The GPS actually put me on Highway 74 (Palms to Pines Highway) which I have never been on before and really...
  41. lg_golfs

    Supercharger - Cabazon, CA (16 V2 stalls)

    Two portable chargers containing two chargers each were added to Cabazon since I was here last week. My guess for the holiday weekend
  42. lg_golfs

    Who Is Offering The Best Insurance Rates?

    I went from an Audi A5 to a 70D. I was with AAA and they wanted 3x more insurance wise for the Tesla vs the Audi. I qualify for USAA and if you do as well I highly recommend you look into them. I am paying less for my Tesla with USAA than I was with my A5 with AAA. I also have double the...
  43. lg_golfs

    Memorial Day and heading back from Palm Springs. Done it?

    Hey folks Happy Memorial day and more importantly my appreciation and respect for the people and their families for their sacrifice. I would normally stay close to home on a get home travel day, but, my friends have invited me to some nice Palm Springs golf. I know we now have live status as...
  44. lg_golfs

    Superchargers in Southern California (location speculation)

    Any interest in making threads to speculate the locations? Happy to see the expansion but will be pleasantly surprised if even a chunk of this happens in 2017. Self centeredly the list addresses a lot of my charging issues. Pomona is close to home and will be nice to have on those days I...
  45. lg_golfs

    Improving Supercharger Availability $0.40 idle fee

    I still have a few pages to plow through on this thread but I will comment now (I know not the best etiquette). I have been quite MIA from the board and one of the reasons was the health of my dad. He passed last week and by the time I got near my moms on the day he passed I had 15 miles on...
  46. lg_golfs

    Tesla Weekend Social

    Brea here on Sunday as well. Will be bringing another forum member as a guest.
  47. lg_golfs

    IFTTT and Model S

    I bought the HUE light bulbs and pestered the snot out of Numerous to fix this script. After a month or so. I gave up. If someone gets it to work, please let me know. I still to this day forget to plug my car in more often than I would like to admit.
  48. lg_golfs

    Firmware 7.1

    Just for the record....... She :smile:
  49. lg_golfs

    Firmware 7.1

    I am usually a good little cookie with putting content into the tracker, but, I am bypassing this one. I was out of town all week. Was surprised to never see the software update on my phone even when Southern California was saying they were getting the update. Got into the car for the first...

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