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  1. davedavedave

    Auto park curbed my rims!

    I have the 2" wheels, and they stick out past the tires. I also curbed mine :(
  2. davedavedave

    Model Y VIN ending in 01xx...ok to take delivery ?

    Mine is supposed to be here within 12 minutes... not holding my breath, but it's great to hear that the low VINs are just fine. Mine is a 0024XX VIN, and I'm a little nervous about that range based on some other Y's with issues that I've seen posted here. Finger crossed!
  3. davedavedave

    Northern Virginia Model Y started

    Yep - Tyco did the double sided tape thing when I picked up my Model 3 2 years ago. It’s a really great shop and they’ll treat you fine... especially if you’re cool with them. FWIW, I’ve seen a few self-important Tesla owners act like jerk to Tesla staff, and heard incredible stories about...
  4. davedavedave

    Northern Virginia Model Y started

    Interesting... I just got the call today, and car is being dropped off from TyCo tomorrow, assuming my bank can print the check for pickup in time. FYSA, y'all... I was a day 1 reserve holder, but changed my wheels to the 20 inches just yesterday... and got the call today! Good luck and...
  5. davedavedave

    Northern Virginia Model Y started

    I didn't see one, but there could have been one hiding. Peering into the big dark garage with several dozens of different models, I counted 5, but I couldn't see their wheels.
  6. davedavedave

    Northern Virginia Model Y started

    Out of curiosity, I popped by Tyco today. w00t - I spotted 9 Model Ys, and there may have been more that I couldn't see in the garage. I saw some blue, white and one Midnight Silver Metallic, and there were a variety of performance and AWD in each color. I snapped a few pics of the config...
  7. davedavedave

    How’s the sound system in Model Y?

    It would also add an awkward weight to the hatch. Also, it's be near impossible to tune it in that enclosure.
  8. davedavedave

    Tesla Y Pictures - Interior and Exterior

    It just occurred to me that the speakers in the hatch would make for awesome tailgating music!
  9. davedavedave

    What is the most reliable android phone with Tesla Model 3?

    OT: iPhone 11 Pro FTW </ducking> ;)
  10. davedavedave

    3/Y size comparison (gif)

    Was just about to click thumbs-down, because I feel differently, but hey, we all have different opinions. I wish they’d rename it something other than “disagree” , because I can’t disagree that you think what you think :)
  11. davedavedave

    When will Tesla offer in-car review of Sentry Cam footage?

    Excellent advice, of course. I'd doubt that VOIPNinja isn't "doin' it right", as they say, what with his avatar's name and all ;)
  12. davedavedave

    EAP and FSD: how and when will their paths diverge.

    The paid upgrade to FSD includes the HW3 board for HW2.5 cars.
  13. davedavedave

    Anyone planning to lift the Y, add big tires?

    I’m concerned about the speedometer offset and it’s impact on autopilot and with range calculations. I wouldn’t do it to a daily driver at all.
  14. davedavedave

    Trunk separator?

    Me too. My 70 pound Mesa Boogie guitar amp would slide around the carpeted area in the trunk, but not with that mat in place.
  15. davedavedave

    Red Model Y at shareholder's meeting

    Not picking on you at all @glide, but I wish folks would just call it "black trim" instead of chrome-delete. No one ever the standard trim on all the Corollas and Ford Fusions out there"chrome-delete" ... ;) Jus'sayin
  16. davedavedave

    Red Model Y at shareholder's meeting

    Found this on the other most recent thread: Model Y Tire Size? Michelin 255/40 X 20
  17. davedavedave

    Smart Summon 2019.20.0.1

  18. davedavedave

    I'm scared now! Selling Stocks.

    Meh.. you can ride the volatility both ways. I don’t have the stomach to short, and there’s nothing wrong with it. That said, I too despise the notion of FUDster manipulation. I’ve bought and sold more than enough to cover my 3 and my current unrealized losses of ... [email protected]$320. I don’t...
  19. davedavedave

    Tesla On Autopilot Slams Into Stalled Car

    I generally agree with you. While I certainly don't know the ins and outs of how Tesla magic works, multi-layer neural networks nowhere near as simple as you've suggested. There aren't that many specs on their neural network at all, aren't Training them results in multitudes of weightings...
  20. davedavedave

    Tesla On Autopilot Slams Into Stalled Car

    I immediately thought there was something fishy about this guy, and some quick googling confirmed it. From his Forbes bio: " Author of over 30 books..." But only one book on Amazon? https://www.amazon.com/Lance-B.-Eliot/e/B001KCRU8M?ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vu00_taft_p1_i0
  21. davedavedave

    Tesla On Autopilot Slams Into Stalled Car

    I couldn't agree more! "...Tesla ought to be using LIDAR, a mash-up of light and radar that is a sensory device..." - huh? No, it's not. "There is also a chance that the human driver might have assumed that the Autopilot was going to aid in the driving...". No, not according to the article...
  22. davedavedave

    Tesla Model Y goes on display outside of its Fremont seat factory

    In the video that @rembaz linked, you can see that they're 20"s on the sidewall around 1:11.
  23. davedavedave

    Tesla Model Y goes on display outside of its Fremont seat factory

    I would LOVE if someone could try to figure out the exact height of the Model 3 next time it's caught on camera. I'm fixated on how determining how tall it is - I've seen estimates ranging from 4" to 8" taller than the Model Y, and not knowing is driving me nuts! I'd love some information with...
  24. davedavedave

    Whoa! Come on tesla!

    True - but the vector here would be to spoof Tesla's service endpoints that the app talks too and use a MITM proxy. Luckily, all this is mitigated by a lot of clever handshaking between the App, Tesla's services, and the car. (see this: I decompiled the Tesla Android app and poked around a bit...
  25. davedavedave

    Whoa! Come on tesla!

  26. davedavedave

    Why is TMC censoring my text?

    Because this: Terms of Service
  27. davedavedave

    How good is RWD in the winter

    Yep - it's the law in Quebec (expat Quebecer here!). @Samnas76 - I think you're fine with RWD, but voted for AWD just for the fun factor! I used to have an old stick-shift RWD BMW 320i - it was so much fun to drive in Quebec and Ontario in the snow. The LR Model 3 is that times 10, and 10...
  28. davedavedave

    Possible safety issue with Model 3 for tall people

    Is this really an issue given that the airbags would deploy?
  29. davedavedave

    2019.8.3 — still no range boost?

    AFAICT from the release notes, 2019.8.5 provides the range boost along with the power boost in the release notes.
  30. davedavedave

    Model 3 Software Update 2019.9.x

    When I had my headlight replaced via mobile service, the tech told me that the only way they calibrate the turn-signal blinker speed was by pushing an update, and they specifically did *not* update the car first because they'd just have to do it again. Sounded wonky to be, but I watched them...
  31. davedavedave

    Video from test ride in Model Y

    I thought I'd seen them all - thanks for posting!
  32. davedavedave

    The many colors of Midnight Silver

    I've got an LR MSM/Black Interior/Aeros. Zero regrets!
  33. davedavedave

    Disappointing roll-out

    same here - it starts at 0:00...
  34. davedavedave

    Loving the 3, awaiting the Y.

    Loving the 3, awaiting the Y.
  35. davedavedave

    Model Y Cargo Space (poll)

    Well, looks like we all underestimated. 66 cubic feet! Source: Model Y | Tesla
  36. davedavedave

    Model 3 SR+ barely less efficient overall than #1 Hyundai Ioniq EV

    Read the last line of his post, "Dud"! :-P
  37. davedavedave

    Feedback from BMW or other premium brand converts?

    Well, there's this: "~6 months before it is in all new production cars. No change to sensors. This is simple replacement of the Autopilot computer. Will be done free of charge for those who ordered full self-driving." I would just listen to your wife and buy it now :). Even though I really...
  38. davedavedave

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Could be that OP takes road trips to where they're needed. I'd rather take the bus than drive a single snowy mile with summer tires.
  39. davedavedave

    Lets hope Tesla doesn't go bankrupt with 35K model 3

    With respect to margins, shutting down facilities and layoffs always amount to one-time write-downs that will hurt profitability short term. I'm betting (i.e., go TSLA!) that the following quarter will show huge upticks without all the overhead of the stores and an optimized sales and delivery...
  40. davedavedave

    PSA: Please don't expect any FSD features this year, or even early next year, really

    I was really trying to follow, but then you *really* lost me at 55% ;)
  41. davedavedave

    3D Maxpider Kagu Mats for Model 3

    s Also interested in this.
  42. davedavedave

    Sentry Mode

  43. davedavedave

    Tesla Model 3 Performance value at CarMax - appraisal lower than expected!

    Pardon me sir, but I do think you're overextending yourself financially. Correcting that is a good thing, and I hope you get $$$ for it.... BTW, Envious, as I'm a cheapskate and only have a good ol' LR Model 3.
  44. davedavedave

    How effective has Sentry Mode been?

    Yep, and with Siri or Ok Google support!
  45. davedavedave

    Defective battery, Rude Service Center - Lemon Law time

    My supercharging experience looks like the red-line on the graph - sometimes better, and I most definitely have seen >100Kw with over 50% SOC. From what you're saying I believe that you're misreading that chart, because it also shows the curve dipping below 100kh somewhere between 50% and 60%...
  46. davedavedave

    Front Collision TESLA Model 3. Repair and Troubleshooting Help Needed.

    Hmm - couple of ideas. * Assuming you're charging with included mobile connector, make sure that you're using a 220VAC or 240V plug and adapter. I'm pretty sure that you'll never get off the proverbial "ground" charging with 110VAC and a 0% SOC pack. * You may be S.O.L. if any temp sensors...
  47. davedavedave

    Sentry Mode

    LTE bandwidth consumption would still be a cost factor.
  48. davedavedave

    Extended warranty? I can't believe it. What did he just say?

    I'm confused. If I understand correctly, you are currently in-warranty, and you've spent over $5800 on service - which to me implies that these services would not be covered by an extended warranty either. So are you planning to spend money on service as well as for the extended warranty...

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