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  1. ElectricAvenue

    The reason 7 seats are now coming to the Y

    I am also looking forward to see how they do it because it looks really really cramped back there and I don't think they'll release a 3rd row that's not practical. The slope of the rear roof suggests the heads of the rear occupants can only be adjacent to the heads of the 2nd row occupants...
  2. ElectricAvenue

    The reason 7 seats are now coming to the Y

    I think the reason why the 7 seater model Y is going to start production next month is because the single rear stamping design is probably ready for production at Freemont and with that design it will free up a little more rear interior room for the 3rd seat occupants!
  3. ElectricAvenue

    Driving in reverse makes GPS position wrong

    Same problem here when backing up and GPS gets off track for about 10 mins. Model S 2013 Noticed the problem about a year after purchase. Waiting patiently for a fix.
  4. ElectricAvenue

    Bluetooth audio - sometimes no sound

    I have had the same problem with my 2013 MS for the last 2-3 weeks. Got an update this morning but did not help. Reboot of main screen does not help. reboot of iphone 7 does not help disconnect BT and reconnect does not help.
  5. ElectricAvenue

    Calendar not syncing on iPhone

    For some reason my Calendar on my iPhone is not syncing with the car. It was working fine before, I have checked all settings and they look good. I am getting the message "Enable calendar access" Any advice?
  6. ElectricAvenue

    If Apple ends up producing an autonomous vehicle, will it have Windows?

    EinSV, Great comment, I like it! If Ford can run Explorer I'm sure Apple can have Chrome;-)
  7. ElectricAvenue

    If Apple ends up producing an autonomous vehicle, will it have Windows?

    If Apple ends up producing an autonomous vehicle, will it have Windows?
  8. ElectricAvenue

    Vendor It’s Electric! The EcoHitch and Tesla Relationship

    Xenoilphobe, Can you post the details on how you did the hookup. Today I went to uhaul to rent a trailer only to be turned down because I didn't have the electric hookup. I installed my Ecohitch a year ago and have used it with my bike rack, but very disappointed I didn't know about the...
  9. ElectricAvenue

    How to force navigation to use a certain highway?

    If I use GPS to go on a long trip but I want to make sure the trip uses a certain highway, how do I force the trip route to use this highway?
  10. ElectricAvenue

    How to remove the door handles

    I would like to plasti dip the door handles on my model S. Is there an easy we to remove them?
  11. ElectricAvenue

    Model S and coasting, increasing the comfort for passengers

    DITB, I think many of the posts here are missing your point. As long as you are using regen to slow your self down after being in neutral then you are driving more efficiently. When trying to keep in the sweet spot of coasting by featuring the accelerator you will be going into...
  12. ElectricAvenue

    Efficiency claim of the Dual Drive Train

    Rluner, Most of increase in range comes from the gearing. Even if they took it to the limit as you suggest they would get more range but the performance would not be as good. So what they did was to balance the performance and range increases. Why does your ICE have 5 gears? Because it the...
  13. ElectricAvenue

    Firmware 6.0

    I also have seen less aggressive regen after the 6.0 upgrade, I am now using my brakes more!! I agree that the ride is now smoother but I want to have the option of having aggressive regen if I want it. Now I am getting less power back to the batteries because of this change. Tesla, let us...
  14. ElectricAvenue

    Torklift Central Eco Hitch Installed - Pictures

    Can anyone recommend a hanging bike rack vs. a wheel platform rack? I need a 4 bike rack but not sure if I should go with a popular hanging rack or something like the Saris Freedom where the wheels sit in a cup instead of the bike hanging from the cross bars.
  15. ElectricAvenue

    Driving 1 mile vs. powering a 1500W electric heater.

    I am trying to get an idea of what 300wh/mile means. I have a few of those small electric heaters in the house that I use in the winter time, they are rated as 1500 watts. My Model S says that I am averaging about 300wh/mile (watt hours per mile). Does this mean that the Tesla can go 5 miles...
  16. ElectricAvenue

    Hidden gem feature, never forget your cell phone again.

    How many times have you left the house or work and gotten to your destination only to realize you forgot your cell phone. Well I have done it many times until a few days back when my Model S reminded me. Last Wednesday I parked the car while on a Bluetooth call. Next day I got into the car and...
  17. ElectricAvenue

    How to save maps of Superchargers?

    Cerjor, I cannot plan in my Model S because the planning takes time and should be done in the house, not spending time in the car. I have been manually entering the superchargers into google maps but this takes way too much time, also with the rate of new superchargers coming out I would have to...
  18. ElectricAvenue

    How to save maps of Superchargers?

    I am planning my first road trip along the east coast and have found it very difficult to figure out how to save a map with all my stopping points including superchargers. So far I have been saving points on Google Maps (I am saving addresses with pin points but I do not know how to label them...
  19. ElectricAvenue

    Tesla Gigafactory Investor Thread

    Can someone tell me how I can invest in the GigaFactory? I have tried to find the answer in this sea of threads but cannot find it. Is the a way for the individual investor yet? Thanks
  20. ElectricAvenue

    Tesla Companion App

    Looking good Caster, are you taking into consideration of the 'responsiveness' of the various screen types? I am not a developer but this may wise to start off with. Great work.
  21. ElectricAvenue

    2014 Mt. Washington Trip

    Santana, I missed the trip last year and I know I would really enjoy myself. Problem is that I have visitors for the first 2 weeks of June and the a road trip to NY and DC for the second half of the month. I feel September weather may be risk.
  22. ElectricAvenue

    Supercharger - Bethesda, MD

    JST, I'm coming from NH in about 6 weeks. Looks like Woodbridge is further south so will not be of use to me, am staying in Rockville. Thanks.
  23. ElectricAvenue

    Supercharger - Bethesda, MD

    I am visiting this charger from way out of town and need to make sure it is available when I arrive. Is the parking lot open 24/7? It sounds like there are 2 superchargers, 1 HPWC and 2x 14/50 sockets all for only 2 parking spots, is this correct?
  24. ElectricAvenue

    Can I use a dual charger if I do not have that option?

    I have only the supercharger option installed not the dual charger. If I visit a mall is a high power wall charger (which I believe is the dual charger) can I use it to charge? Will it just operate at a single charger lever 10KW?
  25. ElectricAvenue

    New New England Supercharger Locations

    ModelS1079, Isn't 120kWh an amount of power in 1 hour and not current? Power=Volts x Amps UOTE=ModelS1079;627752]Pleibic, the SC is 120kW, which is the rate of charging - 120kWh is the amount of current provided in one hour. Yeah I know you know that, but we want the NH DOT to be on their toes...
  26. ElectricAvenue

    Best Story about “What kind of car is that?”

    As with most MS owners I have some pretty very funny stories to tell about people’s reactions to seeing the Model S for the first time. I think my best story is when I was about to leave a mall parking lot. My 4 year was getting into the car, I was standing on grass at the back of my MS getting...
  27. ElectricAvenue

    When were you last at a gas station?

    I got my MS back in June 2013 and I haven't been to a gas station yet, that's almost 10 months! This obviously is for all the times I have spent not in my car but in others including wife's ICE and company cars. When were you last at a gas station? Who has the longest record?
  28. ElectricAvenue

    New Englanders -- check in!

    Whole Foods Market is opening a store on Exit 7 in Nashua, the construction is already underway. I am hoping they will install some charging stations, it is right off the highway and very convenient.
  29. ElectricAvenue

    How to only display English posts?

    I agree that the more people we can get on these forums the better, regardless of the language used. The more information posted here the more informed us drivers and Tesla will be about their products and services. But being able to filter and to auto translate will help a lot of people. Is...
  30. ElectricAvenue

    How to only display English posts?

    OOops.... typo! the word "not" should have been "now" Thanks Sp4rk Mod, can you correct it?
  31. ElectricAvenue

    How to only display English posts?

    When searching TMC I am not getting a lot of non-English posts, how do I filter these out so I never see them again? Thanks.
  32. ElectricAvenue

    How many of you bought Tesla's ESA / Service Plans ?

    I haven't heard of any hardware upgrades yet, but I would assume the 3G - 4G would be one of those. Either way, any upgrade I assume is going to be at least $500 and a pure guess would mean I would get a $1000 minimum value from it. (Sure I may not have actually paid for the upgrades if I...
  33. ElectricAvenue

    How many of you bought Tesla's ESA / Service Plans ?

    I went with the 8 year service plan because I know I will keep the car for that long. Because it includes the annual service for the last 4 years (which I probably would have done) the extra expense is not that much, especially relative to the price of the car. I will also get Hardware Upgrades...
  34. ElectricAvenue

    Snow brush

    Keeping the now brush in the car doesn't work for me. Open the door to get it and a bunch of snow falls off the door/roof into the car. I just ordered: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B001DKQZCS/ref=pe_385040_30332200_pe_309540_26725410_item I think that would be best for me.
  35. ElectricAvenue

    Braking in rain

    Doubt it. The driver would have felt the car skid maybe even sideways slightly and I assume ABS should have kicked in.
  36. ElectricAvenue

    Snow brush

    Rainmaker, what are the chances of that happening? I have the OXO brush, it does not have the extendable handle as shown in your picture but the rest is the same. I find that when frozen the bristles are stiff and feel like they scratch.
  37. ElectricAvenue

    Snow brush

    How to bush off snow without scratching the paint? I did a quick search on TMC about how to brush off snow without scratching the paint and could not find any thing. I am using a regular snow brush and I believe it is scratching the paint. Thanks and any advice on what to use?
  38. ElectricAvenue

    Nashua Science Cafe on electric cars - Jan. 15

    Hope to see you guys there.
  39. ElectricAvenue

    Power will improve as you drive

    It did not finish charging, I stopped it manually when I was ready to drive. Also, when I started the cabin heat, I saw from Visable Tesla that there was actually current being drawn from the Battery instead of it being charged, and yes it was plugged in. I just think the charging and cabin heat...
  40. ElectricAvenue

    Power will improve as you drive

    Pace, I did another test last night. It was 9 degrees F last night and dropped to 1 degree this morning. I left the MS on the driveway and charged it when I got home yesterday evening with a 110V outlet. The battery charged at 3.2 miles/hr, the inside temp dropped from about 55F to 9F At 7:30am...
  41. ElectricAvenue

    Black ice on the road and my Model S

    I live in New Hampshire USA and we don't have any laws against not driving on snow tires in the winter. It certainly sounds like a good idea to have them because cars/trucks are at risk of injuring other if they skid in the snow. (There are possibly laws for commercial vehicles but I am not...
  42. ElectricAvenue

    Black ice on the road and my Model S

    I did mean ABS and the reason why is that I heard the ABS shudder sound. ( I am testing my memory here but I am pretty sure that is why I though the ABS kicked in). - - - Updated - - - You can turn off TC and that will allow the wheels to spin.
  43. ElectricAvenue

    Must Read: The best battery management when cold.

    Scaesare, Sorry you are right. It wasn't meant to me misleading. I just wanted to get as much input from others to made sure I was making good judgment. Hence the questions at the end.
  44. ElectricAvenue

    Must Read: The best battery management when cold.

    Mario, I have never seen the charge start with 0 Miles/hr and the coldest I have tried so far has been about 20F. So thanks for this info because it does show that 20F or above does not activate the auto preheat. You said that "Besides charging is the only true way to warm the battery in cold...
  45. ElectricAvenue

    Must Read: The best battery management when cold.

    Crazy, thanks for the correction. What does BMS mean? - - - Updated - - - Cotton, Thanks for the data, this is great information. The only question I have is how you could tell from the data when the battery became warm?
  46. ElectricAvenue

    Must Read: The best battery management when cold.

    Todd, I understand the firmware imposes limits, but isn't this just to limit extream wear on the battery. If cold is not good for the battery, then even with limits it is still not good (just at a lower extent?). So would pre-heating always be the best bet? Also, when the battery coolant...
  47. ElectricAvenue

    garage floor finish

    GDH, this looks very slippery when wet. Is it?
  48. ElectricAvenue

    Must Read: The best battery management when cold.

    Now that winter is here, I am trying to figure out the best battery management during the cold winter months. My aim is to reduce the wear and tear on the battery when charing and discharging and therefore resulting in longer life all while minimizing energy use. I am not an expert in battery...
  49. ElectricAvenue

    Power will improve as you drive

    Paco, just to let you know I have been driving without Range mode set. So I will try Range mode now an see. Thanks.
  50. ElectricAvenue

    Brake pedal clunk

    When sitting at red light in perfect silence, the light turns green and I take my foot off the brake pedal and "Clunk" goes the pedal hits what ever it is where it lays without being pressed. Has anyone else noticed this and is there a fix?

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