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  1. youpidou


    Hello! Congrats, no doubt you will have fun with this great car. I've had my S85D for about 15 months now, never encountered the need for a Chademo adapter. Actually, outside home, I was always able to charge at Superchargers, except one time at a hotel who provided a 16A outlet. I guess it will...
  2. youpidou


    Great news! Thanks for sharing :-)
  3. youpidou


    Isn't it weird, from a risk perspective? Using the smart phone app, you can get your car to move forward or backward without having any visibility of the car, from far away, e.g. from within a building, from another city or country... At least with the keyfob, you would have to be relatively...
  4. youpidou

    Nous sommes plus de 1000...

    Pas sûr que les choses aillent dans la bonne direction, pourtant: http://money.cnn.com/2015/12/16/autos/tesla-tax-denmark-norway/ ... Le problème principal des gouvernements semble être de garder un flux financier entrant constant plutôt que de diminuer les émissions, COP21 ou pas.
  5. youpidou


    Same experience with charging: home 16A plug + superchargers have always been enough so far. I did check the conditions of some public charging services and was shocked by the prices. MOVE, for example: CHF 96.00 per year for the subscription, CHF 0.50 per kWh for "normal" points, CHF 0.80 per...
  6. youpidou


    I fully agree: I find the new display way better than the old one. Uncluttered, not a source of distraction at all. When I want to know something, a quick glance usually gives the answer. Especially glad they removed the speed dial, which was not helping at all, with all "normal" speeds gathered...
  7. youpidou


    Got it on Sunday morning. I have limited experience with it so far, but am rather positively surprised. It works really well on the motorway, including the blinker-initiated lane change, which feels quite safe. To me, one thing does not feel so safe: the positioning of the car within the...
  8. youpidou


    Hello! I got Michelin Alpin ones. Very silent. Don't know about their grip on snow, as there wasn't any yet ;-) Good luck!
  9. youpidou

    Jantes et pneus neige

    Hello! J'ai acheté seulement les pneus d'hiver, le montage est fait par mon commerce de pneus habituel, qui stocke aussi mes pneus de l'autre saison. Tout baigne, pas besoin d'avoir deux jeux de roues à mon avis. J'ai d'ailleurs déjà fait mettre les pneus d'hiver, ils font marginalement plus de...
  10. youpidou

    Tesla insurance in switzerland

    Hi Max, I'm using La Vaudoise for my 85D. 0 CHF deductible for civil insurance (40% of basis) 300 CHF deductible for collision (including parking damage & lights, 30% of basis) Yearly cost: 1475.70 CHF. Of course, canton, age, gender all have an influence, I guess... Réjane
  11. youpidou

    Some HDR of our new Tesla 85D taken at home

    Gorgeous ! You don't have to put a number plate in the front? Lucky you, it looks better this way, naked?..
  12. youpidou

    Bjørn's Tesla Model S videos

    Well done, Bjorn! With a trailer hitched to the Model X, you'll be able to transport crazy amounts of tinder stuff! :smile:
  13. youpidou

    European Model S typical consumption?

    My lifetime average (soon 10000 km) is 196 wH/km. That's for a daily commute which includes a 500 m height difference, down then up, on the motorway. With summer temperatures, TACC usually set at 125 km/h on the motorway.
  14. youpidou

    Bjørn's Tesla Model S videos

    I really enjoyed the Race #2 Video, although I must stay it was very stressful at times. Two moments were almost unbearable: Jorgen eating the Rice-Cream, Bjorn with 0 km battery remaining. How could you!!??! :scared:
  15. youpidou

    La haine :-(

    Ça fait mal, vraiment... La même chose m'était arrivée avec ma voiture précédente, le "pourquoi" m'avait bien torturée. Une fois réparé, on n'y pense plus, sauf qu'on se demande toujours si telle ou telle place de parc est vraiment sûre... :crying:
  16. youpidou


    Thank you :-)! It's the Langgletscher, above the Anenhütte, Lötschental. Very nice circular hike starting from the parking lot at Fafleralp. If you go, let me know if you enjoy it! Regarding music: FLAC on USB sounds indeed better than mp3 on USB, and much better than mp3 over bluetooth. What...
  17. youpidou

    Front seat belts rub against neck - very bothersome

    It really sounds like you need to try raising the seat, even if this new position takes some getting used to. I'm rather short (160 cm) and have no problem with the seat belt rubbing. My seat is adjusted quite high, which also gives me better visibility on things.
  18. youpidou


    Hi TMS, Congratulations on your order! I have my Model S since end of April 2015. To me, there is no bad choice of options. It is simply a great car, in any color and with or without bells and whistles. This weekend, the car just brought me there: And then, while it was being supercharged in...
  19. youpidou


    Hello, Congratulations! Just for comparison, I had a 16A socket installed in my garage, the total cost (including necessary changes to the "tableau") was CHF 1027. This included work & materials. I had a written proposal by the local electricity provider, they did the work quite fast and it is...
  20. youpidou

    No longer any ICE at home - experiences?

    I see what you mean... I tend to be very tolerant when strange things happen with my car. Like yesterday the touchscreen didn't feel my touch any more, and the display said I should check with a Tesla Service Center. I just rebooted and it worked fine again. But how would someone with a lesser...
  21. youpidou

    At long last a new 70 D is ordered

    Congratulation to your dad! It will feel great for him to see his pioneering efforts going (somewhat) mainstream and be part of it more than the other owners.
  22. youpidou

    Ask German, get French

    Quite funny :-) Actually, whatever I ask my car to play, I usually get the answer that he/she doesn't understand what I mean. There must be something with my accent that has not been programmed into its otherwise übersmart brain... I gave up on voice commands altogether for now.
  23. youpidou

    Be prepared for Murphy's Law when you buy your Model S

    I understand you completely. Just the same for me. Each time I got a new car, I was a bit more nervous the few first weeks, but then it passed, without any incident or accident. With this one, things are not that smooth, I seem way more nervous. And the curse is there: I dropped my e-bike...
  24. youpidou


    Is that what made you choose your nickname, then? :wink:
  25. youpidou


    Hi there, Tesla owners in Switzerland! I am very happy with my Model S 85D, received at the end of April. What I'm struggling with is the fiscal situation around this great vehicle. To summarize: - An owner of a Tesla Model S 85 will pay 0 CHF during the first 3 years of ownership, CHF 492 per...
  26. youpidou

    Owners delivery stories, photos and first impressions

    Got my car on Monday, I'm very happy! This is what my daily commute looks like, energy-wise: My morning trip has a -388m elevation difference, and I have to get back up in the evening, obviously. Nice almost-mirror image, I found...
  27. youpidou

    Test drive of a petrol car

    :biggrin: Very funny indeed! Thank you for sharing.
  28. youpidou

    Moments Tesla

    :biggrin: Excellent, je m'en souviendrai!
  29. youpidou

    Moments Tesla

    Mais c'est super! Je suis sûre que vous allez vous éclater, et que vous serez très contents de ne rien dépenser pour l'essence étant donné ce que vous allez dépenser pour le reste... Nous on a fait les choses dans l'autre sens: d'abord la Norvège (en 2013, un parcours soigneusement étudié et...
  30. youpidou

    Shorty Driving Gloves

    I have been using USA Address Shipito.com | English to order from US online shops which don't deliver outside the US. Although it could be cheaper to find gloves in the country you live ... ;-)
  31. youpidou

    Very illogical decision on a very logical reasoned company?

    Hello necho, Your arguments make a lot of sense to me and I understand your irritation, especially since you have been a long time customer. I am a new customer, waiting for delivery of an S85D in late March, with a difference of about 5% between the contractually agreed price and the new...
  32. youpidou

    User since 2007 - Model S 85 owner now at Freiburg/germany!

    Congratulations ! Looks gorgeous :biggrin: !
  33. youpidou

    A must have MOD on any car. Door protector

    How about educating passengers so that they respect other people's cars just like you like yours to be respected? Or did I misunderstand your post???
  34. youpidou

    Durée de vie des batteries

    Bonjour ST598, Heureuse de lire que tu es satisfait de ton achat et que le comportement sur neige est ok même sans dual motor. Comme le prix de cette voiture est nettement au dessus de ce que je consens normalement à dépenser pour de la tôle sur 4 roues, j'ai dû être très raisonnable au niveau...
  35. youpidou

    Durée de vie des batteries

    Excellent témoignage, merci d'avoir partagé le lien! Je me réjouis vraiment de recevoir la mienne... Comme j'avais initialement commandé une S85 (en juillet 2014), puis changé ma commande pour une S85D (octobre 2014), la date de livraison actuellement indiquée sur le dashboard est de mars 2015...
  36. youpidou

    For our Grandchildren...

    This company proposes solar panels which can use some of the energy to melt the snow: Valsoltronic In Switzerland, but maybe there are links to solutions in other countries.
  37. youpidou

    Interesting Energy Graphs

    Very interesting graphical illustration, thank you for sharing.
  38. youpidou

    Film review: Virunga

    Thank you for this hint. I will definitely watch this documentary.
  39. youpidou

    MotorTrend Reviews the P85D--Quickest 4-Door Sedan Ever Tested

    Another good quote: " It’ll be fun watching the big boys try to keep up with a company that’s run by a committee of one insanely bold guy."
  40. youpidou

    My custom-built charging-station

    Your charging station is beautiful! Congratulations! I hope you manage to solve your issue, sorry I can't propose any help...
  41. youpidou

    Moments Tesla

    Ah ben décidément, on dirait que les Teslaphiles sont des clones issus du même moule névrosé-mono-obsessionnel-mais-gentil... Je suis passée par le même parcours, sauf que la personne atteinte dans notre couple est celle de l'autre genre, ça arrive aussi... J'ai donc pu changer ma commande au...
  42. youpidou

    25 reasons why I love my Model S

    Well, great to read from a happy owner :-) Not that I was starting to regret my order, but posts like this make the wait greater... two more months to go for me... Thank you for sharing!
  43. youpidou

    Before & After (My Wife Thought I was Crazy!)

    As I'm still waiting for mine, I like reading about people who enjoyed the change, thanks for the update! Do you encounter any issues related to the width and length of the Model S?
  44. youpidou

    Owner paying higher tax for Roadster than for Ferrari in CH

    David99: Thank you for defending my country, which I also dearly love, by the way. It is nevertheless a federal state, where each canton establishes its own rules. For the time being, Tesla lovers leaving in canton Aargau are simply less lucky than those who happen to live in other cantons. The...
  45. youpidou

    Bjørn's Tesla Model S videos

    Thanks for sharing! Stunning northern lights, roads around the fjords, T-shirt with the teddy bear! I also enjoyed the fact you ate at an Egon restaurant in Trondheim. I guess it's the norwegian translation for Elon? :wink:
  46. youpidou

    Owner paying higher tax for Roadster than for Ferrari in CH

    A recent article in a Swiss newspaper explained how a Roadster owner in canton Aargau is paying higher taxes for his e-car than for his Ferrari F355... Fortunately, this is not the case in other Swiss cantons. But still ... How crazy is that? :cursing:
  47. youpidou

    Hello from Bulle, Switzerland

    Unfortunately, mounting the hitch won't make it legal to drive the Model S with a trailer in Switzerland. A special homologation is required, and the Model S doesn't get it for the time being. One day, maybe...
  48. youpidou

    Getting it from all sides!

    Wouldn't that experience motivate you to do another good thing for the planet and stop eating meat? :wink:
  49. youpidou

    Is it ridiculous?

    They're 200% cute. They deserve the best :biggrin:. But won't the seats feel tight? Wouldn't they be more comfortable and safe in the usual dog cages?

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