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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    This tire only came out in late March, 2019, but is anybody eyeballing the Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack? If it lives up to it's billing, it meats my needs for quiet and smooth ride. The only problem is that so far it doesn't appear that Bridgestone is making the size for the Model 3...

    TuneIn Radio and the Model 3

    I took a two-month hiatus from TMC and now that I have had my Model 3 for two weeks, I need some feedback on the radio and in particular TuneIn. After diligently trying to obtain the same channels on my iPhone TuneIn app on my Model 3 with no success, I reached out to TuneIn and Tesla. I heard...

    Finally some real data on 18 vs 19 inch tire/wheels

    Without reading all the other responses, my comment would be, is it the Tires or the Wheels? Would the same tire on the 19" wheels give the same reported result on a 18" wheel. I thought he was comparing 18" to 19" wheels?? He isn't, he's comparing tires. So compare apples (Michelin) to...

    Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit

    Ordered my $35 dollar wheel cap kit on 3/30. Notified they are on their way, but have not arrived yet.

    Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit

    Glad I was lucky enough to get my order in during that very short window when they came back into stock for $35. Then shortly after that, they went out of stock. Now $50. I guess that's better than the $80 they scared the hell out of us with????

    The many colors of Midnight Silver

    Spent 40-45 minutes at local service center where they are handing out new 3's. I looked and looked at the colors, and even though I love the midnight silver, it was just too dark for me. Plus, have you driven down the road and seen so many other manufacturers with very similar midnight silver...

    BACK IN STOCK - Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit

    Just bought a set 3/30/18, 5:52 pm, Arizona

    Would you like to see better use of the 15" display?

    If I have put in a route to a destination, Phoenix to San Diego, I don't need to see turn by turn instructions constantly on the screen. Now I don't have a Tesla so I don't know what displays, I am only going by what the OP pictured.

    Would you like to see better use of the 15" display?

    Dang spell check...Make it a 'selectable' item.
  10. PRSIST

    Would you like to see better use of the 15" display?

    Agree. Make it a delectable item...if I want it I can request to see it, otherwise leave it off the screen.
  11. PRSIST

    Lane Watch capability on Touchscreen

    On my Odyssey I can keep my head pointed straight ahead and simply move my eyes maybe 10 degrees to the right to see the image on the screen. That image on my Odyssey is right about where the speed display would be on the Model 3, so I wouldn't be taking my eyes off the road hardly at all...
  12. PRSIST

    Lane Watch capability on Touchscreen

    My wife recently bought a Honday Odyssey mini-van and it has a feature that I didn't know existed but I think is totally awesome. Honda calls it LaneWatch. Here is a video of how it works: The sweet thing about this LaneWatch is that I can turn it on manually and take a glance at my screen...
  13. PRSIST

    Question on shutting off the ambient floorboard lighting

    I'm hoping some Model 3 owners who have had their cars for long enough to have driven at night can comment on the ambient lighting. I read recently that, at night, the driver and front passenger have their feet lit up at night by the ambient lighting that does not shut off while the car is in...
  14. PRSIST

    Canada Invites?

    I haven't been on this forum for the past few weeks so this may have been asked and answered, but how is it that another country, even Canada, gets to start configuring their Model 3's before Everyone in the U.S. is finished?? Read this on Electrek: First look at Tesla Model 3 Canadian...
  15. PRSIST

    Most accurate way to plan a trip

    Tried many but prefer ABetterRouteplanner.
  16. PRSIST

    Found the FM/HD radio unit

    Quite some months ago, someone was talking about XM Radio. They said that a woman at Tesla told him that the radio unit in the Model 3 has a plug receptacle that could be used by a portable XM Radio to plug the antennae into. I know you probably weren't looking for one, but, did you happen...
  17. PRSIST

    Supercharger Price Increase

    Really??? Parrot??? The supercharging network was built for traveling. PERIOD. Go back and do your research and either listen to or read what Elon said about the topic. Then come back with another cut about people speaking truth.
  18. PRSIST

    Supercharger Price Increase

    I've never been naive enough to believe that Tesla wasn't, at some point, going to attempt to recoup the construction costs of their multi-million dollar supercharger network. Lots of Model S and X owners have and still do abuse the superchargers, which will cost everyone more in the long run...
  19. PRSIST

    Leaving car with valet

    DON'T!!! Sorry, I just can't understand why anyone would let a valet park their Model 3. Hell, my wife might not see the driver's seat for a year.
  20. PRSIST

    Silver or White? Help!

    BOTH are stunning in person. i spent half an hour at our local delivery location trying to decide myself between metallic silver and pearl white. I really wanted midnight silver but it's just too dark. If it weren't for the fact that I have owned a dozen silver cars in my life, I would buy a...
  21. PRSIST

    Jaguar I-PACE vs TM3

    Without superchargers, Tesla is still King!!! There are and will be some absolutely fantastic EV's, but without Tesla's fast supercharger network, it's makes the cars useless for travel. My $0.02 If you only want the car for local use, go for it.
  22. PRSIST

    Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit

    I was hoping that Tesla would make them available because 3rd party costs are ridiculous. Tesla Model 3 Factory Gray Center Cap Set and Wheel Lug Nut Cover Set
  23. PRSIST

    Non-Owner and On-line reservation received invite to order

    Day one, in store, 3:31 pm and nothing. I think Tesla is just throwing darts at a board to see who gets to configure. How else can a day one online reservation at 7:30 pm get to configure before a lot of us. Oh well, it will happen sooner or later.
  24. PRSIST

    Non Owner - Just Placed my Order

    White interior. It would be interesting to see if in the future, Tesla makes it possible for Model 3 owners who have black seats to pay a fee and swap them out for white seats. Now that might be very cool for a lot of people.
  25. PRSIST

    EV Wheels Direct

    Agree. The wheels look good online but without seeing them in person it's hard to grade the quality. I would love to hear from someone that finally has a M3 and has bought the EV wheels.
  26. PRSIST

    Non Owner - Just Placed my Order

    If what I am reading is accurate, it appears that first day non owners who got their reservations in from 10:00 a.m. thru 12 noon got their invites today regardless of where they are in the country. Will be interesting to see if the next batch is 12 noon to 2 pm people. I think all...
  27. PRSIST

    Model 3 is using Google map for turn-by-turn navigation

    None of the Nav's are perfect. Waze has left me hanging in many places because it thinks I can make a turn through someone's house or business to get to my destination. Google is no all star either. Google is much better, but it's messed me up at times. I thought I read that Tesla was going...
  28. PRSIST


    There are hundreds of thousands of people who have reserved a Model 3 and I’m sure that number 376,287 couldn’t give a squat if you are upset because your delivery got pushed back a few months and that you may not get the mystical tax credit. I’m sure that those hundreds of thousands of people...
  29. PRSIST

    [POLL] Would you leave "walk up unlock" ON if you could disable *ONLY* at home?

    After waking up my iPhone, I swipe up and touch the Bluetooth icon and problem is solved. All this reminds me of what I learned as a kid, "Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill."
  30. PRSIST

    Tesla Patents

    Do you all remember back when Elon and Tesla released all of the patents on EV technology? Could that have lead to many other car manufacturers producing EV's? How many of Tesla's patents and technology were used in the development of the new Nissan Leaf? Take a look at this video and count...
  31. PRSIST

    Tire Rack Staggered Tire Sizes

    Tesla manual says nothing about staggered tires on the Model 3.
  32. PRSIST

    Still worth getting a Model 3 if Electricity costs more than Gas?

    Owning an EV is not about the cost of gas! It's about eliminating the use of gas all together so that our kids and their kids will have clean air to breath long after we are dead.
  33. PRSIST

    [POLL] Do you care about Telsa's headliner material change?

    Bottom line is I really don't care....BUT...When I made my reservation the material being displayed was Alcantara. Many, if not all, employee Model 3's have Alcantara as part of the premium upgrade package. So how is it that now, what appears to be the higher quality of material is being...
  34. PRSIST

    Do you care that the trunk doesn't auto close?

    I care more that the Frunk doesn't auto close. I'm confident I can close the trunk without damaging it by pushing to hard, but the Frunk can be damaged if pushed too hard in the wrong place.
  35. PRSIST

    Should Valet Mode be Maintenance Mode

    I've read what the Model 3 limits are for Valet Mode, and for the life of me I can not figure out or justify why I would want my Valet to have access to a maximum speed of 70 mph????????????? I can't imagine any Valet that needs to drive much faster that maybe 25 mph. Now if my car is in for...
  36. PRSIST

    Updated Owner's Manual

    With all the Model 3's that have been delivered, has anybody learned of a more current owner's manual than the manual that was leaked a couple of months ago?? Google query revealed nothing.
  37. PRSIST

    Model 3's Ride Quality

    Wait a minute. You are a Tesla owner and you say, "...I took it into the DEALERSHIP..."????? How can you own a Tesla and refer to their service centers or showrooms as DELEARSHIP????
  38. PRSIST

    Model 3 LR Window Sticker and first impressions

    Add Serius XM radio and then "...the M3 will/would be nearly flawless." Just can not rely on cellphone reception where a lot of drive. I love the fact many of you don't need to worry about lack of cellphone service, but there are many of us who do.
  39. PRSIST

    (POLL) Configuration - Postponed

    So far can we say that 40% of people are waiting to configure their Model 3 at a later date? That has to speed up reservation holders place in the config line. Hmmm...just hoping.
  40. PRSIST

    (POLL) Configuration - Postponed

    If you have been notified to configure but have chosen to postpone that configuration, why are you waiting?
  41. PRSIST

    Clicking & Clunking while Parked

    Have you called the service center to get your questions answered?
  42. PRSIST

    Clicking & Clunking while Parked

    When home, simply turn off Bluetooth or the app so your car doesn't keep responding when you are within range.
  43. PRSIST

    Do you know if your state has an EV parking law?

    Actually Arizona's statute is accurate. Let's take it piece by piece and you will see that the part you are referencing (special plates or sticker) is for hybrids, EREV's etc., though it is not specifically stated that way. Let's see why. A: A person shall not stop, stand or park a motor...
  44. PRSIST

    Do you know if your state has an EV parking law?

    Probably so. Would like to see any Tesla charger, supercharger or destination charger, to INCLUDE the physical parking space associated with the charger. If Tesla hasn't already done so, they need to negotiate the property rights for the charger's parking spot so that Tesla owners can then...
  45. PRSIST

    Do you know if your state has an EV parking law?

    There is always someone with more knowledge and information. Thanks BerTx
  46. PRSIST

    Do you know if your state has an EV parking law?

    While waiting for my email to configure my Model 3, I was wondering how many states in the U.S. currently have a law on the books that prohibit ICE vehicles from parking in EV parking/charging spots. I know there are people out there trying to decide if they will take the plunge and buy a...
  47. PRSIST

    ICE'ING Solution?

    In Arizona, it is now against the law to park an ICE vehicle in an electric vehicle parking space. Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) 28-876 carries a $350 fine. The statute doesn't mention towing the vehicle, but a $350 fine is a good start. 28-876. Parking spaces for electric vehicles; civil...
  48. PRSIST

    ICE'ING Solution?

    Let’s take our minds off whether or not we will be the next person to receive an email to configure their Model 3. Wanted to get some feedback and at the same time maybe let off a little steam. Consider this one a little on the side of the glass half empty. I read a Tweet recently that really...
  49. PRSIST

    My Pearl White Model 3 with some early mods

    Window tint. Living in Arizona, my only concern is decreasing the amount of heat the sun throws at me. A really dark tint might look nice and keep people from looking in, but at night it is a nightmare trying to negotiate around tight areas. If I could get clear window tint that repels 80-90...
  50. PRSIST

    New Video - Laying down in back of Model 3

    That is one way to look at it. My guess is that when these folks talk about "camping", sleeping in the back of a M3, what they are probably thinking of is saving money on motels and sleep/camp occasionally in the back of the M3. There may be a few who really anticipate going out to the forest...

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