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  1. Wingsy

    Have you de-scummed your glass yet?

    Took my car to my favorite detailer. He treated 4 squares about 8" on a side. 1 with G4, one with ?? G2? I forgot, one with some kind of bathtub scum cleaner and one with a clay bar. Supposed to rain tomorrow so I'll go for a drive and test. If it doesn't rain at night I'll just throw some water...
  2. Wingsy

    Have you de-scummed your glass yet?

    This is my "Before" picture. Probably the worst you've ever seen. This is the 3rd windshield that I have had with this car (2021 S Plaid) and every one had the scum problem although not quite as bad as the current one. The scum really shows up on a rainy night. I haven't finally decided which...
  3. Wingsy

    Mysterious Film on Tesla Windshields

    If anyone added something to the glass surface it was Tesla. I have only used Windex and a paper towel on the windshield, and that was maybe twice. It had this problem the day I bought it, same for my Model 3. The M3 was put through the ringer trying to get it clear, so I'm hesitant to just go...
  4. Wingsy

    Mysterious Film on Tesla Windshields

    2019 Model 3: 2 windshields 2021 Model S Plaid: 3 windshields 2022 Model X: 1 windshield Every Tesla I've owned has this problem to some degree. My Model S is the worst. I've tried all kinds of cleaners. I've had a detail shop work on it for half a day. They even tried a ceramic coating on the...
  5. Wingsy

    My Service Story (not good)

    ... continued, 20 days later... I got my car back this morning. The main thing is that they replaced the computer with a new one. I do believe that has been the source of my problems so far, and I also believe that the mobile tech who did the replacement of the internal camera was somehow the...
  6. Wingsy

    2022 RWD 18K miles; battery requires replacement, poor service experience

    No, there isn't. Welcome to the Tesla club. If I met you on the highway I'd wave at you. With both hands. :)
  7. Wingsy

    My Service Story (not good)

    Update: Drove to Florida this past Sunday (12/28). The next morning I discovered that my camera problem is back (no TACC, no FSD, no backup camera, etc.). So I had to drive 550 miles back home using my arms to physically move the yoke, and had to use my feet to push on the pedals. What a chore...
  8. Wingsy

    My Service Story (not good)

    Forgot to update the last experience.... my FSD Beta came back! And so did the false accusations of driving without paying attention, just like it was before the original event of having my internal camera replaced. That camera had nothing to do with it. It has to be a software issue just like I...
  9. Wingsy

    My Service Story (not good)

    Got my car back today, a day early. For some reason it seems the entire service staff was not present, and road cones had been placed at the service entrance. Like the place had been shut down. Anyway, I got a guy from the sales floor to check me out. He looked in the computer at what they had...
  10. Wingsy

    Bizarre AP experience today

    A couple of versions ago I was on a 2-lane rural road in perfect weather conditions and good lane markings, when FSDb swerved into the oncoming lane (no traffic) for no apparent reason, then stayed in that lane for about 200 feet before swerving back into the correct lane. Since then I have seen...
  11. Wingsy

    Multiple dangerous Autopilot regressions observed after accepted to FSD Beta

    Both cars, vision only. Model S has FSDb, X has FSD but not beta.
  12. Wingsy

    My Service Story (not good)

    Since I am sure that Elon reads this forum every day I thought I would communicate with him here. To summarize: Tesla Service Needs Your Attention. A couple of updates ago when eye tracking was enabled, my Model S started falsely accusing me of not paying attention. After getting the threat to...
  13. Wingsy

    How to deal with phantom braking?

    Did you get any real vehicles in a phantom location like this? When I pass a semi I often see it bounce all over the place in the visualization, but nothing quite as bad as this. This wasn't very bouncy. It stayed in the far right lane until I got even with the cab. Almost all vehicles that I...
  14. Wingsy

    Multiple dangerous Autopilot regressions observed after accepted to FSD Beta

    Thanks, but I've done all that more than once. I've got a good chance of things getting better on Aug 4. Tesla service is replacing the computer and several other items after it became possessed and systems started failing right & left. At the moment all I have is a fast manually-driven car.
  15. Wingsy

    Multiple dangerous Autopilot regressions observed after accepted to FSD Beta

    My Model S on AP or FSDb and on rural roads drives like a 15-yr old with restless leg syndrome, but my wife's Model X is smooth as silk and well behaved. The difference is like night and day. I'm very curious as to why that is.
  16. Wingsy

    Elon Should Read This [defective Interior camera issue dinging impacting my safety score]

    It all started with a software update. The one that watches where your eyes are looking, and gives you a demerit if you take your eyes off the road for x seconds. If you get too many of these demerits then Tesla will take away your FSD. In my case I was getting dinged for not looking where I was...
  17. Wingsy

    Replaced Camera Now Things Don't Work

    The purpose of the new camera was to address the issue of being falsly accused of not paying attention when my eyes are on the road. Was doing that several times on every drive. I never had much faith that replacing the camera would do anything about that but that's what Tesla service suggested...
  18. Wingsy

    Replaced Camera Now Things Don't Work

    I had the interior camera replaced, and from that moment things have gone from bad to worse. First, TACC and AP were not available. The info display had a static image of my car (looking at the left front of the car) and there were no visualizations of traffic, roads, etc. In reverse the screen...
  19. Wingsy

    FSD Beta 10.13

    OK so as long as we're here why don't I mention the one thing that bugs me the most. On the interstate where I give FSDb a grade B, I would give it an A+ if only I didn't have to compensate for very slow acceleration when the car in front starts moving faster than me. It annoys the crap out of...
  20. Wingsy

    FSD Beta 10.13

    Speaking of avoiding a parked car, yesterday my pucker factor went to 9 when the mailman had stopped at a mailbox as I was approaching from behind him. My car slowed then went around him with about 0.0001 inches of clearance. Thought for sure someone was going to lose a mirror. He had no reason...
  21. Wingsy

    FSD Beta 10.13

    My hope is that if 10.13 merges city streets with highway software that it won't cripple highway driving. FSDb on rural roads, in my car, isn't usable at all. I get it that I'm a beta tester and agree to living with its faults, but if pushing city streets software onto highway driving (which is...
  22. Wingsy

    10.12.2 Eye Tracking Shut Me Down

    I took mine in for the camera issue (fake nags about paying attention). 80 miles to the service center. They kept it for 3 hours and gave it a test drive around their short test route and it did not ding their driver. Next step is an at-home service (on 7/20) to replace the interior camera...
  23. Wingsy

    FSD impending 5th strike

    I received 2022.12.3.20 yesterday and went for a test drive today. I haven't read the release notes so I don't know what this latest version addresses, if anything. Still feels like someone has their twitchy foot on the brakes. And sometimes they twitch big time. The attached photo is a screen...
  24. Wingsy

    Model S Plaid V11 Energy App missing

    That doesn't work on the 2021 refreshed Model S. At least on mine it doesn't.
  25. Wingsy

    10.12.2 Eye Tracking Shut Me Down

    Drove to Lowes this afternoon, 5 miles one way. 2 instances of non-attentive driving within about a minute. One on a country road, the 2nd in a 4-lane with center turn lane. Just finished a 30-minute drive at night and in the rain, on streets where the previous events took place. No warnings...
  26. Wingsy

    10.12.2 Eye Tracking Shut Me Down

    Why would you say that? True, the first 3 warnings were due to my testing, but what about the other 3 when I was looking straight ahead? Why ignore that?
  27. Wingsy

    10.12.2 Eye Tracking Shut Me Down

    Yeah I think about half was from my testing and half falsely accused. I wonder if my testing triggered a much restrictive attention demand. I did another drive this evening, about the same distance, same roads, and no response from eye tracking.
  28. Wingsy

    10.12.2 Eye Tracking Shut Me Down

    I had at least 3 warnings when looking at the road ahead. The 3rd warning being the one that triggered the disconnect. Never touched my phone during the drive. I’ve got a 550-mile trip to Florida coming up soon and I bet I don’t make it to the 1st supercharger. We’ll see.
  29. Wingsy

    10.12.2 Eye Tracking Shut Me Down

    This is the email I sent to Tesla EarlyAccess Program: ---------------- I installed 10.12.2 (2022.12.3.20) last night and went for my first drive today. Still NSFW (wife) but that’s another story. What is totally infuriating is that the internal camera kept zinging me for not watching the road...
  30. Wingsy

    Yoke Steering

    For those of you who think your hands can follow the yoke when cornering, have a look at this. If I ever have to do any emergency steering I hope you're not in my way.
  31. Wingsy

    Where's My Energy Graph?

    I'm on 2022.4.5.21
  32. Wingsy

    Where's My Energy Graph?

    When I try that voice command on my 2021 S-Plaid it says invalid command.
  33. Wingsy

    My 10.11.2 Experience - Not So Good

    My first update since 2021! What took so long? They must have been hard at it making things better, right? Anyway, my first drive. Activated FSD at the end of the community driveway entering the main road. That turn onto the main road was nice and smooth. It didn't try to make a very sharp 90...
  34. Wingsy

    Opening trunk hight

    I agree with your wants 100%. I'm sure the hatch has sensors to restrict opening in low ceiling areas, but my problem is setting the falcon doors to open to a set height while inside my garage. In my case I can't have them open fully or they will hit the garage door opener, but the door sensors...
  35. Wingsy

    Falcon Max Open Height Not Being Saved

    That doesn't look like the same thing. "Doors open fully..." isn't the same as "to the height you saved". Can you program your doors to open at, say, 80% of max height?
  36. Wingsy

    Falcon Max Open Height Not Being Saved

    From the owner's manual: "When Model X detects a low ceiling (for example, in a garage), it opens the falcon wing doors (and trunk) to a lower height, even if no obstacle is detected. You can override this height and open the doors higher by touching the associated door icon on the touchscreen...
  37. Wingsy

    My New Model X After 1400 Miles

    I had a 2019 Model 3 that I got in April 2019, then sold it and got a Model S Plaid in August 2021 (ordered Oct 2020), then got the Model X LR for my wife on Feb 24 this year (after being on order for 13 months). Nice ride. Smooth, stable and quiet. Quiet except for the cabin fan - when it revs...
  38. Wingsy

    FSD on MX Better than FSD on MS. Why??

    Personally what I think is... measuring distance to objects, especially at long range, is so iffy that even the slightest variation in reflectivity of an object can result in a wide variation in range, that the system just can't get it right every time. The signal is so very close to the noise...
  39. Wingsy

    FSD on MX Better than FSD on MS. Why??

    You might be on it. The height above ground for the X forward cameras are 7" higher than on the S and the side cameras are 5" higher. I wish there were 2 cameras on each corner of the vehicle and one in the windshield and 1 out the back. If nothing else it would give us a good cross traffic...
  40. Wingsy

    FSD on MX Better than FSD on MS. Why??

    Model 3 in April 2019. Sold the M3 and got a MS Plaid in August 2021. Got a MX LR in March 2022. Just got back from a trip from NC to FL & back and I can tell ya, after 1400 miles in the MX the FSD on the MX is WAY better than FSD in my MS. I've had only ONE phantom braking event in all that...
  41. Wingsy

    From y performance to x plaid for less bumpy ride

    If it's anything at all like going from a Model 3 to a Model X, you'll be pleased. I had a 2019 M3 then sold it and got a MS Plaid then just recently got a MX LR. The MS is much much quieter and softer than the M3, and the MX is just slightly quieter and smoother than the MS, probably due to its...
  42. Wingsy

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    These pics says it all. The day after release of 10.10.2 I went for a short drive. I had a couple of minor phantom braking events within the 1st mile, and then this, about 10 seconds in the oncoming lane. Sequence is left to right, top to bottom.
  43. Wingsy

    Tesla updating Model S headlights

    What's your source of info on that, no retrofits? And... were you ever part of a social network called "The Palace"?
  44. Wingsy

    2018 Model 3 L R RWD experiencing gradual slowdowns from 75 mph. No accelerator response. [using FSD]

    Yes, me. Nav on AP, set to 80 in a 70 (I-40). Gradually slowed to 30 before I tapped the accelerator, car resumed speed. No one in front of me, no one behind, no overhanging signs, no merge lanes, no bridges. Just from out of nowhere. Has happened several times. Set speed remained at 80 through...
  45. Wingsy

    Taking the Teslas For A Walk

  46. Wingsy


    Same here. 10.6.1 (and all previous versions actually) are NSFW, where "W" = "Wife". I never use it where there is other traffic near me or when I'm not alone in the car. Don't like being embarrassed. I'll contribute whenever I can but I've been a beta tester for 2-1/2 years and I'm getting...
  47. Wingsy

    Tesla FSD Beta Release 10.5 2021.36.8.7

    Seems calibration works better/faster when driving on highways, as opposed to normal streets and back roads) The manual says that the ideal road for calibration is a well marked 3-lane highway with you in the center lane. I assume it's best with light to no traffic since the purpose is for the...

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