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    Dilemma: bought both wall charger and mobile charger...

    I have National Grid which at this time offers no rebates unfortunately.
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    Dilemma: bought both wall charger and mobile charger...

    Mine's pretty straightforward as the panel is in a basement and all of the wire would be travelling through my suspended ceiling then up the wall into the garage.
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    Dilemma: bought both wall charger and mobile charger...

    Per the site it would only apply to the charger, as the install also needed to be done in 2022: https://www.forbes.com/advisor/personal-finance/ev-charger-tax-credit/#:~:text=You%20May%20Get%20Federal%20Tax,for%20a%20maximum%20of%20%241%2C000.
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    Dilemma: bought both wall charger and mobile charger...

    So my company allows for the ability to use a 240v plug onsite, as of now I'm using the 110v charger plug in my garage with the hardwired (not plug-in adapter) 110v mobile charger, and bought the $400 wall charger last month. My electrician wants to charge me $1500 to run a 240v line from the...
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    I can no longer recommend Tesla. Their Service is the Worst

    What happened? The Model 3, which became their mass adoption bread and butter for profitability. When the S was the only game in town from 2012-2016 they bent ass end over backwards to satisfy owners, then the same with Model X because the future of the company and good word of mouth relied on...
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    OEM tan car mats where to buy?

    Just an update, ordering through the app per Beatle's suggestion (service request Other >> Something Else) allowed me to order them, a complete set cost $100, and I'm picking them up later today!
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    OEM tan car mats where to buy?

    "1047686-01-B" and a quick Google search states this is an OEM mat from Tesla, although I could only find black.
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    High beams always on…

    It's funny, I got my 100d in Nov. and coming home it's dark and noticed they'd come on then go off with oncoming traffic, but recently it's stopped doing that even with the setting on. Not sure if the Xmas update did anything, but it no longer seems to happen.
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    OEM tan car mats where to buy?

    Hi, I have a 2018 100d with the oak and cream lower and upper but Tesla doesn't offer replacement mats, and I can't find any on eBay, etc. Does anyone have a part number or know if they can still be purchased?
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    Flat tire help

    I just noticed on Tesla's site for the repair kit: "...The damaged tire should be replaced, along with the TPMS sensor, at your earliest convenience." Why would you also replace the TPMS sensor, wouldn't you just move it to the new one?
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    Car Wash Mode?

    I just picked up a 2018.5 MS (w/oak and dark bezel) last month and while going through all of the settings could've swore I saw Car Wash Mode as I planned on getting a wash after pickup. Yet checking again last week it's nowhere to be found. Am I dreaming or was it never an option on this MY...
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    Tesla online used car purchase MAJOR ISSUES

    Don't mean to resurrect an old topic but I just noticed that they also list: Touchscreen Discoloration around the screen edge or border So they won't even fix this if it's yellow?
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    Screen Yellowed, Again?

    Where are you basing this on? Literally within this VERY THREAD we've already read from posters of 1) it returning, 2) it not being 100% fixed, 3) being a one time fix then charged. Did i mention in many cases it either took MONTHS to get it looked at or even longer to schedule? You post as if...
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    Tesla Service getting worst and worst

    Because they most likely had another Tesla before his 1 y.o. Plaid, hence the 7 years of ownership quote.
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    Screen Yellowed, Again?

    Because it affects the overwhelming majority of S and X vehicles of all years, Tesla knows this and knows how much it would cost them to replace all of those screens hence the "only cosmetic" excuse. Musk fully realizes that Tesla fanaticism is highest amongst any auto brand, this is why he gets...
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    Tesla Service getting worst and worst

    Seven years owning Teslas, not that hard to comprehend.
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    Talk me off the ledge...

    Thank you so much for the well-detailed experience!
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    Talk me off the ledge...

    Thanks so much, although my understanding is that unless you own the vehicle Tesla isn't too helpful to either 3rd party dealers or potential private owner purchases with regards to sharing those service records.
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    Talk me off the ledge...

    Looking at buying a used S 100D, there are two 2018s (one is 65k, the other 69k) I'm considering. The first is red w/black interior, carbon fiber, sunroof and "updated" 2018 interior trim i.e. dark graphite trim w/updated vanity mirrors (9/18 build), and they also wrapped the exterior trim in...
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    Will delays help build quality?

    Imho I think Tesla feels/thinks much like software and gaming companies, in that if any issues arise they'll simply fix them after purchase as long as the majority of features can justify prompt delivery. As an early owner of a Tesla Model S, those really were their glory days compared to now...
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    2020 Model X Long Range Plus - Carmax

    While true, Tesla hasn't been consistent with dealership sales and can at any time remove it if they see fit. You may have recourse for some sort of discount after the fact from said dealer, but most nowadays have some sort of verbiage that they aren't responsible if Tesla removes any futures...
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    Real life experience with Xcelerate warranty?

    Are there so-called DU failure signs that it is on it's way to die? If so and it's within the original Tesla warranty has anyone run into an issue with Tesla dragging their feet hoping it will inevitably die outside of the warranty period? That is my concern, is that you'll bring it in to have...
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    Model X Next Refresh

    ...how do you know? (disclaimer) I have trouble following advice.
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    Make sure to also download any attachments if included, lol!
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    Major 2021 Model X refresh pending [Update: Unveiled January 27, 2021]

    Unfortunately these most likely won't be interior or exterior updates but under the skin. Just my hunch, but these cars are getting long in the tooth imho.
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    Question about door handles

    It's a wonderful "parlor trick" much like the X falcon wing doors, and Tesla no doubt has paid a fortune constantly repairing them which leads me to believe any future models won't see them returning.
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    Did I invest too much?

    Amen to #2. I try to avoid outlaying that much cash on depreciating assets, yada yada "missed opportunity costs".
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    Looking for somebody to take over my Model X lease

    Ok, then with that very same $7500 you can get a brand new X for approx. $250-500 less per month (based on term) so I'm not understanding what would be the benefit of taking over a 2 y.o. MX for more money, far less range and is used...unless you're leery of an extra 10 mos. of lease.
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    Looking for somebody to take over my Model X lease

    Yikes, it's scary to think you could get a brand new Y for $1000 less, why so high? What mileage allotment?
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    Palladium Model X

    I'd be surprised if they kept them, it has been a huge SC repair issue since Day One and a redesign would probably be too costly at this point. I agree with the other poster that they'd most likely go full glass to streamline production costs.
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    White interior

    What do you mean by "grow on me"? That usually implies that you are starting to love it, which is odd considering you state you already own it.
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    2020 Model Y PUP - 450 miles - Deep Blue

    True, but the reality is that most people in 2 or 3 months are hoping for a job or a vaccine!
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    Heat pump retrofit

    Wouldn't be surprised if all models going forward switch to them, makes more sense after all of the cold weather range complaints. I'm sure this is what holds many cold weather people back from getting an EV.
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    I predict those 21" wheels will break at the hub.

    There will be plenty of aftermarket manufacturers with options in the coming months.
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    I predict those 21" wheels will break at the hub.

    Yeah, it looks like that pinhole on the center cap is used to access them, probably comes with a prying tool.
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    Model Y Chrome Delete

    I'm actually surprised that they didn't make this part of the Performance package and make chrome standard, although I realize it would cost them more money to offer both. I bet we'll see someone do a chrome mod and be pleasantly surprised with how good it looks as well if only because it will...
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    Model Y Lackluster Performance Upgrade Package

    But you lose range (35 mi.) and are forced into larger rims which can easily curb rash. So while there is no charge, it is costly to many.
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    I traded my Tesla for a Lexus

    ICE cars have improved greatly emissions-wise not to mention that humans are living much longer than when cars were first built.
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    Warning!!! Model 3 will make you immature (again)

    People that street race deserve to be called idiots, esp. when they continue to try to justify their actions.
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    Warning!!! Model 3 will make you immature (again)

    https://www.latimes.com/projects/la-me-street-racing/ street racing deaths 2019 - Google Search Again, take it to the track because even one death is too many.
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    Warning!!! Model 3 will make you immature (again)

    Tired of looking foolish? Or being wrong?
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    I traded my Tesla for a Lexus

    That's quiet as well.
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    Warning!!! Model 3 will make you immature (again)

    It's "you're" and "obviously" dummy...talk about 'oblivious'! Seriously, focus on completing 8th grade and less time on the internet trying to be cool and humorous because you're failing at both.
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    Warning!!! Model 3 will make you immature (again)

    I've never been in an accident let alone ever received a ticket of any kind, do better son.
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    Warning!!! Model 3 will make you immature (again)

    No I didn't admit anything dummy, I was sarcastically responding to your idiotic take, much like YOU said "If I accelerate to the speed limit is it drag racing? Go buy a Prius." So you were proven wrong about that, changed the topic yet still deny the fact you think I should buy a slow car...
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    Best Model Y video to date!

    I wonder if the trim is actually powder coated? If so I hope we don't start seeing reports of people seeing flaking or fading after detailing, etc. Tesla has had issues with paint quality so I'd hate to see this crop up such.
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    Best Model Y video to date!

    The Y has a frunk and probably subfloor storage in the trunk as well.
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    ...worth a Thousand Words...

    Hopefully everyone was ok.
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    Warning!!! Model 3 will make you immature (again)

    You're wasting your time here, you'll be called a troll, etc. This is what forums are all about, bravado and beating other cars and if you dare mention how stupid and illegal it actually is, well that doesn't pertain to them because everyone thinks they're Earnhardt and it's a controlled...

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