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  1. Tiberius

    Will the S model be priced too high?

    Ugh, go ask in the model S section.
  2. Tiberius

    Model 3 back Seat fold flat!

    I should be surprised this thread made it to two pages but I'm not. #hypetrain #boredom
  3. Tiberius

    Model 3 back Seat fold flat!

    Smaller car so there is less space, but my civic does the same thing. #hype
  4. Psycho Stalker Chick Detected

    Psycho Stalker Chick Detected

    People like this are fun in the sack but in the end its not worth it.
  5. Tiberius

    Can Non-California residents pick their car up in Fremont?

    How are the details of this hypothetical trip relevant to the question? Sounds like how my wife would have asked, lol.
  6. Tiberius

    The M3 terrifies BMW

    "like only BMW can" LOL!!!
  7. Tiberius

    [Unsubstantiated claim] Gigafactory to cost 2.5b more than expected

    This has nothing to do with the model 3 and you're incessant trolling is annoying. It's a fine wine, not Pabst blue ribbon.
  8. Tiberius

    Model Y - Falcon Wing Doors?

    You missed my point entirely.... I was just pointing out that you are posting about this in the wrong section. And if your question was already answered, why post it again? Derp.
  9. Tiberius

    Model Y - Falcon Wing Doors?

    For someone who has been around so long, its a wonder you got lost so easily. Here you go little fella... Future Cars
  10. Tiberius

    Some some Model 3 production equipment is already on line

    Well that would make sense...
  11. Tiberius

    order priority factors?

    So you revived a nearly 4 month old thread just to complain based you your experience with the model X? (A car with many known supply issues contributing to worldwide delays) Man do I feel sorry for Fonzi...
  12. Tiberius

    what should I buy before model 3 comes out.

    2010ish civic. Cheap to buy, cheap to own, and will surely last you the 3 years.
  13. Tiberius

    V2grid (Vehicle to Grid) and Tesla

    This was brought up (under different terminology) in the Model 3 section. Don't waste your time looking for it, TL;DR: most people were not interested. Assuming they could do it without adding extra hardware/weight/cost, I would be a proponent but since at least one of those factors would go...
  14. Tiberius

    The TesLorean

    Website appears to be down.... is this still happening?
  15. Tiberius

    Does anyone hear the COWBELL?

    Being a copycat is unfortunately the norm in the auto business. Lexus ripped off the front of the '06ish GS 300 from Mercedes, and on and on. I suppose it's expected considering how the designers tend to bounce around between companies. Tesla isn't immune either. The front of the model 3 looks...
  16. Tiberius

    Matte Black Photoshops

    So will any number of modern supercars... but that doesn't make them muscle cars. Does the Model 3 look remotely like any of the cars in your link? No... being fast isn't the only factor. Clearly.
  17. Tiberius

    Matte Black Photoshops

    Then you don't really follow the traditional definition of muscle car.
  18. Tiberius

    Steering Wheel

    I've never heard of it causing degloving but I was taught in drivers ed (16 years ago) that when your hands are at 10 and 2 and you make a slight turn your forearm crosses over the airbag. Obviously not good during a collision. But.... To answer your question about notches in the steering...
  19. Tiberius

    I think this is the new Model 3

    ...yet. Haha compared to what? My first forum was based on off-roading... if you need thick skin here, you'd need body armor over there.
  20. Tiberius

    Tesla Model III convertible

    I don't see it happening either. Convertible cars are typically heavier and (IMO) effeminate. I wouldn't want production slowed to include this for the +-5% of people who would want it.
  21. Tiberius

    Autopilot Options

    You actually use that site? They resell your contact information, not to mention all their info/stats are completely made up. As for AP, if you don't trust yourself to use a function properly then you probably shouldn't be driving at all.
  22. Tiberius

    Plugless Charging

    Anyone else ever play F-Zero as a kid? I was going to make a similar picture but someone else on reddit beat me to it.
  23. Tiberius

    My S60 was stolen last night. I recovered it this morning thanks to the app

    Glad you got your car back but I think you made a mistake by not calling the cops immediately. By getting in and driving it home you have rendered any possible evidence meaningless. Filing a report is a waste of time since even if they catch the guy doing it again, they can't connect the two...
  24. Tiberius

    Can Tesla deal with 500K Model 3's?

    Production Ramp Speculation Accelerated production a mistake... Just announced. 500k cars by 2018 instead of 2020 The ambitious target to model 3 500k
  25. Tiberius

    Most excellent lecture: "Precisely Why The Tesla Model 3 Will Upend The Global Auto Industry"

    Will the Tesla Model 3 Upend the Global Auto Industry?
  26. Tiberius

    Center Stack Touchscreen Speculation -- Adjustable?

    Beautiful! The screen is mounted in a T-Slot that lets you move or ditch?need silence In that thread I would look at post #26 and that post only. To read the whole thing would give you cancer of the eyes.
  27. Tiberius

    Will the Tesla Model 3 Upend the Global Auto Industry?

    While I totally agree, the title of this thread is incredibly misleading. 22522 is fixated on model 3s costing no more than $26k because that is the only way he can afford one (as he/she stated in another thread).
  28. Tiberius

    Will the Tesla Model 3 Upend the Global Auto Industry?

    It was just an underline... I should have used bold to emphasize my point. I could never advocate for anyone to go back and read the thread I was referring to. It was torturous and of course it never got through to OP. Exactly... I don't know why there is so much focus on depreciation. The...
  29. Tiberius

    Will the Tesla Model 3 Upend the Global Auto Industry?

    (Sigh) I guess you're not taking my previous advice. To answer your question, I'm going to guess NO, as discussed at length in your other thread. Also, I honestly doubt very many people will be watching that video.
  30. Tiberius

    Autopilot 4.0

    That just blew my mind.
  31. Tiberius

    Autopilot 4.0

    That was Robert Picardo?? It does sound like him lol. (Also, what are the odds of a Star Trek actor having "Picard" in his name?)
  32. Tiberius

    Autopilot and Roundabouts

    Ask in the Model S/X sections. You'll probably get more responses with first hand experience.
  33. Tiberius

    Help me not be an idiot

    Even with our combined efforts, that is simply too big of a job. We can only offer our sympathy.
  34. Tiberius

    Supercharger stop today...

    Haha, yeah they would jump at that opportunity.
  35. Tiberius

    Supercharger stop today...

    What does this have to do with the model 3 specifically?
  36. Tiberius

    Will teslas stock price play a factor in your ability to buy the model 3.

    Ok thanks for chiming in, very constructive. Do you have something to add?
  37. Tiberius

    Will teslas stock price play a factor in your ability to buy the model 3.

    "You either like the car and trust that Tesla will be able to effectively support it or you don't." = FACT "If stocks are your only source of income and/or you have other gambling problems I might point you to the National Problem Gamblers Helpline at 1-800-522-4700." = JOKE (that someone...
  38. Tiberius

    Pencils down in 6 weeks - Model 3 design work nearly finished

    The obvious answer is wait for the model 3. Between the two, there's absolutely no benefit to the Model S except for selfish the desires. I totally get it but since you have a family, the choice is crystal clear. At least wait for the reveal part 2.... you'll have more info then and the...
  39. Tiberius

    Will teslas stock price play a factor in your ability to buy the model 3.

    I wouldn't say I'm intrigued... more like bewildered. So far, OP only said he's watching the stock price. Let's not roll out the jump to conclusions mat quite yet.
  40. Tiberius

    Will teslas stock price play a factor in your ability to buy the model 3.

    No. I might regret this, but what is the correlation between stock price being $300+ (over 10x the current GM stock price) and you buying a car you apparently don't need anyway? Elon himself said he felt the stock was overweight when it first broke the $200 mark. You either like the car and...
  41. Tiberius

    This Is The Model 3 Pre-Order Gift

    Anyone who cares (not many) already saw your thread about it. Or why not just save time by asking for patreon donations here?
  42. Tiberius

    Beautiful! The screen is mounted in a T-Slot that lets you move or ditch?need silence

    This forum is by far the most professional and accepting forum I have ever been on. I'm talking Squaresville, USA. If you can get even a small percentage of this crowd spurred against you, then MAYBE its not simply people being rude. Deonb is close but wrong... the number of threads isn't so...
  43. Tiberius

    Beautiful! The screen is mounted in a T-Slot that lets you move or ditch?need silence

    When threads go this direction, it's best to not comment and let it fall off the front page. That's the only reason why I disliked. The second one was for raising it to the top again when you could have just sent me a pm lol.
  44. Tiberius

    model 3 height off the ground?

    Even if someone went through the trouble of measuring the exact height from the reveal pics, there is a good possibility that it will change since those were only prototypes. Way too early to be asking.
  45. Tiberius

    What about steering wheel controls etc. ?

    Exactly what S'toon said, the three 3s shown during the reveal were prototypes. Final design isn't even finished so any and all details could still change. Pencils down in 6 weeks - Model 3 design work nearly finished
  46. Psycho


  47. Tiberius

    Model 3 leasing

    Wait, you haven't reserved one yet? If I'm reading that right, I'd bet the farm you won't get the $7,500. Would be nice but DO NOT plan on it.
  48. Tiberius

    Tesla makes offer to acquire Solar City

    Wrong section of the forums, AND its already being discussed. Here's the original thread in the proper section: Tesla makes offer to aquire and solar city

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