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    P85+ trade to P85 ??

    From what I understand you don't even need the tool to turn off the air suspension on the Model S. You can access this from the touch screen display and deactivate options and features. In the early days it was rumored that lower config Model S' actually had the hardware of higher contented...
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    P85 vs P85+ - Help me tell the difference...

    The Coil Suspension Model S imo has much better road feel than the P+ from a steering perspective that is where the Model S really is terrible all around. The Steering feels syrupy and just imprecise. I am not sure if this can be fixed via software or if it is an issue with the EPS OEM they...
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    P85+ trade to P85 ??

    The car still works fine even if you do not deactivate the Air Spring screen (simple change of Air Suspension to off which can be done in 30 secs or so by any ranger/service center). You can change the front sway bars pretty easily the rears require a bit more work.. Plus you can put your car...
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    P85+ trade to P85 ??

    Why not just buy the springs and do a swap? Should be relatively easy and cheaper than changing your car out.
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    Power Train Problem Service required

    I highly doubt that your PEM is liquid cooled.
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    Fight Fire with Software

    They need another coolant loop filled with flame retardant, Phos-Chek comes to mind.
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    Ugh. Another Model S fire - 2013-11-06

    Chances are there have been more than the three fires that have been publicized so it is a bit dangerous to use these numbers as fact. The Leaf pack actually sits further back and is more protected (due to its location and size) than the Model S' flat pack. The Chevrolet Spark has a similar...
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    How did you Justify 95k car purchase?

    If you like the car just buy it. Life is too short to have a justification to buy something that you like. The pleasure/pride of ownership you get from the vehicle cannot be quantified by dollars an cents. These cars usually depreciate like a rock so just buy it and enjoy it.
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    Yearly service

    I am not so sure if this is true. I have a few Roadsters and have made it a point to charge each roadster exclusively (whenever possible) on a different power source (110v, 14-50 & HPC). There is a TomSax blog entry where he was unable to find a significant correlation between higher amperage...
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    Owner-bricked batteries?

    I am not so sure if it is about getting the cost down rather than replacing the pack at Tesla's cost and then offering that car with a markup and warranty. For example, say an owner comes into the service center with a bricked Roadster and Tesla quotes them 40k to replace it. The owner...
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    Battery replacement cost?

    $7/second sounds about right
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    Swaying / Fishtailing / Handling Fix

    The P85+ is a much better handling car than the P85 but they pale in comparison to the Panamera or even the Karma. The P85+ makes the Model S acceptable as a performance sedan but the steering feel is the big limiting factor with the Model S (regardless of trim). I absolutely abhor the...
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    Owner-bricked batteries?

    I think that people have been down this path before it is just that no one really has broadcasted anything with regards to pricing. I have a hunch that pricing on Roadster packs have not come down at all and are still in the $7-800/kwh range for owner induced bricking. Tesla probably offers...
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    Owner-bricked batteries?

    I wonder if Roadster batteries have come down at all in price. I bought a bricked Roadster and ended up buying a new pack at a very costly sum- but this was over a year ago. I wonder if the price of Roadster packs have come down significantly from that point? One would think that the pack...
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    Performance Plus Package now available as option or retrofit

    Dropping the subframe is not that time consuming; R&R the electric motor out of the cradle is the big time killer.
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    Chevrolet Spark EV

    I had a chance recently to play with the "guts" of the Spark EV. The pack is almost exactly the same as a Fisker Karma A123 Amp20 pack except that it is in a different configuration/housing. The cooling plates are on the bottom as they are on the Karma's pack. Pack is rated for 10c (I believe...
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    Fisker Karma

    ÀîÔ󿬸߼ۺåÇÀÁ¬¿÷6Äêµç¶¯³µÆó ÉÌÒµÂß¼­ÏÔÏÖ|·Æ˹¿Æ|ÀîÔó¿¬|Àî¼Î³Ï_ÐÂÀ˲ƾ­_ÐÂÀËÍø High standard loot Fisker: Richard like doing   Zhou Kaiping   October 11, the U.S. Department of Energy held Fisker Automotive debt auctions, Chinese investors played a leading role, and finally Asia's richest...
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    Fisker Karma

    Looks like Pacific Century aka Richard Li & Henrik have won the FA DOE bidding and intend to follow through with the Atlantic.
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    21" Performance Gray Wheels for sale

    Set of 4 new TPMS' for sale. Tesla price is $500 for 4 will sell for $450.
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    12v battery problem and stranded!

    The battery I removed was a grayish made in Taiwan battery. Would be interesting to know how long they have been using these C&D batteries for.
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    12v battery problem and stranded!

    I want to say a group 75 battery but I honestly don't remember.
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    12v battery problem and stranded!

    There is a manual trunk (hatch) release cable by the trunk (hatch) light behind a plastic cover
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    12v battery problem and stranded!

    I have had my DC-DC replaced as well. The issue was definitely a failed 12v. Under load the CCAs would drop to 185 and 11.8v. Requires partial disassembly of the frunk. Battery is located by the passenger side windshield cowl. Not that difficult. I pulled the battery, took it to my local...
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    12v battery problem and stranded!

    I am not sold on the 12v batteries Tesla is using. I know there are a few lithium ion 12v batteries out there but they are probably very expensive. I have been through a few 12v batteries on my Model S. I recently got the 12v battery low warning again and recently replaced the battery with...
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    The 12 Volt Battery

    Has anyone replaced their battery with a 14+ ah battery? I have had bad luck with the Tesla 12v batteries (3 replacements in 2 years). Anyone have any recommendations of a reliable 12v battery. I know that Odyssey makes great automotive batteries not sure about who makes the best motorcycle...
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    Model S Accident/Fire

    Well I guess this begs the question if a flat pack is safer than an ESS in a configuration similar to that of the Roadster. More surface area exposed to road hazards; which means a greater propensity for damage. The biggest x-factor in all this is the flammable coolant- this could be the main...
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    21" Performance Gray Wheels for sale

    Wheels & Center caps sold. Suspension pieces still available.
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    Fisker Fires

    Interesting story actually, I own both a Karma and Model S. Was driving my Karma earlier today and after parking I was asked by a passerby if I this was the same car that caught on fire a few days ago up in Washington. A confusing set of circumstances to say the least.
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    Model S Accident/Fire

    The 12v battery was disabled by this point so the air-suspension would have been disabled.
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    Model S Accident/Fire

    This exact information has been posted 6-7x previously in this thread.
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    Model S Accident/Fire

    APNewsBreak: Tesla Car Fire Involved Battery - ABC News APNewsBreak: Tesla Car Fire Involved Battery SEATTLE October 3, 2013 (AP) By MIKE BAKER and TOM KRISHER Associated Press A fire...
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    Model S Accident/Fire

    Closer to the passenger side (right under-behind the fireman's cut loop). From the video it looks like (to me) this is potentially where the fire started from (greater intensity).
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    Newport Beach area hotels with charging

    Hilton Waterfront in Huntington has Chargepoint's on site. I think the Island Hotel will plug you into useless 110v
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    21" Performance Gray Wheels for sale

    still available
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    265/35/21 on all corners?

    I had a chance to spend some time with what I think was Elon's car (if it was the black signature performance that was given to journalists early on) and at that time it had 245/35ZR21 (96Y) Pilot Sport tires up front. You should be able to do the 265/35/21's all around but it is likely if...
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    P85+ Black/Black. Just Picked Up in Austin - It's Amazing!! (Pics)

    Nice looking car but Black in Texas..you are a brave man/woman
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    Is now the time or WAIT?

    To be fair a lot of the major electronics in the Model S is located underneath the rear bench seat. If water gets spilled down there I could see how a Model S could become inoperable. If this is what happened the scenario that was posted by "Grace" would not be all that ridiculous.
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    Is now the time or WAIT?

    Perhaps the OP is referring to this customer complaint? New Cars: New Car Prices, Reviews and Specs
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    Supercharger for the Roadster (Elon said "No")

    The cooling system on the Roadster would have to be improved significantly to allow for supercharging unless they go to something like dry ice cooling. Smaller more cost effective packs for those people who did not purchase the battery replacement is probably what he was eluding to.
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    21" Performance Gray Wheels for sale

    Orange County, CA
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    Signature P85+ Retrofit

    The complete air spring modules should have been changed. There is no easy way that I am aware of to just change the dampers on the air springs. Tesla does not stock just the dampers- the P+ air suspension module is a completely different part number. The installation of the rear stabar...
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    21" Performance Gray Wheels for sale

    technically yes.
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    21" Performance Gray Wheels for sale

    21" Performance Gray wheels for sale with Continental tires (9k miles on them)- Can sell with or without tires. Freshly refurbished (or will refinish in a color of your choice). Four brand new TPMS' included. Make offer Also available 4 air shocks and other suspension bits. Perfect for a...
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    Difference between "P" & "S" suspensions

    Not any more weight than what is on a normal P Air Suspension vehicle. The W/mi is actually better on the P+, I believe this is due to the lower rolling resistance of the PS2 tires.
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    Re-gearing? trade top speed for acceleration

    This has been done but heat was a problem (which was kinda solved).
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    Difference between "P" & "S" suspensions

    I do not think it is possible to do the standard suspension P85+ retrofit since the air springs are different on the P85+ and part of the factory package. I guess it is possible to change the suspension bits + rims/tires (minus the air springs) but I think that may lead to unpredictable handling.
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    Model S HV Manual Service Disconnect

    The first responder 12v loop does indeed isolate the HV to the battery. The proper way to isolate the HV battery is to disconnect the first responder 12v loop red connector (not necessary to cut the loop). There is no other accessible high voltage service disconnect. Apparently this loop...
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    Model S HV Manual Service Disconnect

    I do not believe that there is a manual service disconnect. There is an emergency disconnect (as noted in my initial post) but not a manual service disconnect. According to the NHSTA the vehicle does not have a manual service disconnect. Most EV's and hybrids have a manual service disconnect...
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    Model S HV Manual Service Disconnect

    Why doesn't the Model S have a manual HV service disconnect like the Roadster? I know that there is a first responder 12v service disconnect that feeds the HV contactor on the Model S but I am curious as to why Tesla did not see fit to have a manual disconnect as well?

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