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  1. J

    Phantom Braking 2020 MS

    I was driving my M3 on I-80 through Indiana over the weekend. It was early morning and I was driving east. I was approaching a large clover leaf in the right lane. From the cloverleaf, a semi was entering the left lane. It seemed that as the shadow of the semi filled the pavement in front of...
  2. J

    tesla API: how to generate an access token using the refresh token

    I just updated my Postman solution here. It includes a token refresh call. Joe
  3. J

    New API and Postman

    I just updated this one. Joe
  4. J

    Any creative Raspberry Pi installs (other than Sentry uploads)?

    Thanks! I'll give it a look. Joe
  5. J

    Any creative Raspberry Pi installs (other than Sentry uploads)?

    I would like my Raspberry Pi to collect vehicle information. I wrote the code in Eclipse on my laptop and it returns information from the API. When I deploy it to the Pi, Tesla returns a 404. I tried endpoints other than Tesla and they operate successfully. I also tried a curl command from...
  6. J

    Model S REST API

    I was developing a local streaming application and using the vehicle_data endpoint to get some data. During some testing, I received a "not found" error from the endpoint. I discovered, after some investigation, that the id_s of my vehicle changed. I found it odd because I've had the same...
  7. J

    Model S REST API

    Greetings! When I refresh my token, the information returned says its valid for 8 hours. Is that a change? Do I have to run the whole authentication process to get a token that is valid for 45 days? Thanks! Joe
  8. J

    Model S REST API

    I posted a Postman solution for Step 1 to 4 (outlined excellently here). The Postman collection and environment are here. Reviewing the repository README.md is recommended. Feedback welcome! Joe
  9. J

    Model S REST API

    Greetings! I have not resolved this issue. When my app starts, I receive data through the stream. The car shows a wifi connection. I place the car in Drive and there is a switch to cellular. My app shows a disconnection and it sends the subscribe message to the server. The server never...
  10. J

    Model S REST API

    Thanks @goRt! I appreciate your response and support. I thought Telsa managed the connection from the car but wasn't sure if the change from wifi to cellular impacted the stream. When I'm in my garage, I'm connected to wifi. By the time I'm at the end of my driveway, the car has switched to...
  11. J

    Model S REST API

    Greetings Streamers! I am able to stream data when the car uses wifi, and I'm able to stream data when the car uses the cellular link. I know about the cellular because I turned off the wifi, waited, and started my streaming app. However, when the car transitions from wifi to cellular, my app...
  12. J

    Model S REST API

    Thanks a bunch! I received the data_update message! I used the OAuth token without "Bearer " in front of it. I'm saying that because for API endpoints like /vehicle_data, it requires "Bearer " in front of the token in a header. Second, I used the value in the vehicle_id field of the...
  13. J

    Model S REST API

    When you submit authToken, is it in the form of Bearer authToken or just authToken? I have been using the same JSON suggested in the issues/97/ thread but keep receiving "Can't validate token." To be clear, authToken is the OAuth token returned through the oauth/token endpoint, correct...
  14. J

    Is the model 3 better than sex

    Possibly. I do feel like I'm committing polygamy when I, ahem, drive her.
  15. J

    The 2000 Mile Test Drive in my M3

    I was excited to make my first long range trip in my Model 3. It felt like a challenge and an opportunity to learn about the car. I did some research on Supercharger locations, miles between them, and hotels with Tesla Destination chargers. I discovered that the Trip Planner can do most of...
  16. J

    What About the ABRP Charging Model?

    I'm planning a long trip for my M3 SR+ and have been reviewing the route for charging stops. I had read about ABRP and entered my route. It shows the route and the charging stops. It also shows the time spent at each charging stop. Each stop is less than an hour; it estimates the battery on...
  17. J

    Auto-fold mirrors issue

    I had the auto fold feature enable for my home address. It became a nuisance so I disabled the auto fold. After reading this thread, I went to check the feature again and found it was not available. Has is been removed by a recent update to the software? More curious is the mirrors auto fold...
  18. J

    Touchscreen Reset Required After Update to 2020.8.2

    UPDATE The Arcade was moved to the Entertainment menu on the Arcade tab. Joe
  19. J

    Where To Find Insurance?

    I have mine through Progressive. Joe
  20. J

    Model 3 Post Delivery Set Ups and Learnings

    After I took delivery of my M3 SR+, I got curious about a few things. Here are my suggestions for a Post Delivery list of set ups. Joe
  21. J

    2020.8.2 Release Notes?

    The release notes are available from the Tesla About Box (tap the Tesla logo at the top of the screen). There is a link to the release notes at the bottom right. Joe
  22. J

    Touchscreen Reset Required After Update to 2020.8.2

    Thanks for your reply! I agree there is probably no difference between "resetting the screen" and rebooting the car's computer. I used the same terms as the author of the video to provide a difference between what they did for the screen and what they did for the car. I looked in the 2020.4...
  23. J

    Touchscreen Reset Required After Update to 2020.8.2

    Greetings! I updated to 2020.8.2 yesterday. It was later in the day so I did not drive the car. This afternoon, I turned on climate controls from the app. About 10 minutes later, I went to the car and it was cold and it seemed like the air conditioning was running. The Touchscreen was not...
  24. J

    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Truck must have been fixed quickly! I took delivery yesterday. The wait is very much worthwhile; I feel for those of you impacted by the shutdown. Hang in there! If you are near Cleveland, they had a bunch of White Model 3's on the lot and many of them appear in the Cleveland inventory. Joe
  25. J

    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Delivery in Cleveland postponed until 21 Mar because delivery truck broke down. Also, hearing to day that some Motor Vehicle offices will be closed. Hope they can still register the vehicle!
  26. J

    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    After some drywall mud and a face plate, I'll be ready for my 18 March delivery! Joe
  27. J

    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    I received my VIN from my SA (I think that means Service Advisor) in an email. I have also seen it in the "source" of my Tesla Account web page. Select Manage on your account page and wait for the page to appear. On mine, it says Joe's Tesla in the upper left. Right click and select View Page...
  28. J

    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Ordered SR+ on 28 Feb, received VIN on 5 Mar, tesla-info.com indicates a departure on or around 2 Mar, delivery scheduled for 18 Mar. 14-50 delivery scheduled for 10 Mar. Attending Pre-Delivery Ownership Workshop on 9 Mar. I plan to run a 240 volt line to the garage today.
  29. J

    Test Drive/Regen Braking Impression

    Greetings and Thanks! I appreciate all the points of view and mostly, thanks to the diversity on this topic, I look forward to experimenting when I finally get a Model 3. I was unaware of the legality of driving in neutral for manual transmissions. My present car is a Camry with automatic and...
  30. J

    Test Drive/Regen Braking Impression

    Greetings! I finally took a test drive in a Model 3 recently. I look forward to ordering one soon. I was initially surprised by the aggressiveness of the regen braking. Even at the lower setting, I thought it was too much. However, I understand the purpose (I believe) and that is to slow...

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