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    That very loud and painful "clunk"

    *ugh* Bad news. Our thoughts are with you!
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    @TeslaRoadTrip 2014 (Feb 15-17, 2014) - Dinner Event Signup & Details Available!

    Agreed. I can't make all the events, but I'm looking forward to tonight's reception.
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    Tesla Supercharger network

    Great news. I can't wait for the rest to come up so I can get from Virginia to Michigan!
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    Toledo Supercharger Location Poll

    I'm in Toledo now for the holidays. I'm willing to scout locations. Would love to have some hints about the best places to "scout". :)
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    Tesla Supercharger network

    Here are some photos from Hagerstown, MD. We stopped by on our way from Virginia to Michigan (unfortunately we were driving the Prius). - - - Updated - - - Stop two on our trip from VA to MI (in the Prius, unfortunately) was at Somerset, PA. Service at the Wendy's there was pretty...
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    Tesla Supercharger network

    No luck on the address. He just gave me the town name. I'm hoping someone can hunt down the permit with details.
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    Tesla Supercharger network

    Just finished a visit to the Somerset PA supercharger that's under construction. The supervisor there confirmed that it should be operational between the 8th and 10th of January. He also told me his next supercharger site would be Cranberry PA.
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    Supercharger - Somerset, PA

    Good intel! Thanks for the update.
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    Supercharger - Macedonia, OH

    Michiganmodels -- thanks for the offer. I'm actually heading to the Michigan suburbs of Toledo, OH. (My mom lives 1/2 mile across the state line.) It looks like this will be a trip in the Prius, but thankfully my last.
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    Supercharger - Macedonia, OH

    Jake -- I've got my eye on it too. I'm planning another trip to Michigan on 12/23, but still debating between taking the Tesla or the Prius..... Superchargers in MD and OH would make the trip a lot easier. Are you going to be around? We may be up for another pit stop at your place. Greg.
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    Breezewood/Bedford (PA) Supercharger (speculation)

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that those stations will be up soon. I drive from DC to outside of Toledo to visit family. I don't think we'll have anything for the holidays, but something in time for spring break would be nice. I'm with Fryfrye on this one. I've made it in good weather, but...
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    Service Center no longer giving loaner cars outside of 50-mile radius?

    And, as the other owner who benefited from the HPWC upgrade, I can confirm that!
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    Pano Roof - Broken Wind Deflector

    I had a similar problem. The ranger had it fixed in 40 minutes. Apparently this is a common problem, and there's an updated version of the wind screen hinge.
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    Real World Experiences with Tesla

    Had my first ranger visit today, and it was a good experience. Steve from the Rockville service center stopped by the garage in DC where I park my car. He showed up at 1:00 pm, just as promised. Then, 40 minutes later the broken hinges on the windscreen for my roof were replaced. Really...
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    Tesla Service (Columbus, OH) is Excellent

    As the fellow TMC-er who was making the trek, I agree. Thanks so much Jake!!
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    Who cut it the closest coming back from Richmond?

    You beat me! I had 36 miles remaining when I got back home.
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    Tesla Demonstration Event Richmond, VA

    Agreed! Just got home (Arlington) from the event. It was nice to see some state Delegates and Senators there. And, really enjoyed the ride on the track. That was the most fun 90 mile per hour ride I've had.
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    What's in your 'Charging Kit'?

    Tesla Gear now has a 5-20, so I ordered that for my "Kit".
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    NEMA 5-20 now available on Tesla Store

    Nice -- I was hoping they'd make one eventually. I've got it on order (just in case).
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    Tesla Demonstration Event Richmond, VA

    I put in my RSVP. I've got the same range concerns as Only Trons. But, I still figure it's worth showing up.
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    DC-Pittsburgh driving/charging experience?

    Paul, I drove from Arlington to Pittsburgh last month. I stopped at the KOA (Madison) to recharge before returning. My total distance was 220 miles, and I used 199 miles of rated range to get there. (I had the car on cruise most of the way and was driving about 55 mph.) The KOA staff were...
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    Real-World Supercharger Performance

    I just finished up a DC-Boston road trip. Top rate was 283 mph (rated). I didn't time the charges precisely and here's why: we had enough miles to get to the next stop before we finished our meal, and that's just what I needed. At one stop, we did wait some extra time to get a full (100%)...
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    New Tesla luggage - didn't see that coming!

    Nice bag. I used it on a recent trip. You have to be careful. If you overload it, you'll have difficulty putting the "top" back on the bottom trunk. Also, when it was packed, it caught on the carpet on the lip of the lower trunk, and now the plastic rivet that holds the carpet down has...
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    Extended Warranty Going Up July 3, Will You Buy Now?

    OK -- I pulled out the credit card and bought the extended warranty. I'm hoping that was a good choice.
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    Delivery with only 60 miles of range?!?....

    My Model S was delivered in the end-of-Q1 rush. It actually arrived "dead" with 0 range. The Tesla Ranger had to jump it, and we limped it about a quarter mile to a near-by 1772 charging station. I feel your disappointment and frustration.
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    Charging in Ocean City, MD?

    I've done the round trip between Arlington, VA and Rehoboth Beach, DE on a single charge, so you wouldn't need much to top off. I'm at the beach now, but in a rented house this time, so I'm able to tap the dryer plug. I haven't seen much in the area here, but there are some charging stations...
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    June NoVA meet at new Tysons Store

    Great photos! I'm sorry I couldn't make this one. I was driving the family out to the beach. I'm happy to report that I was able to successfully tap the dryer outlet at the beach house. It took a home-made 14-30 to 14-50 adapter, a 14-50 extension cord and a dialed-down Model S.
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    Charging regularly from a 10-30 outlet

    I've had my Model S for a couple of months now, and have a 14-30 at home that I use to charge each night. So far, it's been working fine for me. I typically drive less than 20 miles per day, and the car recharges in less than 2 hours.
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    First Road Trip - Arlington, VA to Rehoboth Beach, DE

    I've had the Model S for just over a month now, and I really wanted to test its "legs". I jumped in the car with my 12-year-old for an old-fashioned road trip. Our first leg was a short side-trip up Rock Creek Park to Chevy Chase. From there, we headed out to Rehoboth Beach, DE. I did my...
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    How to plan a road trip - how long will it take?

    Just finished my first long distance trip: Arlington, VA to Rehoboth Beach, DE and back (with a side stop in Chevy Chase, MD). Did a range charge before leaving and had 270 rated miles. The terrain was fairly flat, and the weather was good (sunny, clear, 60's). We ended up driving 273 miles...
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    Standard 220 dryer outlet to nema 14-50 female adapter

    I just got my 14-30 as well. (It was backordered for over a month.) And, they are sold out yet again.
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    Tesla Showroom Opens in Tysons Corner, VA!

    I was there with my kids (and the Model S) on Saturday and it *was* a zoo. I went ahead and had the boys move the chains so we could park in peace (we didn't need to charge). Once in the mall, we let the staff at the store know and they were fine with that.
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    Two Teslas - Columbia Pike

    My state Senator, Adam Ebbin, had a call with the DMV Commissioner about the problems with opening the store in Tysons. During that conversation, the Commissioner mentioned the 160 figure. I don't have an as-of date for the figure, however.
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    Two Teslas - Columbia Pike

    As I was driving to Pentagon City this afternoon on Columbia Pike, I was surprised to see another blue Model S pull up beside and then turn right on to Glebe. It's nice to know that with only 160 Model S vehicles in Virginia, we've got two already in south Arlington.
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    Virginia call to ACTION - VA DMV denies Tesla dealer license!

    According to Senator Ebbin, there was not much movement in his meeting. I'd like to reach out to Tesla and have the right people there talk with him directly. Any idea who I should speak with?
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    Anyone receive a 14-30 adapter yet?

    Mine is still on back order. It's been 3 weeks. I finally stopped waiting and made my own "Franken-adapter" which converts my 14-30 to 14-50. Standard Flasher-Z warnings apply.
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    Virginia call to ACTION - VA DMV denies Tesla dealer license!

    I spoke with my state Senator, Adam Ebbin. He is going to be speaking with the DMV Commissioner tomorrow afternoon. I'll post what I hear of the conversation. Apparently the DMV has a standard reply for anyone who asks about the decision: Thank you for your interest in this matter. After...
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    Virginia registration happened pretty quickly.

    DMV Select is the way to go. I went to the Arlington County offices in the Courthouse neighborhood. No line, no wait.
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    Virginia registration happened pretty quickly.

    Got my registration documents today. I need to do it myself, but, interestingly enough, Tesla said they would be mailing me a check to reimburse me for the taxes and registration fees. So I need to pay those directly and hope for the refund in the mail from Elon.
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    Owners delivery stories, photos and first impressions

    Got mine today. Nice blue 85 with pano roof, tan interior, tech package and the air suspension. - The rush to make the 1st quarter numbers showed. I had my delivery changed from the Rockville Service Center to home. That let them count the sale in March. - 3 of the 6 cars on the semi...
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    Elon Musk: Stop your end of the quarter mad dash....it hurts delivery experience

    Disappointing delivery situation today. I had requested a service center pickup (Rockville). Tesla changed that to a home delivery to make their 1st quarter numbers. The driver couldn't get the cars off the truck today because 3 of the 6 cars were dead. The primary battery was at "0" so the...
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    Anyone receive a 14-30 adapter yet?

    Originally, I was going to pick up my Model S at the Rockville Service Center. Tesla said I could buy an adapter from the service center when I picked up the car. Unfortunately, events have changed. Tesla switched me to home delivery, and they're sending just the 14-50 adapter. Rockville...
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    Virginia registration happened pretty quickly.

    Good advice! We have one here in Arlington at the courthouse, and they say they do registrations and titles. Car should be here tomorrow. "Jim" called and said he'll have his semi in Falls Church tomorrow. Looking forward to the new car.
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    Virginia registration happened pretty quickly.

    I actually live 1/2 mile from the DMV. I can walk there. But, the lines are *crazy* long.
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    Virginia registration happened pretty quickly.

    My Model S is scheuled to arrive within the next week as a home delivery (not what I had really wanted). Now it sounds like I need to be prepared to register it myself. I'm bracing for the paperwork and the headaches of getting this all straightened out. :(
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    Tesla changing some deliveries to customer homes

    I just got a call from Tesla today. I had requested to pick my car up from the Rockville, MD service center. The Tesla rep said that they have changed their delivery process. She asked me to send payment to Tesla and then they would release the car from the factory for a direct delivery to my...
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    New York City to Boston, driving fast, NO PROBLEM

    Seegem -- what hotels do you use in Cambridge/Boston? I'm anticipating a trip up to MIT this summer, and would like to have a hotel where I know I'll be able to recharge.
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    Virginia registration happened pretty quickly.

    Good to hear. I have the original Clean Fuel plates on my Prius, and I'd like to transfer them to the Model S when it arrives in a few weeks. Anyone have experience with doing that?
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    Northern Virginia Model S Owners!

    Aliljet -- I'm in Arlington as well. I think I may have seen you driving in the Douglas Park neighborhood where I live. I'm waiting on my car's arrival. Should be later this month if all goes well.

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