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    New patent on Geofencing for cars

    Sure sounds like Apple patent trolling again.. Locale and several similar apps use this principle and work very well. Locale is brilliant once one takes the time to set everything. It automates everything around you really.
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    Heating option for the Frunk!

    Best to have a special box inside it, with 110/220v heating, and only if you really need it, with an upgrade which could pull the power from the battery, which will make it much costlier. Talk to your local pizza delivery, if you can't find anything off the shelf in a home improvement store or...
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    Can we override the BMS target temperatures?

    AMPd, Tesla does what it expects is the best average choice across all the most optimal choices for different users and circumstance. An individual user with tech knowledge then knows more. It would be great if new options were made available. Even if at a service center, specifically for such a...
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    Could Tesla Use Zinc-air Batteries at More than Five Times the Energy Density?

    Zinc air isn't suitable for cars. Not with current chemistry development stages. EOS is stuck at same limitations as the creator of first rechargeable zinc air batteries was about 15 years ago. Coincidentally, it was the same guy who created the world's first AC drive trains. So the kind in...
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    News from China: Tesla China accept Reservation from Chinese customers

    China is a developing market. In such markets, those who can, want to be able to spend more. It is the whole point. In China, this reflex is at its peak. It will take a few years to appreciate Tesla for what it is there but rest assured Tesla is hoping to reach this effect first. It is about $$$...
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    Video share: BYD Qin VS top brands what a fast car!

    You are correct but even Tesla sells on performance being on par and better. Most owners then don't floor it all the time. People want to know if these cars move or not. As for the OP, something tells me he works for BYD since there is no mention of any other Chinese brand and there are many...
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    VolksWagen XL1

    EV1 incarnation in a way..
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    Regenerative Braking

    Check the regen settings. It could be you simply have the milder of the two settings activated now.
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    Speedometer: Inaccurate?

    Actually, GPS and actual radar will always show about 7% lower speed than your speedo on any certified production car becuase your tacho is supposed to lie to you by that much, to keep you on the safe side of the law. Add to that the tolerance of speed traps and you can actually speed over the...
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    Any 40 owners upgrade?

    Don't know but Tesla should offer temporary upgrades for limited time or times charged for say a prepayed value, etc. Say, 20 bucks per extended charge or whatever...
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    Top Speed. Governed or maxed out?

    The drivetrain becomes very inefficient at those higher rpm's and also loses torque. It would be possible to take it over 20.000 RPMs probably, with a higher voltage (say over 500v) but it would need a redesigned inverter, better cooling and the motor wasn't designed for those RPMs. So it may...
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    AWD Test Mule

    Lets hope Tesla corrects the horrible design flaw and stops batteries from spinning ;) Probably Tesla simply wants to keep customers from flip floping as they usually do before chosing among all the S versions and have some simplicity to speed up sales. So buy an S or RWD or X for AWD. They...
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    Tesla Hires Apple's VP of Product Development to Lead New Vehicle Development

    I don't mind solid industrial design. Awards themselves do not mean much, quality issues have been present with their products, etc. Things like hype, non removable batteries, proprietary connectors, locked interfaces, etc spring to mind, so forward looking isn't what I would describe them with...
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    Exotic Driver just posted their P85+ Model S review with some awesome footage

    Hi could be that you have some alignment issues and that the handling isn't as sharp because of it?
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    Tesla Hires Apple's VP of Product Development to Lead New Vehicle Development

    I admit I am so uninterested in Apple that I cannot even bring myself to check out what the man did but I really don't like the idea of anything Apple impacting Tesla. I am sure they did it also to flirt with some investors and that the idea is to suggest the same stock trajectory but it is a...
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    Off-Road Ability of Model X?

    If one has funds available, building a super sports car with electric motors is not really that difficult these days. Motors and batteries are available and only finances are the limit to what one does with them..
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    Model S Wagon?

    Well designed wagons tend to have better aero than their sedan counterparts but with the S, the achieved drag is so low, that even keeping with with the wagon would be an achievement. The chassis modifications would not be that expensive and Tesla likely will put it on the market and investors...
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    My new Model S

    Definitely go do an alignment for the wheels, to avoid quick wear of tires... These look like they could go in 10.000 miles if not doing that and without rotating them at 5.000 miles..
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    Model S Wagon?

    Well, we can kind of tell what it will look like can't we? :tongue: http://www.autotrader.co.uk/image-library/gencover/16387 But yes, there's definitely a huge market for the wagon and an AWD version of it. Then again, the coupe and convertible would be wicked also...
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    Assuming 8% annual improvement in range...

    In many ways, and that is one of the very few things I don't like about Tesla, Tesla has become somewhat of a patent troll and tries to patent everything, everywhere while the core of its technology isn't really Tesla's and Tesla obtained it without paying to those who developed it so it isn't...
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    Gen3 @ $35k without any government voodoo

    Maybe Tesla could ave a short term "collectors" :wink: sub brand or "affiliate" company for which it could supply vehicles as an OEM and "bypass" that limitation somehow :smile:
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    Aftermarket modified motors?

    In time, down the road, modifications on this car will be a joy. Kind of like custom roms on Android phones. Many will allow unprecedented (but possibly dangerous) software tweaks and then abundant hardware tweaks, in terms of batteries, motors, aftermarket 4by4 upgrades, etc.. It will be fun...
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    Decreasing rated range.

    Always keep in mind the season or date of when you look at the estimate. Cold or heat eat more energy than those points in between due to heating and cooling... And the car remembers recent consumption pattern and makes assumptions based on that.
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    BMW i8

    If Teslas weren't available, this would look like something very interesting, but given that some companies have not been such slackers as big auto, this is underwhelming. It is sad to think that all this tech was available long ago but they only began moving their butts and underwhelmingly when...
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    Aftermarket modified motors?

    You will likely first see attempts to "tune" existing drive inverters, as motors likely have some reserve. Probably also reconfiguring the thermal protection, etc.. In principle, the existing motors have some headroom. There is a question of actual need though. This will be more of a topic for...
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    Class 8 trucks going down mountains with full battery

    For long haul, full electric will not be a viable option for a long time. Economics wise, zinc air battery or better put fuel cell module swapping or refuelling of electrolyte would most likely be viable first. The Fisker or Volt series hybrid would make sense, especially with a CNG...
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    How does the Model S motor work?

    The motor and drive train basically became available for automotive use only in 1990ies. So it is a recent tech for automotive. Nikola Tesla did make a two phase AC motor a long time ago but could not "steer" it in a fashion required for automotive use. In about 1985 a Yugoslav inventor made the...
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    Mercedes Benz B-Class Electric Drive

    No wonder, since the A was originally designed as an electric car, with an AC drive train, but Mercedes went ICE afterwards. The car had space for the batteries in the floor (like the Tesla S). The car was failing the moose test because lacking those batteries and low center of weight, the car...
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    Front motors smaller (less powerful) than the rear?

    For breaking with front wheels, the front motor does not need to be more powerful. The rear motor is by factors underutilized at braking, since it would spin the car if it was more aggressive. The front motor could be even a third of the rear one and simply set for more aggressive braking...
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    Front motors smaller (less powerful) than the rear?

    Front wheels need far less torque as they can't really put it to the pavement well.. So you could easily go with less than half and still be behind what the front rubber can plant onto tarmac..
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    12v battery problem and stranded!

    Check the voltage with which the battery is "charged" by the DC DC. It should be above 13.5v or over 13.8 at least. If not, it is not the battery that is faulty. If it is undercharged, especially to low 12v ish or below, it will sulphate very quickly and become unusable. If it undercharges...
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    Jumping 12V Battery via Power Port

    The lead acid battery has 12v nominal. USB is 5 volts.. You will not be charging it from the USB unfortunately.
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    Chevrolet Spark EV

    Thanks. I've been reading it for a long time and I figured it is time to join. The Matiz was a popular small city car in Europe and also in parts of Asia of course. It is funny how Agnelli really wanted to make FIAT unique again and how today they make a great car, but only as a compliance car...
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    Chevrolet Spark EV

    GM wrong about itself Actually GM is wrong when admitting the Spark was not designed as an EV. It actually was, just not thoroughly, because it was one of the earliest ones. Spark is basically a reworked Daewoo Matiz, which was originally designed by Italdesign for a partnership between FIAT...

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