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    [On-Going] Model S-friendly & Best Car Park List

    Tin Shing shopping center car park is model S friendly as well. Have 30x13A and around 10+ are coned .
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    Referral code promotion

    Wondering if the referal bonus can be used to buy accessories such as the Mennekes UMC cable? If is allowed, I could help anyone to order one if using my link below :) <snip>
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    Finally, got confirmed P85D delivery date

    Congratulations to all of you. Finally!!!!! Have thought of any good place to conduct the functional test on the insane mode?
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    Delay in dual motors version delivery

    It is really ludicrous to all RHD owner, never able to own the latest top model. If you change and wait for the P90D now, by the time delivering to you, may have another P95D launched just before yours p90d ready to pick up again .
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    Tracking P85D delivery to Hong Kong

    Thanks lx3h, I'm in your group. :) Anyone has been notified for picking up your P85D ?
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    V6.2 Owner Manual (North America March 2015 Edition or later)

    Can share the URL link for the latest owner manual please? I don't see any owner manual available in Mytesla HK and only got release note.
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    Tracking P85D delivery to Hong Kong

    Is it still possible to deliver the first batch P85D in July? I don't understand why still saying preferred delivery in June........... What the next status after production complete and is in transit? Anyone have new status and update?
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    Adding a Fridge to your Model S

    I have seen one before very similar to this and I was thinking to order one and put it the back as a rear centre console. 商å“￾詳情 But just afraid would be too noisy to put it inside .
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    21" Rim or 22" Rim

    22" is ok for MS but my opinion is only good for non-D model in HK. you may know that Tesla is deliveiring a squared 245/21 setup instead of staggered 265 for P85D if u took the 21" option........... Properly they finally realized that is downright dangerous to run staggered setup in AWD. So...
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    Model S Panoramic Roof Sun Shades

    Wondering Tesla HK have these in stock or need to back order? How long does it take from order to delivery? BTW, is these thing foldable when not in use?
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    Extra set of wall mounted Power Connector & 19 inches of standard rim for sales

    Wondering what the tire size you put on the front and rear ? So far so good?
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    The Tesla Factory is building your Model S (P85D RHD)

    Congratulations! So the first batch arriving HK will still be in June? I got my vin 0890xx but still in queue and dashboard showing ETD in Aug
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    Making the wall connector portable

    .........I see, so do you use Mennekes charger often or just hardly use any 13A for charging ?
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    Making the wall connector portable

    I have seen someone modify the silver wall connector and add a 13A plug in the other end function like those Mennekes mobile portable charger and charging at harbour city today. Just wondering would it get more km per hour of charging compare to the Mennekes' if both are plugged in the same 13A...
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    P85D Delivery

    Just got the call today and opt for the NG rear over the phone, but they still need my email confirmation. I asked if sooner or later will have another rear seat to match the NG front but the answer was no such info currently..... As expected
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    Next-gen REAR seats no longer available for new orders, please post feedback on yours

    I have been given the option to upgrade to executive seats as well. I just received the call in the last 30 mins.
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    P85D Delivery

    I didn't get any call regarding the NG seat either. I confirmed my P85D end of Nov and has been postponed from May to Aug already.
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    Next Gen Seats gone

    So wondering anyone ordered NG seat have received call to confirm so far? And what's your final decision ? 1. keep NG front and back seat 2. Keep only front NG seat 3. Change to old performance seat and save some $$ 4. Upgrade to executive seat I have not yet received call from DS and I am...
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    P85D Delivery

    Just wonder is there anyone ordered p85d and the delivery schedule still estimated in late May?
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    P85D Delivery

    Heard something regarding the air bag
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    P85D Delivery

    Mine is also delayed from late May to August. Sigh!
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    P85D: wheel and suspension option

    If on-going maintenance cost is your major concern, then consider coils and 19", the tires cost are much cheaper (less than half) than the 21s. Air would give you a more comfortable ride than the coils but cost around HK$16K each for future replacement. IMO, running cost on 21" is even higher...
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    Anyone didn't opt the Ultra HiFi Sound System?

    I dont have any idea but I think I have read a thread here saying that they are 2 ohm 6" speakers at the front doors and 7.9" back door if Ultra sounds was installed. Not sure any shop in HK able to modify the system but Tesla say will void the warranty due to more power might need to draw...
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    Anyone didn't opt the Ultra HiFi Sound System?

    Right, reproducing the Bohemian Rhapsody is really a challenging even on high end gears. I don't expect the upgrade sound can do that right at all, especially with the so called subwoofer is just a woofer installed in their tesla bassbox and those plastic mounting used for the mid-range woofers...
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    Anyone didn't opt the Ultra HiFi Sound System?

    i think you made a right move if you have plan to upgrade the sound system, at least save some wiring time. - - - Updated - - - Do you aware the base system have no bass at all? this is what the owner advisor told me and suggest me to opt the ultra sound. But I think the 6 inch door side...
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    Anyone didn't opt the Ultra HiFi Sound System?

    yes, I should have mentioned HK$ 20K.
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    Anyone didn't opt the Ultra HiFi Sound System?

    I am actually a hard core on high fidelity and my gear at home worth more than a P85D. However I found the Ultra sound system does not have a good quality of bass and I would have to adjust fewer bass to avoid blooming sound anyway if I opt this option. I noted that the different I paid would...
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    Got a nice surprise picking up my P85D tonight

    Hey Volt, when you sit on the back seat with your legs angled, is it able to support your thigh now? Or just the same with the old seat and not able to hold your thigh at all? Can you you please elaborate the side bolster on the back seat? Stiff and harder to slide in and out the car?
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    Anyone didn't opt the Ultra HiFi Sound System?

    Too bad that Tesla don't have any demo car with standard sound for an AB comparison. Anyone didn't opt the ultra sound finally?
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    Tried charging at the airport

    Is it your first time using the 62196 dock? Does it work in other location?
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    P85D Interior Photos

    Did you take any photo of the back seat? Strange that they deliver a next gen front but not the back seat.
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    Comment on Next Gen Seat

    Seems not many people have experience on the new rear seat.... The side supporting protruded looks hard and sharp on the rear make the middle passenger difficult to slide over to get off or in..... I also found the rear of the old seat unable to support the back of your thigh at all when you...
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    Hong Kong Navigation

    Tesla sales told me the google navigation will be ready in Dec, but another one told me in March. I found they always have different versions and information always not in-sync . But I strongly believe will be available within months.
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    Comment on Next Gen Seat

    Hi all, Anyone can give more comments on the new Next Gen seat? Asia pacific here not yet have demo car with the new seat to try, by just looking at the photo, would the highly bolstered front seats be too tight and not comfortable to twist around your body? Harder to get out from the car? And...
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    Custom 21" wheel change

    The appearance of the stock wheel is very personal. I was just thinking to order the std 19" and run for one year then change to some higher quality 20 or 21" wheels instead of paying $35K in the beginning for 21" upgrade . I can buy a better set of wheels and tyres with that budget. The stock...
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    Premium Center Console

    I see. Can we just buy the console without installation ?
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    Group buy: Chargeport Opener

    Thanks Vmax!
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    Premium Center Console

    I went Tsuen Wan show room today and they said not yet available and don't trust forum :(
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    Custom 21" wheel change

    I dont remember ive read somewhere that wheel alignment is included in Tesla US, but I have checked with HK and confirmed that that will charge around $2xxx and not free.
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    Rear Entertainment Console - Installed

    I saw this in video, very nice and wish to get one as well. Does it have any power connection directly to the iPad? btw, can show us the top edge how to drop the iPad in? Thanks
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    Custom 21" wheel change

    Their alignment camber setting etc for 19" or 21", air or coil suspension are all in different settings. Vehicle label on door side also marked clearly the tyre size you ordered...... I was thinking to order 19s and replace with forged 21s with same stock spec , but I don't think Tesla will help...
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    Custom 21" wheel change

    So, your version is also only apply to air and should be covered if same rim size are used. Anything mentioned the cost for tow truck?
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    Custom 21" wheel change

    Verified with service center. No more free car tow during warranty period as well. What's your version?
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    Change in air suspension setting with 21" wheel

    I checked that before, alignment setting is different between 19" and 21". Air and coils suspension also make the difference. Warranty on suspension will not be covered if 3rd party rims are used. No more free car tow during warranty period as well.
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    Custom 21" wheel change

    Just noted that warranty on air suspension will not be covered even changed to the same 21x8.5 with 40mm offset wheel. But not sure if the same would apply to coils suspension.
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    Group buy: Chargeport Opener

    Thanks DITB. :)
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    Recommendations on good car wrap shop in Hong Kong

    How long it takes to complete the job? Looks good. - - - Updated - - - Sonywong hing, is the handle still sensitive to pop out when you touch after wrapped?

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