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    Your Model 3 Maximum Range?

    Same; Sept 2020 M3 LR (19'' wheels) 7k miles 298 miles @ 100%
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    2500 miles. My thoughts - and issues 😬

    2020 M3 LR and I use the same rule 1% => 2miles. Expecting anything else just makes me disappointed. Personally, I have tried driving slower, smoother, no heater & with heater but at the end of the day the road elevation, weather and traffic conditions always counteract any improvements I have...
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    Supercharger preheating hours before charge

    Interesting, I may have been premature to clear the navigation but it felt like forever and the efficiency was starting to push into 420Wh/mile driving at ~70mph over about 20 miles from memory...
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    Supercharger preheating hours before charge

    On a recent road trip I had to stop navigating to superchargers as the car would start to pre-heat the battery instantly even when I was miles/hours away. It never used to do this and it is killing the range/efficiency. It happened on multiple stops and over multiple days. Has anyone else had...
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    Water in trunk seal/plastic thingy

    Glad this may not only be me. I installed a motorised boot lid in the summer and while doing so found that the noise insulation in the boot was totally soaked! I thought nothing of it, thinking it maybe just got wet by water running into the boot when it was open and it never dried out...
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    model 3 efficiency?

    Pretty interested by this as I was a little shocked by the consumption over a long motorway trip from London to Scotland. 2020 (no heat pump) Model 3 LR with 19" wheels, charged to 100% and pre-conditioned before leaving, about 9 degrees dropping to 1 degree while heading north, 20 degree cabin...
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    My first winter

    Similar experience in my 2020 M3 LR for all it is worth. 220mile journey over the holidays, 100% SoC and pre-heating for about 30 minutes before leaving and only managed a theoretical range of ~190miles and had to detour to a super charger. 6 degrees outside and standing water on the road. As I...
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    UK Charge Point Installer Recommendations

    I wouldn't normally leave reviews but, my install of an EO Mini Pro 2 was a little bit painful while being passed around different installers (a variety of bad management but also just unlucky circumstances) and eventually landed on a winner. https://www.evdomestic.co.uk/ who "cover London and...
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    Wake-up times

    Hi, I've been having app wake up time issues with the latest upgrades and having some deliberations with my service centre about it. They believe it to be a firmware issue that has been resolved, however, I am still seeing 12-15 seconds for the Tesla app to be useable after waking up the car...
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    Car no longer opening with phone [Samsung Galaxy?]

    I've mentioned it elsewhere but I've been having wake up problems since an update (40.4 from memory) that has made phone as key useless. Eventually the in car display asks me to tap my card. I have a service appointment for the 30th to investigate...
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    Daily use of Untethered Charger and Cable

    I read a lot of opinions for tethered cables before getting my charger installed and of coarse; different opinion for different folks. I personally like the clean look without a cable wound around or in sight and wasn't too keen with spending more money on something like an Anderson charger...
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    Poll for most annoying aspect of your model 3

    From memory, FYI, I think if the car is unlocked you can press the bottom of the charge port to open it. You can also do a long hold on the back button of a key fob, if you have one, too.
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    Poll for most annoying aspect of your model 3

    Other: over-the-air updates are great, but, they definitely can bring in unwanted annoyances and problems. Phone as key/wake up times are currently the issue of the month for me
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    Car Not Waking

    Good suggestion but unfortunately I'm in the Netherlands. Maybe it is time for a service ticket...
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    Car Not Waking

    What version have you update to?
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    Car Not Waking

    I've had similar issues since 40.4. My phone as a key and app had been flawless and since the update the app takes about 15-20 seconds to wake up (although sometimes just fails and I give up) and the phone as key is basically useless. I bought the key fob as an alternative which has been working...
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    Never drive away without the key card!

    Although off topic I think the security options are pretty interesting and have gone through the motions a few time for _what is best for me_. I'm happy to use my phone as a key but do find some of the functionality of the key fob very appealing although the convenience of the phone is...
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    [UK] 2020.40.x

    Do you know if the process of opening the car with the key card still requires the car to "wake up"? Or does it manage to circumvent some of the process? I am curious if the long delays in opening and the application opening (for me) are related to the car not waking up quickly.
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    [UK] 2020.40.x

    I am definitely having the slow wake up times. It takes an age to use the app (iPhone 8) and it takes ages to unlock the car
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    FSD price increase this Monday

    Hoping for another EAP opportunity at the end of the quarter.
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    19'' sport wheels

    With the M3 refresh including new 19'' sport wheels, that I'm not a big fan of, it appears the UK Telsa shop has stopped selling the current wheels. Does anyone have any bright ideas where I may be able to get a spare? I'm a little bit paranoid about damaging one beyond repair and not being...
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    Home UMC Charging

    Intention. If the commando was installed to use a table saw but you used it to charge the car I guess it would be... ok? Just like the 13A sockets were not installed to charge the car?
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    Auto Pilot... Am I doing it wrong?

    I was thinking the same. I assume with a recent software update it defaults to the speed limit as in my experience it defaults to my current speed... Although I've not driven in a few weeks so lots could have changed
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    I was setting my self up to have pretty low expectations when collecting my M3LR in early September. But, my car had no defects, the collection was painless and it has been a dream to own ever since. Take everything with a pinch of salt. It would be boring if everyone kept posting their...
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    EO Mini Pro 2

    Thank you, I am still googling and reading to understand most of the reply but I can see that having a second CN for the EV charger seems to be a normal thing. FYI, the EO Mini Pro 2 installation includes a "Garo earthing device" which they say mitigates the need for earth rods. The EO Mini Pro...
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    EO Mini Pro 2

    From my research the EO doesn't need an earth rod. My main consumer unit is in need of replacement - it is currently full and has no RCD protection. EO's default installer didn't want anything to do with replacing the main unit, but, I'd like to have the new consumer unit be capable of...
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    EO Mini Pro 2

    Thanks Jeeves, that is helpful. Was your main consumer unit "full" ?
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    EO Mini Pro 2

    HI, I've been looking at getting an EO Mini Pro 2 installed but unfortunately I'm not having the easiest time to decipher some of the installation requirements. AFAIK, the installer is telling me that there will need to be an external RCD protection "box" between my consumer unit and the...
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    Octopus Go Charging

    Coming in late to the party, what was the conclusion? ev.energy ?
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    Retiring a temporary charger, or should I?

    Great to know. Thank you. Although the UMC will be locked into the car, I assume nothing is stopping some one from stealing the UMC -> 13A connector? Thanks. I'm trying to decide what I need to have in my charging "toolkit" so for worst case scenarios and was thinking of a 13A extension cord...
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    Retiring a temporary charger, or should I?

    Sorry, to high jack this thread a little with some newbie question... Is the UMC waterproof? If using the UMC with either a commando or 13A plug do you house it in a waterproof container? Is there a a "cable" to use commando without the UMC? Are commando outlets common to come by? Wouldn't...
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    Autopilot and lane keeping

    Shame, thanks for the clarification. I assume, in the EU, FSD still requires driver initiation to change lanes and won't change lanes on its own?
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    Autopilot and lane keeping

    I recently collected my M3LR (without FSD) and was wondering if I'm doing lane changes on auto pilot correctly? I had the pleasure of driving a MS in early 2019 which while on AP could change lanes by activation the indicators. However, it seems as though the M3 does not have this feature and...
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    "Young" Tesla drivers

    Not sure if 30 is still "young" but I collect this Friday. As other have said, the cost of the car is probably more the challenge than interest. I know a few friends who would love one
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    Delivery question

    I was also keen to move to home delivery but due to being on a Tesla financial lease they were unable to offer home delivery.
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    Buy or lease?

    An old topic, but, does anyone have changing opinions to their lease V buying considering the quality differences of Shanghai and Fremont? If the trend continues, Gigafactory Berlin may be producing significantly higher quality cars in 2021 for the European market. I'm due to collect my...
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    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    Very interesting. I'm also with Tesla Leasing and curious when some of the paperwork would come through. I've been: "Next Steps: We are drafting up your invoice and will contact you to arrange your final payment." Since completing the order on the 21st July. How long were you waiting for Order...
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    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    What is the best number to call?
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    The Model 3 - 2020 Q3 Order Thread

    Ordered this week, and here we shall wait.

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