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    USB thumb drives no longer recognized

    My USB is now back after tonight's update! Go figure.
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    USB thumb drives no longer recognized

    USB music has been a disaster historically, but much better recently. I was just beginning to like it... Thanks for reporting back, I am convinced now it Was the update. You just never know about these things. At least now I'll stop unplugging it and replugging it every morning to see fit it...
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    USB thumb drives no longer recognized

    My USB stick is no longer recognized since last update 2020.12.5 (for music, the dash cam is sell recognized) Or at least it seemed to happen with that. I have rebooted, un plugged and even tried a different USB stick. Anyone else find that? Other thoughts? Never had a problem before, you plug...
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    Model S gripes and wish list for Elon

    Internet browser that works Steering wheel temperature control
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    Trying to buy my first Tesla, need advice.

    I cant imagine charging it with regular outlet over 2 days. Knowing I can completely charge it overnight is the best. This car is not cheap, and then you may have to rewire your garage, all adds up. But electric cars are here to stay and those costs will never go to waste. 2 days to charge? What...
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    The Tesla Model S is the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

    "That said, don’t worry about miles. I switched my car to display energy and simply rely on how much battery percentage I have. I don’t charge my car every day. I plug in when the battery is below 60% SoC. Then I set the charge to stop at 90%. " Best advice ever. It took me 1.5 years to stop...
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    USB Too Slow -TeslaCam

    i kept getting that notice and I was using a USB 3 faster) flash drive, so I went back to a slower USB 2 flash drive and it doesnt give me that alert, so who knows.
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    Car battery: 340 miles. I drove 280. Came home with 5 miles left?

    Get behind a semi (hopefully going fast enough to tolerate) and watch your energy consumption go way down. I did this once to extend my battery as I thought I might be cutting it close. wind resistance goes way down and may even be pulled a bit along bc of it.
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    Adding a hitch for a bike rack to a Model S

    $99 seems like a lot for a rubber cover held up by a magnet, but that hole bothers me even though it is not visible from above, and I had worried about snow and salt getting in there. I love my tesla and will go to most lengths to protect it. Ordered! thanks The Stealth rack is perfect for the...
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    Adding a hitch for a bike rack to a Model S

    "Magnetic Stealth Cover". Please elaborate. I love my stealth rack and use a Thule three bike rack.
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    Chicago superchargers all inside parking garages?

    Target, Home Depot, Costco, Menards, Best Buy, all have huge parking lots. I just read about this ICEing thing. Is this typically a deliberate f-you to electric car owners or just ignorance?
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    My Dashboard Clock changes to Energy?

    Yes, I think that is it, but what does that mean for me driving? Should I just ignore it? It makes me think something is wrong. Thx.
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    My Dashboard Clock changes to Energy?

    On my S, my dashboard is set to have my audio, music, radio etc, (and Navigation when navigating) to the left and to the right I have it set to the nice round analog clock. While I am driving it changes to the Energy circle for several seconds at a time, off and on, to what seems like to me...
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    Chicago superchargers all inside parking garages?

    What are the typical KW of the chargers at Marianos? The garage I went to this AM (cost me $8 to "park") was only 70 KW, so not the most Super of Superchargers.
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    Chicago superchargers all inside parking garages?

    "I wonder if it practical in LA to own a Tesla without home charging? If it is practical in LA then it will eventually happen in Chicago" I have a home charger (my garage in Chicago) and cannot imagine not having it. This is about travel for me, but it could be VERY relevant for those in...
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    Chicago superchargers all inside parking garages?

    "You had the option of bolingbrook too." I was coming from St Louis, I would not have made it to Bolingbrook, (which is an excellent supercharger station, right off the highway). "Where else can you put a Supercharger in a denser urban environment? Think Tesla is going to pay a million bucks...
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    Chicago superchargers all inside parking garages?

    I had EXACTLY the same experience coming home from St. Louis to Chicago! I had the option of stopping in Springfield IL (right off the highway), or Bloomington Normal IL. I picked the later bc it fit my trip better, but it turns out the later was In The City, , several miles off the highway, in...
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    Chicago superchargers all inside parking garages?

    Im glad I am not alone in my "complaint". A work partner told me that coping to the Tesla dealership on Grand to charge is frowned upon bc they only have 2. There is a Tesla dealership in Highland Park, just north of Chicago, does anyone know if they have chargers available to just drive up to...
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    Chicago superchargers all inside parking garages?

    Wow, that is 1/2 mile from my office and I didn't even think of it. I didn't know you could just pull in and charge there! Thanks! This helps me a lot but not the real issue. The validation at the decks may help, but this was off hours... I forgot to charge last night (I never let myself get to...
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    Chicago superchargers all inside parking garages?

    What value is having all the Chicago superchargers (in the city proper) located in (pay for time) parking garages? I suspect it is a real estate issue, but having to pay for parking, and go to the top floor to even find them? There are plenty of grocery stores/ home depots etc with large outside...
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    Software update bricked my car

    After the latest update my Tesla Cam would not allow downloads to the USB drive, the auto dim screen feature did not work, and the blind spot cameras did not work, so I could not auto drive. I tried soft reboot, (holding both steering wheel thingies down, usually fixes things) which did not...
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    MX 75D, Typical Range...

    My 100 is set to 300 (90% charge) and it charges anywhere from 298 to 306. at 100% it can also vary by 8 miles. I wouldn't sweat it, I cannot imagine you are losing anything.
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    Got my first flat tire

    But it cost $85.00 a year ago when I bought it, now, $ 114.00
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    Got my first flat tire

    Flats are a huge hassle, need special tow truck, special settings. ugh. That is why I got the Tesla flat kit It has electrical pump to fill tire and can of goop to seal flat. You could try filling the tire and if slow leak may not need to use the goop...
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    Owner Frustrated with Tesla Depreciation

    There is no bigger waste of money than buying a luxury car. You buy a luxury car to make traveling more enjoyable, like you pay for everything else that brings you pleasure. Every time I drive my Tesla I get a kick out of it like no other car I have owned. Well worth any depreciation.
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    Front suspension, sway bar links possible rattling.

    I brought my 2018 S in for that rattle, mostly R front. like others I only hear it at slow speeds bumpy, driving me nuts, we drove around and they are ordering some parts, i pray it goes away. I think it was there when I bought it, but Im not sure, they implied it was a pothole issue. Will see...
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    My Tesla burns in house fire. Sad.

    I would be certifiably crazy if what happened to you happened to me, out of the country, new job, burned house, lost tesla. Best luck and safe travels. Maybe it was good you were gone you could have succumbed to smoke.
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    Unreliable SuperCharger open stall number

    Driving Chicago to Madison to Chicago, planning my one required charge stop, I decided to use the supercharger in RockFord, IL. While driving, the car's screen, tapping on the Rockford charger it told me there were 8 charging stations there and that 4 were open. Then a while laeronly 1 open...

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