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  1. mike

    Model 3 rear ended - let's see how long this takes...

    My car was technically driveable mechanically speaking but I had only one working/visible brake light and and no left turn signal. The CHP officer said I could drive it home (~2 miles) but said to have it towed to the body shop to avoid any other issues.
  2. mike

    Model 3 rear ended - let's see how long this takes...

    Nope, no alarm clock notification in the corner. Not sure if that was added in a later update or something. I’ll probably wait a few days and see if I get an update notification. :-)
  3. mike

    Model 3 rear ended - let's see how long this takes...

    Good news - I picked my car up yesterday evening - only took 85 days. ;) After a supplemental invoice the total ended up being $11,256 in damages. Hopefully I’ll be able to update the software at some point - currently stuck at 21.9. I had gotten notification months ago that an update was...
  4. mike

    Model 3 rear ended - let's see how long this takes...

    Some good news to report today. I called the body shop line again to re-confirm the 9/6 ETA for the quarter panel and to my surprise they shipped it out today and it should arrive at the body shop on Friday (they even provided FedEx tracking #). I'll probably follow up with the body shop early...
  5. mike

    Model 3 rear ended - let's see how long this takes...

    Got a bit of an update calling the body shop support line today. 3 out of the 4 components shipped out on 8/7 to the body shop (trunk side trim, rear bumper / upper cover and rear body panel). Bad news is the rear quarter panel is still not expected until 9/6 and then will still have to ship to...
  6. mike

    Model 3 rear ended - let's see how long this takes...

    Ugh. Think I'll have to buckle in for the long long haul.. Called the body shop and confirmed they were still waiting on the quarter panel and bumper.... and when asked how long it would take after parts arrive he wouldn't commit but he though 3-4 weeks or more. After this I called the Tesla...
  7. mike

    Model 3 rear ended - let's see how long this takes...

    Ouch! Friday the 13th really got you. I've thought about this a little bit and think I really need to be looking in to a diminished value claim at the very minimum. If the repair estimate is anywhere near reasonable at ~$8300 then I don't think there is a strong argument for a total loss...
  8. mike

    Model 3 rear ended - let's see how long this takes...

    Cool - just try to stay safe out there. :) Accident was at Madison and Manzanita in Carmichael. The only Tesla certified body shop in the area is Kniesel's Collision in Rocklin. I'm considering swinging by there just to chat in person but don't want to pester too much.
  9. mike

    Model 3 rear ended - let's see how long this takes...

    I've owned it since 6/1. Had it for four weeks, now in the shop for five week. :-/ At first I was surprised that the quote for repair came in so low and thought it would be better to have it repaired since I'd get the car back sooner than waiting for a new one. Hopefully that's still the case!
  10. mike

    Model 3 rear ended - let's see how long this takes...

    I'm not really sure exactly how they'll do it but I did find the article / video below. Looks like from this it looks like the replacement panel goes about to the mid point of the door opening on the bottom but may only extend up the C-pillar. This time-lapse video of Tesla Model 3 body repairs...
  11. mike

    Model 3 rear ended - let's see how long this takes...

    Unfortunately my 4-week old Model 3 was rear ended on 6/27 by a 86 year old driver in a Ford Ranger 4x4 pickup without a license or insurance. Luckily there are so far no issues from my insurance provide but I am growing a bit weary on how long the repair process may end up taking. So far my...
  12. mike

    4/18 Invites

    June for mine as well. (4/18 invite and config)
  13. mike

    75 and 75D variants increased performance from July 1st - software and hardware improvements?

    Seems very likely that using the 1 foot roll out method would account for a reasonable amount of the improvement. For the P100D the first 1 foot took 0.26s. I would assume this would be higher for non P models, maybe 0.3-0.4s. 2017 Tesla Model S P100D First Test: A New Record - 0-60 MPH in 2.28...
  14. mike

    HUD possible for model 3?

    With the lack of the a driver instrument cluster, and knowing that a lot is being held back for the second part reveal, I wonder if they will implement a windshield HUD system similar to what is amiable on other luxury brands / Corvettes...
  15. mike

    HELP, how to contact Elon?

    Is there something similar to a lemon law in Denmark? Lemon law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This specific car sounds like it would be a good candidate in the US for protection under lemon laws. Sorry about the troubles.
  16. mike

    Metal Gear Solid Charger Tweet

    I wonder how similar it will look to what Rinspeed showed off a few years back
  17. mike

    Model S Test Mule?

    It looks like what is attached to each wheel is a wheel torque sensor. My money is on this being an AWD mule of some sort thought it looks like these are used to calibrate braking systems as well... Wheel Torque Transducer Instrumentation Assembly | Michigan Scientific Corporation
  18. mike

    Model S Test Mule?

    Were there any wires going in to the metal box on top?
  19. mike

    Model S Test Mule?

    I wonder if it is ballast weight on the roof rack, possibly to simulate increased center of gravity for Model X (along with whatever was mounted in back seats). They could be evaluating driving dynamics of the AWD system. Edit: Also looks like the fender lining has been removed, at least for...
  20. mike


    My guess - there may be a Model X as a shuttle.
  21. mike

    Anyone else had to replace the whole drivetrain?

    I would imagine they may want to keep the whole drivetrain for failure analysis, even if it may be a simple part swap.
  22. mike

    Tesla Supercharger network

    Is the obelisk just signage or does it have a function? I did not catch most of the web cast.
  23. mike

    Tesla Supercharger network

    Folsom Super charger location as of yesterday. Seems like they have some additional work to do.
  24. mike

    Supercharger - Folsom, CA - Iron Point Rd. (4 V2 stalls)

    Below is a quick link to some shots from last night on Flickr. Posting from phone so just leaving link for now.
  25. mike

    Supercharger - Folsom, CA - Iron Point Rd. (4 V2 stalls)

    Will post some more pictures later.
  26. mike

    Supercharger - Folsom, CA - Iron Point Rd. (4 V2 stalls)

    first let me apologize if there is already a thread covering this topic, I searched around a bit but did not find it (I'm not the best at searching). Every day on my commute from work I pass the Folsom Outlets in Folsom CA. A few months ago I noticed they started doing some work installing a...
  27. mike

    EAA Palo Alto EV Rally 2009-8-29

    Looks like I'll be there as well. :)
  28. mike

    Martin Eberhard sues Elon Musk and Tesla Motors

    Not sure if this has been posted yet: Breaking: Martin Eberhard sues Elon Musk and Tesla for libel, slander and breach of contract Autobloggreen posted this evening that Martin Eberhard is suing Elon Musk and Tesla Motors for libel, slander and breach of contract. They link to a 146 page...
  29. mike

    Tesla Roadster vanity license plates

    0 GASOLN and NO FUMZ I shot while at the Menlo Park store today.
  30. mike

    The AWD (All Wheel Drive) option

    Is there a down side to AWD that I am not aware of? My thinking would be that they could put a smaller AC motor/transaxle up front (a Bluestar usable drivetrain?) and have a CAN-bus connection to a box that contained only the IGBTs up front and have the PEM in the back control it for regen...
  31. mike

    Model S Specifications, Teases and Leaks

    I would guess the new ones on flickr are the latest. Under additional information on the flickr site it says that the images were taken March 17th, 2009 with a Cannon EOS-1Ds Mark III. I would imagine this would be from the exif data.
  32. mike

    Model S Specifications, Teases and Leaks

    My guess would be Elon probably gave the pics to Kevin. :) Digg is huge so could create an enormous amount of free publicity. Looking at the high res dash shot the redline is between 14-16k. Is this consistent with what has been known before for DT1.5/2.0? Flickr Photo Download: Tesla Model S...
  33. mike

    Model S Specifications, Teases and Leaks

    Door Handles Flickr Photo Download: Tesla Model S Looking at the large image the door handles seem to be flush with the body of the car. I wonder if these are just push buttons or some type of hide-a-handle. Can't wait for the reveal. :)
  34. mike

    Model S Specifications, Teases and Leaks

    Wow. That exceeds my expectations. I am very interested in the ~19" wide screen portrait display. I wonder if this is production intent of engineers just messing around with possibilities. Also the dash looks to be an LCD display as well. :) Good find.
  35. mike

    Los Angeles Roadster Road Show

    Wow - The white looks AMAZING. :biggrin:
  36. mike

    WhiteStar styling ideas

    Agreed, if this is what the production Model S looks like and it meets current bounced around specs at ~60K then it could be one hell of a product. I just hope Tesla stays afloat and committed to producing this vehicle, but speculation is for another thread. :wink: - Mike
  37. mike

    WhiteStar styling ideas

    FYI - I messaged 'teslamotors' on twitter to see if this was a pic of the Model S and they replied "no, it's just their best guess" -- I assume this means that this rendering was done by Road and Track. - Mike
  38. mike

    WhiteStar styling ideas

    Road and Track Is this the S? RoadandTrack.com -- New Car Search - New & Future Cars: Tesla Builds a 4-Door (12/2008)
  39. mike

    Bay Area TMC forum meet

    I' love to attend as well.
  40. mike

    Technology for a BEV Whitestar

    It would be really interesting if there was some sort of 11th hour agreement between Tesla Motors and a larger auto manufacturer (I’ll assume Chrysler) where Tesla would use an existing Chrysler platform (LX?) and leverage their engineering team for drivetrain integration to create a premium EV...
  41. mike

    Glacier Blue Roadster at coffee shop

    I got a ride in it first. :) - Mike
  42. mike

    CARB to weaken ZEV?

    Anyone heading up there tomorrow? Think I might take off around noon from work and check it out. I attended the ZEV Symposium back in September of 06 which was a blast for an EV head. (pics I took from the day here.)
  43. mike

    Elon races his neighbor's Corvette on the street

    Unfortuantly these clips don't seem to want to buffer, rather they just stream live. I'm not sure if there is a bandwidth issue on their side or on mine, but I get about 5 seconds of video then a 10 second pause. Anyone know of a better source for these videos? Should the Qik player be...
  44. mike

    Is Martin Eberhard still with Tesla Motors?

    FYI - It looks like he got his blog up and running.
  45. mike

    Transmission troubles expensive for Tesla

    Gearing ? One thing I am curious about is are they using the same gear ratio on the one speed as they plan on using for the second gear in the two speed gear box? It seems like if they are just designing an interim transmission then they could have found a compromise between 4.2:1 and 2.17:1...

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