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  1. loanchau2k

    Dented my door badly, looking for a rough repair estimate

    I have not done anything to repair my MY yet, I am shocked of this number. Just to fix the dent for the car door is 3k?
  2. loanchau2k

    Discussion: Model 3 and Y price drop Jan 2023, Pricing Speculation etc

    @DaveInLA , you would have gotten $7500 tax credit if you waited. So, it's like 11K
  3. loanchau2k

    Upset that Tesla screwed customers who took delivery in the last few months

    Hi guys, read thru all the posts, have not seen any good solution to get back our loss. How about we buy another Tesla with low price now, average out the loss. At least we can cut our loss in half. What do you all think?
  4. loanchau2k

    Poll: Who paid the highest MY

    With crazy MY prices fluctuate, I feel all your pain. Who paid over 65K or 70K for MY. I do think Tesla faces a lot of competition, also the wave of EV adaptors are gone, they all bought their EVs. Now, only regular people just want a car to drive to work, that's why Tesla has demand issue...
  5. loanchau2k

    Vendor Teslogic — Mobile Instrument Cluster for Tesla Model 3/Y

    Again, you still don't get it. Unless you work for them, or unless you are my wife, your opinion is meaningless. I hope you don't do this in real life, imagine you go to car dealership, a customer ask for good price or extra features, you jump in and say that car is cheap already, customer...
  6. loanchau2k

    Vendor Teslogic — Mobile Instrument Cluster for Tesla Model 3/Y

    @DaveNN , it's just a request, they don't have to do it if they think is not good for return of investment. If they think it's worth the investment to develop it, then they will do it. Unless you work for them, mind your own business please. Don't waist time to tell them how to run their...
  7. loanchau2k

    Vendor Teslogic — Mobile Instrument Cluster for Tesla Model 3/Y

    @[email protected] , please add analog speedometer option for UI. I don't like digital, I am old school. Or at least have an option user to change color. I love the product but cannot buy at this point due to UI, but I really don't like the color, I don't like the speedometer. I know, the look of UI...
  8. loanchau2k

    Must-have extras/accessories for a Model 3 used (2019)?

    He will buy used one, so probably previous owner already had all that :)
  9. loanchau2k

    Vendor Teslogic — Mobile Instrument Cluster for Tesla Model 3/Y

    This is the best. Much better than hanshow instrument cluster in term of installation. The reason I did not buy hanshow because of installation it's so hard to get connected to the main CPU.
  10. loanchau2k

    Selling privately or trading in with Tesla?

    Is the buyer willing to wait after they give you cashiers check? I don't sell expensive car, so I don't know. I only once sold my old car less than 9k, so we did transaction within 30mins. I am not sure if the buyer gives money but to wait for the car
  11. loanchau2k

    Selling privately or trading in with Tesla?

    Hi guys, as for sale to private, how can you deal with 60K+ transaction :). I assume you don't take cash or personal check for sure :)
  12. loanchau2k

    Inflationary Price Increase coming?

    I agree 100%. Is not that they don't realize that, but because they are "legacy", it's extremely hard for them to do. We saw that with Kodak, Sears, Kmart et all....Not like those CEOs were really stupid, but sometime is extremely hard to execute. No matter how hard you try, you will fail...
  13. loanchau2k

    Inflationary Price Increase coming?

    If manufacturers do what dealers do (all tricks, all hidden fee, all bs that get the profit), then yes, it's a big headache, surely that they don't want to do that. Then make sense for them to outsource it. But, we are talking the whole different sale model, why would you want to use the old...
  14. loanchau2k

    Inflationary Price Increase coming?

    That was my main point, traditional manufactures can't compete with Tesla with dealer model. Perfect proof right here, BMW just lost 1 sale and 1 buyer, @blinkme323 :) because of dealers
  15. loanchau2k

    Inflationary Price Increase coming?

    Supply and demand, my friend. There is no such thing they have to "locked in" rule. If they have demand and no competition, they will increase the price. Ford will have no issue to increase price 50% for F150 if they have huge backlog orders. Although I do agree with you that they rarely...
  16. loanchau2k

    Got MY delivered, but rear driver door won't close.

    Call Tesla service, they will fix that for you. Since you have new Tesla, just ask them to fix for no cost
  17. loanchau2k

    Inflationary Price Increase coming?

    I agree with competition in EVs, more traditional car manufacturers will take market share from Tesla for sure, it's just a basic math. I do agree also they make better car, but not EV, Tesla is still leading the EV race by wide margin. When I say EV, I mean the whole experience of online...
  18. loanchau2k

    Buying $150 Key fob for wife, worth it?

    It's keyless entry like any new car nowaday. But I did not buy it since the phone works well. Btw, you don't need to take our your phone, the bluetooth is strong enough to connect to your Tesla within 6 feet.
  19. loanchau2k

    Buying $150 Key fob for wife, worth it?

    @John178652 , LOL, you don't need reception of your phone to open Tesla. It uses bluetooth, nothing to do with reception. Even you are in the jungle where they don't have Verizon, ATT, or Mobile, you still be able to open your car. You need reception for your Tesla App, yes. Your tesla App uses...
  20. loanchau2k

    1 year of free supper charging still continue

    Anyone that took deliver on December 2020 still have free supercharging? Remember Tesla said my 1 year free supercharging will be expired on 01/06/2022, but my last 2 charges still show $0.00. If this is a mistake, I hope Tesla employee don't read this message. LOL
  21. loanchau2k

    General California charging discussion

    You can't, all Tesla vehicles now have 400V. Future Tesla maybe...
  22. loanchau2k

    Best value for set of tires for MY LR Gemini 19"

    Thx for the info. One quick question, do these tires have foam in them? Or do we really need foam in the tires like the original Tesla tires. Thx
  23. loanchau2k

    Best value for set of tires for MY LR Gemini 19"

    About to replace the original Continental tires soon, I wonder should I go to Tesla services to get new set of 4s, they charge me almost $400/tire, or there is a better option. I live in California, so no snow, don't need winter tires. Thx a lot guys
  24. loanchau2k

    Tesla tire cannot be repaired?

    Thx so much. I brought mine to American Tire, I am surprise if they could not do it since this is a big well known company.
  25. loanchau2k

    Tesla tire cannot be repaired?

    I got flat tire due to the nail. Brought to tire shop, they said tire could not be fixed due to the foam. If that is the case, we have to get new tire every time we have flat tire? It's kinda expensive :)
  26. loanchau2k

    For Sale - Refresh white Model S Long Range 86 miles.

    @glide , the forum clearly says "Tesla for Sale", what's your problem? This is a perfect place for sale or flipping Tesla. Obviously, the reason you are looking into this forum because you want to buy, otherwise you wouldn't be here. It looks like you are pissed because you don't want to pay...
  27. loanchau2k

    Your MY front lip spoiler now...

    Hello my fellow MY owners, if you have front spoiler installed, please share your pictures. I want to get one, but to see which one looks best for my taste.
  28. loanchau2k

    Ariya anyone?

    I don't know things will change if Tesla open its supercharge stations to non-tesla, but as for now, I cannot do road trip with non-tesla. I also have a Chevy bolt, public charging vs Tesla supercharge is day and night. I can only use chevy bolt for work and local drive, for long road trip I...
  29. loanchau2k

    Wall Charger Installation

    It's not hard, you can do it yourself if you wanted to. If you hire and electrician, and if your electric panel still have slot for the breaker, anything over $250 is expensive since it's very simple to do. It's only complicated and expensive if you don't have enough wire/amps in your electric...
  30. loanchau2k

    Another Price Increase? 11/11

    My co-worker offers my Y LR for 62,000. This is crazy, I paid OTD 56K - 2K from California rebate = 54K. After driving one year, gain 8k? This is insane, I would say. I really want to sell, unfortunately, I don't have alternative car :). If I can have some extra very old ICE car, I would sell my...
  31. loanchau2k

    Cold Temperature Range Loss (Is it heat)?

    Not only the heater uses your battery, but also other factors such as air pressure (drag down your car), electron flow resistant from anode to cathode. So, EV is not very friendly with cold weather :)
  32. loanchau2k

    Price Increase! Base Y price up $2,000 to $56,990...

    We are in crazy time, back then. last December, I paid 49900 and waited only 3 weeks for delivery. On top of that, Tesla gave 1 year of supercharge if you take delivery on Dec since they want to show their numbers to wallstreet :) I have been doing long road trip, free supercharge really helps...
  33. loanchau2k

    Powder Coating Gemini

    Hi, just to contribute my experience. I went for paint, it's cheaper solution. The look is good, but it won't last. It's very easy to come off, so you have to retouch all the time. I guess next time I would go for coating.
  34. loanchau2k

    Price Increase

    quick search on cargurus for MY long range, prices are crazy. More expensive than you order from Tesla :) I might want to sell my MY :)
  35. loanchau2k

    Like new 2021 Standard Range Blue Model Y with White Interior

    Ohh boy, the whole argument was about the car that dealers buy is less than when they sell. Now, you put on overhead which is the part we have tried to explain to you, which is the whole point we are trying to make. Dealers make money on cars, but their overhead is high, therefore, they lose...
  36. loanchau2k

    Like new 2021 Standard Range Blue Model Y with White Interior

    @Kairide , lol, that does not mean they sell cars at a loss. They might make over $5000 a car, but average out, they still lost 1,500/car due to expenses and invest in another business area. Anyway, I don't think you understand, no point to take it further
  37. loanchau2k

    Like new 2021 Standard Range Blue Model Y with White Interior

    They have been bleeding money because of their business model, investing and expanding for long term, not buying and selling at a loss. It does not make sense to have a business that buys high and sells low. You show me an article in that Carvana says they are bleeding money because they buy...
  38. loanchau2k

    Like new 2021 Standard Range Blue Model Y with White Interior

    Dealers might have some commission like a regular loan officer, I doubt dealers would get a lot of money. Bank needs to compete with their interest rates too so their margin is also small. The way it works is the bank will bundle all the loan and sell it to Fannie Mae and Fredie Mac (back by US...
  39. loanchau2k

    Like new 2021 Standard Range Blue Model Y with White Interior

    @Kairide, how do you know the dealer won't make money? They are professional, they are in the business of buying and selling cars, I really doubt that they would overpay the price and end up losing money.
  40. loanchau2k

    Like new 2021 Standard Range Blue Model Y with White Interior

    @Zorg, this is not whining, this is about helping the community. The forums just point out this is overpriced, but if there is a stupid buyer wants to buy it, this forum won't stop him/her :)
  41. loanchau2k

    Available in Tesla Shop: OEM Model Y PPF

    Guys, you don't need precut if you do ppf on doors. It's so easy. Follow this, you have 4 doors covered with $50 only
  42. loanchau2k

    Ordering model Y

    Isn't that 4680 like at least a year away?
  43. loanchau2k

    For Sale: Model 3 Rear Trunk Bumper Protection

    Brand new Model 3 Rear Trunk Bumper Protection for $20 Ship only in USA
  44. loanchau2k

    California HOV sticker?? Lol .. really????

    How would the cop knows you pay $22 to DMV? Yah, they might punch in license numbers and figure out, but that's too much work for them. Also, how would they know your HOV is expired
  45. loanchau2k

    DIY Ceramic coating - don't waste money with a pro

    Yup, as I said in my previous post if you can find a cheap shop, you might consider it. I would let the shop do it if it was under $500, like my friend had for 450. Also, the shop can use professional-grade would last for 5 years. Consumer-grade that you buy over Amazon would last 2 years max...
  46. loanchau2k

    DIY Ceramic coating - don't waste money with a pro

    Ohh man, you are superman. I don't think regular people can do this fast. Regular people should add at least 2 more hours :). I skipped the polishing part, which takes a lot of time, it still took me a little bit over 6hrs. Including polishing, it's hard to do it with 4hrs, imo. Polishing takes...
  47. loanchau2k

    DIY Ceramic coating - don't waste money with a pro

    If your car is new, few weeks old, don't need to polish, imo. Also, when I tried decontamination on my Model Y, 3 weeks old from the factory, did not find anything to be removed, so you might not need this either. But definitely, you don't need to polish, don't waste your time on this with a new...
  48. loanchau2k

    Am I getting caught up in the hype of PPF

    It all comes down to personal's preference. For some people they like to keep their cars in pristine condition, then yah, get PPF. For people who just look like an investment, then No, don't get PPF since your resale value will have ZERO impact. To me, if you like your MY so much and plan to...
  49. loanchau2k

    Am I getting caught up in the hype of PPF

    After owning Tesla for 6months, yah, I have some small rock chips at the front. I don't have PPF, but it would help the front for sure. Tesla does not have a grill, so you have a huge pain front ready to absorb all the debris on the road. I did not have PPF because I calculated ROI (return of...
  50. loanchau2k

    Got MY delivered, but rear driver door won't close.

    It's getting better as time goes by. It's just the black rubber around the door is very stiffs when it's new, you can push and soften them off.

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