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    Gen 1 UMC with 5-15, 14-50 and J-1772

    I'm in SLC and would pickup in person...would you be able/willing to meet me halfway, maybe Lehi/Thanksgiving Point?
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    Tire Pressure Monitoring System Fault

    TPMS error cleared for me after applying the 2021.44.30.6 update (though could be coincidental)
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    Tire Pressure Monitoring System Fault

    Same issue for me after MCU2 upgrade, snow tire/wheel swap with aftermarket TPMS that worked fine for the last 5 winters on my MCU1. I’ve tried 2-button reset, reset Wheel Configuration, reset TPMS from Servuce screen, sleep overnight. Has OP tried a System Reset or applied the 2021.44.30.6...
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    Nearly brand new 90 kWh Non-Ludicrous battery pack, v3 - LIMITED TIME

    Jason would it be better to do a battery upgrade with you first (prior to MCU upgrade) and then let the SC accommodate the bigger battery config when they do the MCU2 upgrade? Or do you guess the SC would balk if they find a non-factory battery config, during MCU2 upgrade, in my hypothetical?
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    Tesla Model X OEM Tow Trailer Hitch Receiver Carry Case & Keys - Brand New! $350

    Hi, Did you install an aftermarket hitch for towing? I’m in SLC and interested, but would want your entire hitch-bar assembly also (mine is splayed out from towing a camper, so a new receiver kit won’t fix my issue). thanks, Jason
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    Ohmman's Airstream Adventures

    I would love to pull the AC off my roof but not easy to find a good mini-split for our trailers. I've been wondering what underbelly unit Safari Condo is offering on their A2124 but they've been covid-closed. Looked at several compact marine units but they require sea water to cool the heat...
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    12v battery is now charging 24 hours / day

    I just noticed my 2016 75D MCU1 contacters are opening/closing every minute or two. It’s running 2020.48.37.1. Anyone know if this is new (intentional) behavior, or something wrong (stuck in a software loop)?
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    Ohmman's Airstream Adventures

    Never had anything but friendly (and sometimes curious questions) experiences at RV parks, all over the mid-Atlantic, south, plains states, and Rocky Mountain west. Only charged a handful of emergency times without a camper attached, and 30+ visits with our camper. But I’ve mostly traveled...
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    FS: AL priority laser jammer (5 sensors) and escort stealth 9500ci

    If @HankLloydRight doesnt take it I’m interested, Christmas present to myself ;)...he’s too quick on the draw (east coast v Rockies :( )
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    5x120 Space Saver Spare Wheel/Tire for MS / MX

    I’m interested, PM sent!
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    FS: IRO Model S AP 2.0 Dashcam

    Can you elaborate camera specs, storage specs, etc, or maybe a link to the mfr site? Does it only work with Model S AP2 (says on the box), or would it work with my AP1 Oct 2016 75D? Does the mfr say anything about the power connector being different inside the rearview mirror housing? My car...
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    Tesla Powerwall Founder Series

    PM’d you
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    PowerWall for sale Houston

    Hi is your PW still available? Thanks!
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    Ohmman's Airstream Adventures

    After consult with @ohmann and others on this thread and scouring these forums, we bought an Oliver Elite I in Jan 2019, towed it from TN to the Rockies for a 3-month ski trip, and since then multiple desert adventures around the CO/WY/MT Rockies and UT canyonlands. I'm happy to chat with you...
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    Difference in 2016 100D Lud Perf and P90DL except obvious 90 vs 100

    One key difference To be aware: is the battery capacity difference is not simply 10 (assume you meant kWh). First, @wk057 on this forum had determined actual “new” capacities to be 4-5% higher than 100kWh for the 100D, and IIRC the 90D actual capacity was 5% below 90kWh. The monikers were...
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    Model S in the snow/cold

    Yeah the MS/MX are excellent snow cars, the one weakness (aside from low clearance) being how aggressively the stability control nannies shut down power in a slide. The ballet would be much more interesting if the driver could maintain throttle inputs throughout...I've been drooling over the P3D...
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    Model S in the snow/cold

    ;) Thats what I get for blabbidy-blabbing, shoulda just said "buy snow tires you won't regret it." Ok fine here ya go, this was Day 1 of the epic Erie Christmas storm of 2017: Didn't get vids of towing through the snow, with a Tesla trailer sleigh...here's a pic:
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    Model S in the snow/cold

    Don't do chains, socks, or studs, and you're taking a big risk driving the OEM M+S (or worse, the 21" OEMs) up to Brian Head in Feb. The road up to BH is on UDOTs list of Chain/Snowtire Controlled Roads from October-April, and Feb is usually a pretty solid snowfall month: Utah Department of...
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    12V Battery Requires service

    @jlucero regarding the your warranty expiration, FYI you can still buy the extended service agreement for your car if you want continued coverage on your car (not that you'd want it for a simple 12V battery, but if you're going to buy the ESA anyway you might as well have the 12V be covered)...
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    Winter issues, frozen windows, door locks, seals, etc.

    Mr Jeff Dahn (Teslas lead battery researcher) was quoted recommending a daily charging limit at 70% to provide the best battery longevity, when asked by an MX owner what he could do to ensure it would last 20 years: Jeff Dahn's recommendation on long term battery preservation Tesla battery...
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    Multi-camera / Quad-camera solution for Model S / X

    That's great news, thanks for the update Tommy!
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    Multi-camera / Quad-camera solution for Model S / X

    Did you install yourself, and was it simple pop-out-in procedure, or a complex dismantling process?
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    Multi-camera / Quad-camera solution for Model S / X

    I’m interested in same function as you, @Jillmark99, have already procured side repeaters from my local body shop.
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    Multi-camera / Quad-camera solution for Model S / X

    Hi Bearbu, have you given more thought to making a decoder board for the side repeaters? I have an AP1 MS refresh, replacing the side markers with side repeater cameras from a salvage car. I want my car to appear as if it has Sentry Mode to the casual observer...maybe they won’t key my car again...
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    Genuine MX outdoor car cover $150

    Sold? I’ll buy if still available. Winter Has arrived in Utah...
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    Tesla Dashcam Failed When Needed Most - During an Accident

    IIRC, @wk057 and others have pulled accident footage from salvaged cars. Seems a coincidence that each of you had a scenario with impact for which Dashcam didn’t write to your card for the block of time the incident actually occurred, but successfully recorded for “non-emergency” blocks of time...
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    Is Tesla making their resale value obsolete?

    We have a 2016 MS75D and an MX100D, have driven all over the eastern seaboard in summer and winter, across the country twice. Last year I towed a 19’ camper across the country for a ski trip to all the big Rockies resorts with the X. Despite your 7k average usage, I would still recommend Buy vs...
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    Camping Trailer Selection for Model X

    Wise words... must avoid putting the cart before the horse ;)
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    Camping Trailer Selection for Model X

    Ok thanks for the tips/tricks @aesculus will circle back to the guide for more insight.
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    Camping Trailer Selection for Model X

    No worries, I'll use your guess at my own risk. But I really appreciate you offering the gut estimate since you've towed so far in varied (and mountainous) terrain. Was there ever a time in your trip for which a 20-30kWh battery bank would've been a useful emergency reserve (E.g. your narrow...
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    Camping Trailer Selection for Model X

    Makes sense, understand your trepidation there... Do you feel TeslaFi is still best method, gives you best data? Btw, I subscribed to EVTO, thanks for building such a useful tool. Now I just need to become more proficient with it. Is there a function/setting in EVTO to tell me what Max Speed or...
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    Camping Trailer Selection for Model X

    Thanks for quick response @ohmman! So you're guessing ~620-650Wh/mi in sub-freezing, ceteris paribus? Seems to line up with EVTO in the some routes (660Wh/mi) thru the Rockies, but EVTO projects 715Wh/mi @56mph across the Plains states in January. Settings MX HP, PF 15, Speed -10. Regarding...
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    Camping Trailer Selection for Model X

    Hi all- need some help gauging the crazy-factor for planning an extensive winter towing expedition with an Escape 17B, my TV is MX100D. I've searched the forums for Escape mentions and they are few with no published Tesla-tow accounts that I can find. Projected route will be a circuit thru Rocky...
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    Camping Trailer Selection for Model X

    Hi @EcoHeliGuy, curious about your 73 Boler...have you done many longer trips with it and can you share your consumption data, particularly in cold months, with that trailer? You also mentioned Escape in your post, and I'm considering an Escape 17B for long winter road trip in our MX100D. Any...
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    Any idea if this would work with 19" MS Slipstreams, specifically? I'm trying to figure out if 19" MS slipstreams will function properly as a full-time snow-tire solution (with MX-adjusted tire profiles of course), similar to the Tesla-issue 19" Cyclone/Scorpion package? @KOL2000 I noticed you...
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    3 tips to significantly increase range in winter and message for Tesla

    Helpful analysis, thank you! I took my kids on a 2200 mile holiday adventure up through Vermont, Erie PA, Snowshoe WV, during the major snowstorms this Christmas/New years. One unique issue I encountered with winter range was departing Snowshoe with a full lukewarm battery at 5500’ elevation...
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    WTB: turn key drivetrain

    I think @wk057 has exactly what you need ready to go...his website is hsrmotors.com Keep us updated on your project! Jason
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    19 inch Slipstream Wheels

    Interested to have you ship to 27358 for my winter set, PM on the way.
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    NEMA14-50 Outlet Electrician in Winston-Salem,Greensboro NC area

    I second the Marty Hedgecock recommendation. He did a NEMA 14-50 install for our Model S here in Summerfield, also wired a new mudroom/entry hall for us. Very professional, punctual, reasonable rates. Will definitely hire Marty again. For comparison, the official recommended installer on...
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    Toronto - Tesla Model S 19" Silver Slipstream Winter Package C$1750

    Good morning overcast- I confirmed with my local SC would be fine, see the PM I sent you for details.
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    19" Slipstreams

    They look great. Does the grey match a specific Tesla color? The color looks good on your white but I’m concerned an off-grey will look odd on my Midnight Silver
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    19" Slipstream Wheels and Tires (New)

    I’m interested but would need shipped to NC. Sold or still available? Thanks!
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    Cyclone 19" (Model S) Rims for Sale

    I'm interested, sending you a PM! Can pickup, pay cash.
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    Rear Facing Seats

    Ok well I'm still interested, contingent on being able to retrieve those internally slotted nuts, and the bolts too, of course. How soon are you removing the seats? Keep me updated on your success and I'm fairly flexible on days to come over. Will prob schedule a Tesla Service visit for same...
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    Rear Facing Seats

    I'm very interested. Not far from you over in Greensboro, could come to you. Would you be able to retrieve the mounting hardware from your car? And the bumper reinforcement bar? Will PM you my contact info. Thanks!
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    So SilkySmooth never happened now waithing on SomethingSpecial

    Been thinking about this a long time...my AP1 car has had some scary moments, but is approaching "silky" in most scenarios . But my suggestion to everyone with AP cars is to leave it off and drive your very best, diligently. Before you get fired up about my opinion, read why I think this is best...

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