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    Some Colorful Suggestions

    still miss my previous P85 metallic brown, now I only have the boring dark blue p85d. p85d drives mutch better but the brown was absolutly my favorite color. lurking around the roadster 2020, and the colors could be the dealbreaker...
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    Carbon Fiber Rims

    While we are waiting for the ESE ...looking at alternatives. I have found pricing for the BMW M carbon wheels (aprox 10.000£) accordng to this site: BMW M4 GTS review - more than twice the price of a regular M4, but is it worth it? Looking up the BMW M4 wheel specs - there is a centerbore at...
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    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    this happen also to me once a month or so. usually I can identfy this as a data communicating problem (e.g. if the 3g does not work) I have even experinced where the console screen was so locked that the instrument cluster came up with a "console needs service" but all cleared up when i once...
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    Carbon Fiber Rims

    looking forward for a review of the wheels on a tesla in insane/ludicrus mode. I would like to hear about: 1. energy consumption on flat road eg. at 40,60 and maybe 80 mph. 2. handling while turning 3. handling on paved roads 4. acceleration time 0-60 from standstil. to make such a review one...
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    Carbon Fiber Rims

    if I am to buy these wheels, they need to be tüv approved (or similar eu approvement) to be legal in denmark (I asume this is the same all over EU) anyone know if they will be tüv aproved ?
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    Carbon Fiber Rims

    The question still stand when and how much the bmw wheels will cost. and if they can deliver... I expect them to be equally priced as the ESE ? - anyone with a connection to a bmw dealer (in EU) ...
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    Carbon Fiber Rims

    seems like bmw is soon to make/sell a wheel wich might fit well on our tesla.... BMW M Power World its not pure carbon, but I guess its worth investigate.
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    How long do brake pads last?

    first thing I did when i got my tesla #2 was to apply anti rust grease/spray on the brakesystem (as well as other exposed areas near wheels/under frunk) I know i shouldent but it has worked well and it brakes just as good as ever. i suspect this will prevent rust and result in longer life of...
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    Carbon Fiber Rims

    as a anti theft prevention a rfid chip build into the wheels seems like a good idea (as on the GT350), especially when consider the price for them. this would significant lower the aftermarked value. those who buy these wheels should reqest this from the manufactor.
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    . Sunroof of My 10 month old P85d after rain 1 month after applying hd nitro
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    No owner's discount @ Tesla Online Store

    price should be the same regardless of you are an owner or not. discount only exist if some one else is paying more....who should this be ? those who allready own a car, or the poeple going to buy one next year...
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    Carbon Fiber Rims

    those carbon rotors seems expensive. afaik tesla uses bremo brakes, seems like bremo also makes a 2 pice tesla caramic 'grand turismo' kit at total 7900$ for rear+front. still expensive, but half the price compared to racingbrake.com I have not checked what weight savings to expect, and if the...
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    Carbon Fiber Rims

    imagine what would happen if not only the wheels was changed to carbon, but also the brake rotors was replaced with carbon. unsprung rotating mass would go even further down. the specail model s called saleen does ships with carbon brakeing discs, so it must be posible to have then replaced.
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    bubbles on touchscreen

    if it is not going to bee fixed on warrenty. then I would wait as long as it still works. at some point there will be a new faster MCU with nvidas newer chip. it make sence to wait until this is availble and make the swap at that time.
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    Real scare with Autosteer!

    It had to come, and I guess it will not be last time we hear something like this. I decided last week that I would stop "Beta" testing on every road posible, not that I have had any scary moment, but I could see something like you describe coming. Tesla should never have called this...
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    P85D shock issue (air suspension)

    isent there something about the suspension design was changed around late marts 2015, mine p85d are build before (stiffer + suspenssion) and I have not had the problem. it might only affect cars build from april - july 2015 ? or like. could this be comfirmed. ( my vin # is in the 70.000 range)...
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    [updated with *] P85D 691HP should have an asterisk * next to it.. "Up to 691HP"

    I admit im no expert in dyno tech. But whould like to know wich numbers to expect from a 700 hk awd ice on a dyno ? Does it matter if it distribute the power unequal (not 50/50 but more like. 66/33) - the p85d have a smaller front motor and will not pull as hard on the front wheel. If the dyno...
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    85D, but this calculation shows the capacity is 68kwh only, what's wrong?

    take a look at the picture posted her Rated Range for 85 kWh battery | Forums | Tesla Motors is is the picture in the post from 19. december by ampedrealtor. it should pretty much explain why you can not use all 85 kwh for driving purpose. the battery is almost half the value of the car, so...
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    Vampire drain a considerable cost on the long run

    in denmark electricity is more expensive due to taxes. the same calculation will sum at 1600$ over 5 years. 2,5 kwh/day * 2,4 dkr/ kwh = 6 dkr/ day ( almost a dollar per day).
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    90KWH Battery Current / Voltage and degradation vs 85KWH

    the cell in the linked sheet (BF) seams to have same capacity as the (B) cell. so doubt this is the cell - it is though a litle lighter and could potential give the pack a higher capacity. that require tesla to build a new pack with more # cells in the pack ( not likely). with the same weigth...
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    New P90D does 1/4 mile in 10.8 and 0-60 in 2.8s. Question: Does P85D get any love?

    Time = money. Now tesla can increase the savings and lower the advertised price :biggrin:
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    Heavy rains in Missouri. Free shower from my pano roof.

    best solution would be if tesla made a new option wich is a permanent pano roof. witch can not be opened. this way we could still have the airiness and at same time no leeks. this colud also save some weight and complexity - and even the price colud be lower.
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    auto tilt mirrors

    it have always worked well for me, and I m on my sec tesla. i belive the side mirrors setting are stored in your driver profile. try this 1. adjust mirros while car is in D to the normal posistion 2 put car in reverse 3. adjust mirrors while in reverse 4. switch car back in D 5. adjust your...
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    Blackvue 650 - Are only options for rear camera drilling hole or showing cable?

    full tutorial here with pics Dash Cam Installation (Blackvue) - Teslafied
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    Hands Free Steering by End of Month - For a small number

    mercedes have it allready, so I asume it is legal, as long as it is the driver who is responseble. seems to me it is the same as ordinary cruse control wich are activated by a button press and takes over your speeder./ assist you. 'keep lane' feature are just antoher autonumous feature to assist...
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    Disappointed in Upgraded Audio System

    yes, it sounds to me like you have dolby turned on - turn it off. if your not happy then you should hear the std sound. there is much less bas. my sec model s was also ordered with upgraded audio....you would deffently not like thet std audio as it lacks bas.
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    Windows Phone Tesla App - Please vote "me too" here if you are a WP user

    castor's app rocks. it is sad that the cloud service can no longer work. hope telsa get this sorted out. great to hear it is back, its a better app than those for android/iphone. request: would be nice if one could change the max charge current, don't know if the api support it.
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    TACC Disabling in Tunnels. Why?

    Moste likely due to the fact that trafik aware Camera have problems in fast transitions between dark and bright scenes such as tunnel entry and exit. It is a isue mobileyes is trying to improve and every new model works better and better. SeeQ® - Mobileye
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    New Windows Phone Tesla App

    Companion is the best windows app for tesla - very nice gui. works well with my new P85d about phone, I have both a 735 and a 930 - 735 are infact as good as 930 and in adition is has removeable battery and memory card (and a litle better battery life)
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    Some P85Ds being delivered with non-staggered wheels

    I hope to get contiSports with the lower noise level - that s most important to me.
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    Remote Fob Capabilities

    you may count me in on that as well. Went out to the car one morning and all windows was already opened. - glad they removed the feature from the keyforb. if need it you have the mobile app.
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    Tesla Companion App

    Tesla Companion is one of the best WP apps for tesla - it support multiple languages/regions, and all the functionallity one need - including live titles. sadly to see it gone away from the WP store. worked like a charm with my privious P85, and hope it will still work with my upcomming P85d
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    D owners: When does current limiting occur?

    Could it be temperature related. ? it might be that your battery is warmed up after driving X miles (aprox 50% SOC) Others might never see this battery temperature due to lower outside temperature. e.g I did never see this in my P85 - but I live in denmark where temperature rearly goes above...
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    additional regen braking from the brake pedal finally?

    Agree - should work (only) when car is set in low regen mode.
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    Wipers-is ther a way to adjust so they cover more area?

    Model S have a 4-5" untouched gap on the drivers side. this is by design... very annoying. tesla should have fixed this long time ago. I have fixed this by applying Alaska HD nanocoat on the windscreen (and the car) - this way I don't need to use the whipers at all.
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    Model S: Alarm system and dimming mirrors?

    I belive It was pressent as an EU option from day #1 (when design studio was working) - I did order mine in may 2012 as one of the 500 first EU production cars (after the sig versions) and did order it with the security pack (delivered nov 2013) my upcomming P85D are without - eventhough it is a...
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    Model S: Alarm system and dimming mirrors?

    #1 it has a basic alarm wich goes on if a dor is opened or the car is moved. If you Would Like it to react on smashed Windows you need to add the optional alarm Pack - it's a cheap option, so just ADD it. I belive the newest version of android/iPhone app have the alarm pop-up. My Windows app...
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    Next Gen seats rubbing on center console/arm rest

    Wish I had that problem, still waiting for my Model S with nex gen seats. pictures please - thay will say more than 1000 words
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    New regen profile for P85D?

    partly agree. at pressent they have a setting for "regen low" or "regen high" they just need to make a slider with options like "insane", "fast", "normal" or "slow" regen mode.
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    OK - the GPS based suspention is starting to annoy me

    now you have a excuse to sell your "old" car and buy a new one.
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    New software update past 6.1

    happy to see steering mode back :)
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    Tesla Model S - expected lifespan? 5-10-15 years.....

    count/calculate no more than 16 years - anything beyond is pure luck. don't count on it - or at leat do not make any financial plans according to it. I would in fact say 16 years is streching beyond resenble sense.. it will also depend on when/how you use the car, how meny miles you run per...
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    Next-gen REAR seats no longer available for new orders, please post feedback on yours

    I haven't sat in the NG backseats yet. but I did try a demo here in europe wich had the new Classic rear seats. The new Classic rear seats have higher headrest compared to the old Classic/performance seats, I asume same hight as the NG rear seats. So headrest hight are the same regardless of...
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    Next-gen REAR seats no longer available for new orders, please post feedback on yours

    Im not at all worryed - Tesla have always keept promises - so just be calm, its a nice compagny and every emplyee wil do it's best to satisfy you :) They will likely offer you the next gen OR the performance style at your choise. and as Danal says, the pdf are a online version fetching the...
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    Next-gen REAR seats no longer available for new orders, please post feedback on yours

    Old performance seats were quite nice, and loved them - both front and back, so they are absolutely fine seats. Back seats could tough have been more reclined by an inch or 2. Im going to hold on to my next gen rear seats order - lay flat or not doesent matter. I paid extra for the next gen...
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    Autopilot parking available now?

    True, but "only" 4 in front and 4 in the back are used as parking range sensors on the dash screen (afaik). I belive the 4 on the sides give feedback to the autopilot software (and maybe collision avoidance software later on).
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    torch slider 4wd

    First of all, I have yet to drive a 4wd Tesla. But during driving my P85 I did enjoy how a backwheel drived car handled - comming around a corner and strighten the car with the "gass" pedal was pure fun. I asume this is not the same in a 4 whel drive car where the fun is in the curve, not...
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    Annoyed by steering mode deletion in P85D

    as long as they don't fix it to "sport" Im happy. "comfort" is more my style. if they change this, they need to make it so users can select there prefrences like before.
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    New(ish) front seats - how much did it cost?

    Im not shure there is a diference beside the hight of headrest, if there is it is marginal - recently I sad in a September 2014 car with new (old) style seats (those with higher headrests) - and I belive it was a litle firmer compared with my own "old" performance seats - but could be due to it...
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    Revision F Battery Pack?

    Most likely newer revs are due to battery swap stations are being build. This is rather new tech for model s, and might need minor adjustments to the battery pack to work smooth. I Guess that you will need atleast E to be able to swap the battery pack automatically. If anyone having a D,E or...

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