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    Does the Model S now come with Red Calipers

    I would prefer if they just updated to remove the speed limiter... as an over the air update...lol. I'll take care of the calipers my self thank you very much....
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    Lucid Air Grand Touring vs Tesla Model S Plaid.

    The comparo with sapphire and plaid is pretty pointless... why? Because acceleration above 1k hp is going to be fairly close in terms of feel, maybe a slight difference in terms of the blood rush to the back of your head? But for the difference in price, I can get another car or two or short...
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    Lucid Air Grand Touring vs Tesla Model S Plaid.

    I read somewhere its because they wanted a structural bar across the rear and thus had to resort to a normal trunk. But that imho is a dumb idea because it is a sedan and most consumers would wish for the flexibility a hatch offers... That was a deal breaker for me because their showroom is...
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    Yoke Replacement Just Installed

    what brand is that one? Its not a Hanshow or tsportline
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    Model s 2022 with 19in with the 19in from the 2016 model s

    Should work as winter traction is not about width but the tread itself. People use smaller tires in winter all the time. You can always run 245/45R19 all way around for winter and depending on the offset works on the new S as well. I found some 19" winters that will work which are available...
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    2022 refresh swivel screen rattling housing.

    Yep.. rattles and then you just adjust the housing a bit and it stops... til the next time....lol. Its more Italian than some Italian cars... 🤣
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    PSA: Avoid buying wheel & Tire Combos

    Sorry to hear about your issues. Things like this happen all the time. You never know because you dont know who did the mounting and balancing of the tire. Often times, just balancing it to the machine will not guarantee zero vibrations since you are mating a rubberband with imbedded steel...
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    Model S LR Refresh 2022 rattling noise from dashboard

    if you have the swivel screen, its most likely the plastic cover in back of the screen... if its loose, then you will hear it...
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    Functional (!) benefits of the yoke?

    well... if you still cant like the yoke... use this...
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    Nightmare Tesla experience- all from a flat tire

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. Wheel locks are sort of the useless devices I would never purchase because most people would rather steal entire vehicles than spending 15-20 min putting on bricks and removing the wheel...lol. I would offer some advice moving forward for everyone to buy a...
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    Further discussion and analysis on why the yoke is not good

    A few hundred miles in and I think Im getting used to the Yoke... Its not going to be great for track use but Im not using mine for that. Its a daily freeway cruiser so its not a big issue...
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    Tesla Model S Plaid 2021 $41K off on Tesla Used Inventory

    I feel that 35-50 vibration up front when the car is lifted high... low mode it goes away...
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    Tesla Model S Plaid 2021 $41K off on Tesla Used Inventory

    I just got mine brand new with all the inherent quality issues. Wouldnt care for any issues done by someone else so... and not really caring about the depreciation because its not like its a classic car lol. You just have to understand you're gonna take a hit regardless... Besides, this car is...
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    Should I trade-in Model Y for 2022 Model S?

    I was really close to getting a Y performance... literally the car was being delivered to me (with fender misalignment issues...of course) where I stopped my purchase, forfeited my deposit and went for the S Plaid.... and three vins later, I got an S plaid. Why pay WAY more for an S? Apart...
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    2022 MODEL S PLAID - Cosmetic disaster

    i went through three different vin to "accepting" my plaid... so if there is a class action any time soon, Im down... But in the interim, Ill just enjoy the power and turn a blind eye to the shoddy quality... A funny thing is most of my conversation with my brother always has him saying as a...
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    Lucid Air Grand Touring vs Tesla Model S Plaid.

    Lucid designed is flawed... Putting a trunk instead of a hatch was a deal breaker for me. I get their logic about structural stiffness but most people care about cargo space more... So, a plaid 1k hp with a hatch is a perfect alternative to Taycan crossturismo... Sure the build quality sucks...
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    Model S -> Taycan Review

    THANKS! Im excited to be picking it up today. Needless to say, we will be testing a few 20" wheel set ups to obtain the best compromise between weight/performance/comfort.
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    Model S -> Taycan Review

    But on a slight update for my delivery, because my plaid with 21 had a big bumper gash .... and new bumper replacement is not until the 20th... I decided to swap to another plaid in stock which has 19" instead... My only gripe with Tesla is if qc could get a bit better... other than that their...
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    Model S -> Taycan Review

    Hi guys, Im taking delivery of my plaid (hopefully this week due to bumper defect upon inspection....) I also looked at the Taycan Cross turismo 4S , turbo and after going through 3 dealers and getting the "we wont sell to you unless its 25-35k over msrp" response, I started looking at the...
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    STEK matte PPF wrap in progress - 2022 MYP

    Thanks! got it. will give him a call.
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    STEK matte PPF wrap in progress - 2022 MYP

    Im in the inland empire area. where did you get yours done and how did it cost with tint windows?
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    STEK matte PPF wrap in progress - 2022 MYP

    Hi guys, Im new to the forum and in socal. Wanted to get a referral to a reputable ppf shop that can do a full ppf at a reasonable price. Budgeting with window and roof glass tint and full wrap at 5k possible?

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