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  1. 350z

    Funny smell while charging at home, what is it?

    Any update? I’m experiencing something similar!
  2. 350z

    Unable to use 12V Tesla Tire Repair compressor with USB connected TapTes Dual Qi wireless charger

    For those interested, benchmark review on cordless air compressors.
  3. 350z

    Unable to use 12V Tesla Tire Repair compressor with USB connected TapTes Dual Qi wireless charger

    I’m glad you posted this incident as I had a similar issue. I plugged in an aftermarket air compressor that I had for many years and worked just fine. No other devices plugged in. Decided to use the 12v plug located under the armrest, and within 10 seconds it went dead. The 12v current shut off...
  4. 350z

    Sweet Solvent/Chemical Smell from AC (NOT mold/mildew related)

    Thanks for posting on this topic. I too have recently noticed a sweet smell similar to a coolant leak. I keep thinking it’s the car in front of me, however, I now believe it might be my car, which is a 2019 Model 3. I will continue to monitor.
  5. 350z

    Would you still have bought your model 3 if it never had autopilot?

    Love love love our Tesla. Agreed, The base autopilot is a perk, but not a deal breaker. Driving dynamics, comfy seats, robust steering feel, thick steering wheel, sound system, music and entertainment options, stunning screen, overall simplicity, OTA updates, supercharger network, any many many...
  6. 350z

    Costco told me Michelin X-ice Xi3 wont fit with my SR+

    Just installed my Ice-X winter tires at Costco Montreal West Island. They knew to set the pressure to 42. Not only that, they wanted me to come back after 40km to double check that all lug nuts maintained the correct torque value of 129 lb ft. Very impressed and satisfied with their knowledge of...
  7. 350z

    Source of Streaming Music

    Thanks for clarifying the source. Unfortunately no 3 month free Spotify trial in “la belle province”.
  8. 350z

    Source of Streaming Music

    Hi All, After a recent V10 SW update, we were pleasantly surprised to have streaming music on our SR+ over LTE, however, we noticed the service cuts off sporadically. Anyone else experience this? Also, what is the source for the streaming music option? We do not have Spotify, nor the premium...
  9. 350z

    What's the most surprising thing you've found once you got your Tesla?

    “More Cowbell” was a big surprise and a great laugh!
  10. 350z

    rather push a BMW than drive a Tesla

    BMW has been the reference for awhile now, but you have to give Tesla credit for changing the game.
  11. 350z

    Let's talk winter tires for the 3

    Found the following. Not sure about pricing: X-Ice Xi3 tires - Michelin - PMCtire Canada And this article: Les meilleurs pneus d’hiver pour la Tesla Model 3 - Model 3 Québec
  12. 350z

    Tesla Software Version 10.0

    Although v10 may be underwhelming, it’s a lot more than other car makers are doing.
  13. 350z

    Molded mud flaps arrived

    Just purchased a set. I’m expecting long ship time to Canada, however, it might be worth the wait. At that price, you can’t go wrong. Thanks for sharing the link!
  14. 350z

    Model 3 buzzing after parked

    Thanks for the update. I noticed the buzzing noise when pressing the air recycle button. I’m living with it for now.
  15. 350z

    Learned something new today.. thanks Mercedes...

    Some slick bozo at the Montreal Audi dealer said “don’t buy a Tesla, they don’t know how to make cars and they’re not safe”. Really....immediately went to Tesla and the car sold itself. Thanks Audi for pointing us in the right direction!
  16. 350z

    Model 3 buzzing after parked

    Same here. Only when the a/c is working. Keep us updated.
  17. 350z

    Mercedes E Class to Model 3 - any impressions?

    Top brand European cars usually have world class quality. However, when shopping for an Audi, something felt wrong knowing that the car of the future was available. It took us 3 visits and 2 test drives of the model 3 and each time we were in awe. Bottom line is Tesla checked off more boxes than...
  18. 350z

    Tire and Loading Information Label for 18” or 19” OEM

    Good catch on that. I have the SR+
  19. 350z

    Tire and Loading Information Label for 18” or 19” OEM

    Wow! Very interesting that they have specific labels for each OEM tire size. Why not combine the info into one label? Must be a regulatory requirement. Thanks again for the reply!
  20. 350z

    Tire and Loading Information Label for 18” or 19” OEM

    Thanks for the reply. Do you know if the tire label on your door sill is specific to 19” ?
  21. 350z

    Tire and Loading Information Label for 18” or 19” OEM

    Curious to know if the “tire and loading Information” label found on the door sill is different for Model 3 with the 19” Sport Wheels versus vehicles with the 18” Aero wheels. Here is my label with OEM 18” Aero. Looking to purchase OEM 19” sport wheels as they should be a direct fit, unless...
  22. 350z

    If FSD was never going to be an option, would you still purchase a Tesla

    We did not purchase FSD, not even sure if I’m that interested. All I can say after owning the 3 for a few days now, is that they hit it out of the park! Anyone considering going electric, should at least test drive the 3.
  23. 350z

    What Kind of Car Did The Model 3 Replace?

    Wow! What a great question! We sold our 350z roadster after 10 wonderful years and we traded in our 2015 Nissan Rogue. Nissan out....Tesla in! Today is our last fill up at the gas station!
  24. 350z

    Reveal your VIN before it appears on your account

    Curious, in you Tesla account, go to manage and look at the documents near the bottom right. You should see details.
  25. 350z

    Montreal deliveries thread

    Thanks for the detailed overview! And congrats to you both. It’s truly an exciting time. Any way to confirm if your vehicle has HW3 installed?
  26. 350z

    Montreal deliveries thread

    Just came back from Tesla Montreal and the rep confirmed J1772 comes with the model 3.
  27. 350z

    Montreal deliveries thread

    Anyone ordering Model 3 accessories from Tesla? I purchased the carpet interior mats and Nema 14-50 adapter. Will look for winter mats soon!
  28. 350z

    Montreal deliveries thread

    Ordered 5/15 and waiting patiently.... changed from white to black exterior and now thinking of changing to the 19” sport wheels.
  29. 350z

    2 Bucket Car Wash Method - Suggestions on Caring for your Tesla

    Now that's a clever technique and agree about reusing a dirty wash mitt should be avoided. The foam cannon process also has me curious. Thanks for the advise!
  30. 350z

    2 Bucket Car Wash Method - Suggestions on Caring for your Tesla

    Many know about this, however, just in case and for those interested, I came across a video showing the “2 Bucket Car Wash Method”. I am not endorsing the products, only the method, as I am getting ready for lots of washing!
  31. 350z

    A very sad situation, except for Tesla (in French)

    Transport Evolve talks about other car manufacturers and its flawed competing interests. For now, all roads lead to Tesla.
  32. 350z

    Are Canadians still getting Model 3s right now?

    Well, we did it! Sold my 350z Roadster and ordered a M3+ all in the same day. I’m sure going to miss the that car. After 10 years, it’s time to start a new chapter. Glad to be part of this community!

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