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  1. AnarchyEOD

    Any military bros/sis in this forum?

    It’s not hard to afford this car. E6, sole custody dad, zero child support, currently eating the 3 payment and the last six months of my tweener lease, and own my house. It’s about budgeting, and being smart with your money. I was fortunate enough to be able to save money for two years before...
  2. AnarchyEOD

    USB Dash Cam Questions

    Has anyone found a decently priced splitter? I want my charging capability back. Does it work with a splitter? Sucks they don’t have a third USB there specifically for the dashcam...
  3. AnarchyEOD

    Any military bros/sis in this forum?

    AD AF EOD here, stationed at Dover AFB. We have three Model 3’s on base so far. Zero charging options, but I don’t care. I’ll charge at home, and eventually I’m sure they will get something.
  4. AnarchyEOD

    V9 Consumption graph...

    anyone know how to make sense of it? My simple mind cannot wrap my head around it... kinda liked just having a number...
  5. AnarchyEOD

    version 9 poll

    Got V9 this morning, I’m diggin it so far! I don’t know how to read the energy consumption graph... it confuses my simple mind.......
  6. AnarchyEOD

    New Model 3 floor mats

    I’ll keep my maxspiders... they create a bowl and cover the dead pedal. Took tesla long enough, but I’m glad they finally put them out.
  7. AnarchyEOD

    Light line on rear passenger door

    I don’t have that..
  8. AnarchyEOD

    "TESLA" Badging for Model 3

    I waited a month lol
  9. AnarchyEOD

    "TESLA" Badging for Model 3

    No, that’s the RPM Tesla one. I’d eventually like to get one, but the P’s don’t even have theirs... hopefully they will sell them directly at some point.
  10. AnarchyEOD

    "TESLA" Badging for Model 3

    Abstract Ocean... chrome or matte black. Here’s mine...
  11. AnarchyEOD

    100% first charge for break in?

    What exactly are you breaking in?
  12. AnarchyEOD

    100% first charge for break in?

    30-70/80% is the sweet spot. Plug it in even if you don’t need to, and only charge to 100% if you’re immediately going to use those miles.
  13. AnarchyEOD

    How do you carry house keys?

    For me I just keep a backup set in my glove box. I can unlock the doors, open the garage, turn on/off my alarm all from my phone. So, I don’t really “carry” keys around anymore. I have a keycard in my wallet, house keys in the glove box, and use my phone for my car.
  14. AnarchyEOD

    Podcast resume using TuneIn?

    That was going to be my suggestion, because that’s how I’ve been able to most reliably get Slacker to do the same.
  15. AnarchyEOD

    V9 Roll Call

    There’s already someone who posted about it in the main forum.
  16. AnarchyEOD

    Front/Rear Emblem Decals on Pearl White

    Only opinion that really matters is yours my friend. I thi knit would look fine.
  17. AnarchyEOD

    All-weather floor mats, trunk/frank mats

    I got the maxspyder ones and they are awesome.
  18. AnarchyEOD

    Shifting in reverse?

    There’s an R on the stalk above the N so why would it be down?
  19. AnarchyEOD

    [Resolved - Inaccurate] Model 3 no longer delivered with lightning /USB-C cable

    I’d call them about it. Might be some smoke the rep blew up your @$$... it is end of 3Q afterall my friend. ;)
  20. AnarchyEOD

    What Wh/mi are you getting with AWD and P cars?

    I’m not sure if the last update did it, or I’ve really figured out how to optimize revenue, or I drive like a grandpa... but I’ve been getting 210-220 the last few days and I’ve put about 200 miles on the car. I’m not mad about it at all... oh, 3D on 18’s w/no caps.
  21. AnarchyEOD

    [Resolved - Inaccurate] Model 3 no longer delivered with lightning /USB-C cable

    Same here, but my son is making the switch to a Samsung phone so I guess it works out.
  22. AnarchyEOD

    [Resolved - Inaccurate] Model 3 no longer delivered with lightning /USB-C cable

    Six weeks ago they were in the car...
  23. AnarchyEOD

    Model 3 Software Updates

    I’m going to venture to guess EAP users get this one first.
  24. AnarchyEOD

    Handbrake, Drifting in future?

    It was tagged in DE. Definitely a Model 3, wasn’t you then. I like it though!
  25. AnarchyEOD

    Handbrake, Drifting in future?

    I swear I saw a 3 with the license plate OHMSLAW, was it yours?
  26. AnarchyEOD

    What am I missing? Serious question.

    I keep my steering on sport and for shits and giggles out it on comfort and I’m sure I could have turned the steering wheel using mind bullets, it was that easy. The ride comfort feels the same as my Subaru, and Ford Edge... I also compared the panel gaps on the 3 to the edge.... the edge was...
  27. AnarchyEOD

    Navigation destination list-sorting?

    I’m not sure what you mean... like saved addresses? Or for a specific trip like from DC-FL? Sorry, probably stupid questions but I’d like to see what mine says.
  28. AnarchyEOD

    Successful Installation of SiriusXM radio

    Would it not work if you put the antenna inside the car on the back? I would imagine it would work there and the roof is glass.
  29. AnarchyEOD

    AC back vents blowing warm air

    Checked mine today and it’s blowing out the same temp as the front. 064XXX VIN...
  30. AnarchyEOD

    Successful Installation of SiriusXM radio

    I’m hoping to get a chance to buy the Amazon Echo Car. That will be my solution to XM. Looks good though, much easier to hide on a black car. Mine is white with chrome delete but I think it would be much more noticeable.
  31. AnarchyEOD

    POLL: North-up or Heading-up

    Mine only changes when I click the little compass. Otherwise it’s always in heading up.
  32. AnarchyEOD

    ICE Guilt

    I’m the opposite, I can’t stand that sound anymore. I enjoy the music more in the 3 since it’s so quiet. I can understand your thought process, but I don’t feel that way.
  33. AnarchyEOD

    more fun with the phone "key"

    From what I’ve read and gathered a vast majority or the problems are with Androids.... Probably for the exact reason you stated above.
  34. AnarchyEOD

    Model 3 Software Updates

    How do you know your map version? And how to you get it to download them if you don’t have the latest version?
  35. AnarchyEOD

    plasti dip on dash wood panel

    I found the wood easier to wrap than the center console.
  36. AnarchyEOD

    What Wh/mi are you getting with AWD and P cars?

    About 1300 miles in and I’m at 237 lifetime. 3D, Aeros (no caps), 80/20 highway/city, A/C on 70, autopilot whenever possible, and chill mode for about 1000 of those 1300 miles.
  37. AnarchyEOD

    Aero Wheels

    Here’s my white without the covers
  38. AnarchyEOD

    Aftermarket interior options

    Wrap the center console at the very least... it scratches easy and tons of finger prints. I’ve done carbon fiber wrap on the: center console, door switches, and the wood panel until I can get a real CF dash. (I don’t oike the wood and wish they offered a CF or not wood option) Edit: I also...
  39. AnarchyEOD

    Exterior Advice - Bunch of Questions

    Wrap the full front (bumper, hood, fenders, mirrors, A pillar, and ceramic coat the whole thing. If that’s too much.... wrap would be better... you can wax a car to keep it shiny, but you can’t wax out a paint chip no matter how hard you try. I did full front and ceramic coat. I couldn’t be...
  40. AnarchyEOD

    New Car Detail and Protective Film

    I can’t help what other people do, but I can certainly control what I do. My Subaru didn’t get it’s first random person damage until it was eight years old.
  41. AnarchyEOD

    New Car Detail and Protective Film

    I’m with you, I take pride in my car looking flawless for as long as humanly possible.
  42. AnarchyEOD

    InsideEVs: Key Fob free to current owners!

    Yup, I love the phone key and I’ll probably never use the fob but I’ll get my free ones for sure. ;)
  43. AnarchyEOD

    Rey (The Last Jedi)

    Mine fits perfect
  44. AnarchyEOD

    Amazon Echo Auto to the rescue

    That’s simply amazing.
  45. AnarchyEOD

    Rey (The Last Jedi)

    No, I’ve never actually touched the trunk lid to close it. There’s actually two handles on the inside I pull down on that and when I can I press it the rest of the way down on the license plate or frame.
  46. AnarchyEOD

    Not enough buyers for the LR Model 3's

    Fact, I hope they bring it out soon. I finally convinced my parents to get one, but they don’t need all the fancy technology.
  47. AnarchyEOD

    Rey (The Last Jedi)

    Didn’t even realize I misspelled it. Good thing I didn’t make that!
  48. AnarchyEOD

    Not enough buyers for the LR Model 3's

    The person who wrote this is a TSLA short, as evidenced in the photo below from that article. Almost every article I’ve ever read by them, especially the negative ones are written by shorts.
  49. AnarchyEOD

    Rey (The Last Jedi)

    As requested
  50. AnarchyEOD


    https://www.google.com/amp/s/jalopnik.com/tesla-model-3-gets-five-star-crash-safety-rating-from-n-1829196052/amp In all seriousness, the biggest reason I joined the Tesla family is the safety. I have a son to protect and there are a lot of horrible drivers out there these days. No matter how...

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