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    Instant Torque - Near Miss

    I don’t understand the part about running a stop sign. It looks to me like you both did that. Neither of you came to a halt at the stop sign in the beginning of the video. Would the outcome have been any different if you had both made a full stop?
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    why has my dash display changed without a recent software update???

    It is a hexadecimal number, written with the numbers 0-9 and letters a-f, so you have the necessary 16 symbols to represent the number. So it could also be “baddeadbeef” at the end.
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    Model Y Performance In The Snow

    I think your reasoning misses the fact that the complaint, I replied to, was about the amount of regen - not about front/rear regen balancing.
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    Model Y Performance In The Snow

    First you don’t want the car to slow down. Now you say you actually had to slow down. If you had to slow down, and the car couldn’t handle it, while the car in front of you could handle the same amount of deceleration without problems, then it is a clear sign that your tires were not as good...
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    Wipers - a suggestion

    When I do this in my native language, the car understands it perfectly, as I can see in the on-screen transcript of what I just said. And then it goes on setting the speed to 2 instead of 1!
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    Model Y Performance In The Snow

    To be clear: This was not something the car did. It was something you did. You lifted the accelerator pedal too much, and the regen braked too hard, exactly as you asked it to. If you don’t want that much regen, don’t lift the accelerator pedal that much.
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    Does the M3 need a Snow Mode?

    The weight cancels itself out. The heavier car will need more friction force to stop at a given distance. And it will have more friction force because it is heavier.
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    Are Tesla cars a good investment?

    All new cars sold today will probably see a higher loss of value than we have been used to. When we reach the point where buyers of second hand cars get their eyes on EV, the price of used petrol or diesel cars will skydive, because the second hand market will be flooded with these cars...
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    HANSSHOW Trunk Liftgate v3 install

    Any word on the difference between v4 and v6? I see some updated description on their website, but it is not clear to me if this is a software upgrade or a hardware upgrade, and in the latter case if v4 is upgradable to v6. I received the v4 a few weeks ago and have not yet installed it, so I...
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    What’s everyone’s winter 100% showing ?

    At least there is some indication that the unit is miles.
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    [UK] 2020.44.x

    But the post said "scroll up". Not "scroll down". I don't see how scrolling down could be a new feature anyway, since scrolling is the intended way of doing adjustment to the TACC setpoints. So I still don't understand what this new "scroll up" feature is. I have even tested it to see if it...
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    [UK] 2020.44.x

    No, I did not. You need to read the context. Someone mentioned a new scroll up TACC feature, which I had not heard of, and I did not understand what he meant by it. So I asked, and in the same post I listed the new TACC features that I did know of, just to give him the chance of pointing to...
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    thinking about retrofit heated steering wheel

    Nobody except the OP knows. Some posters are so lazy that they post links without trying to put their own words on the message they want to convey to the audience. Apparently, other posters use photos in the same way.
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    [UK] 2020.44.x

    You quoted my post, but I don't see anything in your post, which is a reply to something I wrote.
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    A mouse ate my Tesla

    I remember that soap from my childhood. That smell also repels me!
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    how much does a passenger reduce the range?

    10-40% if you put your passenger on the roof.
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    Heated Steering Wheel? Indicated by Metallic Scroll Wheels?

    Well, at least for the steering wheel, I think there is an explanation: It is because you don't have instruments in front of you. Where any other car would have instruments, the 3 has air vents. So the steering wheel is probably seeing a stream of hot air coming directly from the vents, instead...
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    What would/will you pay for heated steering wheel?

    I have wanted a heated steering wheel since I got my first car 34 years ago. When heated seats became popular, I just did not get it. Still don't. Why would any car factory install heated seats, but not a heated steering wheel? The steering wheel is the only part of the car, which comes in...
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    [UK] 2020.44.x

    Scrolling up? New functionality regarding TACC and current speed has been added drip wise during the last 2-3 months: First we got a delay of engaging of TACC if we held the foot on the accelerator after activating TACC on the stalk. This bought a few seconds time to manually adjust the set...
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    Regenerative Braking - regen

    At least in my imagination, yes... Today I tested it more thoroughly, and it turned out that the difference is not a result of disabling TACC vs. lifting the foot. It is a result of different initial speeds. I usually use the foot at low speeds, where the deceleration regen is much stronger.
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    Full Payment in Advance?

    I don't know how it works on your side of the pond, but I did not pay in advance. I came to the delivery centre, inspected the car and transferred the money with my laptop. The Tesla guy took a photo of my laptop screen with his cellphone, put plates on the car, and then I could drive away...
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    Regenerative Braking - regen

    Same here. LR AWD 2020.44.10.1 (now updated to .15 two days ago). Regen on standard. How fast is your ramping? I haven't tried with a stopwatch either, but I would say that with our car it takes 5-7 seconds to ramp up regen after disabling TACC. And less than 1 second when lifting the foot from...
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    Regenerative Braking - regen

    I did not say that the amount of regen is different. I said that the ramp speed for regen is different.
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    [UK] 2020.44.x

    I don't see any reason for that, as long as everyone else who received their car with 2020.35 haven't got an update either. It is quite clear that Tesla must have had a reason for creating a new version of the software, only for these refresh models. I would expect those cars to be on another...
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    Regenerative Braking - regen

    Thank you. And I am not at all sorry for asking. As an engineer it has always fascinated me how people think when they use a piece of technology - and how the design of that piece of technology is often expecting them to think in a whole different way. So an apparent user error may actually be a...
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    Did supercharger network influence your buying decision

    More than you can imagine. (This happened in Denmark. Sorry for intruding.) We went to the nearest Tesla showroom 100 km from home to test drive a Model 3. The test drive actually left us a bit disappointed, so we went home, not really sure that we would buy a Tesla. On our way home, we got...
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    Regenerative Braking - regen

    I am not 100% sure about what I have seen, but I think it is like this: If the car image is zoomed in (it appears to zoom in and out on its own while driving), and rear lights are on, they are also turned on in the car image. When I press the brake pedal or use regen over a certain threshold...
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    [UK] 2020.44.x

    Actually, there is in this case. Not because the car is new, but because the new car is a refreshed model, which is right now on its own software version - probably because some new hardware features are not yet merged into the standard software. At least that is what we see in Denmark right...
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    Features we didn't know we wanted?

    Yes. I knew that. ...but I did not know this. Thank you for the information.
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    As the writer of that post I can confirm that it was intentional. I was replying to a post, where someone did something I find incredibly rude: Correcting another poster without first doing basic fact checking. I consider my rudeness in response to that post warranted.
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    Regenerative Braking - regen

    Oh, yes, there certainly is. If I lift the foot, I get instant, full regen. If I disengage TACC, the regen slowly ramps up over a few seconds. You can easily test this difference for yourself. The slow ramp-up of regen makes it very easy to seamlessly take over control with the accelerator...
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    Regenerative Braking - regen

    It is. I am getting curious now, after reading all these posts. It is obvious that we think differently, but it is not exactly clear to me what is causing this difference. Since you are the first one to actually express your thinking about how you lift the accelerator pedal, I hope you don't...
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    Features we didn't know we wanted?

    I don't know if you already know this, but you can get wall chargers with this functionality. They turn the charge current up and down so the car absorbs the power, which you would otherwise have sent out on the grid. This is an example: Solar Box - Solar Box - E-Mobility - Products
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    Regenerative Braking - regen

    OK, so you are having a problem with the threshold for switching on the brake lights. You are not having a problem with regen strength. However, the person you agreed with, were complaining about the regen strength. Anyway, in our Model 3, the brake light will not turn on before the...
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    Regenerative Braking - regen

    You are the one responsible for, how fast your car slows down. The more you lift your foot from the accelerator, the faster the car slows down. So if you think you are slowing down too fast, why don't you simply stop doing that? Why blame the way regen works?
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    Regenerative Braking - regen

    If you lift the foot enough to cause a strong deceleration, I assume it is because you want a strong deceleration. Why else lift the foot? If you cause the car to make a strong deceleration, of course the brake lights will have to come on.
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    Model Y 40% more efficient than Mustang Mach E

    I assume you are aware that lower efficiency also means longer charging time for the same distance if you charge with the same number of kW. In this case discussed here: 40% longer charging time. I think people will notice that. At least if they think a little.
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    Must take delivery prior to driving car

    OK. I admit it. I am a Toyota fanboi.
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    Honest question about battery degradation...

    OK. Then I misunderstood you. I thought you were talking about taking care of the battery, in order to avoid causing unnecessary degeneration. I agree regarding the obsession on actually tracking the degeneration. That is rather silly. But on the other hand, I am used to seeing people obsess...
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    Honest question about battery degradation...

    In response to the "why care about the battery when we have a guarantee" question (and yes, this question deserves its own thread): I have a guarantee of having 70% of original capacity left after the first 160,000 km - which in my case is 5 years. So let us say that I abuse the battery and...
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    Is there a way to retain the last used driver profile?

    You don't have to pair the phone with a specific driver profile. It will still unlock and start the car, even though it is not selecting a driver profile. You can change it in the setup screen where you configure which phones and keycards can unlock the car. This was actually the default...
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    What Adaptor Do I Need For MY Garage

    Sorry, but that is just a reiteration of what you already wrote. You have still not explained the part with: "You don't need the button, because you can just press the button". I give up.
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    Must take delivery prior to driving car

    I ordered a factory new car. Part of that agreement was that the dealership should register the car in my name, and put plates on it, so I could come and pick up my car, ready to drive. And that was exactly what happened, just as it should.
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    What Adaptor Do I Need For MY Garage

    So you agree with my that the button has this function. There is something fundamentally wrong in our communication, because what I hear you say is basically: "You don't need the button, because you can just press the button." I am pretty sure that this is not what I am supposed to read, but...
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    Must take delivery prior to driving car

    No, my post doesn't make it seem like that. That is only your twisting of my words. I was fully aware that the car would be registered to me. I would have been very disappointed if it hadn't. I don't live in the US, but I had plenty of opportunity to drive a similar car at the dealership before...
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    Must take delivery prior to driving car

    I have only ever once before bought a factory-new car. It was a Toyota at the same price as our Tesla (well, at least incl. taxes). We did not have any opportunity of inspecting or test driving that Toyota before taking ownership. In fact, when I arrived to pick it up, I was already the...
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    What is the difference between Navigate on Autopilot and the included Autopilot?

    Are you expecting NoA to work in all places where normal Autopilot does? That seems to be the assumption behind your post. But that doesn't really make much sense. Without NoA, the navigation system will tell you to take an exit on the highway, and then you will have to abort Autopilot and...
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    What Adaptor Do I Need For MY Garage

    I am a bit lost here, perhaps because I am on a European car with CCS and Type 2 instead of J1772, but I simply can't make any sense out of this. What is the J17772 button you are referring to? Where is it placed? I would assume that it is a button on the J1772 plug, right? That is exactly...
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    Is the autopilot a driver-assistance system?

    To me, it is really simple: If I can hand the responsibility for driving the car over to a system, that system is driving the car. If I cannot hand over the responsibility of driving, but can only hand over the work of driving, then that system is not driving the car. It is only a driver...
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    Those release notes are just a repetition of the release notes from previous 2020.44.x versions, which are already known. You could easily have checked this before posting.

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