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  1. danielk04

    Battery imbalance cell reading changes

    I was trying to make out the numbering on your somewhat fuzzy scan my Tesla attachment photo. You are probably correct with modules 8 and 10. The important thing is that you get what I'm driving at. And the layout attachment above shows correctly. You know what you're doing. You'll be fine...
  2. danielk04

    Battery imbalance cell reading changes

    Okay 5J, It sounds like you're moving in the right direction. Pull modules 9 and 11 out of the pack. Measure voltage on 6 individual bricks on each module. Do some bricks measure 1 or 2 volts? Yes? Module requires replacement. No? 3 volts or more? Lucky you. Most likely BMS board on the module...
  3. danielk04

    Out of Warranty Drive Unit Replacement and Cost

    I didn't realize it at the time , but the Quick Jack will NOT allow Tesla high voltage battery removal. You need to use a two-post lift such as MaxJax. Live and learn. I have a 1760 pound cart from Amazon on my list for when battery day comes for me...
  4. danielk04

    Out of Warranty Drive Unit Replacement and Cost

    Okay Mr. Beastie, it sounds like you're looking for tooling information, here you go: Purchased in 2017 and perfect for SAFELY lifting the Model S is the Quickjack 6000ELX. Portable Car Lift - Home Car Lift - BendPak Next is a nice little Harbor Freight cart to roll under, raise up, then...
  5. danielk04

    Out of Warranty Drive Unit Replacement and Cost

    Hello you Beastman. I can answer any specific questions you have on Drive Unit repair, but I would wager YouTuber Johan (TMC VanR) has answered them already.
  6. danielk04

    Out of Warranty Drive Unit Replacement and Cost

    You guys pay too much. My Drive unit repair cost less than $500.00.
  7. danielk04

    High Mileage Service Options

    With the exception of the alignment I do all those maintenance items myself. There's quite a bit of labor involved in all the listed tasks. Full Toolbx version 2 access does not come cheap. If you trust the mechanic, $1,300.00 is not unreasonable. If it helps you sleep better, go for it.
  8. danielk04

    2012 P85 HV battery replacement options -- need perspective.

    Wow! 298 miles from a 90kwh battery. My "new" original equipment 90D could only dream of such range.
  9. danielk04

    2012 P85 HV battery replacement options -- need perspective.

    Okay Mr. Intellectual Puzzle, when are you going to get Scan My Tesla and see if your full tank stops charging at 4.1 volts per cell or 4.2 volts per cell? If you want a real puzzle, see if you can figure out how to remove the Tesla charging cap on your battery, that will keep you busy for a...
  10. danielk04

    2013 Model S Needs HV Battery

    Concentrate on the high voltage isolation issue diagnosed by the technician. You may have an internally flooded high voltage battery. The 12 volt battery issue is baloney.
  11. danielk04


    I told you he was pulling his hair out!
  12. danielk04


    Jason is screaming and pulling out his hair at this very moment.😀
  13. danielk04

    85 kWh refurb +100mV imbalance

    Interesting! You are the first person I've known to validate Jason Hugh's battery findings. My guess is that Tesla changed one or more modules in your replacement high voltage pack and the slight specification mismatch in all the individual bricks cannot be corrected by the small BMS bleeder...
  14. danielk04

    Car Won’t Start help Clearing BMS errors

    Your sensor looks muddy goopy, probable coolant leakage into motor/inverter. Further inspection/repair/or replacement required.
  15. danielk04

    Car Won’t Start help Clearing BMS errors

    Jack up your car. Remove and inspect Drive Motor Speed Sensor. Does it look like pictured below?
  16. danielk04

    Model S 2014 battery cell failure

    I see you live in Hawaii. How did you get to 56,000 miles? That's a lot of laps around a small island.
  17. danielk04

    Can anyone help with enabling supercharging?

    Can't be done? Can't be done? A picture is worth a thousand words.
  18. danielk04

    Anyone have experience with Bridgestone Quiettrack tires

    I bought four Bridgestone Quietracks at Americas Tire shop and have 20,000 miles on my set. I predict I'll get 40,000 miles of life out of them. My Quietrack choice was made largely because of the (no way they will make) 80,000 mile warranty. Doesn't Costco record vehicle mileage at time of...
  19. danielk04

    High Voltage Interlock Loop (HVIL) Issue - Questions

    Disable the high voltage battery contactors. Remove the high voltage junction box lid. Look for evidence of a proximity switch on the lid and HVJB mainframe. On early Model S it should be replaceable?? If you find it, please post photos.
  20. danielk04

    Diagnostics and repair

    I may be wrong, but I think you're moving in the wrong direction. I have observed canbus through the under cubby main connector, no toolbox app needed. My homemade harness, along with Picoscope, wiring diagrams, connector location diagrams and a laptop computer should get you on the road to...
  21. danielk04

    Failure of the high voltage junction box - 2014 Model S

    The high voltage junction box has no part in the creation of 400 volts. Its more like a traffic cop directing and distributing current flow. Back in say, 2016 Tesla would change it no qustions asked. Now not so much.
  22. danielk04

    4x 19" Cyclone Wheels with tires and tpms complete in Los Angeles $2000

    It's February 19th, are those wheels still for sale?

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