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  1. KManS

    Taycan Takedown

    Faults with both videos. Where are all the stats on the Porsche ? What was the battery level at start? at finish? any charging done in between? All the important stuff left out resulting in the value of "It didn't explode" ok great. Model 3 video, hey great, also doesn't explode but also...
  2. KManS

    Model 3 Performance DIY Brake Job

    I still have to pen the associated article, but I have put the video online at YouTube. Enjoy!
  3. KManS

    2018 Model 3 RWD LR For Sale with Upgrades

    Nope, sorry sold in September of 2018.
  4. KManS

    Model 3 badgings are out

    My badging is on... :) :) you know installing that spoiler though is going to cover up part of my stripe so I'm not so sure about that... will have to work something out I guess... hmmm maybe I should put a red line under the badging too.... :) :)
  5. KManS

    Model 3 Software Update 2018.48.x

    I think it is funny that my 4th referral award was the priority software update award but yet I don't have the latest software.... what's up with that? :) :) :)
  6. KManS

    Brand New 21” Black Arachnid Wheels Tesla Model S

    Oh and why haven't you joined the local club? We've been wanting a Roadster to come out to some of our events, looks like you've got one!
  7. KManS

    Brand New 21” Black Arachnid Wheels Tesla Model S

    You might consider listing these for sale on the local Tesla Owners Club site at https://teslakc.net or in the KC Tesla Facebook group as well. If you want to swap even up for a set of silver ones let me know. :)
  8. KManS

    Referral award - 22" Turbines, or 21" Arachnids

    I don't think that is "market price" since there is only 1 bid and still 2 days to go, plus those wheels would have to be shipped as opposed to arriving at a service center near the buyer which adds to the overall cost, so I don't think SD_Engnr's asking price is unreasonable. JMPOV
  9. KManS

    For Sale: Referral award - 21" Arachnids or 22" Turbines

    Nope, too low, I already have higher offers via PMs but thank you for your offer!
  10. KManS

    Winter Wheels and Tires for Performance Model 3 Article

    It wasn't you we had some down time as the site software was upgraded, but glad you were able to get to it!
  11. KManS

    Vendor MPP Model 3 Build Thread

    Can you work with these guys to create a solution please? Their stuff rocks in the Porsche world... DSC Sport
  12. KManS

    For Sale: Referral award - 21" Arachnids or 22" Turbines

    I have my 3rd loot box award that I can no longer use (traded S in on P3D+) so I would prefer to sell my referral award and buy a different set of wheels and tires for my 3 instead. I see there is another person doing the same here and so I will do the same and offer my set up for best no...
  13. KManS

    Can't find any all season that are in stock for my Model 3

    Ridiculous! The 235 tire is 9.25 inches wide, the 245 tire is 9.64 inches wide a difference of .39 inches or roughly 3/8" wider. If you are telling me that 3/8" wider is going to cause the tire/wheel combo to explode and fail then the 235 would be so close to that failure point that you...
  14. KManS

    Confirm PUP $5000 refund thread

    I have a question that I haven't seen addressed or if it was I must have missed it. If someone bought a P3D+ today with a referral code they would get 6 months of free supercharging. I bought my P3D+ with a referral code back in September, so if I get the $5K refund I understand taking away...
  15. KManS

    Can't find any all season that are in stock for my Model 3

    See this article: Winter Wheels and Tires for Performance Model 3 Article
  16. KManS

    Winter Wheels and Tires for Performance Model 3 Article

    You are welcome, I try to do these things and put them on our TOC site as often as I can, will hopefully have some more track videos come spring, the snow is preventing that currently. :) :) :)
  17. KManS

    Winter Wheels and Tires for Performance Model 3 Article

    Yes the tool was in my glove box in the little plastic bag with the part number label on it when I received my car. I liked the looks of the Tsportline wheels especially the satin black but they just didn't have anything that was in stock either wheel wise or tire wise in a timely fashion...
  18. KManS

    Performance Model 3 Snow Tires/Rims

    Here is a detailed article that covers this subject for anyone looking for options: https://teslakc.net/winter-wheels-and-tires-model-3-performance/
  19. KManS

    Winter Wheels and Tires for Performance Model 3 Article

    Here is an article I crafted to demonstrate an option for winter tires and wheels for the Performance Model 3. Enjoy! https://teslakc.net/winter-wheels-and-tires-model-3-performance/
  20. KManS

    2018 Model 3 RWD LR For Sale with Upgrades

  21. KManS

    Taking my Tesla to Mars!

    Sorry Elon, but I've beaten you to Mars with my Tesla! I did this the other day to celebrate Elon's birthday.
  22. KManS

    Summon anyone? 2018.24.1

    Well I assume most people dont monitor their charge rates at home very.cosely but TeslaFi and my screen in the car confirm that car maxes out at 32amps now instead of 48 and it started immediately after the .24 upgrade.
  23. KManS

    Summon anyone? 2018.24.1

    You may not want this update as the update restricts max charge rate to 32 amps from Tesla wall charger instead of the previous 48 amps. There may be other defects with this update as well.
  24. KManS

    Model 3 No Longer Sleeps Just Idles

    Yeah I had sleep mode turned on (still is turned on) prior to the May 22nd update to TeslaFi (the update that added altitude info). Now it seems even though sleep mode is turned on the car has not gone to sleep since May 22nd. I have gone through the TeslaFi FAQ and done everything it...
  25. KManS

    Pearl White Founders Edition Model S Radio Flyer NIB $425 OBO

    I used my redemption code and had a Founders Edition Pearl White (Black Wheels) Radio Flyer new-gen Model S delivered to my home. It is still brand new in box, never opened. My circumstances changes and I now wish to sell this item. I paid $450 for the code at the time, would like to get...
  26. KManS

    Model 3 No Longer Sleeps Just Idles

    Yeah I just thought about that, I am going to disable Tezlab first and see what effect it might have on drain.
  27. KManS

    Model 3 No Longer Sleeps Just Idles

    I noticed that in the last couple of weeks my phantom drain has shot up. After a review of Tezlab and TeslaFi reports and looking back day by day it seems that on May 21st the car stopped going to sleep and simply just idles now. Even on a day that I don't drive the car at all it just idles...
  28. KManS

    Model 3 XPEL Ultimate Install

    The Tesla Owners Club of Kansas City decided to hold a Model 3 day on 3/3/18 to celebrate some members having recently taken delivery of their new Model 3's and to give Jon Cummins at Detail Auto an opportunity to showcase some of the ways in which you can protect and enhance a Tesla Model 3...
  29. KManS

    2013 Model S P85+ Drivers Edition $60k

    Hank, I agree in part and disagree in part. I agree that P85+'s aren't a unicorn other than maybe the ones with AP1. I disagree that the P85D "handles better" than the P85+. The P85D has a heavier steering feel and cannot switch off it's front motor to allow a car to be throttle steered...
  30. KManS

    2013 Model S P85+ Drivers Edition $60k

    Car is Sold, don't know how to close this topic. Thanks for your interest.
  31. KManS

    2013 Model S P85+ Drivers Edition $60k

    I guess you haven't shopped these cars then since there are several available in the low to mid 50's that don't have the options that mine does or have low mileage like mine does, nor do they have the XPEL or other add-ons that mine does. The Tesla trade-in value is in the low 50's, I was...
  32. KManS

    2013 Model S P85+ Drivers Edition $60k

    Yes, it is a car for drivers, not those who want to be driven! :) Seriously though, the P85+ does have a unique suspension and steering feel that you do not get in the newer cars, especially the "D" cars which to me have a more sluggish steering feel to them. The P85+ has a more nimble /...
  33. KManS

    2013 Model S P85+ Drivers Edition $60k

    My Model 3 is arriving shortly and I need to either trade in my Model S or sell it outright before acquiring my Model 3. I purchased this Model S at the end of July 2017 from Tesla via the CPO program and it came with an additional 4 years 50,000 mile warranty. The car originally came from...
  34. KManS

    EVAnnex Center Console Insert (CCI) Black / Carbon Fiber

    How do those attach? For example if you have the carbon fiber yacht floor already, does the install of this center console mess up the yacht floor in any way?
  35. KManS

    Solar Roof Token

    I'm trying to remember where we were at in the other topic thread on the value of the token, but I think it was a ham sandwich or something similar... very very very very few people would have any use for your token, hence the low market value for these. Most seem to be just giving them away...
  36. KManS

    Tesla T-Shirts

    Except they are only for D model cars... :( also a bit pricey...
  37. KManS

    Model S XPEL Installation Article (PPF or clear bra)

    My history with "clear bras" goes back 20 years to when I acquired a Cosmos Black BMW that was notorious for getting rock chips. At the time I purchased a pre-cut kit from Invinca-shield that consisted of 3M material. I had to teach myself to install the kit and thankfully I had a lot of...
  38. KManS

    Solar roof token

    Just as a point of reference my roof was recently damaged in a bad storm and needs to be replaced, my insurance company has given me the check to replace with like kind, but I can always pay the difference and replace with something else. I spoke with multiple people at Tesla/Solar City about...
  39. KManS

    Trade you my 19" slipstream for your 19" original 5 spoke wheels. Houston

    Joshua, Just as an FYI you may need to swap out the TPMS units and allow the person with the 5 spoke wheels to keep their originals as well as you keep the ones that came with your slipstream wheels because you surely have the 2nd gen TPMS units and most people with the 5 spoke wheels have the...
  40. KManS

    Tesla OEM Clothing lot.

    Dang 9 minutes guess you gotta jump fast! :-) congrats! If you have any more please let me know!
  41. KManS

    EVE for Tesla

    I recently signed up for 1 month to test the premium apps and so far I have not been able to get the SMS IFTTT connection to work, my phone says it is sending and the applet is running, but nothing shows up on the car. I emailed them and am waiting on a response. I also called them but after...
  42. KManS

    Swap Next Gen Seats for Performance

    Can you post some pics of your seats please?
  43. KManS

    Model S Floor Mats & 19" Slipstream Wheels

    rexorz, I sent you an offer on the all weather mats in PM the other day, did you not get it? I did not receive a reply. Please let me know as I am still interested. Thanks!
  44. KManS

    Swap Next Gen Seats for Performance

    I might be interested in this as well, I have the tan leather and alcantara with grey piping performance seats but I usually like the bolsters on the Next Gen seats better. Do you know if all the electronics match up between the seats such as seat heaters, etc? Feel free to PM me as well.
  45. KManS

    Tesla T-Shirts

    There seems to be a real lack of summer time men's clothes in the Tesla online shop. In the past I could have picked a t-shirt up at the local store but now they've consolidated everything. I saw some cheap knock-offs on Amazon but would prefer to get at nicer warm weather shirt - t-shirt or...
  46. KManS

    Solar roof token

    Maybe I'm confused but what good would this do anyone outside of Hawaii and California where Tesla is currently selling these roofs???
  47. KManS

    Model S rear facing seats for sale.

    FYI I tried to send you a PM but no option to do so with your profile.
  48. KManS

    Site won't let me send a personal message to you but I was interested in the rear facing seats...

    Site won't let me send a personal message to you but I was interested in the rear facing seats, please send me a message. Thx!
  49. KManS

    Model 3 vs. 2013 P85+

    Well I would concur, of all the Teslas I have driven the P85+ was the most sportscar/sports sedan like of them all. Granted I haven't driven a Model 3 yet and maybe I can just push back my reservation and wait to see if there is a 2 wheel drive P version coming or if it will be AWD only as I...
  50. KManS

    Model 3 vs. 2013 P85+

    Maybe I wasn't clear in the initial posting but we are talking a 2013 P85PLUS, with only 20,000 miles on it and a full 4 year 50,000 mile CPO warranty so from a warranty standpoint both cars would be similar. This week a buddy of mine came through with his Model X P100D and he complained about...

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