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    Parking sensors. Please help

    Why all this trash talking about Tesla. If you don’t like it or you cannot afford it Just move on.
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    Free Supercharging and Discounts

    True competition 😂. I think there is none for the next couple of years. Wait till you hear of competitors have issues in charging, then range issues, keeping charge in cold temperatures and most of all safety. Tesla I feel is way ahead of the competition and they have the price advantage (buffer...
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    Free Supercharging and Discounts

    I also think this is the end of the freebies for this quarter. Looks like they have exceeded their targets and anything above that is a bonus.
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    Free Supercharging and Discounts

    I don’t understand why you all think that Tesla will not get the full $7500 rebate. I am sure they will get it. 1 thing to understand is if Tesla does not qualify none of the other manufacturers get it. It will then beat the whole purpose of this Bill. Just my 2 cents.
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    May 2022 Orders - when is your delivery?

    I came to know from a twitter post and a SMS from the 510 number. Yesterday was when they updated the actual terms on their website. I was hoping they gave an option to buy the EAP or FSD at half price (wishful thinking of course). They can convince the fence sitters with a 3750 + upto 7500...
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    May 2022 Orders - when is your delivery?

    The mobile charger coupon is ONLY for those that ordered before April 16 approx. From your signature May 5 will not receive that. Next the Supercharging miles is Only for deliveries after December 15. Your DD was 12/12. Man you have superb timing 😆. But if you look at the positive side the $3750...
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    Free Supercharging and Discounts

    The website has been updated at Tesla. The verbiage of the 10000 miles shows there now. It says the credit will show up in Januar.
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    Free Supercharging and Discounts

    I understand your side and I wish you get it too. But on the other side I was thinking of the people who got their deliveries on Nov 30th who posted here their stories. They missed out on $3750 by hours too. You think they will honor that for all November folks. But as the saying goes it does...
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    May 2022 Orders - when is your delivery?

    The message says “this month“ so will you be getting it. I hope so. Anyways you will know on Jan 06 or thereabouts on your App.
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    Free Supercharging and Discounts

    But there will be people who will pay the extra and also it is optional so you can always go with just the 3750. It’s a Win Win and I am sure it will entice enough people who are on the fence because now they are getting 3750 + 7500 which is more than the 7500 tax credit. At the end of the day...
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    Took my MY off hold

    I think this “So they deducted $7500 and asking for remaining $2500.” is not correct. I think it will be $2500 Credit to me. same disclaimer - not a tax expert/ not a tax advise..
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    Free Supercharging and Discounts

    In one article it said Dec deliveries which I think might be erroneous and contrary to the reason they are offering it. I read somewhere in this thread that it is for deliveries starting from Dec 15. Maybe that is the reason it is not on the website, think how that will occupy the webpage when...
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    Free Supercharging and Discounts

    The expiration is 2 years and the program start Jan 06. The credit will show up on the Tesla App on the AccounT.
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    White/White Model Y Waiting Room

    Hope we get the 10000 super charging miles.
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    Free Supercharging and Discounts

    I did not get any text saying that I will be getting 10000 miles of supercharging. How do I know if I will get it?. I am getting my delivery tomorrow and I already paid full. Fingers crossed.
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    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    The price will be honored to the day you booked. But that price adjustment will happen when you select and confirm the configuration. Plus the 3750 will apply once the VIN is allotted and the MVPA. Is generated closer to the delivery date. The 510 number is the place to ask these question...
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    Credit Unions with good rates that accept applicants anywhere within the US?

    After you get a VIN you will be able to go the Account on your browser and see the delivery tasks. Just open your eyes and you will see a few documents like Lemon disclosure and MVPA(Motor Vehicl Purchase AgreemenT). this usually is signed by the seller, you can send that to your Credit Union...
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    Is now the worst time in history to order a Model Y?

    This is the perfect time to snag a Tesla if you want it. I am thinking they might add a bonus say the Enhanced autopilot so as to bring in the fence sitter’s.
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    Tax credit 2023

    First and foremost you should understand that this law is useless for Tesla orders until fulfilled after 01/01/23. These are only for other auto makers that did not reach their 250000 limit with the previous version of this tax crediT. Example Kia, Vinfast, Polestar, Rivian etc.
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    February 2022 Ordered and Estimated Delivery Dates

    Yes. We can carry a cardboard box with us in the trunk and use it to guide us in parking till Tesla finds a way to use its Visio. 😂 Sorry just a sarcastic comment on Tesla Vision. I do that in my garage currently BTW.
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    Model Y has anyone received 2023 VIN yet?

    In this same query you are showing, I did my own too, you will not find the Tesla SEMI. That tells you that the information displayed is not realtime since we know that Teslarati showed that the Tesla SEMI was indeed approved.
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    Model Y has anyone received 2023 VIN yet?

    Can you record with USB and see the properties of the file. Will tell you the quality it was recorded. I am guessing here.
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    Tax credit 2023

    How did you put your LRY order on hold till 1 Jan ‘23. Can you share your approach it will be helpful.
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    Tesla sales rep said MY with 4680 will NOT have longer range

    Tesla said they are producing 4680 batteries at 3 times the rate now, something like 1000 car modules per week so what are they doing with them? Storing it for later use or gradually move it to the Y.
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    Model Y has anyone received 2023 VIN yet?

    I saw a 7 MYLR reported about 18 minutes ago.
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    November Orders

    Wow no sensor. What is the 10th digit of your VIN. Is it a P? for 2023
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    The last few days new threads are popping up bashing Tesla

    I have noticed that the past few days, new threads are popping up with the sole intention of bashing Tesla. It’s either with prices cratering for Used Teslas or How to cancel orders or many teslas available on the lot. Looks more like these are some short investors trying to influence the buyers...
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    Lots of new MY(P) available now for immediate delivery (Sep 23rd 2022)

    You can try calling their number, it might save you time. I think I saw they have a local number listed on their website.
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    Lots of new MY(P) available now for immediate delivery (Sep 23rd 2022)

    Hello, i went to the Showroom to the Owings Mills today and the SA told me they had a few. Did not ask him whether they were new or demo. I suggest you go in and ask, you might be lucky.

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