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    If installing 2 L2 40amp chargers(14-50), can you share the same wiring(4/3) coming from a 60 amp breaker?

    Sure, if given all the conditions you gave, but I have no truck l trouble plugging and unplugging my cars with one hand. The Grizzl-e docks hold the cable with the Tesla adapters still connected, and you don't need to hold the adapter when removing the handle if you release the button first, as...
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    If installing 2 L2 40amp chargers(14-50), can you share the same wiring(4/3) coming from a 60 amp breaker?

    I have a Grizzle-e Duo charging my Model 3 SR+ and Y LR. It's built like a tank with an all metal enclosure and really thick cables. It maxes out at 40 amps when one car is plugged in, 32 when both are plugged in but only one is charging, and does 20 amps to each when both are charging. It...
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    What is the dumbest thing your Tesla does?

    But you can easily avoid this problem. I charge with the J1772 adapter at home, and the way to unhook it is, with the car unlocked or phone key connected, press and release the button on the handle, then remove it. The key is to release the button, otherwise you'll remove just the J1772 and...
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    Discussion: Model 3 and Y price drop Jan 2023, Pricing Speculation etc

    Someone actually said this a few pages back: Lets see. Two weeks ago puts the new purchase around the time of the $7,500 price cut, so not the highest recent pricing. Maybe the OP took delivery after 12/31/22 and missed the rebate. Either way, getting $60K for a 22 Y seems like good timing. if...
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    Discussion: Model 3 and Y price drop Jan 2023, Pricing Speculation etc

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    Please make the light icons responsive.

    And the power in the 12V comes from?
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    Idiots charging

    @exxxviii It can make a difference because the power-sharing superchargers are V2, which are only 150 kw at max power, so they reduce to 75 kw max when shared. Many Teslas can charge well above 75 kw through a large part of the charging curve. The V3 stations, which max out at 250 kw, don't...
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    Failure to drive off lot

    I keep reading statements like this on this forum. Where was the IRS's decision-making in this process? Congress passed a law that had different rules for cars vs. SUV/trucks/vans. While I don't necessarily agree with the details of the law, all the IRS did was take the legal definitions of...
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    Cracked roof glass from Tesla’s own Surfrack

    There are metal brackets under the glass that the clips sit under. They are pulling in/up on metal and shouldn't be touching the glass at all when the rack is installed correctly. I don't think the rack could move forwards or backwards at all if it was installed in the right location and torqued...
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    Automatic Turn Signal

    @gx9901 - Yes - it looks like what I experienced was related to autopilot being on. I'm not sure why they set it up that way. If I'm in autopilot and activate the signal, I'm going to steer it out of autopilot when it's clear to make the lane change. The way it works now I have to take it out of...
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    Automatic Turn Signal

    Overall I really like the new feature, but I've had it turn off prematurely on a couple of occasions. In one case I was in the right lane of an interstate and approaching my exit. I signaled right and it only blinked once. I tried again and it immediately turned off again. Was it because the car...
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    How Do You Open Your Door?

    I tell new passengers "push the fat part, pull the skinny part" Left hand for left side of the car, right hand for right side of the car.
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    Hot Cars Article - Let's Break It Down

    Wait, what? Did this article say that "tow mode" allows an empty Tesla to autonomously follow another Tesla? WTF? Was this written by GPT chat or by an actual human being?
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    Prevent frozen door handles (suggestions)

    I'm sure it depends on a lot of factors, but I think I set a personal record for Wh/mi last night with my 2020 M3 SR+ (no heat pump). I preconditioned while plugged in but mistakenly just turned on climate instead of using the "Defrost car" option. I was able to get into the car but the...
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    Holiday update? what can we expect?

    What I'd seriously like: - High contrast / larger font mode for older drivers. I'm not even THAT old, but I sometimes struggle to read the display at night - Specifically for the new energy visualization - fix the (low) contrast and (tiny) font sizes! Why all the blank space?? - Navigation...
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    New Tesla Sales/Service - Silver Spring, MD

    @kendallpb It is sales and service. This location is now open and has been for about 2 weeks but they aren't doing weekend service yet. We were there today and it was just two employees for sales/test drives. They don't even have their phones set up yet and are working off their cell phones. I...
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    2023 More Luxurious to Drive Than 2020

    We found a RWD to test drive today. It didn't have the new suspension and it was on 19" wheels, so not really the best comparison to the latest 2023 on 18s, but unless it was just confirmation bias, we could feel the additional weight of the larger/heavier LFP pack. I wonder if that, plus the...
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    2023 More Luxurious to Drive Than 2020

    @PianoAl, you may be exactly the right person to give me some advice (although I'd welcome the opinions of other readers too)... I have a 2020 Model 3 SR+ (Dec 2019 delivery) and a 2021 Model Y LR AWD (March 2021 delivery). The 3 was bought just before the pandemic lockdowns, and the Model Y...
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    Curious about Battery Fire Risk

    How are you figuring those odds? I'm not saying you're wrong, but you've provided no evidence to prove you're right. And not to pick on Hyundai/Kia, but: > August 23, 2022 | Washington, DC Hyundai Motor America and Kia America recommend that owners of select Model Year 2020-2022 Hyundai...
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    Curious about Battery Fire Risk

    Spend a few minutes watching the Wham Bam Teslacam channel on YouTube. You'll see lots of videos of Teslas that have been badly damaged in collisions without catching fire. Maybe seeing how much damage they routinely take without catching fire will help you see that they don't just burst into...
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    Single click/knock noise when accelerating or slowing to a stop - MYP

    @Depwraith Agreed. 1,500 miles seems more like they didn't lube it right when it was built. My M3 SR+ was built December 2019 and was fine for almost 3 years.
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    Single click/knock noise when accelerating or slowing to a stop - MYP

    Is it really an 'issue' or just maintenance the car needs every couple years? Considering how little other maintenance is required on the car, I'm not too worried if it just needs the half shafts lubed every 3 years.
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    Single click/knock noise when accelerating or slowing to a stop - MYP

    @Depwraith - the app shows: "Maintenance performed: lubricate at hub the left rear drive unit halfshaft. Maintenance performed: lubricate at hub the right rear drive unit halfshaft."
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    Single click/knock noise when accelerating or slowing to a stop - MYP

    Not really. The mobile tech though it was most likely that the rear axle needed to be lubed. It's going in to the service center Friday afternoon.
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    Single click/knock noise when accelerating or slowing to a stop - MYP

    This issue is with my 2020 Model 3 SR+, but from the rest of this thread it sounds like it may be the same thing others experienced on Y's. The car only has about 11,000 miles, I also have a 2021 Y LR that has about 15,000 miles and doesn't have this issue (yet?). Videos...
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    Loss of mileage flying out of midway, any suggestions

    Same experience the last time we parked at the airport... Turned Sentry off, cabin overheat protection off, and didn't wake the car by checking the app. Only lost about 2% from 9/17 to 9/26 (2021).
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    Model Y Windshield Wait

    I'm about 99.99% sure that uses the ultrasonic sensors in the bumper and has nothing to do with the cameras. I'll bet you could cover the front cameras and get exactly the same results.
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    Radar getting turned off on Model 3/Y with 2022.20.9

    I'll qualify this with stating that I don't deal with DC commuter traffic daily, and drive more on the Beltway and in the suburbs than the city itself, but I routinely drive in DC-area traffic with a following distance of 4 or 5. I've been driving a Tesla since December 2019 and use Autopilot as...
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    CCS Adapter - ?

    I got to try out my adapter this week on a road trip. Our destination was near Binghampton, NY where the V2 supercharger is often very busy according to PlugShare. On the way up we used the EA station just southeast of Binghampton. One of the four stations was out of service, as reported both on...
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    Frunk latch

    I recently had my Model 3 frunk fail to unlatch all the way, requiring a replacement of one of the TWO actuators (under warranty). So in a way there is a secondary latch. The parts on my Model Y are slightly different, but I think they work in a similar way to the 3. One actuator pulls from the...
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    Ioniq 5 vs Model Y

    Can you elaborate on what you mean? I was under the impression that Teslas have never had blended brakes at all. I understand 'blended brakes' to mean the brake pedal engages regenerative braking and then friction brakes as needed, and that some hybrids and EVs have had weird-feeling brake...
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    CCS Adapter - ?

    Damn, they just got done over-explaining the difference between $.02 and $.02 cents and now someone is going to have to explain the difference between kW, kWh, and whatever kW/h is. :cool:
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    CCS Adapter - ?

    Ditto. 😁
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    CCS Adapter - ?

    Same dates for me except I didn't order the case.
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    Hertz Rental Model 3 - which battery?

    To answer the question asked above... I'm asking because ABRP has options to select either the 2021 "Standard Range Plus (beta)" or the 2021 "Standard Range Plus LFP (beta)" as the car model. While it probably only makes a small difference, I expect the route planning will be more accurate if...
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    Hertz Rental Model 3 - which battery?

    I'm trying to help a friend who is a non-Tesla owner plan a road trip with a rental Hertz Model 3 using A Better Route Planner. Does anyone know if the Hertz cars have the LFP batteries or not (or if they have both in the fleet)?
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    CCS Adapter - ?

    Just ordered without needing to provide account access. I got an immediate email acknowledging the order and a link to click which took me to an order page where I was able to activate SMS updates for the shipping status. It says 7-10 days shipping.
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    2022.12.3.1 / Model 3 / Seat Warmer App

    This isn't about knowing the icons are available, because the release notes pointed that out, and it isn't like anything I've seen with a smartphone update. For some reason, some functions that can be on the dock are available by clicking the ellipsis when they are not docked and others are not...
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    2022.12.3.1 / Model 3 / Seat Warmer App

    Yes, I see that now. Interesting that my model 3 always shows it. Maybe it's related to the fact that the model Y will turn off the passenger air vent when the seat isn't occupied. My model 3 doesn't do that.
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    2022.12.3.1 / Model 3 / Seat Warmer App

    I'm having the same issue. On my 2020 M3 SR+ I have two icons, one for each side's heated seat. Dragging either one down to the bottom causes both to be displayed. My 2021 MY LR just got 2022.12.3.1 this morning, and I only have an icon for the left seat. I'm going to open a service ticket.
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    Second Tesla Considerations

    It is convenient having both cars plugged in since ours are parked outside. I've never figured out if the Teslas will cool and heat the batteries when parked and not plugged in, but with them connected I know they'll use whatever power they need for that without losing charge. I use a dual...
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    Supercharger Charging Table timelines USA

    You should be able to drag and drop the locations to change the order. There is an icon to the left of the location name.
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    Supercharger Charging Table timelines USA

    This is a good example of finding something on the internet that, while it is true as far as the math goes, is at the same time not the least bit useful in the real world. jcanoe already provided a detailed response, but it can be summed up as, "It doesn't work that way" or "It depends". ABRP...
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    Rear hatch lock would be helpful

    Agreed. They could also use the rear camera and bumper sensors to detect that something is very close to the hatch and ask for confirmation before opening it.
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    What bike rack to purchase?

    When they sent me the right angle lock, they asked me for the code from my built-in cable lock, so they are keyed alike.
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    Minimizing Whr/mile

    Do you have a citation for the claim that a vehicle drafting behind another causes the leading vehicle to use more fuel? I thought I had heard that when bicycles draft, the second rider smooths out the air flow behind the first resulting in a very minor reduction in drag for the front rider. I...
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    What bike rack to purchase?

    I have a Kuat Transfer 1-bike rack with a 2" hitch. It doesn't use a threaded pin and they have a right angle lock available that works if you insert the pin from the right and place the lock on the left. (Mar 2021 Model Y with factory hitch). If the 3-bike rack uses the same type of pin they...
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    Second 14-50 outlet

    My solution for charging two cars was the Grizzl-E Duo EVSE. It can be set for lower amperages if needed, but it can do a max 40 amps when only one car is plugged in, 32 when both are plugged in (8 amps are reserved for the second car even if it isn't charging), and will send 20 amps to both...
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    Automatically turn off powerwalls discharging when car starts charging

    I am doing this using my home automation hub and a bunch of other techno-geek stuff to accomplish it. It does seem like something that should be built into the Tesla app. In my case I use a Hubitat hub to control my home automation (lights, etc) and it has a third-party app that can communicate...

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