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    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    Hi Folks: Seems the spreadsheet is a bit behind wrt VINs Tesla has registered with NHTSA? Model 3 VINs (@Model3VINs) | Twitter
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    Is Tesla planning to release two models at once?

    I think there will be a slight delay (slight for Tesla... about 1 year?) between the 3 and the Y. Any thoughts on how these will fair with the competition that is planned to come out just ahead of these? (200 mi range Bolt and Leaf for about $30K each)
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    P90D vs Nissan GT-R, close!

    11.274 sec... Nice. Was there ever a consensus as to how many tenths a Pano roof costs on the 1/4 mile? I think I heard something like 2? if so we're getting so close to the tens.
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    Fire reported at fremont plant

    Well that's just great... cue the skeptics talking about emissions just being moved upstream :wink::biggrin:
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    Model X 2015 deliveries

    I think you're supposed to end that with "Thanks folks, I'm here all week. Don't forget to tip your waitress!"
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    DragTimes P90D Ludicrous launch mode test

    Worth noting, if the car shown in the Dragtimes article is the car driven, it has the Panoramic Roof, which hits the 1/4 mile time pretty hard on it's own.
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    Model X Design: Ugly or Sexy? Prius?!

    In my opinion, losing the "grille" has made the X lose it's face. I liked the pre-production units better. I wasn't likely to ever buy one, but I think I'd only consider black (since it looks more or less like the black pre-production units) The way it is set up now reminds me of a squirrel or...
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    Model S accelerates faster than space shuttle

    EV is tough to use as a launch vehicle though... :wink:
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    Tesla P90D Ludicrous vs Hellcat

    Guess he didn't use the red key :smile:
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    How to design my garage?

    Consider installing 3 phase. It is probably going to be the source of choice for your next electric car (after the Model S). It may be cost prohibitive, but worth looking into. In the meantime, up two three bays can be on a different phase.
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    Tesla Roadster vanity license plates

    I could have sworn I saw a rearview shot of VFX's roadster somewhere... But I couldn't find it.
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    Walgreens planning to offer EV charging nationwide

    I like the sound of that. Feels like the title line for a magazine ad for Tesla
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    Tesla has $100M pact to supply Toyota RAV4s

    By definition of battery ("battery" of cells) it is exactly correct (while calling 1.5V cells batteries is incorrect) (more directly to the topic) I had caught a whiff that this was happening on a Toyota press release somewhere a few days ago...
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    Hydrogen vs. Battery

    I think that's a lot better than electrolysis of water... I remember something about 25%...
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    It's the Batteries, Stupid!

    Related articles at Autoblog, Brammo, MIT, and the technical article
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    Nissan Leaf

    Video: Is the quickest way to charge a Nissan Leaf... by towing?|Autoblog
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    Should EVs Make Artificial Sounds at Low Speeds?

    signed (belatedly?)
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    Three Phase Recharging

    It is likely that the first stage of the built-in charger is a rectifier. (if there is anyone out there that could confirm this it would be useful) If anyone is willing to try it, they could use an external rectifier on the three phase and pump the DC into the normal charging outlet. since...
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    Tesla Gets New “Green” Kudos. And Here’s How Prius Beat the Volt and Leaf

    One of the easiest ways to call BS on the results is to compare the average compact tailpipe emissions to the Prius... The Prius does no better than triple the gas mileage that a standard compact has, if you burn the same kind of fuel and have the same miles traveled, the ratio of tailpipe...
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    Aero braking and regen

    Actually an ultracap could increase the efficiency of regen even in normal driving conditions, so it wouldn't be a waste I'll give away one of my possible patent Ideas here: dual brakes - the friction break disk rotors can double as energy absorbers for electric coils placed around the rotor...
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    Impact of sound deadening kit on the 2.0

    Not legal, at least not in MA. $3000/3dBA = 35dB$-3dBA = 32dB$/A
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    Nissan Leaf

    I wouldn't dismiss the idea so quickly. It's not like it hasn't happened before:
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    Google earth EV1 sightings

    (0.0) If someone had offered it up as a conspiracy theory I would have shrugged them off, but to see it with my own eyes...
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    Comments on disabled regen in the cold

    I wonder if they could do at least a little bit of regen to warm the battery up faster...
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    Let's talk about the future of Tesla Motors Club

    I second that emoticon!
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    The New RAV4 EV

    maybe it's the minivan or battery swap version of the S battery.
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    New Member - #1098

    to be clear, you mean volume, not energy, right?
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    Nissan Leaf

    You can put a timer in line. they have such things for electric waterheaters etc. I think they also have meters with timers built in, but for that you will have to depend on your utility to use them.
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    Random Roadster Sightings

    The title of the thread is random Roadster sightings... It doesn't specify Tesla...
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    Production/Delivery Status

    1) Congratulations! 2) Why are you still posting? You still have plenty of miles in the "tank" 3) В коммунистической России, Тесла дисков вы! (I don't know if KGB are your initials or something else) :P
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    Tesla Roadster vanity license plates

    VOLT-WAGN is too long for most states.... VLT-WGN or VLTWAGN works though...
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    My roadster arrives in less than an hour!

    cinergi last posted at 11:42AM CDT... I think he got his plates :) 101010bin = 42dec blows my mind btw
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    Model S specs

    This nut's been cracked so many times I don't know why they even bothered making them so high-tech. At least with the Aston Martin version, you can still get in the car if the battery dies. My favorite kind (which i couldn't find online) was a fingertrap thing that you would slip your hand...
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    Nano Solar Cell absord 10 time more....

    The 10x increase must refer to nano or organic cells, or nano organic cells. Commercial silicon cells are 8-12% efficient, meaning that 10x improvement is likely impossible... (converting 120% of the incident light into electricity would be some trick!)
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    Wind News

    one more - Rated Annual kWH.... not fudgeable.
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    Peugeot launches 3008 Hybrid4, world's first production diesel through-the-road hybri

    Easiest electric conversion ever? (Tesla doesn't count)
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    Peugeot launches 3008 Hybrid4, world's first production diesel through-the-road hybri

    I'm surprised that no one responded to this... I thought a lot of people were looking for the first diesel hybrid. Key points: ~62 mpg (diesel of course) Crossover SUV Electric in the back ICE in the front (with a smaller motor generator to start the ICE and charge the battery)
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    Peugeot launches 3008 Hybrid4, world's first production diesel through-the-road hybri

    Peugeot launches 3008 Hybrid4, world's first production diesel through-the-road hybrid|ABG Through-the-road is a little hyped... there is a second motor generator on the ICE...
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    Hydrogen vs. Battery

    March 30, 1983.
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    Hydrogen vs. Battery

    Though they may not be causal, the timing of the spikes seems to regular to be coincidental. It might be that when money was being moved out of failing assets (tech stocks, collateralized debt obligations, etc) they need a place to go, and oil futures are one of those places. Since oil both...
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    Hydrogen vs. Battery

    Can never be more efficient, won't be more economical unless the precious metal content goes down to much less than one gram, will lose the energy density battle on a kWh/liter basis (unless a solid or liquid storage of hydrogen can be done), the fuel is more expensive to transport to depots...
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    Random Roadster Sightings

    How 'bout TEG's an Expert Googler... (the admins know I'm on a Mac right now, but can you tell from my suggestion that I've written bash scripts on it?)
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    Production/Delivery Status

    Approx 1100 US roadsters + 359 EU roadsters... So the EV-1 has been left in the dust as far as delivery then?
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    Price Negotiation

    I had forgotten this option, though I wonder how the price and costs (warrantee?) compared to any other similarly "used" Roadster...
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    Hydrogen vs. Battery

    I'm confused at what you mean about being an optimist... As far as Hyrdogen vs. Battery, optimism has nothing to do with it. The math doesn't work for hydrogen as a transportation fuel (interestingly, it can work as a generate-in-place fuel). We've done a lot of math right here in this thread.
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    Random Roadster Sightings

    lol (ok, actually chuckle out loud)... I was thinking something similar...
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    New Tesla schwag in the mail!

    You may have fallen through the following wormhole:
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    It would if you put it in storage mode /:tongue/:
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    X Prize Winners Announced

    Two of the three winners were electrics... Not bad...
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    Production/Delivery Status

    Does Toronto have a Great-Lakes-region accent? That's what I imagined when I saw "Oh my goodness" /:smile/: Congratulations!

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